Nutcase Baby Nutty

Nutcase Baby Nutty

A good helmet for toddlers are hard to come by.  Ideal helmets for young toddlers should be lightweight, adjustable, and fit lower on the head for additional coverage.  Having just gained the muscle strength to hold up their heads, a heavy helmet can put unnecessary strain on their bodies, making them uncomfortable to wear. Toddler heads are also rapidly developing, growing and changing so additional coverage and the ability to adjust the helmet to your child heads are also essential. Due to the fragile nature of babies, it is generally recommended that kids be at least 12 months before the begin to ride on a bike, although many child bike seats are rated for babies as young as 9 months.

Nutcase Comparison (all three2)


Fun, fresh and a little funky, Nutcase newly designed Baby Nutty certainly meets out three criterias.  Significantly lighter than their youth helmets, skater-style, which offers more coverage, and with an elastic adjuster as well as two different width of internal pads, the Baby Nutty is one of our favorites for young toddlers.

Baby Nutcase 4

In addition, the shape of the Baby Nutty makes it ideal for kids in trailers or bike seats.  As shown below, the back of the Baby Nutty is flat as compared to other helmets in it’s size range.  The flatter surface prevents kids heads from being pushed forward by the back of a trailer or bike seat.  The Uvex and Hero helmets shown below are great helmets, but they are designed for kids on bikes (balance or pedal), and therefore are not concerned with shape of the back of the helmet.

Baby Nutcase 1

In addition to shape, there are several other differences between the Baby Nutty and the Uvex and Lazer helmets.  To help the rear of the helmet stay flush, the Baby Nutty has an elastic adjust versus a dial.  While we prefer the longevity of the dial-adjust or the Autofit system of the Lazer, the elastic adjust is an quick, easy and efficient system for toddlers.  The Baby Nutty also has a pinch-free magnetic buckle as well as a soft chin pad for added comfort.

baby nutcase 3

The one concern we did have with the Baby Nutty was the lack of vents.  Although it does have 11 smaller circle vents, it doesn’t offer any side vents, which minimizes air flow. That lack of side vents, however, is common amongst skater-style helmets as the requirements to get dual-certified for skating as well as biking, requires them to have increased coverage, and therefore less vents.

Baby Nutcase 2

In the end, while there are several other features of similarly priced helmets we prefer, the shape of the Baby Nutty make it preferable for babies and young toddlers riding in bike seats or a trailer.

Baby Nutty Comparison

Bottom Line

The Baby Nutty is an excellent choice for babies and young toddlers, aged 9 months and up, who will be riding in trailers or child bike seats.  Due to it’s lack of side vents, it isn’t recommend for hot climates.

Where to Purchase:

The Baby Nutty is available from Nutcase and well as Amazon.

      • Lee

        Hi! Thanks for all the great info. Our daughter is getting a balance bike for the holidays based on your recommendations. How does the elastic adjuster work? We have a Lazer helmet with a pinch adjuster at the back which works so poorly it might as well not be there – just pops open every time she turns her head and then the helmet droops down over her face. The helmet’s really worthless without a good adjuster. I was looking for something with a dial but the skater-style would help in the trailer. How does the elastic work? Does it keep the adjuster snug even on a head in the smaller end of its range? So many thanks!

        • What Lazer helmet do you have? Several difference brands have that pinch system and it certainly isn’t my favorite. The elastic on the Nutcase is simply a piece of elastic that stretches to place, similar to the elastic on slip on shoes. We haven’t had any issues with it not staying in place.