Bike Trailers Deals and Discounts

Whenever possible, try to see a trailer in person before you buy, but often times that simply isn’t possible.  High-end trailers are often available in stores, but lower-end models are often mail-order only or a floor model is not available.  Prior to buying any trailers, I would first give Craigslist a try.  If you don’t get lucky, here’s where to find your favorite brands:

For additional information on bike trailers be sure to read 11 Distinguishing Features of Bike Trailers and Trailer Bike Comparison Charts.


Chariot trailer are the most expensive on the market, but offer the most features.  They are best suited for multi-sport families or families with taller kids, who plan on riding off-road.   Before searching new, I would definitely recommend looking for a used trailer first.  Due to the large investment, purchasing from a store with an excellent return policy is ideal.

REI has a no-questions-asked return policy, will ship free to their stores and carry the Chariot trailers in store for viewing and comparing.  Most locations will even allow you to take the trailer out for a test ride.  The downside of REI is their pricing as you will often pay more compared to online stores.  By becoming a member to REI, which cost $20 for a lifetime membership, you will also be given additional discounts including 20% any full-price item several times a year.

Current Deals and Promotions as REIREI Coupons & Rebates

Chariot Trailers are also available on Amazon through a third-party: Chariot Trailers on Amazon

Etrailer.com also sells the complete line of Chariot trailers with free shipping, has extensive reviews and photos of each model and offers a 60 day, no-questions-asked return policy on all trailers.

Bikekidshop.com and backcountry.com also sell the complete line of Chariot trailers and offer free shipping.


Burley trailers are a great fit for multi-sport families, who don’t need or want to pay for all the bells and whistles of a Chariot.  If you plan on using your trailer to haul cargo, instead of kids on occasion, a Burley D’Lite, Solo, Cub or Encore should be your top, if not only choice, as their seats easy fold flat.

Burley trailers are carried by Performance Bike, where some models may be available for viewing and for purchase (call first!).  They offer free shipping and a one-year money back guarantee on their products.  To determine if a Performance Bike is near you, visit their retail store locator.

REI also sells Burley, in addition to Chariot, and carries the D’Lite, Solo and Encore in store.  See link above for available coupons & rebates.

Amazon also sells Burley trailers directly (not through third-party) and offers free shipping, competitive pricing and a worry-free return policy: Burley Trailers on Amazon.

Finally, the complete line of Burley is sold at biketrailershop.com with free shipping.


The Joovy Cocoon is the perfect choice for families looking for a trailer, that will convert to a nice stroller, and do not plan on riding off-road.

The Cocoon is sold at Buy Buy Baby stores and is available for viewing in stores.  While their prices are not as competitive, Buy Buy Baby often end out 10% off coupons to homes in close proximity to a store.

The complete line of Joovy Cocoon Stroller and accessories are sold directly through Amazon (not a third-party vendor) and offers free shipping, competitive pricing and a worry-free return policy: Joovy Cocoon on Amazon

The Cocoon series also also available at Diapers.com and with any order of diapers, new customers can receive 20% off the Joovy Cocoon by clicking on the banner below.


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Baby Jogger POD is top pick for families who plan on using the trailer as a stroller as much as a trailer.  It’s hand-activated drum brakes come at a bargain compared to Chariot’s, it has a simply and fast folding system and fits through standard doors.

The Baby Jogger POD is available at Diapers.com and by clicking the link above, new customers can receive 20% off your order with any order of diapers.

Amazon also sells the Baby Jogger POD directly (not through a third-party) and offers free shipping, competitive pricing and a worry-free return policy: Baby Jogger POD on Amazon

AlbeeBaby.com and Zappos.com also sell the Baby Jogger POD.


Via Velo offers one model trailer, the Montalban 3, also known as the “Costco Trailer.”  Sold at most Costco warehouses for $199 (which includes the jogging attachment), the Via Velo is an amazing deal.  Normally around $300, the Via Velo comes with a rugged, sturdy vinyl bottom, quick-release tires and an easy fold mechanism.

Available at Costco warehouses, but not on their online stores.

The trailer is also available at Amazon: Via Velo Montalban 3 Bike Trailer with Jogger Kit and directly through their website at ViaVeloBike.com.


If you are looking for a simple bike trailer to use flat, paved surfaces, without any bells and whistles, then look no farther than InStep.  With five different models, ranging in price from $90 to $200, you are sure to find one to fit your budget.  The lower end models (Sync, Quick N EZ, Seirra) have 16″ wheels on plastic rims, leading to a bumpier ride, while the Rocket has 20″ wheels on a metal rim.

InStep trailers are the easy to find around town, but are the most unlikely to have a floor model available for viewing.  Found at most big box stores and larger online retailers, finding coupon codes and discounts are easy to come by.

Amazon: InStep Trailers on Amazon

Walmart: InStep Trailers at Walmart

Target: InStep at Target


Schwinn has several different models that are offered at several different retailers.  A step-up from InStep Trailers, the Schwinn’s are still budget-friendly, but offer 20″ wheels on metal rims with an aluminum trailer frame for lighter weight.

Like InStep trailers, Schwinn trailers are relatively easy to find around town, but are rarely available for viewing.  The Trailblazer is the current and most common model and is available through most big box stores.

Amazon: Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

Walmart: Schwinn Spirit and Schwinn Trailblazer Double

Target: Schwinn Blue/Black Double Bicycle Trailer w/Conversion and Schwinn Trailblazer Double Trailer

Toys’RUs: Schwinn Trailblazer Double Trailer