Burley MyKick


Meet Burley MyKick, the new belle of the ball.  She may look like a standard balance bike, but if the devil is in the details, she is certainly no saint.  From the handlebar grips, to her worry free tires, the Burley MyKick is quite simply the best all-around balance bike on the market.


Having assembled over 15 balance bikes, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the MyKick essentially came 100% assembled.  After a quick twist of the handlebars and tightening the headset with the included allen wrench, the MyKick was ready to go.

Burley assembly


Scaled for toddlers aged three and up, the MyKick’s seat post ranges from 12.5″ to 16″.  With a weight of 11.3 lb., the MyKick is certainly heavier than the FirstBIKE at 7.7 lb., but the additional weight should only be of concern for petite or developmentally delayed three-year-olds.

Burley Mykick sizing


Not pneumatic and not foam, her honeycomb, flat-proof, air-filled tires (see cross-section below) are quite simply the best things to happen to balance bikes since sliced bread.  With the durability and traction of pneumatic with the puncture-proof ease of foam, the rubber tires on the MyKick is the best of both worlds.  Weather riding on level dirt roads or paved sidewalks, the lower-profile rubber tread showed no signs of slipping or loss of traction.

burley mykick tire

Grips, Seat and Bearings

While the MyKick’s tires are certainly the stand out feature of the bike, Burley (the same company that makes bike trailers), went above and beyond to ensure the balance bike was worthy of their name.  From its rip-proof rubber grips (the only on the market with exception to FirstBIKE), to the padded seat (the Strider’s is hard plastic) and quick-release seat adjust, the MyKick is a busy parent’s dream combining zero maintenance with high-durability.

MyKick's Details

Headset and Bolts

The headset is another detail where Burley choose to splurge while other companies tend to skimp.  Using a high-quality metal headset, the height-adjustable handlebars provides for a responsive and smooth ride for kids.  The MyKick however, does not have a turning limiter which appeal to some parents.  As a final note, like most metal balance bikes, the bolts on the MyKick are exposed and quickly began to show wear, creating a potential scratch hazard for kids.

Burly MyKick additional features

MyKick in Action

Bottom Line

burley mykick review

All in all, the Burley MyKick is hands-down the easiest and best all-around balance bike on the market.  Perfect for three-year-olds riding pavement or level dirt trails, MyKick’s impressive trifecta of durability, lack of maintenance and affordability truly makes it one of the best balance bikes for your dollar. The MyKick has a MSRP of $129 and comes with a three-year warranty.

Where to Purchase

The Burley MyKick is available in the US at Amazon.

Outside the US: The MyKick is available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de.

  • aimee

    My daughter is 39.5″ and her inseam seems to be right about 16″. She’s light, though – only 31lbs – and not terribly physical or strong yet. I really like the look of the MyKick … and am kind of thinking it might get her through till she can ride a real bike? She’ll be 4 in Feb. What do you think? Am I too limited in growth with the Burley and should I look at the Ridgeback Scoot? Thanks in advance for any help :-)

    • http://www.twowheelingtots.com/ Natalie

      It really depends on two factors. If you live in an area when it doesn’t snow and she is able to ride year round, then I think she would do fine with the Burley. If she won’t be able to get much riding in over the next 6 months, then I would go with the Ridgeback as she may not be ready to transition by next summer.

  • Zbxo

    Thanks for the great info. just bought the Burley Mykick for my 23 month old today. After seeing him on a tricycle at the park two weeks ago, I know this is the bike for him. The Mykick is on sale on Amazon right now for 96.00 for the red and 90.00 for the green. Good deal. Thanks again!

    • http://www.twowheelingtots.com/ Natalie

      They are great bikes, thanks for sharing as under $100 is a great deal for the MyKick.

  • http://www.twowheelingtots.com/ Natalie

    Goat heads are the bane of my existence as we have tons around here as well. We have had several in the tires of the Burley and it still going strong as the tire the air pressure inside the chambers does not provide the tire its shape, but rather the rubber walls and as a result, there is never a need to patch a honeycomb tires. We have, however, had a lot success with using tire sealant in air tires to prevent punctures, http://www.twowheelingtots.com/how-to-apply-tire-sealant-to-bike-tires/.

    • Martin

      Thanks, that is good to know.

  • Melissa

    Hello! My daughter turns 4 next week and she has a 14″ inseam and is about 38.5″ tall. She’s on the shorter side as of now. She is very strong and athletic – about 33 lbs. It seems like this would be a good fit for her given her size, but I wanted to see what you think. If she continues to grow like she did this year, she’ll gain another 3 -4 inches over the next year. We live in the DC area where we can use it until about December and then not again until March. Thank you!

    • http://www.twowheelingtots.com/ Natalie

      With a 16″ max seat height, I would go look for another bike to make sure that she doesn’t outgrow it. The TykesBykes 12″ or the KinderBike Lafruad would be better options.

  • Ruchi

    Hi Natalie! I have a 3.5 year old who is 39.5″ tall. Which balance bike would be better for him, the Burley MyKick or the Tykesbykes 12″? Thanks!!

    • http://www.twowheelingtots.com/ Natalie

      Size wise, he would fit just fine on either, but I’ve found the air tires and the hand brake of the TykesBykes to be worth the additional expense.

  • Tammy

    This is such a helpful review! We’ve been really lost in selecting a balance bike for our 3.5yr old. I was thinking based on your review that this might be the one, but based on some of the feedback below, I’m not sure. He is 30lbs and about 37″ tall. We also have two younger children who we are hoping will use it in the future. My next son is about 34″ and 30lbs at 20mos, so on the tall and heavy side. Any chance this is a good pick for both of them? We’d rather buy one than two….

    • http://www.twowheelingtots.com/ Natalie

      It really comes own to their inseams. With a max of 16″, there is a chance that your 3.5 yo could outgrow it before he is ready to transition to a pedal bike. For your 20 mo (who is very close to being able to start riding), he will have plenty of time to grow into the bike, so it would for for him. I think the deciding factor may be where you live. If you live in an area with a colder winter, in which you couldn’t ride outside very much, they I would be concerned that your 3.5yo might outgrow it before next summer. If you think could be a possibility, then I would look at the Yedoo Too Too or the KinderBike Laufrad.