Burley MyKick

Burley MyKick

Meet Burley MyKick, the new belle of the ball.  She may look like a standard balance bike, but if the devil is in the details, she is certainly no saint.  From the handlebar grips, to her worry free tires, the Burley MyKick is quite simply the best all-around balance bike on the market.mykick_6569


Having assembled over 15 balance bikes, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the MyKick essentially came 100% assembled.  After a quick twist of the handlebars and tightening the headset with the included allen wrench, the MyKick was ready to go.

Burley assembly


Scaled for toddlers aged three and up, the MyKick’s seat post ranges from 12.5″ to 16″.  With a weight of 11.3 lb., the MyKick is certainly heavier than the FirstBIKE at 7.7 lb., but the additional weight should only be of concern for petite or developmentally delayed three-year-olds.

Burley Mykick sizing


Not pneumatic and not foam, her honeycomb, flat-proof, air-filled tires (see cross-section below) are quite simply the best things to happen to balance bikes since sliced bread.  With the durability and traction of pneumatic with the puncture-proof ease of foam, the rubber tires on the MyKick is the best of both worlds.  Weather riding on level dirt roads or paved sidewalks, the lower-profile rubber tread showed no signs of slipping or loss of traction.

burley mykick tire

Grips, Seat and Bearings

While the MyKick’s tires are certainly the stand out feature of the bike, Burley (the same company that makes bike trailers), went above and beyond to ensure the balance bike was worthy of their name.  From its rip-proof rubber grips (the only on the market with exception to FirstBIKE), to the padded seat (the Strider’s is hard plastic) and quick-release seat adjust, the MyKick is a busy parent’s dream combining zero maintenance with high-durability.

MyKick's Details

Headset and Bolts

The headset is another detail where Burley choose to splurge while other companies tend to skimp.  Using a high-quality metal headset, the height-adjustable handlebars provides for a responsive and smooth ride for kids.  The MyKick however, does not have a turning limiter which appeal to some parents.  As a final note, like most metal balance bikes, the bolts on the MyKick are exposed and quickly began to show wear, creating a potential scratch hazard for kids.

Burly MyKick additional features

MyKick in Action

Bottom Line

All in all, the Burley MyKick is hands-down the easiest and best all-around balance bike on the market.  Perfect for three-year-olds riding pavement or level dirt trails, MyKick’s impressive trifecta of durability, lack of maintenance and affordability truly makes it one of the best balance bikes for your dollar. The MyKick has a MSRP of $129 and comes with a three-year warranty.

Where to Purchase

The Burley MyKick is available in the US at Amazon.

Outside the US: The MyKick is available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de.

      • Simone

        I am loving the retro look of these balance bikes, and some great images to help really understand what you are getting. First time I have seen a you tube clip on it too – so I am now sold.

      • Marian

        I am loving this site. Our daughter is turning three in a couple weeks, she is petite and is probably the opposite of burley. We love the look and price of the Burley as well as the air tires. However, the weight of it concerns us a little since she doesn’t seem to be really athletic. I am also concerned that there isn’t limiter on the Burley. Do you have any thoughts on what might be a good fit? She has about a 12.5 inseam, and we are already certain we will need some frilly pink color to entice her.

      • Hannah

        Your website is incredibly helpful — thank you! I’m looking for a balance bike that my daughter can ride for a few years before moving on to a pedal bike. She is just about to turn 2 years old, and is around 34″ tall and 27 pounds. After reading your website and other reviews, I’m debating between the Burley Mykick, TykesBykes Charger, and Strider Sport. I’m worried the Burley and TykesBykes might be too heavy for her at this age, but she seems pretty strong/athletic, so maybe she can handle it? I guess worst case, we don’t ride it much for a few months while she grows. Any thoughts? Thank you!

        • It really depends on your daughter. Being 27lb., if she is eager to ride, I think she would do fine on the Charger or the MyKick. If she is on the timid side, then I would go for the Strider. Seeing as she is in the higher percentiles for her age, I would probably er on the side of caution and go with the larger Charger or MyKick which will provide her more room for growth.

          • Hannah

            Thank you!

      • Josh

        I echo everybody’s sentiments — this is an incredible resource. Thank you.

        I’ve scoured the messages and haven’t seen my exact question: I have two kids, 5 and 2 — 40″ and 34″ (inseam 17″ and 13″) — my older one didn’t show a ton of interest in his first balance bike (a basic wooden model that fell apart in one Arizona summer). My intent is to get his younger sister on a balance bike and that will inspire the older one. Is there a model you like that would adjust/work for both size kids? (If he takes to it, I could potentially order a second one)

        Based on initial reviews I’m drawn to the MyKick, Cruzee and Woom1 but open to your suggestions. Thanks.

        • Glad to help! The MyKick would be a great fit for your 2yo, but would be a little small for your 5yo. The WOOM1 is certainly going to be too small, but the Cruzee would also fit. Between the two, I think the Burley will be a better fit for your 5yo and the Cruzee for your 2yo. Unless her 2yo weighs less than 30lb., I would go with the MyKick, if she is closer to 25 lb., I would go for the Cruzee.

          • Josh

            Hi. So, some updated #s. My son is 33 lbs (he’s 3% for height/weight. A peanut at age 5) and my daughter is 29 lbs — 75% for weight. All your reviews are a wormhole of information. One minute one bike sounds the best, the next minute something else! Possibly the Ridgeback Scoot for the 5 year old?

            • Kels

              If you are looking to just get one bike, our neighbors had a similar situation and had great success with a tykes bykes (now stampede) 12″. They ended up getting the extended seat post to keep the 5yo riding as she got taller until she transitioned to pedals.

            • Ha, I know! I try to be thorough but it often backfires on me! The Scoot actually sounds like it would be a great fit for your 5yo as it longer and wider, which should help him with stability. With a 13″ inseam, it will likely be too big for your daughter. If you still wanted one bike, I would look at the Saracen Freewheel, which should fit both. The Saracen does come with an extended seat post, but only one seat, which means it won’t be easy to swap between the two riders. As a result, I would be sure to ask Ivan over at WeeBikeShop (the US distributors for the Scoot), if he had an extra seat he could sell you. If so, you could easily swap the bike, from tall to short, to fit both kids. If you only used the longer seat post, it would hit the ground when you lowered it for your daughter to use.