Child Bike Seats: Comparison Charts

For those parents who want an up-close-and-personal ride with their young kids, child bike seats are a great option.  Although they are more dangerous in an event of a crash, very few reports have been reported of kids being injured while riding a bike seat.  So if a bike trailer is not an option for your family, don’t hesitate on getting a bike seat.  Not all bike seats are designed to fit the same size child, so be sure to measure and weigh your child before purchasing.  In addition, be sure to read any available reviews to determine whether the seat of your choice is compatible with your bike.  Most rack mounting seats are universally compatible, so if you are unsure, stick to a rack mount versus a frame mount.

Child Front Bike Seat Comparison3

Front-Mounted Bike Seats
Brand/Model MSRP Ages Max Weight Handlebar Quick Release Inches Need to Mount Avg. Rating (# of Reviews) Other
Top Picks
Thule RideAlong Mini $160 9 mo. to 3 yr. 33 lb. Yes (optional pad) Yes ~0.75″ 5 of 5 (7) Need about 3/4″ on both threaded and threadless headsets, Windscreen available
Polisport Mini  £50 20 lb. to 33 lb. 33 lb. No Yes ~0.5″ Not yet in US. Mounts on head tube between top tube and down tube. Needs 1.25″ for standard and ~0.25″ for included fit kit. Five point harness, helmet pocket. Install video.
Highly Recommended
Hamax Caress Observer $159 9 mo. to 33 lb. 33 lb.. No Yes 1 7/8″ (48mm) Great functionality, but really small compared to other seats.
Peg Perego Orion $99 9 mo. to 4 yr. 33 lb. Yes (optional pad) Yes 0″ 5 of 5 (7) Mounts wrap around frame and is adaptable to many frame sizes, shoulder straps prone to slipping down
Yepp mini $150 9 mo. to 4 yr. 33 lb. Yes (optional pad) Yes Varies 4.4 of 5 (32) 1 5/8” for threaded, 1/8” for threadless (separate adapter needed)
BoBike mini City $159 9 mo. up 33 lb. Yes Yes 1.5” 3.0 of 5 (2) Highly adjustable buckling system, recess for helmet, shoulder straps can be too tight for larger kids.
BoBike mini+ $139 9 mo. to 3 yr. 33 lb. Optional padded hand rest Yes 1.5” 4.5 of 5 (11) Reviews on Germany’s Amazon
iBert $100 1 yr. to 48” 38 lb. Yes (padded) No 3/4” 4.4 of 5 (121)  Low back for minimal support.
Bellelli Rabbit $100 1 yr. to 48” 35 lb. No No 2” N/A  Need 2″ on head tube (link to install video), best for hybrid style bikes.
WeeRide Kangaroo LTD $100 1 yr. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Yes (padded) No 0″ 4.3 of 5 (235)  Bolts directly to frame. Limits riders space more than other models.
Recommended with Reservations
WeeRide Kangaroo $89 1 yr. and up 40 lb. Yes (padded) No 0” 4.2 of 5 (518) Bolts directly to frame. Limits riders space more than other models
Tyke Toter $150 2 to 5 yr.  45 lb. Yes No 0” 4.4 of 5 (94) Bolts directly to seat post, open concept.


The following seats are mounted to the frame of the bike at various locations and are a great choice for bikes without bike rack eyelets.  Not all bike seats however, are compatible on bike without eyelets.  Be sure to compare the “Location of Mount” information with your bike.   If you are unsure as to whether you bike has eyelets or where the seat tube or seat stay is on your bike, please refer to What to Look for When Purchasing a Bike Seat.

Rear Frame-Mounted Bike Seats
Brand/Model MSRP Ages Max Weight Location of Mount Quick Release Avg. Rating (#of Reviews) Other
Top Pick
Thule RideAlong $180 1 yr. to 48 lb. 48.5 lb. Seat tube Yes 4.5 of 5 (17) Need 4″ on seat tube and no wires.
Hamax Caress $199 9 mo to 48.5 lb. 48.5 lb. Seat tube Yes 4.6 of 5 (5) Need 3″ on seat tube and no wires.  Minimal room needed between rear tire and frame. Non-slip shoulder straps.
Highly Recommended
Polisport Guppy Maxi RS £70  9 to 22 kg. 22 kg. (48.5 lb.) Seat tube Yes Not yet in US. Need 3″ on seat tube and no wires. Install video.
Peg Perego Sirius $160 12 mo. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Seat tube Yes Need ~4″ on seat tube. Suspension, recline, lock. Fits on bike frames 21″ or larger, w/ a frame diameter of 1.1″ to 1.6″.
Yepp Maxi $229 9 mo. to 48 lb. 48 lb. Seat tube Yes 3.9 of 5 (20) Need 4.5″ on seat tube.  Fits on bike frames 21″ or larger, w/ a frame diameter of 1.1″ to 1.8″.
Peg Perego 10+ $160 12 mo. to 33 lb. 33 lb. Seat tube Yes Need ~4″ on seat tube. Suspension, recline, lock. Fits on bike frames 21″ or larger, w/ a frame diameter of 1.1″ to 1.6″.
Bellelli Standard $129 9 mo. to 50 lb. 50 lb. Seat tube (need 3 inches) Yes 4.2 of 5 (19) Install video.
Peg Perego Eggy $99 12 mo. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Seat tube Yes Need ~4″ on seat tube. Suspension. Fits on bike frames 21″ or larger, w/ a frame diameter of 1.1″ to 1.6″.
Schwinn Deluxe Child Carrier $60 2 yr. and up up to 40 lb. Seat tube & seat stays Yes 4.3 of 5 (168) Not for kids under the age of 2!
BoBike Maxi+ $229 9 mo. to 6 yr. 19 to 48 lb. Seat tube & seat stays No 3 of 5 (1)  Very sturdy, but awkward foot rests.
BoBike Junior $219 5 to 10 yr. 77 lb. Seat tube & seat stays No 4 of 5 (3) Folds flat, only seat on market for older kids
Recommended with Reservations
Kettler Flipper $209 9 mo. to 50 lb. 50 lb. Seat tube (need 3 inches) Yes 3 of 5 (4) Reclines, “Natural Suspension System”
Bell Cocoon 300 $50 9 mo. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Seat post adjuster No 4.5 of 5 (2) Will not work with quick-release seat adjuster, one bolt holds entire seat to bike.
Bell Cocoon 500 $80 9 mo. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Seat post and seat stays No 4.5 of 5 (2) Complaints about rider’s feet hitting seat while riding
Kettler Teddy $189 9 mo. to 50 lb. 50 lb. Seat tube (need 3 inches) Yes 5 of 5 (1) “Natural Suspension System”


Bike rack eyelets are required on all bike frames in order to mount a rear rack-mounted bike seat.  Please note, that not all seats come with a rack.   In addition, if your bike has disc brakes, be sure to select a rack that is disc brake compatible.  If you are unsure if you bike has eyelets or disc brakes, please refer to please refer to What to Look for When Purchasing a Bike Seat.

Rear Rack-Mounted Bike Seats
Brand/Model MSRP Ages Max Weight Rack Included Disc Brake Compatible Quick Release Avg. Rating (#of Reviews) Other
Top Pick
Hamax Caress with Adaptor $199 9 mo. to 48.5 lb. 48.5 lb. No Yes (Based on rack) Yes  Reclinable with suspension. Recessed helmet pocket, non-slip shoulder straps.
Yepp Maxi Easyfit $199 1.5 to 6 lb. 48 lb. No Yes (Based on rack) Yes  4.3 of 5 (26)
Polisport Guppy £70 9 to 22 kg. 22 kg. (48.5 lb.) No Yes (Based on rack) Yes  Not yet available in US. Five point harness, reclinable. Install video.
Highly Recommended
ToPeak BabySeat $180 9 mo. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Yes Yes Yes 4.6 of 5 (9)  Shocks on seat for a smoother ride.  Can purchase w/rack for standard brakes or disc brakes.
Bellelli Pepe Clamp Fit $125 9 mo. to 50 lb. 50 lb. No Yes Yes 4.7 of 5 (7)  Does not come with rack.  Install video.
Yepp Junior Easyfit  $230  5+ 77 lb. Yes No No Waist belt.
Polisport Guppy Junior  5+ 35 kg.* (77 lb.) No Yes (Based on rack) Yes  Not yet available in US. Waist belt. Install video.  *Max weight determined by rack.
BoBike City $229 9 mo. to 6 yr. 40 lb. No Yes Yes 4.6 of 5 (7)  Highly adjustable buckling system, reviews on Germany’s Amazon, recess for helmet, rack mounting bracket included
Recommended with Reservations
Beto Standard $109 9 mo. to 40 lb. 40 lb. Yes No Yes 3.3 of 5 (7)
Not Recommended
BoBike Maxi Tour $229 9 mo. to 6 yr. 40 lb. No Yes Yes 4.6 of 5 (16)  Highly adjustable buckling system, wrap around head rest, recess for helmet, rack mounting bracket included, reviews on Germany’s Amazon **Found to be unsafe during our tests**

  • Leif Nelson

    The Tyke Toter advertises a max. child weight of 45 lbs.

  • Cassandra

    Hi everyone, I am about to get a Polisport Guppy (attached to a Kona Coco commuter bike), for my 15.5kg 3 year old. I can either attach it to the frame or to a rack. So far I’ve trialled the frame mount and noticed it was a pretty bouncy ride for my son. He didn’t mind – it just made me nervous! I imagine the rack mount will be less bouncy (but therefore also less forgiving over bumps). I’m wondering if anyone has any views about pros and cons (safety, comfort, etc.) of frame mounting versus rack mounting for the Guppy? Thanks!

    • Having tried both, I really prefer frame-mounted seats as I have found them to be more comfortable for kids. They are bouncy, but on a rack-mount system, the bounciness turns to rigidity. Having used both, with a rack-mounted seat, I cringe every time I go down a small curb or through a small pothole and I know my son felt every bump, but with the frame-mounted, we are both more relaxed during the ride.

  • Kelsey Nelson

    I am debating between the Thule and the Yepp Maxi. What made you pick the Thule over the Yepp?

    • The shoulder straps on the Thule are SO much easier to adjust than those on the Yepp! They are softer, stay in place better and easily adjust up and down. The Yepp’s are also adjustable, but it takes forever and can be really frustrating.

      • Kelsey Nelson

        Thanks for getting back to me! My husband went to the local bike shop and they had a Thule, so he brought it home and I LOVED how easy it was to install. I had watched the video for the Yepp and it looked easy, but this was easier:) The straps seem great on the Thule and I like the “reclining” options. The seat is not super reclined, but it looks like it should be plenty comfortable for the little guy. I was considering ordering the Yepp and comparing that way, but I think we will just stick with the Thule now:)

        • Awesome, glad you were able to see the Thule in person. The backpack style shoulder straps are big selling point on the Thule for me. Both seats are about the same when it comes to installing the seat, but sizing the seat to your child is significantly easier on the Thule. Once you use it, I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

          • Kelsey Nelson

            We’ve been loving the Thule! Our little guy seems to enjoy it as well. It does pretty well over small bumps too. I like that the arm rests have mini bumpers, so it is easy to rest against things. I honestly have no complaints!

          • Thanks for reporting back. I just finished up my updated review of the Mini and totally forget to mention the bumpers, thanks!

  • Esa

    Hello, need some advice about a rear seat. (Our toddler has outgrown our Bobike Mini which my husband and I conveniently switch between our bikes thanks to each having a mount.) My husband has plenty of space for a frame-mounted rear seat but I do not. I have a sturdy rear rack but he does not. Our first choice is the Thule Ridealong but it will not fit on my seat tube because of interference with brake wires. Our second choice would be to get any seat that could switch between a seat-tube mount on his bike, and a rack mount on my bike. ***Does such a seat exist??*** If not, then I will either get a new bike that will accommodate the Thule, or he will get a rack. Suggestions welcome.

    • Good question. I actually don’t know of a seat that will switch back and forth, they are either or. If the Ridealong fits your bike except for the wires, then I would try the Yepp Maxi (not the Easyfit which is for racks) along with their Cable King accessory ( I have not seen it in person, but in theory, it is suppose to allow you to slide the bracket between the frame and the wire and then place the wire in the provided slots.

  • Sarah

    Hi, we’re looking at purchasing a front seat for our 18lb daughter – she is small and grows very slowly so we want to make the right choice given we should have it for a while! I’m only 5ft 2 though and my main concern is whether any of the seats you reviewed will work for me at all? We could put it on my husbands bike but hoped to get one we could both use. We will mostly be riding flat designated bike paths – currently we both have mountain bikes to put it on – assuming road bikes don’t work for these types of seats. However I’m never adverse to having another hybrid type of bike and would consider that option if it would make things substantially easier. Thanks!

    • Considering you will be riding a small-framed bike, finding a seat that will work for you may be tricky. If you had a townie style bike with more upright seating, you could make it work, but with a mountain or road bike it is going to be more difficult. Essentially all these seats require similar space, but the main difference between them is how they mount to the bike. So until you know what type of bike you plan on using, you can’t really narrow down a seat. Hope that makes sense!

  • April Garff

    I LOVED this comparison! So, I have 4 kids, ages 6, 3, 3, and 8 months. All on the smaller side. For my birthday last week, I just got a Madsen bucket bike. Which is awesome and has 4 seatbelts, but I’m a little hesitant to use those little belts on my baby until she is quite a bit older, and am thinking I need to go with a bike mounted seat. I have a front rack on the bike if that makes a difference. It doesn’t appear that I could mount a rear seat on the bike (but I have a co-pilot limo if it’s doable), so I’ve been looking at front seats. Are there any that would work well with a Madsen bike? Thanks for your help—I’m looking forward to the warmer weather so we can get out biking!

    • Love bucket bikes, so fun! I agree, that for a child less than a year, they are going to need more support than what the simple seat belt will offer. Looking at the Madsen online, it looks like it should mount a front seat just fine. Because the rack in the front it lower, it shouldn’t interfere with the mount of the seat. It also has a threaded headset so most seats should fit just fine on it. Happy riding!

  • Andrew Riggs

    Can you recommend any seats for 35+lb kids that work with panniers?

  • Ally

    I’m 5′ 9″ and my 16 month old is in the 90% for height. Which seat is good for people who aren’t small?

    • Being 5’9″, you are likely riding on a bike with a large frame, so you should have plenty of room for seat. Assuming you are in the US, and not in Europe, I would go with the RideAlong Mini as the shoulder straps are really easy to adjust. The back of the Yepp is slightly taller, but the shoulder straps as a pain to adjust.

      • Ally P

        The weight limit is 15kg and mine’s already around 13kg. Anything with a bigger height and weight limit?

        • Good point, but unfortunately, essentially all of the front-mounted seats have a max weight limit of 15 kg. One exception that I know of is the the WeeRide Kangaroo, which can go up to 18 kg., but it has a pretty low back on it, so the shoulder straps will probably slide down easily on a tall child. Front-mounted seats are a lot of fun, but unless you plan on only using the front-mounted seat for a year at the most, I would probably go with a rear-mounted seat.

  • Anna Lipska

    Hello! I love your site, already got so much useful information! I was however wondering about the following. Around me everyone says that a child shouldnt go on the bike before 18th month. my doughter is 12 months, she walks qlone zell; but she is just under 8 kg. Can I take her for a bike ride nonetheless? And, will it be better on front or rear seat? thnaks a lot!

    • The general rule (and law in some places) is 12 months. Beyond that it is really up to you and your child’s pediatrician. If she is willing to keep a helmet on and is strong enough to hold herself and the helmet on her head, upright, then she is probably good to go, but I would check with your doctor first. For front vs. back, it really depends on your bike. If you happen to ride a bike with a tall size frame or one that has at least 20″ between the handlebars and seat tube, then a front-mounted seat will work. If you have less, then it is going to be difficult for you to ride. With my kids, I found that my toddlers preferred fount-mounted seats as they could talk (or simply point) to me and I could hear them. Rear seats certainly allow for more room for both the rider and child, but any communication is very difficult.

      • Anna Lipska

        Thanks a lot for such a swift response! great!

  • Kevin Hartman


    thanks for the comparison, great stuff!
    Can you recommend a seat for this bike, i tried the thule ridealong mini but it didn’t fit.


  • You’re right, there isn’t enough room on the headseat for the Thule Mini. I would go with the Yepp Mini with the threadless adaptor, as shown further down in our review here,

    • Kevin Hartman

      Do you think the weeride is an Option too?

      • Possibly, but I’m not sure there is enough vertical space between the frame and the headset for the mount. It looks pretty close, so it could be an option, but without exact measurements, you can’t be sure.

        • Kevin Hartman

          Thank you! I ordered the yepp mini + Adapter. Ill let you know the outcome for your Baby Seat Database 🙂

          • Awesome, thanks, I appreciate it!

  • Patrick

    Hi, great site thanks,
    Do you have any recommendations for a rear child seat to fit a Kona Africa Bike One? They have a fixed pannier on the back and I understand it’s a bit wider than a traditional pannier.
    As an aside we’re upgrading from a Weeride Kangaroo which has been great for us.

    • After looking around online, it looks like the BoBike seats, which have a unique mounting system, will work on the Kona Africa One. I have used the seat, but don’t have the review up since we didn’t have a bike at the time that worked with the seat. In the bike showed, the seat is at too much of an angle, but it looks like it fits great on the Kona. You can find the seat on Amazon,, but it looks different there. In the description it says that is can be used with or without a rack, so I assume it will work.

  • davecu60

    I have an adult tricycle single speed 20″ and here is the link
    20″ Trifecta Adult Single Speed Folding Tricycle
    I have a 20 month old child who is 25lbs. What type of rear bike carrier would work for me? Thanks.

  • ChocoLACTMilk

    Hi, this site is super helpful. I have a 4 year old that is at 38 Lbs and currently uses the LIMO by Copilot. We’ve used it for 3 years and love it. However she is almost at the weight restriction. We’ve been looking at the Bobike Junior but my 4 year old still falls asleep on our rides to and from school and basically whenever we use the bike. I’m worried about her falling off. Do you have any suggestions that still offer a harness and high back for support?

    • I certainly wouldn’t use the BoBike Junior if she still falls asleep. I would absolutely go with a seat with a shoulder harness, which would mean putting her in a seat with a max of 50 lb. for now, such as the Thule RideAlong. Not ideal, as she will outgrow within a couple years, but by then, she likely won’t fall asleep anymore, so you could move up to the BoBike Junior.

  • Anya

    These reviews are great — thank you! I have a Zigo Leader and would like to be able to carry more kids…am thinking about attaching a rear-mounted seat. I already have a rack on the Zigo. Any recommendations for what seat you think would work well?

    • A Zigo, very cool! The first thing I would check would be the weight capacity of the rack. If it is a specialty rack, it may not be rated for 48 lbs. and up, which is what is required by all rack-mounted seats. If you are good on weight, I really like Hamax Carrier with the rack adapter.

      • Anya

        Thanks so much, Natalie, that makes sense. I will check about the rack capacity. Really I would love a proper bakfiets, but they are hard to come by here in the US!

  • Mona

    This is the best child bike seat review site. Thank you for putting this together. Based on your information we got the the Thule Mini. My one year old loves riding in it. I mounted it to a Specialized Sirrus which was very easy to do. The only adjustment I had to make was lower my own seat so I my feet can touch the ground while remain seated for stops instead of sliding down as this feels tight for me despite the 20 inch frame. I normally prefer my bike seat up higher but since I neither ride long distances nor go very fast with baby it works fine for me.

    • Yeah, glad you found it helpful! Glad you love the mini, Thule did a great job designing it. As for the seat, I have had to do the same thing with several different models I have tested over the years. The extra weight on the front of the bike really does take some adjusting to and does make the bike harder to balance when stopped.

  • Kayla

    Found a front seat with a 60 pound weight limit. It’s called the Mac ride.

    • I’ve never seen the Mac ride, thanks for mentioning it. I would love to hear how you like it if you end up getting one!

  • Dan

    My bike was stolen a couple of months ago. My wife and I now have a new bike each, and we still have the Schwinn deluxe child seat but the rack for the seat was stolen along with my bike. What aftermarket racks are compatible with the Schwinn deluxe child seat??

    • Ugh, bike thieves are the worst! As for the seat, it looks like the current model of the Schwinn seat ( attaches to the seat post rather than a rack, so without any specs from the Schwinn, I have no idea on what rack would work with your seat.