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The budget-friendly Crazy Safety helmets offer a great fit, are lightweight and, of course, undeniably cute.

RATING: Recommended

BEST FOR: Families looking for a quality trailer under $250 that can also be used for occasional stroller use.

SIZE: 49 – 55 cm





270 g

Head Circumference

49 – 55 cm


In-mold (most durable)

Number of Vents




Skater Style


Age Group

Child (18 mo. – 4 yr.)

CPSC Certification


Internal Adjustment System

Dial Adjust

Pros & Cons

  • Internal dial-adjust system for a great fit
  • Fits a wide range of head sizes for longevity of use
  • Lightweight with soft chin cup for added comfort and keeps chin straps in place
  • Safety LED blinker
  • Budget-friendly
  • Protrusions on a helmet can increase the risk for the helmet getting caught on an object
  • Chin cup makes the straps very cumbersome to adjust

Full Review

Leopards, tigers, and dragons, oh my!  Helmets can only protect your child if they are wearing them, and they can only protect them if they are wearing them correctly.  The best of both worlds, Crazy Safety helmets are as fun as they are supportive.  In addition to their “must have” designs, Crazy Safety helmets go beyond looks and offer several advanced safety features such as an internal dial-adjust system, a LED blinker, and a soft chin cup.  Available through FirstBIKE, one of our top-rated balance bike, the safety features of the Crazy Helmet are a perfect complement to the safety features on the FirstBIKE.

Safety Helmet 4

Loved by all of our testers (well besides the 7-year-old girl who wasn’t too keen on tigers), the Safety Helmet is one of the few helmets we have tested that easily fits and appeals to a wide range of kids. By simply adjusting the dial in the rear of the helmet, the Crazy Safety helmets fits older toddlers, preschoolers and grade schoolers with a head circumference of 49cm to 55cm.  Weighing a mere 270g, the helmets are light for their size, offer six air vents, four internal pads and sell for a budget-friendly $30.

Safety Helmet 5

In addition to the dial-adjust system, each helmet comes standard with a LED light, with three blinking options.  The rear-strap support is another standout feature of the Crazy Safety helmets.  Not common in $30 helmets, the rear support system helps to keep the helmet in place by stabilizing the chin straps.

Safety Helmet 2

Available in nine different styles, there are fierce and cute styles to match your child’s personality.

Crazy Helmets Types

Our one concern for the various styles was the protrusions on the helmets. As required by the CPSC, the ears, fin, and horns are all rounded and designed to snap off upon impact, but any protrusions on a helmet can increase the risk for the helmet getting caught on an object.  As a result, due to the increased chance of a high-speed fall or impact with a rock, tree, stair ledge, etc., we would not recommend the Crazy Safety helmets for more aggressive riders who ride on single-track, pump tracks or at skate parks.

Safety Helmet 1

While removable, the chin cup was also problematic at times.  While it was AMAZING at keeping the chin strap in place (which is a common problem with helmets), it made adjusting the chin strap on the helmet time-consuming.  In addition to feeding the chin strap the buckle, the excess strap has to then be fed through a rubber band and the chin cup.  Since the helmet is designed to fit a wide range of sizes, the extra-long chin strap also has to be folded up and tucked under the chin cup in order to get it out of the way.

Safety Helmet 3

Bottom Line: Perfect for helmet-resistant or fun-loving kids, the budget-friendly Crazy Safety helmets offer a great fit, are lightweight and, of course, undeniably cute. Too big for small toddlers, Crazy Safety helmets are best for older toddlers, preschoolers and early grade-schoolers.


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