Balance Bike Review

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Best for Lightweights

Awesome starter balance bike with a beautiful, lightweight (less than 5 pounds!) aluminum frame and plenty of fun colors to choose from.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $149

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Seat Height: 11" - 19"

Weight: 4.4 lb.

Brakes: No Brakes

Footrest: Yes

Limiter: No

Tire Size: 12"

Grips Bumper: Yes

Bolts: Rounded

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy


Cruzee Review


Ridiculously light and beautifully crafted, the Cruzee balance bike truly stands out from the crowd. With its sparkling anodized aluminum frame, multiple safety features and ultra-lightweight frame, the Cruzee is an excellent starter bike for the youngest and lightest riders.  Straight out of the box, our 4-year-old tester was enthralled with the bike and quickly began cruising around the house.  With non-marking tires and no sharp edges or bolts to damage walls (or him), the Cruzee was a hit from day one.

Cruzee Fun2

Once temperatures warmed up, the fun continues outside.  Five pounds lighter than the balance bike he typically rides, he quickly got out of his comfort zone and began coming up with new tricks.  His 2-year-old friend, was equally mesmerized by the bike.  With a petite, small frame, she LOVED carrying the bike around and insistent on showing everyone she could.  From bike jumps to cruising the sidewalks, the Cruzee provided hours of fun for our testers.


Coming in nine beautiful aluminum colors, the Cruzee is unique in that it is not painted, but constructed with anodized aluminum.  This year, Cruzee also added a new beautiful white bike, which is painted as aluminum can’t be turned white :). The frame will never rust and the color will never chip, although the color does scratch off the bike pretty easily.  The handlebars and quick-releases are also aluminum, creating a truly rust-proof bike.  The tires on the Cruzee are made of solid EVA foam, so they will never go flat and are essentially maintenance free.

Cruzee frame

To prevent scratches on the rear portion of the frame, Cruzee’s now come with pre-installed plastic scratch guards on both sides of the frame.


Assembling the Cruzee is also easy and straightforward.  Simply attach the front fork, handlebars and seat post to the frame using the included quick-release clamps and the Cruzee is ready to roll.  When mounting the quick-release clamps on the bike, be sure to line up the forks on the clamp to those on the frame.  If put on backwards (which we mistakenly did), the clamps will not hold as tightly.  On the handlebar, the quick-release arm should point away from the bike, while on the seat post, it should point towards the rear tire.  To tighten the clamp, open the lever and turn the adjuster until a lot of resistance is met, and then close the clamp.  In our experience, the seat and handlebars can come out of alignment after harder crashes, so be sure to re-align after every fall.  The 2017 model of the Cruzee, however, does have new and improved clamps that hold much better than the clamps on previous models.


The handlebars of the Cruzee are also narrower than many of the larger balance bikes on the market.  The narrower handlebars make it great younger or petite riders, but can cause more twitchy steering in older, more advanced riders.


Although similar to the Strider in many ways, the Cruzee has many noticeable difference.  With an aluminum frame, the Cruzee is lighter and rust-free.  The seat of the Cruzee is also much more supportive and padded then the mini-saddle that comes standard on all Striders. Strider’s saddle on their extended seat post is the same size as the Cruzee’s, but with minimal padding.  Every edge on the Cruzee has also been rounded to protect the smallest of hands, arms and legs from injury.  In addition to using flat bolts, the edge of the aluminum frame below the front fork as well as the end of the body tube, has been rounded.

Cruzee Features

Currently, the Cruzee is only available with foam tires, although optional air upgrades may be available in the future.  In our tests over several months, we had a chance to test out Cruzee foam tires in various terrains, and for the most part them performed well.  For the average rider, who plans on riding mainly on pavement, the foam will work great, but in our opinion, more adventurous riders riding on dirt trails or over jumps, would benefit from the increased traction and cushioning provided by air tires.

Cruzee vs. Strider

Bottom Line:  A standout bike for petite or small toddlers.  Essentially maintenance-free, the Cruzee is as easy for parents to carry and take care of as it is for kids to ride.

Color Availability:   Cruzees come in nine different colors for boys and girls.

MSRP: $149

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 9, 2017

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  • Becca

    Hi! Thanks for all your great reviews. I’m debating on which Bike to get my daughter, she will be 2 next month. Right now she is in 18month pants and seems to have an inseam of 11.5 inches. She does have shorter legs and longer torso as she is in 24month tops. She is growing pretty quickly though, but also would like a bike she can start with right away. I was looking at the strider sport and Cruzee just for size, weight, and ability to grow with my daughter. She did sit on a strider in the store and they lowered the seat I think all the way which seemed to fit best. But was also possibility thinking of the Yedoo Too Too but not sure if that would be too big to start. We mostly would be riding on paved streets and do live in an area we won’t be able to ride in the winter, possibly in our basement. Or any other suggestions on bikes that might work well?

    • Right now, the Too Too is probably going to be too big for her. If you expected her to have a growth spurt soon, they it could work. To be safe, the Cruzee or the Strider would be best. If you plan on taking the bike indoors, I would go with the Cruzee. The flat rear bolts will save your walls and doors from scratches! It also has plenty of room for her to grow into.

  • Damian Wells

    I love the reviews. We have a very active 14 month old boy who has been walking since he was 10 months old. He’s already running around, and is now becoming interested in the balance bikes of the 2 year olds in the neighborhood. We were all ready to drop the money on a woom1, but when I saw this new light weight cruzee, and saw the other kids in the nieghborhood struggling to get back up on their bikes, I thought maybe this would be a better choice to start with. The kids in the neighborhood have striders, and parents and kids alike, fight over the upgraded model with the better padded seat. This also lead me to believe that the cruzee could be a better choice. We will be spending some time at the dirt pump track, and I know rubber tires are better, but tough choices for a little guy, no matter how strong you might be for 14 months. Also, any comparison on handlebar width between the cruzee and the Woom1? Although I think economically I would prefer to buy one bike, it seems if I want my son to enjoy cycling, he should have the correct equipment in the correct size, as he develops.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

    • Glad to help and wow, you certainly have an active boy on your hands :). If the WOOM is in your budget, I would go for it, but if not, the Cruzee sounds like it would be a great bike for your son. It is very lightweight and has a much more comfortable seat than the Strider (even their upgraded one). I also went and compared the Cruzee and the WOOM1 and WOOM’s handlebar’s are two inches wider than the Cruzee, so in addition to the air tires, it will provide that wider stance for older/taller kids.

  • Jo

    Firstly, thanks for all the great reviews, I’ve been doing tons of research into which balance bike would best suit my almost (next week! ) 2 year old son and yours are the only reviews I really trust. He weighs about 32lbs with a 12 inch inseam and isn’t overly keen on the prospect of riding a balance bike. I don’t know if this is because all the bikes I’ve tried him on so far have been quite heavy and difficult to handle, including the Chillafish Jack he was gifted, which is far too big and currently living in the loft. He’s not the most confident of creatures and hasn’t wanted to spend any longer than a few seconds on each one. At the moment he’s happily scooting about on a tiny little Toddlebike but he looks much too big for it and I’d really like to get him onto a two wheeler. I’ve a fairly low budget of about £90 ($130?) and so far I’ve narrowed it down to the Cruzee, Strider and possibly the Yedoo Too Too, assuming I can get hold of the latter here in the UK. Weight is a big factor as I know I’ll end up carrying it at least 50 percent of the time, we tend to take long walks with the stroller so being able to carry it alongside is quite important. I also suspect he’ll spend a lot of time wheeling it around, possibly indoors, before he musters up the courage to climb on. I’m not overly fussed about the handbrake as I don’t think he’d use it at this stage anyway. He’d be riding on paved areas only Which of the three do you think would suit him best? Also was the Cruzee losing alignment after falls a significant problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Glad to help :). If you plan on using it indoors at all, which is a great idea considering he is not too keen on the bike yet, I would go with the Cruzee. The flat bolts in the front and the rear will really save your walls and furniture from potential scratches. Plus, it is really lightweight, so carrying it is really easy. If you think he will eventually take the bike and do some more aggressive riding, I would go for the Too Too. As the alignment on the Cruzee, it can be a pain to fix, but honestly it is really easy to do. You just hold the front tire between your feet and realign the handlebars. To realign the seat, do the same with the back tire.