Cruzee Review


Ridiculously light and beautifully crafted, the Cruzee balance bike truly stands out from the crowd. With its sparkling anodized aluminum frame, multiple safety features and ultra-lightweight frame, the Cruzee is an excellent starter bike for the youngest and lightest riders.  Straight out of the box, our 4-year-old tester was enthralled with the bike and quickly began cruising around the house.  With non-marking tires and no sharp edges or bolts to damage walls (or him), the Cruzee was a hit from day one.

Cruzee Fun2

Once temperatures warmed up, the fun continues outside.  Five pounds lighter than the balance bike he typically rides, he quickly got out of his comfort zone and began coming up with new tricks.  His 2-year-old friend, was equally mesmerized by the bike.  With a petite, small frame, she LOVED carrying the bike around and insistent on showing everyone she could.  From bike jumps to cruising the sidewalks, the Cruzee provided hours of fun for our testers.


Coming in nine beautiful colors, the Cruzee is unique in that it is not painted, but constructed with anodized aluminum.  The frame will never rust and the color will never chip, although the color does scratch off the bike pretty easily.  The handlebars and quick-releases are also aluminum, creating a truly rust-proof bike.  The tires on the Cruzee are made of solid EVA foam, so they will never go flat and are essentially maintenance free.

Cruzee frame

To prevent scratches on the rear portion of the frame, Cruzee’s now come with pre-installed plastic scratch guards on both sides of the frame.


Assembling the Cruzee is also easy and straightforward.  Simply attach the front fork, handlebars and seat post to the frame using the included quick-release clamps and the Cruzee is ready to roll.  When mounting the quick-release clamps on the bike, be sure to line up the forks on the clamp to those on the frame.  If put on backwards (which we mistakenly did), the clamps will not hold as tightly.  On the handlebar, the quick-release arm should point away from the bike, while on the seat post, it should point towards the rear tire.  To tighten the clamp, open the lever and turn the adjuster until a lot of resistance is met, and then close the clamp.  In our experience, even when tightened as much as we could, the seat and handlebars still came out of alignment after crashes, so be sure to re-align after every fall.


The handlebars of the Cruzee are also narrower than many of the larger balance bikes on the market.  The narrower handlebars make it great younger or petite riders, but can cause more twitchy steering in older, more advanced riders.


Although similar to the Strider in many ways, the Cruzee has many noticeable difference.  With an aluminum frame, the Cruzee is lighter and rust-free.  The seat of the Cruzee is also much more supportive and padded then the mini-saddle that comes standard on all Striders. Strider’s saddle on their extended seat post is the same size as the Cruzee’s, but with minimal padding.  Every edge on the Cruzee has also been rounded to protect the smallest of hands, arms and legs from injury.  In addition to using flat bolts, the edge of the aluminum frame below the front fork as well as the end of the body tube, has been rounded.

Cruzee Features

Currently, the Cruzee is only available with foam tires, although optional air upgrades may be available in the future.  In our tests over several months, we had a chance to test out Cruzee foam tires in various terrains, and for the most part them performed well.  For the average rider, who plans on riding mainly on pavement, the foam will work great, but in our opinion, more adventurous riders riding on dirt trails or over jumps, would benefit from the increased traction and cushioning provided by air tires.

Cruzee vs. Strider

Bottom Line:  A standout bike for petite or small toddlers.  Essentially maintenance-free, the Cruzee is as easy for parents to carry and take care of as it is for kids to ride.

Availability: Cruzee’s are available directly from Cruzee in all nine colors at  On you can also purchase a matching Melon Helmet (the red helmet used in the review pictures) for your child.  Available in 28 different colors, the Melon helmet is one of our top-rated helmets for kids.

FTC Disclosure: All opinions given are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  No monetary compensation was provided for the review, but a sample bike was provided to facilitate this review.  Two Wheeling Tots LLC is an affiliate of Cruzee and all links to are affiliate links.

      • Becca

        Hi! Thanks for all your great reviews. I’m debating on which Bike to get my daughter, she will be 2 next month. Right now she is in 18month pants and seems to have an inseam of 11.5 inches. She does have shorter legs and longer torso as she is in 24month tops. She is growing pretty quickly though, but also would like a bike she can start with right away. I was looking at the strider sport and Cruzee just for size, weight, and ability to grow with my daughter. She did sit on a strider in the store and they lowered the seat I think all the way which seemed to fit best. But was also possibility thinking of the Yedoo Too Too but not sure if that would be too big to start. We mostly would be riding on paved streets and do live in an area we won’t be able to ride in the winter, possibly in our basement. Or any other suggestions on bikes that might work well?

        • Right now, the Too Too is probably going to be too big for her. If you expected her to have a growth spurt soon, they it could work. To be safe, the Cruzee or the Strider would be best. If you plan on taking the bike indoors, I would go with the Cruzee. The flat rear bolts will save your walls and doors from scratches! It also has plenty of room for her to grow into.

      • Damian Wells

        I love the reviews. We have a very active 14 month old boy who has been walking since he was 10 months old. He’s already running around, and is now becoming interested in the balance bikes of the 2 year olds in the neighborhood. We were all ready to drop the money on a woom1, but when I saw this new light weight cruzee, and saw the other kids in the nieghborhood struggling to get back up on their bikes, I thought maybe this would be a better choice to start with. The kids in the neighborhood have striders, and parents and kids alike, fight over the upgraded model with the better padded seat. This also lead me to believe that the cruzee could be a better choice. We will be spending some time at the dirt pump track, and I know rubber tires are better, but tough choices for a little guy, no matter how strong you might be for 14 months. Also, any comparison on handlebar width between the cruzee and the Woom1? Although I think economically I would prefer to buy one bike, it seems if I want my son to enjoy cycling, he should have the correct equipment in the correct size, as he develops.

        Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

        • Glad to help and wow, you certainly have an active boy on your hands :). If the WOOM is in your budget, I would go for it, but if not, the Cruzee sounds like it would be a great bike for your son. It is very lightweight and has a much more comfortable seat than the Strider (even their upgraded one). I also went and compared the Cruzee and the WOOM1 and WOOM’s handlebar’s are two inches wider than the Cruzee, so in addition to the air tires, it will provide that wider stance for older/taller kids.

      • Jo

        Firstly, thanks for all the great reviews, I’ve been doing tons of research into which balance bike would best suit my almost (next week! ) 2 year old son and yours are the only reviews I really trust. He weighs about 32lbs with a 12 inch inseam and isn’t overly keen on the prospect of riding a balance bike. I don’t know if this is because all the bikes I’ve tried him on so far have been quite heavy and difficult to handle, including the Chillafish Jack he was gifted, which is far too big and currently living in the loft. He’s not the most confident of creatures and hasn’t wanted to spend any longer than a few seconds on each one. At the moment he’s happily scooting about on a tiny little Toddlebike but he looks much too big for it and I’d really like to get him onto a two wheeler. I’ve a fairly low budget of about £90 ($130?) and so far I’ve narrowed it down to the Cruzee, Strider and possibly the Yedoo Too Too, assuming I can get hold of the latter here in the UK. Weight is a big factor as I know I’ll end up carrying it at least 50 percent of the time, we tend to take long walks with the stroller so being able to carry it alongside is quite important. I also suspect he’ll spend a lot of time wheeling it around, possibly indoors, before he musters up the courage to climb on. I’m not overly fussed about the handbrake as I don’t think he’d use it at this stage anyway. He’d be riding on paved areas only Which of the three do you think would suit him best? Also was the Cruzee losing alignment after falls a significant problem?

        Thanks in advance!

        • Glad to help :). If you plan on using it indoors at all, which is a great idea considering he is not too keen on the bike yet, I would go with the Cruzee. The flat bolts in the front and the rear will really save your walls and furniture from potential scratches. Plus, it is really lightweight, so carrying it is really easy. If you think he will eventually take the bike and do some more aggressive riding, I would go for the Too Too. As the alignment on the Cruzee, it can be a pain to fix, but honestly it is really easy to do. You just hold the front tire between your feet and realign the handlebars. To realign the seat, do the same with the back tire.

          • Jo

            Thank you! We went with the Cruzee and he absolutely loves it! We had the opportunity to try a second hand Too Too (which I adored, I might add) but he wanted to get straight off it. With the Cruzee, he hopped right on and hasn’t been off it since. I think it’s all about the weight in his case. Also, I’m really happy to say we’ve had no issue at all with the alignment 🙂

            • Awesome, sounds like you found the best bike for him! Weight is an issue for many kids and you can’t go wrong with Cruzee lightweight frame for little guys. I’m also glad to hear that you haven’t had any issues with the alignment, that’s a huge plus. Happy riding 🙂

          • Long Kidsland

            The issue of realignment actually originated from unfit quick clamp, which I believe happened in some production lots. If you meet the issue, ask them for their latest clamp and it will be perfectly tight.

      • Valeria

        Hi! Thansk for this website! Is really wonderful.
        I want to buy a bike for my daughter who is just 2 with 14 inches of inseam.
        I’m not sure between the cruzee and the yedoo too too.
        I would love the light weight of the first one but I don’t like the idea of foam tires and no brakes, but I’m not sure if this is really an issue at this age and then her brother has a scoot; he is 4 so I supposed in max a couple of years she will upgrade to that (and the brother to a bigger one).


        • Unless she is really lightweight and would benefit from Cruzee’s 4.4 lbs., then I would go for the Too Too for the same reasons you mentioned, air tires and a hand brake.

      • Cheryl

        I need advice. My girl is 18m (25lbs, 30.5″ and an inseam of ~10″ – VERY average size, perhaps slightly shorter legs), runs, climbs and is very adventurous. She wheels herself around the house on her Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug with ease and I’d like to get something for her to use outside. She has great balance but has never used a balance bike or tricycle. My husband wants to invest in one bike or trike that will get her through at least the next 2 years – he doesn’t want a trike, a toy car, a push car AND a bike, etc – just 1 vehicle. So I’m looking for the absolute best option. I was thinking either the Chillafish, Wishbone 3-1 or the Cruzee. Can you share your thoughts or advice on something more appropriate?

        • Of those you listed, I would go for the Cruzee. The Chillafish small enough to fit her won’t really last her for two years and the Wishbone tricycle option won’t be needed if she already knows how to push herself around on a Wheely Bug. The Cruzee will easily last her two years and allow her to jump straight to a bike without ever using training wheels.

          • Lawrence Lee

            Hi Natalie, thanks for the AMAZING site! I have an 21m daughter who is very similar in dimensions and activity level as the child described in this thread. If you had your choice of any bike (no budgetary constraints) for the next 2 years, which would be your top 2? Thanks!

            • With a 10″ inseam my top choice would be the WOOM1, which is awesome for toddlers. The WOOM1 will fit her until she is ready to transition into 4T clothes, so she should be able to get two years out of it.

      • Rhiza

        Hi, I have a 25mo with an inseam of about 12″ and about 25lbs. I’m looking between a Cruzee or a Too Too.. Which one would you recommend? Thank you!!

        • I prefer the Too Too as it has air tires and a hand brake that will certainly come in handy down the road. The air tires in the Too Too can go flat, which is a pain, so I would recommend using tire sealant to prevent flats,

        • John

          Hi. I just wanted to share a perspective about the weight of a balance bike compared to the weight of a 25 lb / 25 month old child. A Cruzee weighs 4.4lbs and a Too Too weighs 8.4lbs – if you add tire sealant in two tires, it will add another pound to the weight – making the Too Too weigh 9.4lbs. At Cruzee the philosophy is that the smallest riders should have the lightest possible balance bike because like with cycling for adults, light weight translates into performance, superior handling and builds confidence through increased control. If you convert the bike weight to a ratio of the child’s weight and then applied it to a 170lb adult, an adult sized Cruzee would weigh 30lbs, a Too Too with air would be the equivalent of a 57lb bike and the Too Too with tire sealant would be a 64lb bike. These are major differences in weight that would have dramatic impacts on performance and control for an adult. The same holds true for the youngest/smallest balance bike riders.

      • Andrea

        Love this site! 🙂
        My daughter is 21 months old, 11″ inseam, 28.5 lbs. She’s long in the torso and wearing 2T tops but 18-24 mth bottoms. She’s pretty athletic, running and climbing and starting to sit on a push car and walk her legs to propel herself. She has tried a couple of balance bikes that were all too big for her but she still didn’t want to get off them! We have about 2 months until there will be snow on the ground at which point I expect she’ll keep riding indoors until she’s 2yrs 3 mths old when we’ll be able to get back outside to ride.

        I was about the buy the Woom when I read the Cruzee review. Now I’m wondering if I should go with the brakes, air tires and wider handlebars on the Woom or the lightweight, more narrow handlebars of the Cruzee. Could the handlebars on the Woom be cut down or would that be tricky?

        We may go on dirt trails occasionally but mostly she’ll be riding on the street and possibly a mini-skate park.
        I’d appreciate your thoughts!

        • If she is athletic, I would go with the WOOM1, especially if she plans on riding on dirt trails or at a skate park. The air tires will provide more traction and cushioning than the foam tires. The Cruzee, however, will do much better indoors than the WOOM as the foam tires won’t leave any marks on the floor.

      • Amy Pizana

        My son will be 3 in March, about 36″… Want to get him a balance bike for Christmas, but have no clue… suggestions please & thank you!!

        • Glad to help! There are a plethora of options for 3 year olds. It really depends on your budget, their inseam, weight and where they plan on riding. Take a look at our balance bike comparison page here,, which lists several options. If you simply want suggestions, the Cruzee is a great choice if you are sticking to pavement. If you are looking to ride on dirt, I would look for a bike with air tires, such as the Charger 12.

          • Amy Pizana

            What are your thoughts on the FirstBike?

            • A great bike for younger kids, but tend to be problematic once kids hit the age of 4.5 as the frame can begin to flex. Before then, it’s a great bike. If you son is an older 3yo and you expect him to take time to learn to master a balance bike, I would go for a bike with a metal frame, if he is on the younger side, the FirstBIKE would be a good choice for him. Many kids are ready to ride a pedal bike at 4, so he may not be on a balance bike too long.

      • Hannah ‘Strader’ Bowser

        We are looking to buy our children balance bikes for Christmas, and since I love researching things, I am so happy to have found all your reviews. Our daughter is 3 1/2 with around a 15 in inseam and just about 30 lbs and our son just turned 2, has a 14 inch inseam, and is also right around 30 lbs. I would like to get them both the same bike and would like to get the maximum amount of use/length of time out of them. I think I have narrowed it down to the strider sport, cruzee, or scamper/charger 12. I think I’m leaning between the cruzee or the scamper/charge the most. They will be using mostly sidewalks to ride, but I do like the pros of air tires. Also, my only concern about the scamper is the higher weight. I would like to stay less than $150, and love to stay closer to $100. Do you think one of these will be a much better fit than the rest? Thank you!

        • Ahh, sorry for the long delay in getting back to you, crazy time of year. Since you kids are at least 30 lb., the weight of the Scamper (now called the Charger 12) shouldn’t be an issue, unless the are not very “athletic” or coordinated. If they are on the “clumsier” side, then I would go with the Cruzee. If not, then the I would go with the Charger 12 as it has air tires and gives the them the opportunity to learn how to brake with their hand. Considering you will have two bikes around, the flat free nature of the Cruzee is also worth considering. Foam tires don’t get the traction or cushioning that air tires provide, but you don’t have to worry about patching tubes. As a result, if you do end up going with the Charger 12, I would be sure to apply tire sealant to the tires,

          • Hannah ‘Strader’ Bowser

            Thank you!

      • Elisa Austell

        Hi Natalie- I want to get my 20 month old a balance bike. She is maybe 21lbs soaking wet after dinner and about 30″ tall, Barely in 18-24 month clothes. I wouldn’t say that she is timid. She is pretty adventurous, but not gungho launching off of everything. She seems to know her limits and pushes herself just enough to keep advancing but not so much that she crashes and burns a lot. She sat on her cousin’s Strider Sport last weekend and it didn’t seem like she could get her feet flat on the ground yet (seat was at it’s lowest). She certainly couldn’t stand up and clear the saddle. I’ve had the Woom1 in mind because it is just a little shorter and has the low step through for getting on. But it weights so much more! I have also considered the Cruzee but am concerned about the lack of a brake and the foam tires, although I don’t know if we will ever be getting adventurous enough to need extra traction from air tires. But anything is possible. The terrain could be concrete/asphault to desert scrub lands, dust and dirt. Any air tires would also need slime for punctures, so even more weight… If possible I would like for this to be the only bike she needs until she moves to a peddle bike. Judging by genetics, she is likely to remain on the smaller side for her age. So the questions are, Will the weight of the Woom1 make too much difference considering her small size? Of course the strider and cruzee are lighter, but are just a little bit taller. Is having a brake really that important? Or does it become more important as they hit 3 and 4yrs? I noticed that you mentioned that the strider and cruzee are almost identical. If the brake isn’t that important, would it be possible to upgrade the foam tires of the cruzee with the air tires for the strider (providing cruzee hasn’t come out with their own by then)? Are their any other bikes you would recommend instead given the info above. And of course their is the other option of waiting a couple more months so she gets a bit bigger (although I don’t know how much size a couple of months will get me) and then I still have to make a decision. What are your thoughts.

        • Glad to help! If she is adventurous, it sounds like the WOOM1 would be the best bet for her and I don’t believe the weight will be an issue. If she was timid, lightweight and hesitant to even get on the bike, the light Cruzee would be best. With the Cruzee, however, you cannot swap the tires out for air later, plus, as you mentioned it doesn’t have a brake. Kids generally do not use the brake until around 2.5 to 3, so she won’t use it for a while, BUT once she does master it, you will be thankful for it. In addition, mastering a hand brake while on a balance bike will better prepare her to ride a pedal bike.

          Another thing to consider is that as she is learning, she will be walking the bike around, versus sitting and running. Some kids walk the bikes for months before they master running, while others (generally older kids) only take a few days.

          Lastly, because of her size, there really isn’t another balance bike I would recommend besides those your mentioned. There are some smaller balance bikes with 10″ tires versus 12″, but they would all be too heavy for her.

          Hope that helps!

      • Brian

        Hello. I have an almost 3 yr old (Dec 13), he is 30#, 14-14.5 inseam and 38″ tall. I have scoured everythinng regarding balance bikes on your site, and am now spinning in my head, overloaded with options, and information. I’m very tired….I’m heading towards the light…..ok, can you please direct me to a couple of bikes I should look at for him please. Thanks in advance.

        • I know that feeling well :). Considering you son is over 30#, you have more options. If he is on the athletic side, I wouldn’t worry about overall weight as much as if he was on the timid side. Budget is also a huge factor. If you were riding mostly around pavement, the Cruzee would be a good pick. If you plan on riding on more all-terrain, I would look at a bike with air tires and a handbrake, such as the Charger 12.

      • Jessie Ross

        We are in the market for a balance bike & helmet for our 18 month old. There are a lot of options out there and your reviews have been so helpful in deciding what would work best for us. This bike sounds amazing, we’re really loving the design features as well as the fact that it’s so light weight. Thanks so much!

        • Glad to help! The Cruzee is certainly a fun and light bike :).

          • Jessie Ross

            I can’t believe it only weighs 4.4lbs! I know the giveaway has now closed, just wondering if the the lucky winner has already been chosen, so I can uncross my fingers 😉
            Thanks again!

      • Sue

        i have a 22 month old 24 pounds super active girl around 33inches in height. she loves her scooter and ride on’s. what bike will you recommend for her.

        • It depends on a lot of factors, including where you ride and budget. If she is very active and you anticipate he going down curbs of over jumps, I would look into a bike with air tires, if not, then the foam tires on the Cruzee should be fine. Considering she is only 24 lb. the lightweight Cruzee would be a great choice. If you prefer air tires, then would consider the WOOM1 or the Too Too.

      • Phil

        Hi Natalie,

        Firstly, thanks for compiling all the data for this site; it’s quite invaluable. We mistakenly allowed our 5 Y.O. to ride with training wheels for too long so she never built up the skill to ride a proper bike. I let her test out some balance bikes at a local store and she took to the concept very well. She’s a standard 5T size, and skin and bones. Because of her weight, I’m veering toward a lighter bike, but she has sufficient strength and can be quite physical at play so the bike weight isn’t my paramount concern.

        The other factor here is that she has a 2 Y.O. sister whom we would like to pass the bike down to, if not occasionally share with. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect bike for sharing between these two ages (which is probably a good thing), but what would be your best recommendation for this situation? The Cruzee certainly sounds light and robust enough to work for both of them, but I’m also looking at the Too Too, Scoot and Freewheel.

        Additionally, we may purchase a little kids’ starter balance bike for our 2 Y.O. to bridge the time while big sister is honing her skill, allowing for little sister to grow a little before getting the hand-me-down (the plight of the younger sibling). Are you familiar with the Y-Volution Velo Jr or the Velo Twista? Thanks!

        • Kels

          When I was in this same exact situation we got a stampede 12″ charger and an extended seat post. It’s a little goofy for the big kid, but definitely adjustable enough for a bigger 5yo to ride until she got on pedals. It was only a couple of months at most. (It’s also incredibly fun to have the extended seat post because it goes high enough for an adult to ride it…) The 2yo could ride it around the same time, but it just depends on the size of the kid. The 5yo is on the lightweight size, but the weight of the bike was fine for her. The 2yo was bigger for her age, so not an issue.

          • Phil

            Thanks, Kels, I’m glad to hear from a parent operating under similar circumstances. Did you look at any of the other bikes I mentioned, and if so, why did you end up going with the Charger?

            • Kels

              I considered the Scoot. (the Cruzee, Too Too and Saracen weren’t out yet, but I wanted air tires and brakes as we are gravel/bike park people). I might have gone with the too too instead for the lighter weight, but the scoot I decided against because it would have been so much longer for little one to be able to use it. I ended up scoring the charger on craigslist so that really sealed the deal and then ordered the seat post from them directly. The wide handlebars and ability to adjust them forward along with the extended seat post made it a totally comfortable riding position for the 5yo. She then learned to pedal on a Woom 2 and quickly graduated to a 16 in Ridgeback pedal bike. Re: starter bikes, I think the best starter bike for a little guy is a craigslist strider because they are usually easy to find and hold up reasonably well and are nice and light. Good friends have a bunzi and that was great for their little one, but she started on it much earlier.

              • Wow, thanks so much for helping out a fellow reader, I really appreciate it! I agree that Craigslist is a perfect place to shop for balance bikes. They are so simple, that they really isn’t that much that can go wrong with them. Thanks again :)!

        • I agree with Kels that you can throw a longer seat post on a small bike to make it work. It isn’t ideal, but certainly an option if you prefer to buy one bike. The Strider is your best bet when it comes to switching back and forth between two kids. The main reason is that you can buy an XL seat post that comes with a second seat. They also sell an XL handlebars, which helps the bike be more balanced. The benefit of having two seats attached to two seat posts, is that is takes second to switch between the two. The Cruzee, Scoot and other bikes come with two seat post and one seat, so you have to unscrew the seat and reattach it to a seat post, which is doesn’t take forever, but can be a pain. You can see Strider’s accessories here:

          As Kels mentioned, although not listed formally, I’m sure other companies would sell you an extended seat post and maybe an extra seat. I would contact Stampede Bikes (for the Charger 12) and WeeBikeShop (for the Too Too and the Saracen) to see what they can offer you. Actually, the Saracen comes with an extended seat post already, you would just need an extra seat.

          Lastly, I haven’t had a chance to review the Velo line of bikes. In general, they are not my favorite as they are essentially all plastic and offer very minimal seat height adjustments, but in a pinch, they will work.

      • Kd

        Hi Natalie

        My daughter is 2 1/2 years old, petite, I think she has a 12″ inseam and roughly around 87-90cm in height (she was moving a bit when I was measuring her).

        I can’t decide between FIRSTBIKE and Cruzee balance bike. They are both awesome.

        What I like about FIRSTBIKE:

        1) The horse saddle seat. I think it will be more comfortable to seat on.
        2) Inflatable tyres.
        3) Handbrake & we can potentially attach the monoski attachment and use it in our skii holiday.

        But I also like Cruzee balance bike. It’s light, has an adjustable height and handlebar. It will probably last longer as well.

        She will ride it mostly at the park, grass areas, bike trails.

        Could you please give me some advice.

        Thank you in advance.

        Kind regards