Frog 62

Pedal Bike Review

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Built on a lightweight, yet strong aluminum frame, and paired with top-of-the-line components, Frog 62 is a unique blend of performance, price, and proper fit.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $450

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Seat Height: 26" - 32.5"

Weight: 20.3

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size: 24"

Brake Type: V-Pull

Speed/Shifters: 8/Shimano Grip

Suspension: No


Cassette: 12-32

Chain Ring: 32T

Geared Bike Type: Beginning Cross Country


Available Online: No


The brainchild of bike enthusiast parents in the UK, Frog bikes are designed top-to-bottom for kids. Built on a lightweight, yet strong aluminum frame paired with top-of-the-line components, Frog Bikes provides a unique blend of performance, price and proper fit.

Setting themselves apart from similarly designed European kids’ bikes available in the US, Frog bikes are generally not available online and can only be purchased through local bike shops.  Purchasing from a local store ensures the bike is properly assembled and comes tuned from day one.  Each Frog also comes custom fit to your child using Frog’s unique software, Frog Fit. (**Update: Frog Bikes are now available online exclusively from Ready, Set, Pedal)



Frog Fit Custom Fit Software

Mostly available at local bike shops (but now available online at Ready, Set, Pedal!) Frog Fit allows local bike shops to fine tune a child’s bike as they assemble it.  By entering three different measurements of your child, the software suggests the proper size bike, placement of spacers on the headset (brings handlebars up or down), as well as the stem length (brings handlebars further away or close to the body).  No guesswork is needed as Frog Bikes are precisely set up from day one!


For our intermediate 7-year-old son, the Frog Fit system suggested the Frog 62 (24″ bike) . To allow for optimal power transfer on each pedal stroke, the standard 130 mm crank arm (connects pedals to the frame) was the best fit.  To adjust for his long torso, three spacers were placed below a 50mm stem, allowing for a comfortable reach.


How did it fit? Unlike several other bikes he has tested out, the Frog truly fit great from day one.  No need to tweak the handlebars or seat, he was ready to ride from the get-go.  Comfortably positioned on the bike, on our maiden voyage we were quickly trying to keep up with him.  In addition to fit, the overall quality of the bike was high-end and worthy of its price tag.  Priced slightly less than WOOM and Islabikes 24″ models, we found Frog’s overall build not as precise, but the custom fit and with no assembly needed, it’s a great value for the price.  The Frog 62 was also the most affordable 24″ bike on the market with an age appropriate q-factor, which allows for optimal power transfer with each pedal.  for As an added bonus, a set of street and knobby tires comes with each bike.


Shifting and Braking

Shifting and braking were also smooth and precise. Having used trigger shifters before, our tester had no problem properly shifting, but kids with shorter fingers will likely have difficulty activating the bottom shift lever to change to a higher gear.  This has been a concern with all trigger shifters (SRAM and Shimano), not just those on the Frog.


The Tekro short-reach levers were responsive and easy to activate.  Although Frog bikes hail from the UK by design, their brakes are adjusted to the US standard with the right hand activating the rear brake and the left activating the front.  As an added, fun feature (loved by kids and adults alike), two green spokes are added to every wheel around the valve.


Frog vs. WOOM and Islabikes

Having ridden the WOOM5 Supra, Islabikes BEINN 24 and the Frog 62 for several months, our tester was able to get a good feel for all three bikes.  He enjoyed riding all the bikes, but with time his favorites became apparent.  For everyday riding and shorter bike rides (less than 5 miles), the Frog was preferred.  It was comfortable, easy to ride and knowing that it was over $100 cheaper than the others, I was less anxious about him riding it around the neighborhood.  For longer rides (over 5 miles) the Islabikes was a clear favorite. A pound lighter than the Frog and with higher-end components and more responsive brakes, the Islabike help him pound through those last few miles.   Two pounds lighter than the Frog with wider tires, the WOOM5 Supra outperformed both bikes on all-terrain trails.

In the end, all three bikes are amazing, but for everyday riding, and even light all-terrain and longer road rides, the Frog 62 is perfect for parents looking for quality without the higher-end price tag.


Bottom Line: Whether you are struggling to find a proper fit for your child or don’t have over $500 to spend on a high-quality bike, the Frog 62 is the perfect bike.  With Frog Fit software to ease your concerns about fit and coming professional built, customized and tuned by your local bike shop, you are your child are sure to love Frog’s line of bikes.


MSRP: $450

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: December 20, 2016

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