Guardian Bikes with SureStop Braking System Review

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Guardian Bikes with SureStop Braking System Review

Lightweight, colorful, fun, and most importantly, safe, Guardian Bikes is a new line of kids’ bikes that are sure to impress both kids and parents alike. Built with lightweight frames with a low center-of-gravity, they offer a comfortable and smooth ride. But it’s their unique SureStop braking technology that makes them truly stand out as a strong candidate for the “safest kid’s bike” on the market.

Child riding Guardian 20" 6-speed bike

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Guardian Bikes Overview

Guardian Bikes are currently available in 20″ and 24″ tires and typically fit kids ages 5 to 10 years old.  The 20″ line is available in single-speed or as a 6-speed, while the 24″ in only available as a 7-speed.

Guardian Bike Models


Single-speed 20″ideal for everyday rides around the neighborhood or for longer bike rides with little change in elevation.

6-speed 20″ and 7-speed 24″: best for more experienced riders or for those who plan on riding in hilly areas.

SureStop braking is not recommended for advanced mountain bike riders who need to be able to engage the rear brake independently from the front.

Guardian Bikes Pros & Cons

Braking System

With most bikes, we generally address sizing first, but with Guardian Bikes, their braking system deserves the top spot!  Without the ability to quickly and efficiently stop, a bike is unsafe at any speed.  Guardian Bikes’ SureStop braking system allows a child to brake easier and faster, by activating both the rear and front brake with ONE brake lever.  By simply pulling on the right-hand lever, the rear brake is activated, which then activates the front brake.

Guardian Bikes SureStop Braking Technology

Graphic showing three steps to Guardian's SureStop braking system. Step One: Child activates brake lever, Step Two: Rear Brake Engages, Step Three: Rear brake activates front brake.
The benefit of this system is that the bike stops faster, and safer as it prevents a child from ONLY braking with the front brake which can cause them to fly over the handlebars if they are riding fast enough. But can kids really fly over the handlebars?  YES!  Throughout the years, we’ve witnessed kids accidentally engage the brake on their front tire too forcefully, which has resulted in them going over the handlebars. This is particularly problematic with responsive brakes on high-end bikes, which require very little effort to activate. If a child accidentally brakes hard with their left hand (which engages the front tire on bikes) versus their right (which engages the back), flying over the bike is certainly a possibility.  With one brake lever activating both the front and rear brakes, SureStop eliminates this possibility.

Guardian has just one brake lever to activate front and rear brakes while standard braking systems have two levers, one for the front brake and one for the rear brake.

When put to the test, all three of our testers LOVED Guardian’s braking system from the get-go.  One five-year-old tester, who is not yet experienced enough to brake with the left hand properly, loved being able to stop faster with the SureStop system. Her other bike, a WOOM4 has very responsive brakes, but while she was learning to use hand brakes she had been instructed to only brake with her right hand (rear brake).  Another five-year-old tester was previously only familiar with using coaster brakes and loved being able to stop so quickly on the Guardian. Lastly, our seven-year-old, who is more experienced, enjoyed the simplicity of the Guardian. While she knows how to appropriately brake with dual levers, she preferred only having to brake with one.

With both brakes always engaging, all riders were able to stop faster on the Guardian. The SureStop braking system was developed and patented by Guardian Bikes and is the ONLY line of kids’ bikes to include the system. View the video below to see the system in action!

SureStop in Action!

Brake reach: As is typical with most braking systems, activating brake levers can be challenging for young riders with small hands.  In our testing, this was only a concern for the Guardian 20″ 6-speed.  For our smallest five-year-old tester with hands less than 4.5″ long (from the bottom of palm to top of middle finger), reaching the brake lever required a considerable stretch.  He was able to activate the brake, but it wasn’t ideal.  The main concern was NOT the brake lever, as it is easily adjusted with the included Allen wrench, but rather the grip shift.  A knob on the inside of the shifter was too wide for him to put his hand over, and as a result, he had to activate the lever from an angle.  Braking was not an issue for our testers with hands longer than 4.5″.  The Guardian 20″ single speed does not have the grip shift, so it isn’t a problem.  The Guardian 24″ has a smaller grip shift that smaller hands were able to activate.  Future runs on Guardian’s 20″ 6-speed bikes will all have the smaller grip shift found on the 24″.

Brake Lever Reach on Guardian 20″ 6-speed

The Guardian 20" 6-speed brake lever can be difficult for kids with very small hands (less than 4.5" long) to activate.


Sizing and Fit

Seat Height:

  • Guardian Bikes fit kids aged 5 to 10 years old.
  • Kids comfortable riding on a pedal bike (without training wheels) can typically ride a bike with a minimum seat height that is 2 to 4″ greater than their inseam.
  • 20″ Guardian: Kids in at least size 5 clothing and with an inseam of at least 20″ can fit on either 20″ Guardian model.
  • 24″ Guardian: Kids in at least size 8 clothing and an inseam of at least 22″ will fit on the Guardian 24″.


Showing size difference between Guardian 20" bike and Guardian 24" bike.

Weight: Ideally, a bike should weigh less than 40% of a child’s weight, but that is often hard to achieve for kids. (For reference, most adults ride bikes that are no more than 20% of their weight!).  Compared to similarly priced bikes, Guardian Bikes are several pounds lighter.  Higher-end brands are lighter but do not come with Guardian’s SureStop braking system, and come with a heftier price tag.  Guardian Bikes also weigh more than  higher-end brands due to their double walled, high-spoke-count wheels.  Built to withstand anything kids can throw at them (even stairs!), Guardian’s durable wheels are sure to stay true.

Guardian Bikes Height and Weight Comparisons


Wheelbase: The wheelbase of a bike is the distance between the bike’s axles.  Guardian Bikes have a longer wheelbase than most brands, which allows for a more stable ride, but creates a longer distance between the seat and handlebars. Stretching out over the bike forces kids to lean forward more on the bike.  For the average child rider, this stretch was NOT a problem and likely not noticeable.  For timid riders, however, a more upright body position, as shown on the Pello below, is preferable.  If needed, the handlebars on the Guardian can be replaced with taller bars, to help create a more upright position for really timid riders.

Wheelbase length affects body angle of rider. Guardian Bikes has a long wheelbase, causing the rider to lean forward.



The Guardian 20″ geared bike has 6 speeds and the the 24″ has 7 speeds.  For average hills, our testers found the gear range more than enough.  For one tester, who lives in a neighborhood with steep hills, the Guardian 20″6-speed wasn’t quite geared low enough but was fine on family bike rides around town.

Quality & Assembly

Guardian Bikes are much more than an impressive set of brakes.  Built to last for generations, Guardian bikes are built with quality Shimano components, a lightweight aluminum frame with smooth welds and a durable threadless headset.  In addition, in order to ensure quality and ease of assembly, every Guardian Bike is checked, tuned, and re-packaged by Guardian’s own mechanics in California BEFORE they are shipped out to customers.  Bikes are NEVER shipped straight from the factory to the consumer. Both bikes we received from Guardian were easily assembled in less than 15 minutes and required no additional tuning once assembled.

Collage of features on Guardian bikes: threadless headset, Shimano Grip shifter with view window, kickstand, and quality, smooth welds.

Bottom Line

Safe, lightweight and fun to ride, Guardian’s line of bikes is simply amazing. Whether cruising the neighborhood or enjoying extended family bike rides, your child will be in good hands with a Guardian.

Where to Purchase

The complete line of Guardian Bikes is available directly through Guardian Bikes. A few models are available through Amazon.
View on Guardian Bikes
View on Amazon

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By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: April 12, 2017