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Best Budget Helmet

Compared to a standard big-box-store helmet, the Noodle is better quality, much easier to adjust, and stays in place on a child's head.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $40

Recommendation: Recommended

Head Circumference: 47 - 52 cm

Weight: 226 g

Internal Adjust: Dial

Skater Style: No

Construction: Hardshell

Vents: 14

Visor: Yes

CPSC: 5+

Reflector: No

Sizes Available: One

Size Info:

One Size: 44 – 52 cm.


Helmets for kids over the age of one are a challenge.  Most inexpensive models are big and bulky, weight a ton, don’t last and simple turn your child in a bobble head.  At $30, the Joovy Noodle is an exception.  Designed for kids ages 1 to 4, we tested the helmet with several testers and overall pleased with what we found.  From aged 15-months to four-years, the Joovy fit snuggly across the board.  With an adjustable-fit dial in the back interior of the noodle, the Noodle is incredibly easy to adjust from one child to the next.   It has 14 vent holes with bug netting in the front and weighs a half pound. This helmet is easy for a young child to wear and still be able to control their neck and head movements, as was demonstrated in all of our testers.

joovy noodle1

One standout feature of the Noodle is the threading of the chin straps through the back dial-adjust.  In addition to stabilizing the helmet on smaller heads, the separated straps make the helmet much easier to get on.  Like all helmet however, when placing the helmet on a child’s head, make sure the straps make a triangle around the child’s ear, with one strap in front and one in back. The Noodle is also CSPC certified for use with children ages 1 and up (versus the standard 5 and up).

joovy noodle ages

Another favorite feature of the Noodle is the dual color chin buckle. The bright red buckle clips was very easy to spot, making the helmet easier to get on and off on a moving toddler. The Noodle also includes a pinch-free buckle pad designed to prevent kids from being pinched during buckling.  While it ultimately does it’s job when buckling the chin strap, after a couple of minutes of wear the pad slips out of place and became a nuisance.  Finally, the Noodle has a built-in visor that shields a child’s face from sunlight as well as protects their face from falls directly forward.  During testing our two-year-old tester tripped downhill on a driveway and fell on her face. Her face wasn’t scratched a bit because the helmet’s visor took the brunt of the fall, rather she complained that her hands and knees hurt.

joovy noodle buckle1

The only element our parents felt the Noodle lacked were reflectors but other than that small drawback they were very pleased with the overall product. At $30, this helmet definitely does it’s job. It is comfortable and easy to fit. Our children tested the Joovy Noodle in “Greenie” but is available in five different colors at  In the end this helmet was comfortable enough that our 2-year-old actually wanted to wear a helmet everywhere she went!

Bottom Line

For $40, your can’t go wrong with the Joovy Noodle for your one-year-old.  Compared to your standard big-box-store helmet, the Noodle is better quality, but more importantly, it fits, is easy to adjust and when properly adjusted, stay in place on a child’s head.  The Noodle is available in in six different colors, green, pink, black, blue and red at

MSRP: $40

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

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    We got this sometime between when our son was a little under a year old. He’s now 3y4m old. He’s always been happy to wear his helmet, often asking to wear it even when we’re not biking. We’ve been quite happy with it, but with a big-headed-child, we’re starting to look for the next size. We only wish there was a Joovy for the next size up!