Review Updated October 2014
likeabike single

Exceptional for ages 2.5, 3.5, Highly Recommended for 4.5 and up, Best in Class in PRE-BMX Bikes

Simply stunning.  I admit, I tried not to like it, but I failed miserably.  Knowing very well that the Jumper is the one of the most sought after balance bikes in the world, it was hard to fathom how such a simple bike could be that much different than the 20+ bikes we already own.  Ten minutes into our second ride, the Jumper left me breathless and officially I joined the bandwagon.

In the beginning, I thought I had won the battle.  On our two-year-old son’s maiden voyage of the Jumper, he wasn’t too keen on the shock and abruptly cut our ride short.  While running along a flat path, every stride appeared to be dampened by the shock, making his riding much less efficient.  Quite simply the bike was tiring him out. Upon getting home, I took a look at the shock and realized the problem. The adjustable shock was set to be as loose as possible to allow for maximum compression during jumps, for simple street riding the shock should have been set to the maximum rigidity.
likeabike 5

With the bike properly adjusted, we headed off to the local mini pump track for our second ride. While normally excited to ride, this time was different. Upon realizing that the only bike I had for him was the Jumper, a full-blown toddler tantrum quickly began to brew. Due to his less than stellar first ride, he was hesitant to get on the Jumper again, but a little “song and dance” on my part, he was off.  While still skeptical, he began his typical route along the edges of the park.

likeaBike 2

 And then he found a small jump.  Never having tried it before, I expected him to take a look at it and quickly ride by, but much to my surprise he decided to tackle it.

Jumper series 1
Not once, but multiple times, jumping a little farther with each attempt. Upon discovering the soft landing provided by the Jumper, he was addicted and his confidence level quickly sky-rocketed and his love affair with the Jumper began.  For subsequent rides, we headed to the skate park were once again, he was in balance bike heaven.

Likeabike 5.5
For a two-year-old still in 2T clothes, watching him fearlessly ride down stairs, only to then walk back up to do it all over again, was quite a sight to see. With the soft, grippy Big Apple tires, the Jumper was also truly in its element at the skate park. With every jump and through every banked turn, the Jumper gracefully glided our son over and around every obstacle without a hint of hesitation. As shown in the video clip below, Jackson Goldstone, the YouTube star, shows just how capable the Jumper is in a skate park.

While other bikes offer the grippy Big Apple tires as well, when used in conjunction with a shock on a lightweight aluminum frame with a low-step through height, a true masterpiece is born.

likeaBike 6

In addition to the shock and tires, the individual components of the Jumper are just as impressive as each wheel is perfectly trued along a lightweight aluminum rim with a beautifully machined aluminum hub.  To provide extra cushioning, the saddle is thickly padded as well as the headset.

likeabike 4.6
The Jumper also features a clever, re-moveable turning limiter that provides soft, yet firm resistance to aggressive turns.

LikeaBike 3

Compared to other higher-end bikes on the market the Jumper isn’t cheap, but it certainly holds its own. In addition to being the only balance bike on the market with a shock (well, that we know it), its Big Apple tires come standard with puncture proof protection (although I will still recommend using tire sealant) and every bike comes shipped with an extra-long seat post to allow for five inches of growth.

LikeaBike Compare

The Jumper also has a quick-release seat post clamp and covered bolts.

Likeabike Compare2

In the end, the Jumper truly won me and my son over. Beautifully crafted, expertly designed and addictively fun, the Jumper is sure to win the heart of any fun-loving toddler.

Bottom Line:  The cream-of-the crop for adventurous toddlers and preschoolers.  Perfect for aggressive riding along paved trails, hard, packed dirt or skate parks.

Where to Purchase: The Jumper, as well as LIKEaBIKE’s wood line of bikes, are available at  The Jumper is currently not in stock, but is expected to arrive in November and be ready to ship in time for the holidays.

  • Sandy

    My daughter is 18 months, 33 inches tall, 12-12.5 inseam (hopefully I did it correctly), and I want to get her a balance bike. I’m torn between your top three… Can you give any suggestions as to which might be better suited for her? She seems to be on the taller end being over 90th percentile. The Islabike Rothan seemed to be the likely pick but my daughter is not exactly petite, and her inseam seems short for the first bike and the jumper. However, winter is here and I don’t know how much outside riding she’ll be doing now, but a few months from now In spring, I am quite sure her dimensions will increase. I wanted to get a balance bike that will last her a couple years and get it for the holidays so she can practice indoors a bit until we have dryer days where she can take it outside. TIA

    • Natalie

      Have you taken a look at the Frog Tadpole yet, It is very similar to the Rothan in many ways, as it is lightweight, has a handbrake, is very well made and is slightly taller than the Rothan? From what you described, that seems like the best option of the four.

  • Sandy

    Thanks you kindly for responding! I’m so glad to have found your website! Yes, I did look at the frog also. Would the lack of the seat height adjustment matter? I don’t think she’d be able to mount this bike to practice walking on it, from the recommended inseam of 14 inches. Although, she wears 2T pants comfortably…? Also I just saw the first bike on their website for $119 for the cross fit.. Thoughts? Btw there is no budget just curious. Thanks again.

  • JW

    Going back and forth (and back and forth) on christmas upgrades for my 28 mo twin boys who love but have pretty much outgrown their chillafish bikes. One is taller and truly a 2T length, the other is 1.5 in shorter and fits 2T but just recently proved his 24 mo/s had become true highwaters- both pretty average height (I’m getting 14 and 15″ inseams if I go all the way to to the inner thigh crease when diaper off) but like I said they won’t even be riding these for another month plus as its a christmas present.We’re trying to decide between the Likeabike Jumper, tadpole, and first bike. Didn’t like the non traditional bike/plastic look of the first bike initially but it has grown on me. Price is def something to consider since we need two at once and likely not needing to use as a handmedown. I would say both boys have pretty average motor skills (as in wouldn’t call them advanced or likely to be the 2yo on the You tube video posted :) and are not overly cautious nor extreme daredevils but do like to try new things and love their chillafish’s. So having said this- is there anything Im missing that could help us make a decision- is the steering limiter more overly restrictive on any of these models (as we will be riding a lot of sidewalk trails with 90deg and less turns frequently). If the LikeaBike is that much better we don’t mind the investment but I wanted to inquire if it is advantageous over the others if we don’t expect to be encouraging practicing jumps and stunts but do foresee riding down curbs. Thoughts? We expect to ride mostly sidewalks, some asphalt roads, and community pea gravel trails. Im 5’7, husband 6′ so we expect our boys to remain average-tall for age. Thanks for the help and advice!

    • Natalie

      Just wanted to make sure that you go my answer via email!

      • Sarah Moon

        Natalie, I have very similar questions to the one that Jw posted and wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your response? I have a bigger two and some change year old and this will actually be her first bike of any sort. I am vacillating between the firstbike, likeabike, and the for tadpole. Price would be a factor for us, but we would love for her to have a bike that she could really enjoy. any advice?

        • Natalie

          Sure, no problem! First off, I wouldn’t recommend the LikeaBike Jumper for unless your child is planning on doing a lot of trail riding and jumps. The Jumper is an amazing bike, but we found the shock to slightly compress while riding on paved surfaces. As a result, our testers tended to get more tired on the Jumper when riding as compared to riding other bikes. The Jumper, however is by far the best bike for riding who want to ride more aggressively. Between the FirstBIKE and the Tadpole, I prefer the Tadpole as it is has a longer wheelbase and has a lower step through frame. The FirstBIKE, however, is lighter, has recessed bolts and a turning limiter. If price isn’t an issue, I think she would do fine on either the FirstBIKE or the Tadpole.

          • Sarah Moon

            Thanks for the reply Natalie. I love your review of the tadpole, but must admit the blackfriday price/deal for firstbike is really tempting right now. We live in an area where it would be hard for her to go out riding everyday in the winter. Now i’m wondering if the tadpole/firstbike or the ridgeback Scoot would be better, especially because my biggest concerns are that she will outgrow and price. Thanks natalie!

            • Natalie

              The FirstBIKE is great as an all weather bike as you can buy a ski to attach to it to turn it into a sled or to ride around on a really snowy day. If your daughter has an inseam around 14″, is lighter weight and less likely to be a really ambitious riding (going up and down jumps, etc.), then I would go for the great deal on the FirstBIKEs. If she is lighter weight and you do expect her to be ambitious, then I would go for the Tadpole. If she is on the higher end of the percentiles for weight and height, then I would go with the Scoot.

  • Jordan Brayfield Cogswell

    we are trying to decide on a balance bike for my 4 year old his inseam is 15 in .. and this seems like it would be the best fit… but the price tag is out of my reach unfortunately … so …… here is what i’m asking is there a balance bike that would work for him .. like i said .. 15 inseam 40 lbs, i’d like it to have recessed or covered bolts, rubber tires, and i i suppose i’d like the handles not to be able to turn all the way around .. but that’s not a huge issue … what would you suggest.. i have about a 100-150(max max) to spend seriously i feel like nothing will compare or measure up to this like a bike jumper :(

    • Jordan Brayfield Cogswell

      oh and sealed ball bearings if possible hahaha sorry i know that’s a tall order to fill

      • Jordan Brayfield Cogswell

        and now i’m wondering if i measured his inseam correctly .. it might be 16 .. i’ll have to remeasure tomorrow i suppose

        • Natalie

          You are right in that you set some lofty goals for me, but I’m sure we can find something. :) First off, with a 4 year-old, exposed bolts aren’t as much of an issues as their wider frames prevent them from coming into contact with the bolts. I have seen several toddlers be scratched by bolts, but no four-year-olds. Secondly, with a four-year-old I would actually recommend getting a bike that does not have a turning limiter. Some toddlers need the guidance of a limiter, but preschoolers generally don’t as they are old enough to understand cause and effect when it comes to turning. Plus, it is much better for them to learn to limit their steering on a balance bike, where their speed is limited, versus on a pedal bike, where they can be achieve much higher speeds. Third, for sealed bearing, I totally agree with you that they would be best.

          Okay, so what does that leave us with? My first choice would be the Ridgeback Scoot, which should be close to $150 this Friday at WeeBikeShop. I can’t promise anything, but I know they are doing a sale on them for Black Friday. If that doesn’t go down to $150, then I would look at the TykesBykes 16″, which you can probably get for around $100.

          • Jordan Brayfield Cogswell

            oh you are awesome!!! those were the next two that i thought about getting … may i ask one more question please .. i also have a two year old who will i’m sure be wanting one after she has seen her brother on his.. she is newly two and only has an 11 or 12 inseam .. i’m looking for something that will last her until she grows into her brother’s as i’m sure by then he will be on to a bike with pedals… really the only thing i’m hoping for on this one is something small enough for her to use now or in a couple months … and sealed ball bearings so it doesn’t lose it’s speed before she outgrows it Covered bolts would be an added bonus .. but i could get around it if need be .. also in the same 150 ish price range … THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for your help!!! I had no idea there were so many elements to buying a balance bike and i am so grateful someone else has done all the research and footwork so i know what i’m supposed to be doing lol

            • Jordan Brayfield Cogswell

              also do you think the scoot or the scoot XL for my 4 year old .. i’m sorry i just want to be clear when i buy one that it is the right one lol

              • Natalie

                No problem. I tested out the Scoot on a 4-year-old in size 4T clothes today and it fit him just fine, so if you want room to grow I would go with the XL. That same 4-year-old also fit just fine on the Scoot, but didn’t have as much room to grow into. He also tried out the TykesBykes 16″, and while he fits on it, it was slightly to big for him.

                For your daughter, with a 11 to 12″ inseam, the Rothan would be my first choice, but it you are looking for something a little more affordable, I would go with the Strider. The Strider does have foam tires, which I certainly don’t prefer, but they work great for young toddlers who are just starting to learn. By the time she is advanced enough to really need air tires, then she would be able to upgrade to the Scoot.

              • Jordan Brayfield Cogswell

                Great! Thanks so much for your help…my son is wearing 5t and I ended up finding an almost new tykes bykes 16 for a great price so I went that route! I think I’m am going to wait until closer to this spring to decide for my daughter actually maybe I’ll buy her one at Easter instead…so once her stats have changed I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions…have a great Thanksgiving and thanks again!!

              • Natalie

                Since he is 5T he should do awesome on the TykesBykes 16″. It is a great bike and for a great deal, even better! Happy Thanksgiving as well!