Highly Recommended for ages 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 and up
Best in Class in Pre-BMX Bikes

The LIKEaBIKE Jumper is hands down the best balance bike for your skate park loving preschooler.  With unique features such as a removable turning limiter, adjustable rear suspension and an included extra-long seat post, the Jumper is the balance bike for true bike junkies.  The 12-inch lightweight alloy wheels fitted with Schwalbe Big Apple tires with puncture protection and a reflective trim is just one of the many fancy features on this bike.  Jackson Goldstone, the Internet off-road balance bike sensation (shown in the video below), adds validity to the Jumper’s claim of simply being one of the best of the best.  

Why spend $295 on a balance bike?  Watch and learn:

Our only complaint of the Jumper is it’s two-year warranty, but is understandable considering the complex nature of the shock.   For those who truly want the best however, the high resale value of LIKEaBIKEs can ease some of the sticker shock.

Like a Bike jumper kokua balance bike versus hot walk

LikeaBike’s are built to last.  Even after years of heavy riding, even the tires still have a lot to give.

Like a Bike balance bike for kids

The maximum seat height on a Jumper is only 18″ making it a little small for grade schoolers.

Like a bike balance bike for kids review

The Jumper saddle (seat) is extra-cushioned to provide additional padding on rough rides.

like a bike balance bike for kids review

Schwalbe Big Apple tires provide extra cushion and the reflective white trim helps with visibility.

like a bike jumper balance bike for kids

The underside of the shock on a well-loved Jumper.  At one point, the large bolt that is used to adjust the shock was lost, which was quickly replaced by LikeaBike for no charge.

 Bottom Line:  The cream of the crop for skate-park loving preschoolers, but not worth the added price for street-only riders.

LikeaBikeUSA is no longer in business, but WeeBikeShop  will be carrying up the brand shortly.