Phantom Bikes

Phantom Bikes


Built on a solid, flex-free polycarbonate frame, Phantom’s balance bike is designed to literally glow!  With space for two LED lights kits, with a touch of a button, Phantom’s “reaction core” sends light bouncing throughout the frame.  Available in 5 different colors and in flashing (Pulsar model) or non-flashing LED’s (Halo model), each Phantom bike can easily be customized and all come with a button that kids can’t resist pushing!


Although the LED lights do not stand out during the day, the silver glitter throughout the frame (as well as the button!) truly gathered the attention of our testers and neighborhood kids. The frame alone also refracts sunlight shining through it, as shown in the top-left picture in the image below.


Phantom Bikes in Action

The Phantom wins top points for its “coolness” factor, but has some added perks as well.  The solid polycarbonate frame is pretty dang tough and doesn’t scratch easily.  For all-terrain riding, the tires are knobby and pair well with the wide handlebars for additional stability.  Rounded bolts and an included bell top off the Phantom.  The seat knob also easily pulls out to adjust the seat, but it does stick out far and can interfere with the strider of smaller, petite kids.


Another area of improvement is the Phantom’s geometry as its cockpit, the space the rider occupies on the bike, between the handlebars and the seat, it pretty small.  Compared to the Saracen, which has a geometry similar to many other bikes, the Phantom has much less space for the rider.  With a short cockpit, the rider is forced to sit upright on the bike, which requires them to lean forward in order to get a full leg extension behind them.  The closer they are to the handlebars, the more difficult steering becomes.


Bottom Line: The Phantom balance bike is undeniably cool and impressive, but the short frame limits its use to the casual rider.

Availability: Phantom’s balance bikes are available on Amazon (flashing version and non-flashing) as well as directly through Phantom for $149, plus $20 for a 2nd LED light kit.