Ridgeback Scoot XL

Ridgeback Scoot XL

Scoot XL AwardNot to big, not too small, the Ridgeback Scoot XL is the perfect bike for older preschoolers or grade schoolers who have yet to learn how to ride a pedal bike. With a 14″ wheel, the Scoot XL is perfectly proportioned for kids who are too tall for a 12″ bike yet too short to handle the longer reach required by a 16″. The adjustable handlebars and the two standard seat posts, allow the Scoot XL to be adjusted to fit kids up to age 7 or 8. Built on a durable aluminum frame with an easy-pull, rear v-pull handbrake, knobby tires and a thickly-padded, contoured saddle the Scoot XL  is comes ready to roll for kids with an inseam of 16″ to 22″.

Scoot XL 3

To put the XL to the test, we had two kids on both ends of the Scoot XL’s size range, a 6-year-old tester in size 7 clothes and a 5-year-old in size 4T clothes (shown in pictures later), take the bike out for a ride. Both were able to handle the bike beautifully without any complaints.

Scoot XL 1

Riding through snow, mud and dirt, the knobby tires on the XL easily ride over hills and jumps. In addition to performance, the knobby tires on aluminum rims with black spokes provided an older, more mature look to the bike that both of our testers appreciated.

Scoot XL 2

The internally-routed brake cable, easy-pull hand brake and soft rubber grips with thick protective bumpers additionally added to the appeal of the bike for both parent and child.

Scoot XL 4

Compared to the Basic Scoot with 12″ tires and a 16″ pedal bike, the Scoot XL is clearly the perfect middle size. Often times parents of older, or even taller, kids fault in buying a bike that is too big as they fear they will outgrow a smaller bike too soon. Upon doing so, the child is left with a bike that is challenging to maneuver and less than appealing to ride. Not too big and not too small, the Scoot XL is the perfect bike for kids in at least 4T clothes.

Scoot Compare 1

For those on the fence as to what size would be best, we found that more athletic kids in 4T clothes do just fine on the XL, while more hesitant kids in 4T did better on the smaller Scoot.

Scoot Compare 2


For kids in size 3T and 4T clothes, parents often struggle to determine which bikes would be the best fit for their child. As mentioned before, the XL is best for kids in at least 4T and is also a much better fit than the TykesBykes 16″.

4yo on TykesBykesScoot

For kids in 3T, whom parents expect to grow quickly, the Scoot XL is still slightly too big (the handlebars are too high), but is manageable for really athletic kids.

TykesBykesScoot Compare


Bottom Line

The Scoot XL is the perfect balance bike for taller preschoolers or grade schoolers who have not yet transitioned to a pedal bike.  With a minimum seat height of 16″ and a max of 22″ (that can be raised to 24″ with the purchase of a third seat post), the Scoot XL is sure to be a success with kids in size 4T to 8 clothes.

Where to Purchase

The Scoot XL is available at WeeBikeShop in red, pink and blue and has a MSRP of $199.

      • Chris Neilson

        Thank you for the great site. Although the page for the standard Ridgeback Scoot was down, I was able to gather enough information from this page and others to decide it was a good choice for my son. Also great was coupon you provided for Tikes Bikes which also shipped my order quickly.

        • Thanks so much for pointing out the page was down! I was able to fix it and wouldn’t have know it was down otherwise. The Scott is a great bike, I’m sure you’ll love it!

      • Jill M

        Hello! I have a 3.3 year old son who is 41″ tall, 16″ inseam, long in the torso, and 50 pounds. He’s a tank. He has had no experience on a balance bike and has had only limited success pedaling a radio flyer big-wheel styled trike by himself. I think it was too hard for him to get going with the way his weight was distributed to the back. He is moderately timid. Do you think the scoot or the scoot xl would be my best bet for him?

        • Being timid, I would probably go with the Scoot. It still provides him plenty of room for growth. If he was 4, I would certainly go with the XL, but I believe a timid 3yo would be better on the Scoot.

      • Misha Harrigan

        I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome site. Last year after stumbling upon your site, I bought my daughter a Ridgeback Scoot XL (instead of a bike with training wheels) for her 4th birthday, after having no prior bike/tricycle/balance bike experience. Today is her 5th birthday, and we got her a BykE 350. She literally hopped on the bike and started riding it on her first try. I am so glad I found this site and was able to use your reviews and comparison charts to find her a high quality balance bike and pedal bike. I never thought I’d be able to teach my kid to ride without ever using training wheels. Thanks again!!

        • Yeah! I’m glad you found the site :). Isn’t it amazing how fast balance bike graduates can learn to ride their pedal bikes? Thanks for reporting back 🙂

      • Amy Whetstone

        My son will be 5 next week and I would like to get him a bike as he has outgrown his current balance bike. He is very small – 34 pounds & 37 inches & relatively timid. What do you recommend? Thank you for your incredible information!

        • If he is on the timid size, I would go for the Scoot XL or even the Scoot. The 14″ tires on the Scoot are often more comfortable for smaller, more timid riders. If you have room in your budget, the Dimensions 14″ would be ideal, as it is the right size for him, but is still lightweight at 9 lb., but it is pricey at $299.

      • Definitely going to be getting this bike, thanks to your reviews! I do have one question…do the bikes come already assembled?

        • Glad to help! The bike is not 100% assembled, but pretty close. You will have to put on the front tire, the seat post and the handlebars. The brake is already attached, which makes it a lot easier. The entire bike can be put together in less than 10 minutes.

      • Andrea Heveling

        How do i fix the seat post Extension? Is it stable enough?

        • Yes, the seat post extension on the Scoot are stable and I wouldn’t be at all concerned about using them. To use the extension you have to unscrew the seat from the smaller post and screw it onto the longer post. As long as the seat post clamp is properly tightened, you should be good to go.

      • Mike McConnell

        I am trying to decide between this and the dimensions and the Saracen freewheel. My daughter will be 3 in December and this will be her gift. It will be winter so nothing outside until March/April. Any input? I don’t want to get one that she will outgrow if she takes a bit to transition to a pedal bike, but don’t want to get one too big for her now.

        • The Dimensions 12 and the Saracen as essentially the same size, but the Dimensions is just a higher-end build. If the Dimensions is in your budget I would absolutely go for it, but if not, the Saracen would be an excellent choice.

          • Mike McConnell

            Thank you Natalie! I ended up purchasing the Saracen. I received it today and found there to only be one seat post in it. I am looking into it now, but the quality of this bike is amazing. Thanks for all the advice and write ups.

            • Saw Ivan’s response to you, so seems like you got it resolved. And yes, the quality of Scoot’s is top-notch. 🙂

      • Misha Harrigan

        My 2.5 year old has been riding a Strider balance bike for the past 6 months. A few days ago he found his sisters old Ridgeback Scoot XL and now he only wants to ride that, he refuses to use his Strider. He’s a big kid for his age, in 3T and sometimes 4T clothes, but based on the age recommendations, the bike is too big for him. Is there any harm in letting him continue to ride it? He can work the hand brake and his feet are flat on the ground with the seat on the lowest setting. He actually goes faster on this one than on his Strider.

        • Misha Harrigan

          Here’s a picture of him on it.

          • He looks great on it, so unless he is visibly struggling with it, I would let him ride:). The main problem with riding a larger balance bike is that it can delay a child learning to balance as it is more bike to handle. Since he has already learned to ride, learning how to balance is no longer an issue :). Plus, since he can touch the ground to stop, braking isn’t an issue either.

      • Andrea Walker Green

        What’s with Ridgeback mounting the rear brake pull on the left handle? I guess that’s standard in the UK? Any idea if WeeBikeShop will mount it on the right side upon request? I don’t want to train my son to pull the left side first and end up throwing himself over the handlebars when he gets a pedal bike later…otherwise this looks like a fantastic bike for when he turns 4, but that left-side mounted brake is a deal breaker.

        • You’re right, the left handle connected to the rear is the standard in the UK. I believe WeeBike will swap the brakes for you as I agree it is best for him to learn to brake with his right hand from the get-go.

        • Hi Andrea,
          It’s true that in the UK and Australia the rear brake is on the left, but this is also the case on most cyclocross bikes as well, so competitors who race both road bikes in summer and cross bikes in winter manage this reversal without issue. All motorcycles have their front brake on the right as well.. Kids usually adapt to such things more quickly than adults. (Personally I use a Saracen carbon fiber mountain bike with hydraulic brakes- the rear brake is on the left- and I actually prefer it this way because I often use a smartphone while riding to work (off-road, through a canyon) and I’m right handed, so I can feather my rear brakes with my left hand while riding and use my iphone with my right). That being said, yes the hand lever position is easily flipped to the right side, and the Scoot bikes include instructions to easily make this happen. WeeBikeShop switches lever position for customers upon request for no added cost (call or email immediately after ordering).
          The current production run of Scoot and Scoot XL (due here in November) will have all of the brake levers on the right hand side of the handlebars, so it will no longer be necessary to swap them, if that’s the preference.