Specialized Hotwalk


Highly Recommended for ages 2.5 and up

Specialized is biggest bike name in the balance bike industry. Staying true to their high standards, the Hotwalk is built as tough as their mountain bikes and will last your family for generations. While built tough, the bike only has a two-inch adjustment on the seat post and does not have a brake.  To aid in tricks and coasting, the Hotwalk also has an integrated footrest at the base of the seat post.

Pros: Quality build, mountain bike geometry (for optimal balancing), quality air tires, cushioned seat

Cons: minimal seat adjust (13.5″ to 17″), no brake, price

The current version of the Hotwalk is available in a boys and girl edition.  The girls version has a lower step-through height, but they both have a minimum seat post height of 13.5″ and a max of 17″ and weigh 9 lbs. 8 oz.

hotwalk 2013

 Complete Review:

**This review is based off an older model**

Specialized Hotwalk set at its highest seat post height of 16″.  Due to the geometry of the bike, Specialized purposely set its seat post low to ensure every rider would experience precision handling created by a low center of balance.

Hotwalk’s footrest was designed for kids to rest their feet while cruising downhill or doing tricks off a jump.  Being located at the base of the seat tube, it does lessen the running space for kids, but is only a problem for really young riders.

The Hotwalk and LikeaBike Jumper are the only bikes that offer a true cushioned seat.

Although the frame of the Hot Walk is small, it’s fine-tunned center of balance allows older rider to ride without concern.

Bottom Line: One tough and rugged bike that will last for generations.  Great for any rider, but best for off-roading preschoolers.  If you like the rugged nature of the Specialized, but not the price tag, I highly recommend checking out TykesBykes 12″ and 16″ balance bikes.  Their quality is top notch, they come with a hand brake and often sell for around $99.  Another option for preschoolers would be to purchase the Specialized 12″ Hotrock (See Why You Should Never Buy a 12″ Bike! (With One Exception)), and have the bike shop remove the crank set.  Removing the crank set is not recommended for toddlers however as the frame is simply too tall.

Link to Purchase: Dealer locator on their website

Manufacturers website: specialized.com

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