Trek Superfly 16

Trek Superfly 16

Trek builds amazing, world-class bikes, but their kids line of bikes could use some improvement.  Offering several 16″ bikes, we selected their lightest and most expensive 16″ bike, the Superfly 16, for our Ultimate 16″ Pedal Bike Comparison. Weighing in at 18 lb., the Superfly is in the mid-range in weight for 16″ bikes, but is on the higher-end for price with a $309 price tag. Considering it doesn’t come with hand brakes, only a coaster, in our opinion, its a steep price tag for what you get.

Overall, our testers enjoyed riding the bike, but there also wasn’t much to love.  The lack of any hand brakes made out testers more hesitant on the Superfly, especially on hills and all-terrain surfaces.  While the coaster brakes performed just fine, like any coaster brake, they became a challenge when riding uphill as kids (like adults) naturally pedal when trying to regain their balance.


Compared to other bikes in its price range, the Superfly is slightly lacking.  Coming in at $285 and $239, the Cleary Hedgehog and the Sprinter 16 both have dual hand brakes without a coaster brake and weigh less than the Superfly.  Both bikes are also well made and built as good as, if not better than the Trek.


The extra wide handlebars of the Superfly were also a bit too wide for our four-year-old tester.  5mm wider than the Stampede Bikes and 135mm wider than the Cleary’s, he often held onto the inside corners of the grips.


Bottom Line: While a far step above any big-box store bike, the Trek Superfly 16 leaves a lot to be desired in its $309 price tag, including hand brakes and a freewheel hub.

Where to Purchase: The Trek Superfly 16 can be purchased at any local Trek dealer.