Uvex Quatro Junior

Uvex Quatro Junior

Highly Recommended for Ages 4+ (50 to 55cm)

The big brother to the popular Uvex Hero (no longer available), the Quatro Junior is larger, deeper and properly scaled for preschoolers and early grade schoolers.  While fitting the same size head circumferences as the Hero, the Quatro Junior is symbolic of Uvex’s attention to details in helmet design.  Well aware that kids often outgrow their helmets vertically (their helmets sit too high on their heads) before horizontally (physically too small to fit around their head), the Quatro Junior is designed for kids who are too old for toddler helmets, yet to small for most youth helmets.

Hero vs. Quatro

With a sizing circumference of 50 to 55 cm (19.6-21.6″) the Quatro was far to big for our two-year-old tester (who wouldn’t keep it on long enough for a picture), but was a good fit for our 5, 6 and 7 year-old testers.  A properly fit helmet should no more than two finger tips widths above the eyebrows, which was the case with our 5, 6 and 7 year-olds.  Too high on his head, the Quatro was slightly too small for our 9-year-old tester.  As a comparison, even though our testers head circumferences fall within the range of the Hero’s, the shallow, smaller frame of the Hero would simply not offer enough protection for our 5, 6 and 7 year-old testers and would be unsuitable for their size and age.

Uvex Quatro Ages

In addition to size and scale, the Quatro Junior is well built and designed with your child in mind.  Build with a durable in-mold construction, the shell of the helmet is fused with the foam core, thereby preventing the shell from warping or cracking.  To ensure a proper fit, the dial-adjust system allows a child to easily secure their helmet to their head.  Other features include the quick-release buckles on the chin straps, which allows parents to ensure the proper placement of the straps (they should come together just beneath the ear) and a soft pad under the chin that comfortably holds the excess chin straps in place.  Lastly, a small, removable visor helps to block the sun.

Uvex Quatro Features

Uvex’s unique, pinch-free, ratcheting buckle is, however, the stand-out feature of the Quatro Junior.  The only “pinch-free” buckle we have yet to pinch a child with, Uvex’s buckle is also easier to use and ratchets to provide small, incremental adjustments to the chin straps.

Uvex Quatro Buckle

Uvex Quatro vs. Lazer Nut’z

While the Quatro was well loved our testers, with time we did notice that our 5-year-old, whom has a large size head for his age, found the helmet to be to narrow.  Having trouble properly fitting him for helmet in the past, we weren’t surprised and found that the Lazer Nut’z was a much better fit for him.  Designed for older kids, the Nut’z is deeper and larger than the Quatro.  As a point of reference, our five-year-old’s horizontal (front to back) head circumference was 20.75″ while his vertical head circumference (top to bottom) was 22 inches.  Meanwhile, his 7-year-old sister (whom loves the Quatro, but does not like the Nut’z as it slides up on her head) has a 20.5″ horizontal head circumference and a 21.5″ vertical circumference.  While their numbers are similar, it does go to show that due to the vast differences in head shapes, helmets are truly anything but one-size-fits all.

uvex vs. lazer

Bottom Line

Well designed, durably built and with complete with features adult are sure to envy, the Quatro Junior is one of our top picks for preschoolers, early grade-schoolers or older toddlers in need of a deeper helmet.

Where to Purchase

The Quatro Junior is available on Amazon and WeeBikeShop in green, blue and pink for $59.95.

Uvex Sunglasses

Now that you got their head protected, don’t forget their eyes!  In addition to protecting their eyes from UV rays, sunglasses keep out the dirt, dust and bugs during rides.  Check our review of the Uvex’s glasses here.

uvex glasses 2

FTC Disclosure:  Two Wheeling Tots LLC was provided a Quatro Junior helmet by Uvex to help facilitate this review.  No monetary compensation was provided and Two Wheeling Tots is not an affiliate of Uvex, but is an affiliate of WeeBikeShop.