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One of the best budget skater-style helmets on the market. Although we prefer helmets with an internal adjust system, Wipeout's narrow sizing compensates for the lack of adjustability.

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Product Specifications


Recommendation: Recommended

Head Circumference: 47 - 54 cm

Weight: 415 g

Internal Adjust: None

Skater Style: Yes

Construction: Hardshell

Vents: 11

Visor: No

CPSC: Dual

Reflector: No

Sizes Available: S, M, L

Size Info:

S: 47 – 49 cm
M: 49 – 52 cm
L: 50 – 54 cm


Fun, safe and affordable, Wipeout helmets are the perfect compromise for the helmet-hesitant child and the safety-conscious parent on a budget. For $30, Wipeout helmets are encased in a dry-erase-friendly plastic shell that allows kids to personalize their helmets time and time again. Every helmet comes with a set of markers and stencils, but any dry-erase marker can be used to color the helmet. When given a chance, our six and four-year-old testers jumped at the chance to create their own designs.  Whether free-handing it, or using the provided stencils, each created a unique masterpiece they were eager to display.

Wipeout Dry Erase

While I admire the creativity behind the Wipeout series, as a parent, a proper fit is more important.  For $30 and without an internal adjust system or interchangeable pads, we were pleasantly surprised to discover how well the helmets actually fit.  Once properly adjusted the 5+ Wipeout helmet fit securely on our girl tester’s head, causing her eyebrows to move when the helmet was shifted.  As a comparison, we were unable to get the Disney Hardshell helmet, which is also advertised as 5+ and lacks an internal adjust system, to fit properly on her head.  While the basic design of the helmets are the same, the difference in fit can be attributed to the various sizes offered by Wipeout.  Disney’s hardshell helmet is only available in one very generous size, with at least 6 cm of play, while Wipeout helmets come in three sizes with a mere 2 to 3 centimeters of play in their sizing.  When it comes to ensuring a proper fit, helmets with less “wiggle” room in the internal chamber are more likely to stay in place and therefore offer greater protection.

wipeout helmet comparison2

Wipeout helmets are also dual-certified for use in both bicycling and skateboarding.  All helmets are required to pass CPSC standards in order to be sold in the US, however the ASTM, which certifies helmets for skateboarding is optional.  Dual-certification is especially useful for kids who rotate between biking and skateboarding as only one helmet is needed.

Wipeout Internal Adjust

In terms of durability, we did find that the smooth dry-erase finish of the helmets does scratch easily.  The scratched sections however, were still able to be colored upon and easily erased with a couple extra wipes from a towel.  A couple of the markers also began to run out of ink after extended use, but nothing unreasonable.

Bottom Line:  One of the best budget skater-style helmets on the market.  Although we prefer helmets with an internal adjust system, Wipeout’s narrow sizing compensates for the lack of adjustability.

MSRP: $40

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 11, 2017

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