WOOM1 2016 award

Balance bikes are simple in theory. Two-wheels, a handlebar, a seat and maybe a brake, what else could there be?  According to the companies that bestow various awards to toy balance bikes, not much, but in the world of cycling, balance bikes can be surprisingly complex.  For in between those two wheels, a child must learn to balance, build hand-eye coordination and learn to maneuver the bike through neighborhood obstacles.  But how does a child balance? What is the optimal body position to allow them to balance? What features of a bike make it easier to balance? This is what makes the difference between a bike and a toy.  When they set out to build a bike, WOOM Bikes from Austria, simply didn’t put together a bike, they MADE a bike out of parts and components fine-tuned for a child’s body.  Instead of rushing a bike to the market, WOOM spent years researching how a child learns to balance and then built a bike around their findings. The result, the WOOM1, a perfectly balanced bike that is as easy to balance as it is to ride.

WOOM1 2016 7

In fact, compared to the many other balance bikes we have tested, the WOOM1 was so easy to balance that our 3-yo tester, put his feet up to glide or took really long strides whenever he got a chance. Whether cruising on the bike trail or flying through the pump track, his feet were up and he was gliding.

WOOM1 2016 6

Part of WOOM’s winning combination is the WOOM1’s long wheelbase, lightweight frame and, to our surprise, an upright body position for the rider.  Upon reviewing many bikes in the past, we found that an upright position of a rider made a bike harder to balance as the overall center of gravity of the rider was raised.  WOOM’s research, however, found that by keeping the rider’s body weight centered over the seat of the bike, a more natural environment is created and kids more intuitively able to find and maintain their balance.  By sitting upright, the center of gravity of the rider is raised, but when counterbalanced with a longer wheelbase and a drop down frame (which lowers the overall center of gravity of the bike, as well as make the bike more accessible for the kids), the bike is easily balanced.

When compared to the Islabikes Rothan, the upright position of the rider is slight, but noticeable.  Both bikes have very similar wheelbases, but the WOOM1 has higher handlebars (shown later in the review) as well as a low step-through frame. (Older version of WOOM1 shown in pictures below, but the geometry of the current WOOM1, as well as the Rothan, are the same.)

WOOM geometry

In addition to being well designed, the WOOM1 is well built.  Starting with a lightweight, durable 6061 aluminum frame and a ChromMoly steel fork, the bike is strong, durable and responsive. The wheels are equally impressive as they are built with alloy rims with rust-free spokes. The new WOOM1 is also lighter coming in at just over 8.0 lb.

WOOM1 2016 4

The stem and headset are also made out of alloy, to help reduce the weight of the bike without sacrificing maneuverability.  The angled stem helps to provide the proper height while the spacers on the top tube allow for some height adjustment for younger kids (changed in the new model, see pics below).  To prevent oversteering, the WOOM1 also has an elastic, removable turning limiter.  Poorly designed limiters can greatly reduce the maneuverability of a bike or overcorrect, causing crashes. Elastic limiters provide gentle correction, do not limit the maneuverability and are easily removable for older kids.

WOOM1 2016 3

Braking is also simplified for kids on the WOOM1.  While adjustable, the WOOM1 comes standard with a very short reach that 3-yo tester, who is not yet proficient with a hand brake, could easily activate it.

WOOM1 2016 5

Compared to other brands, the WOOM1 doesn’t offer a great range of seat heights but it is perfectly proportioned for kids with an inseam between 10.8″ to 15.7″.  In fact, even though offering an extended seat post would allow more kids to fit on the WOOM1, WOOM chose not to make one available.  Wanting to preserve the dialed-in geometry they mastered, they found a longer seat post alters the rider’s geometry which negatively affects the child’s ability to balance and maneuver the bike.

WOOM1 2016 1

The WOOM1 weighed in at 8.0 lb. (based on our scale), making it light and nimble for our 30 lb. 3-year-old tester and our 20 lb. 2-year-old testers.  Due to the low step-through frame, the bike was easier to use than other similarly priced bikes.

WOOM1 2016 2

In a line up with other high-end European bikes, the WOOM1 is ready to roll with kids in 18-months pants, while the Tadpole and Jumper require kids in 2T pants. It also has the lowest step-through frame, which makes the bike easier for all kids to get on and off the bike.

WOOM 2016 v. Frog, Jumper

In addition to amazing bikes (WOOM also sells kids pedal bikes up 24″), they also offer some great accessories.  Our favorite is their compact, foldable, wood bike stand.  Small and simple, the rack can easily be used by toddlers or hung when and out of the way when not needed.

WOOM stand

For your future racer, WOOM’s cycling cap is beyond cute (and is available in youth sizes as well), while their gloves offer much-needed protection for young hands.  When kids fall on balance bikes, they usually land hands first and, as a result, we actually recommend getting gloves before elbow and knee pads.  Available in four sizes, WOOM’s gloves has a whimsical grip on the inside of the gloves and the soft pad for wiping their noses on the thumb.

WOOM hat gloves

WOOM1 Colors

The WOOM1 is available in green, red, blue, purple and pink.

WOOM1 balance bike colors

Bike Carrier Strap

WOOM also now offers an amazing bike strap! As any parent knows, toddlers and preschoolers can decide at a moment’s notice that they are done riding.  Whether across the street or across the neighborhood, carrying a child and a bike home is less than ideal.  WOOM’s strap allow you to throw the bike over your shoulder leaving both hands to carry your child (if needs be). Small enough to fit in your pocket during rides and comfortable to use, the strap sells for $15 at us.woombikes.com and Amazon.

WOOM bike carrier

Bottom Line: Perfection from top to bottom, the WOOM1 is the cream of the crop for kids in size 18-month to kids transitioning into 3T clothes.  The WOOM1 will be too small for kids who are close to transitioning out of 3T clothes as they will outgrow once they are in size 5 clothes.

Where to Purchase: The WOOM1 is available from WOOM US with free shipping as well as on Amazon.  WOOM US also offers the Upcycle program, a membership program that allows you to trade in your outgrown WOOM bike in exchange for 40% off the purchase of your next WOOM bike (they offer a 14″ through 24″ bikes).  Enrollment in the program requires a one time $59 fee.

FTC Disclosure: Two Wheeling Tots received a WOOM1 and the various accessories shown to help facilitate this review from WOOM US.  Two Wheeling Tots is not an affiliate of WOOM US, but is an affiliate of Amazon.


      • Ruth

        Thanks for your website, it’s great!

        I have a 13-month-old son who is transitioning from 18 to 24-mo clothes. He’s big for his age, 31″ tall and 24 lb. I would like to get a balance bike for him. He just started walking. Which one could be a better fit considering his age? The cost is not an issue (I rather buy a good one than 2 or more).

        Is it a good idea getting one for him now or should I wait until he is older? Please help 🙂

        • I would wait. Kids really don’t have the hand-eye coordination to ride a balance bike until they are about 18-months, and since your son is on the taller side, you will most likely need a bike with a higher maximum seat post, such as the Scoot or the FirstBIKE when he turns 18-months.

      • Danielle

        Hi, my son is turning two next month and I would like to buy a balance bike for him. He is in 3T clothes and has been for a couple of months now, like 5 months or so. I am not sure that I would say he is transitioning out of 3T right now, but I expect he will be within the year. I want to buy a quality bike that is good for now and that I don’t have to worry he will outgrow too soon. What would you reccommend?

        • If he weighs more than 30 lb. and he is on the “athletic” side, I would go with the Scoot. If he weighs less than 30 lb. or is more hesitant, I would go with the Yedoo Too Too. The WOOM1 is an amazing bike, but I do think he would outgrow it too soon.

          • Danielle

            Thanks so much, Natalie. You are very helpful. So glad that I found this site.

      • Jill

        Hi, my son is turning 2 in 2 weeks. He wears 2T tops and 12 mo pants (He’s out of diapers.). 3T tops and 18 mo pants are still large on him around the waist. His inseam is 11.5″, 33″ tall and 25 lbs. He typically is in the 10% for height & weight. Not tall or big & I expect at 3 years old he will still be in 3T tops. He has been riding a Chillafish and Scuttlebug since around 14 mos & 4 wheel ride on toy before then. He never rides for long, and mostly now stands above the seat and drags them along. I’m guessing as they’re too short now. I was looking at the Islabike, but would the Woom better suit him? Or a totally different bike? I admit that weight of the bike is a concern both for him and me (at only 4’11”, I’m not keen on having to carry a heavier bike when he tires of riding).

        Also, any suggestions on encouraging him to ride? What can I expect for how long is typical for a child his age to ride at any given time. (I realize all kids are different.) As he’s never ridden any ride on toy for long, is this any indication of his interest level at this age? He definitely prefers to walk vs. be held or in a stroller. So, I’m hopeful, he might take to a balance bike now that he’s very proficient at walking/running. Thank you for your website!

        • For smaller kids, I would go with the Rothan as it is lighter and slightly narrower for smaller frames. For your son, as long as he is walking on the bike and seems to be enjoying himself, I wouldn’t worry about it. While my older two kids were running on their bikes within a month, my youngest (and certainly the smallest), took almost six months to actually learn how to glide on his bike. Meanwhile, a neighbor, who was only two weeks apart from my son in age, was running on his bike months before my son mastered it. Every kid is different! To help encourage him, one of the best things you can do is get him around other kids riding their bikes. Whether they are on balance bikes or pedal bikes, that usually helps visualize what they are suppose to do.

          • Jill

            Thank you so much for the bike recommendation, and encouragement! He definitely likes to watch the much older kids at the park ride. I’ll keep that up, and just let him enjoy it at his own pace.

            • Jill Fujiwara

              Hi Natalie, I just wanted to thank you again. 3 weeks in all I can say is the Rothan has been AWESOME!!! Although we haven’t had luck finding other balance bike riders, he completely knew what to do the second he got on. The bike weight and proportions were a perfect fit! In one week he was lifting a single foot. By week 2, he lifted both for split seconds, was turning without lifting the bike and exploring every bump, incline and patch of dirt or grass. In 3 weeks, he’s gliding for 2-3 seconds and able to stop, run and turn, barrel down inclines, ride over rough terrain and even managed a few curbs (on accident). I really credit the right bike for helping him accomplish this. We absolutely love the Rothan for our son and he asks to ride it every day. He has never asked to play with anything daily. EVER! Thank you for your wonderful site and answering so quickly to all of us parents. You are amazing!

      • Jen

        Hi, Natalie, I have been studying your site for days! I have a 25 month old, 26 lb. 34.5″ tall daughter with a 14″ inseam. I want to get a bike that will grow with her and will hopefully last until she is ready for a pedal bike. I like the thought of air tires, and the bike will be used on paved as well as dirt surfaces. It also sounds like a handbrake/handbrake option is a good idea for when she gets older. I am looking into the Firstbike cross, the Yedoo too too, Kinderbike Lafrad. Any thoughts or suggestions?
        Thank you for all the time you’ve put into this site!
        If we go with the firstbike, is the lowering kit necessary for her size?

        • Glad to be of help. Between the bikes you listed, I would go with the Yedoo or the FirstBIKE as they are better quality than the KinderBike. I have not tested out the new Yedoo, but from what I have read and seen, it looks like a great choice. For the FirstBIKE, with a 14″ inseam, it could be a challenge for her to get on and off the “U-shaped” seat, so I would get the lowering kit just in case. As to which one to get, I tend to prefer the non-flexible frame of the Too Too, but I think she would do fine on either.

          • Jen

            Thanks for the help! I found a Firstbike cross on sale so that was the kicker:)

      • Anna

        Hi Natalie, Thank you for your great reviews! For your time, effort and opinion!
        Could you please recommend a bike for my son? He is turning 2 in two weeks, 11,5” inseam, 33,5” tall. I’m looking at the Woom (at the first place), Frog or Kokua Jumper. Which of them would suit better? He’s been riding a three wheel rider. Other than that he is not familiar with any bike riding.
        Thank you so much!

        • First, sorry for my delay in getting back to you has I have been traveling. Between the three you mentioned, the WOOM1 would be the best fit for him. The Tadpole is going to be too big and the Jumper I really only recommend for kids who plan on riding at skate parks or over jumps.

      • Megan

        Similar to Anna, I have a 2 yr old boy (26 mo), 11.5 inseam and 36 inches tall. He’s an athletic, fearless kid. He’s a pro at flying around/gliding on 4 wheeled ride on toys and his scooter. I’m open to any bike (including the more expensive ones) and am hoping to get the best bike for this spring/summer that he might also be able to use in the fall/next season (though I would be willing to buy a second balance bike next year if needed). Advice on you pick to buy for him- woom vs Rohan vs other?

        • With an 11.5″ inseam, the Woom and the Rothan are you best bests. They are both amazing bikes, but if your son is on the lighter side I would recommend the Rothan, otherwise I would go with the WOOM1.

          • Amanda

            When you say ‘lighter side’ what weight would you consider that for 26 mo old? <30 lb?

            • If he is 30lb. at just over two, I would go for the WOOM1. My 3.5 year old is just over 30lb. and a year ago at just over 20 lb., the lighter Rothan was the perfect choice for him, but now, he fits fine on both.

      • Ana Champeny

        Thanks for such an informative website. I am researching a balance bike for my almost 2 year old. He’s about 34″ tall with an inseam around 12″ and weighs 27 pounds. He’s in 18-24 month pants and 2T tops. Like Megan, my son is athletic and loves to climb, run, slide. I’ve been looking at the FirstBike with lowering kit and the Woom1. I really like the Woom 1, but I am concerned that he will outgrow it quickly since it only goes up to 14.5″ while the FirstBike is up to 18″. The FirstBike seems it would fit him longer, but I am concerned about him getting on and off the saddle seat. Also, is the small seat on the Woom1 comfortable for toddlers? Our neighborhood is hilly and he’d be using this on paved areas and grass/dirt. Would the Kinderbike Mini be a better option? Which bike will have the best fit for shorter legs and longer torso? What would you recommend? (And if gIven his size and age, I will need to purchase at least two balance bikes before he is ready to graduate to a pedal bike, I would be less concerned about whether the first bike would only lasts a year if it is the best fit).

        • Glad to help. The WOOM would be a great bike for your son as its upright geometry and low seat are a great combination for kids with taller torsos and shorter legs. If, however, you live in an area where he would ride during the winter or cold months, then you are right in that he could outgrow it before he is ready to transition to a pedal bike. If you don’t and he rides on a somewhat regular basis, then you should be fine on the WOOM1. If you think you will need a longer seat post, then I would look at the Yedoo Too Too, which ranges from 12″ to 18″ as it will be much easier for him to get on and off of as compared to the FirstBIKE. We actually received the new Too Too this week for a review, and so far it has been a great bike. The last option is the TykesBykes 12″. The TykesBykes is more upright, like the WOOM, so it is better for taller kids. It is, however, heavier and the current model does not drop down to 12″, BUT the new model, which should ship by the end of May, I believe, will drop down to 12″. Hope that helps!

      • KJ

        Thanks for some good reviews. But is this review for an older model of WOOM1?
        Since I see that you say its for 1.5-2.5y with 11.5-14.5” seat height while WOOM US states 1.5-4y with 12-16” (30.5-40.5cm) and WOOM Germany (27.5-40cm).
        ref: http://www.us.woombikes.com/collections/frontpage/products/1

        • Thanks for pointing out the discrepancies, I really appreciate it as seeing as this is pretty much a one man show, I need all the help I can get! The bike used and shown in this review is the current model. To double check my numbers, I headed out to the garage to re-measure, and the exact measurements really depends on whether you measure from the lowest or highest point of the seat, which are about 0.5″ difference in height. In it’s lowest position, the lowest point on the seat measures 11″ and at about 15.5″ inches when placed at it’s highest seat position. Determining the exact position of the seat post highest position depends on whether you use the lines on the seat post or on the frame. In the end, I think the most accurate measurements are the ones given on WOOM’s website of 27.5-40cm, which convert to 10.8″-15.7″, as the measurements I just took are very similar to those as well. So in the end, you are right and I was wrong, the seat heights on the WOOM1 are actually slightly lower and higher than I have listed. THANK YOU for pointing this out, I will get it updated ASAP.

      • Kelsey Hyde

        The only con of the WOOM, which, seems to me like a cheaper cop-out is the elastic removable limiter. It just seems like it could slip off easily or not be very useful while in use. I admire their ingenuity when building this bike. If it was a tad cheaper I’d but it. I’m torn between this, the Scoot, or possibly the Too-too for my 17 month old. He’s 39″ tall, 25 lbs, and wearing 18-24 mnth pants. Have yet to measure his inseam, but when I do, I’ll look forward to using your reviews in deciding on my purchase. Thank you Natalie. 🙂

        • Glad to help. So far we haven’t had any issues with the elastic limiter on any of the bikes we tested with them, so I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about them. They work when you want them to and are easily removed when you don’t need them.

          For your son, since he is still in 18-24 months pants, I would first look at the Islabikes Rothan and then the Too Too (our new review here: http://www.twowheelingtots.com/yedoo-too-too/). My petite guy loves his Rothan and it has been amazing progress from walking it to riding miles on it. It is pricey, but worth the added expense if it is in your budget. For a more budget-friendly bike, I would look at the Too Too.

      • Wal

        Thank you for all the great reviews. I want your opinion on what bikes to get for my kids. My daughter is 3.8 years old, 42″ tall, 35 lbs, has an inseam of 19″. And my son is 2.5 years old, 35″ tall, 24 lbs, and has an inseam of 14″. Do you recommend getting a bike for each or one they could share? Which ones are the most fitting for them? Thank you for your help.

        • There are certainly bikes that they can share, but whether or not they should share really depends on their personalities. My two oldest (boy and girl) are 18 months apart and two bikes were much better than one not only did it eliminate fighting, it allowed us to go on rides together. Getting two bikes will also allow you to get a bike that is best for both kids, versus one that is okay for both. If they were to share, I would go for the Yedoo Too Too, which is great for your son, but will be a on the smaller side for your daughter. If you plan on getting two, I would go for the Ridgeback XL for your 3-year-old.

          • Wal

            Thank you for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate it. You are right about getting a bike for each, don’t want them fighting. So for my daughter I will be getting her the Scoot XL. As for my son, he recently started wearing 2t pants. Would the Rothan be small for him? How about the Scoot 12″? Would it be too heavy? If I bought the Scoot Premium, would changing the wheels make the bike lighter? I am trying to choose between Woom1, Rothan, or Scoot. Which do you think would fit him best? Thank you

            • If he just started wearing 2T pants, then the Rothan would be great for him, but I believe it is currently sold out, as is the WOOM (I would call them to confirm). At 24 lbs., I think the Scoot, even with premium tires, is going to be too big and heavy for him, so I would probably go with the Too Too instead.

      • Christina Verratti

        Can you help me, please? My son is 23mos and he is right between fitting into 24mo and 2t length pants. He Has outgrown (size and ability) his little pewi bike. He loves his friends’ bikes: kinderfeet and strider; has taken both for test drives in the past month. Its time to get him a 2-wheel bike; I really want him to have air tires and love your woom1 review. That said, knowing we won’t be passing the bike along to any siblings, I’d like to keep the cost of a bike under $200. Can you give me some guidance?

        • My favorite bike for his age under $200 is the Islabikes Rothan, which will be over $200 with shipping, or the Yedoo Too Too. The Too Too has air tires and handbrake and is much better quality than the Strider and the Kinderfeet.

      • Jim Morgan

        Ahh! I read your reviews, and got so very excited about the Woom1, only to have my dreams crushed when I attempted to actually buy one. They aren’t available. Woom’s website and WeeBikes both say they’re on backorder ’til April. Are they still making these?

        • What, until April??? That sucks. Yes, they are still making them, but WOOM only brought over a smaller portion of their bikes for a test run and seeing as they did so well, sounds like they have a lot more to make. Once sold out, balance bikes generally do go on backorder for months, so this certainly isn’t just a WOOM issue as the Too Too and Kinderbikes have both experienced the same problem.

      • Jon Price

        Hello all. I wanted to write a review after several months of seeing my
        son use a couple of balance bikes. First of all I want to thank Natalie for all
        her work on this site. I used it extensively to do my research. I also
        appreciate the community here who posted their reviews and comments. I am an
        avid researcher like others here. For months I did a lot of research. In the
        end I purchased the Yedoo Too Too and the WOOM1. I ended up getting both
        because I was really curious as to know whether there were any differences. And
        I decided that after a couple of months of use with both I was going to give
        away one of them to a charity or a friend in need of a balance bike. So here is
        my, or more accurately, my observation of my son’s experience on the two bikes.
        To cut to the chase..my son much preferred the WOOM1 over the Yedoo Too Too.
        After some time riding on both he would always end up choosing the WOOM1 over
        the Yedoo. He was so much more comfortable on the WOOM. He would cruise around
        on the WOOM much easier and faster much faster than he did on the Yedoo. I
        could tell his balance was a lot easier to keep on the WOOM. Additionally, even
        though I gave the Yedoo to my friend’s son, my friend’s son would also always
        choose the WOOM over the Yedoo when my son wasn’t using his.

        The WOOM is not perfect in my opinion. There are two nitpicky
        design issues I wish would be better. 1) I think the handlebars are a bit wide
        for toddlers. My son keeps his hands in really close to the innermost edge and
        sometimes puts his hands on top of the rubber ends. 2) The brake cable that
        goes underneath the frame down tube (underneath seat post) sticks out at the
        bottom a bit. My son hits this with his foot a lot and tries to rest his foot
        on the cable, pulling it out. My solution was to duct tape the cable to the

        • Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m glad I could be of help, but am always looking for feedback from others as the more opinions here the better. Between the WOOM and the Yedoo, I would completely agree with you. The geometry of the WOOM really does help to center the child’s body over the seat, which creates a more naturally body position. Honestly, at first I thought it was simply marketing talk, but after watching several kids ride the bike, you can really see the difference (which is hard to describe unless you see it in person). We have had the same experiences with their pedal bikes, kids simply love them.

          For the WOOM, it’s interesting that you mentioned the handlebar width. I certainly didn’t notice that, but will certainly go back and look at pictures to see if I can pick up on that with our testers (our demo bike has since been returned). As your son get taller, however, I assume the extra width on the handlebar will be beneficial, especially as he gets more aggressive in his riding.

          For the brake cable, that is a common problem on balance bike. Most bikes have a small tab to tuck the cable under, as shown in this picture of the Too Too, but I don’t recall if WOOM has it.

          As your son continues to cruise on the WOOM, I would love to hear any more insights you may have. Thanks again for your feedback.

      • Brooke

        Wow, thank you so much for your site and reviews! Our little guy will be 2 in November and is in 2T-3T clothing. At 34″ and 28lbs, he is a bigger guy. But his inseam is only 11.75.” I was so excited about the WOOM1, but I can’t find it anywhere online and the manufacture says it is back ordered until “late fall 2015.” I’m very disappointed, as this bike seemed to be the perfect fit for us! Our little guy always looses his balance when he tries to kick over on things, so the low height of the bar on this model is very attractive. Do you have any other leads as to where I could find this bike online? Even used models?

        If we can’t find the WOOM1, would you recommend the Rothan? I’m worried he will outgrow this bike quickly. Do you know much about the LikeaBike Hardy model? It looks like the jumper, but without the shocks.

        Thanks for your advice!

        • I agree, the WOOM would be a great choice. Have you tried calling WOOM US directly? They occasionally have used bikes that they will sell, but I assume they are hard to come by. Plus, the bikes are backordered until the Fall, so they won’t be available anywhere.

          As for the Rothan, even though your guy is bigger, his inseam would indicate that he isn’t too tall, so I think it would be a great choice. My 3.5 yo who is 32 lb. in 3T LOVES the Rothan and chooses it over all the others. He has almost outgrown it, but he does have an inseam of almost 17″. As long as he rides the bike on a somewhat regular basis, he should have no problem transitioning to a pedal bike before he outgrows the Rothan.

      • Kendra

        First of all, thank you so much for your hard work and research, Natalie. Not only have you provided parents with the most detailed reviews possible, but you have responded to particular comments and questions with such care, and I think everyone is probably so grateful for that. It is a very unusual thing to see, especially in light of the fact you have your own busy family to take care of. I hope you have time to answer these questions at some point too, I have been driving myself crazy trying to make a decision on this!

        If anyone is curious about when the WOOM1 will be available again, I emailed the company directly and they are coming in November. They will be “lighter and better” and will come in red, blue, pink, purple, celeste, and yellow. All good news except for the waiting till November part :).

        I am trying to decide if waiting for the WOOM is worth it. My daughter is very petite but tall. I am trying to decide between this bike, the Rothan, and the Too Too based on your reviews. She is 26 months old currently, we live with cold snowy winters, and if we got the WOOM in December and started riding in the spring she would be between 2 1/2 and 3. Even though this seems too old to start this particular bike, I love the low step through and higher handlebars and thus am still considering it. Her exact specs are 34 inches tall, 12 inch inseam, 24 pounds. She is a beanbole with no hips or belly and has a longer torso with shorter legs. I want a bike that fits her right out of the box that she can get on and off of confidently by herself. I am worried the Rothan’s handlebars are not tall enough, and the Too Too’s step through isn’t low enough. Are these worries unnecessary? Which is more important for a tall but very lightweight, petitie kid, the easy step through or the handlebar height? Would you wait for the Woom or go with one of these? Which of the three, in terms of recessed/rounded bolts and other safety features, do you think is the safest and most comfortable overall?

        Thank you so much for your time! I greatly appreciate your input.

        • First, sorry for me delay in getting back to you, but I’m glad you understand:). Between the WOOM and the Rothan, they are honestly both amazing bikes, but it sounds like the WOOM would be a better fit considering her age. The Rothan is great but while in 3T clothes, my 3yo is almost too big for it, so as you mentioned, I would worry that your daughter would outgrow it too soon. If however, you expect her to be timid and take her time in learning to ride the bike (my youngest took 6 months!), you may want to consider the Too Too to ensure that she doesn’t outgrow it before she is ready to transition to a pedal bike. If you expect her to be ready to ride and not hold back to much, then I would go with the WOOM.

      • Cam

        Hi all, Thanks for the wonderful bikes review! After reading your site I went on Woom site trying order Woom1 for my 2 years old and I found they are out of stock. So, I called the company and found that they are going to have some changes on current model and the new model of the balance bike planning to be available in Nov. with a few changes and more colors. After talking with the person I am thinking I may try to order the Woom 2 and let my taller 2 years old to try it without the pedals as a balance bike. Anyone has similar experience of doing so?

        • You’re right, I have heard from WOOM and need to put an update on this review. As for the WOOM2, if your son is eager to learn to ride a bike or has had experience with a balance bike, then the WOOM2 would be worth a shot. If he has no experience and he tends to be hesitant, then I would go with a regular balance bike first. Since pedal bikes are heavier than balance bikes, they can be more challenging to learn on. For some kids, it isn’t a problem, but for others, a couple pounds can make a big difference. In addition to being lighter, going with a balance bike first will allow him to potentially move up to a 16″ pedal bike once he learns to balance, which will provide him more room to grow.

      • Erika Kiah

        Thank you so much for all the information provided on your site! My son is 22 months old, 32.5″ and 26lbs soaking wet, lol. Price isn’t an issue for me, I just want to get him the best possible balance bike for him. He has a plastic tricycle (without pedals) and does really well using his feet to power that backwards and forwards. I’m kind of going back and forth between the WOOM1, the FirstBike, and the Rothan. Can you tell me which you would recommend or tell me what factors should influence my decision? This will be a gift for Christmas/his birthday (January 5th). I live in Florida so he’ll be able to start riding right away. thanks in advance!!

        • Ha, gotta love the small ones :). My youngest (now three) is a small guys as well (only 32 lb. still!), and based on his experiences, I would go with the Rothan. With a lot of bikes to choose from, it took him months to finally learn to sit and run on a balance bike and it was the Rothan that he was really the most comfortable with. Even now (he is just outgrowing 3T clothes), he still prefers the Rothan to the other bikes. The new, lighter WOOM is also one to consider. Since its position is more upright, it would be a better choice if you expect your son to be more timid on the bike, but otherwise, I think he would do great on both. I wouldn’t recommend the FirstBIKE for really littles ones though as it is harder to get on and off. Hope that helps and enjoy riding all winter (meanwhile it is suppose to snow here tomorrow :(. )

      • Brian Jones

        Your website is amazing!!! The most informative website I have ever seen for any product. And I’m sure you can point me in the right direction for this Christmas. I have a very confident adventurous 26 month little boy. He is a champ with his Haro 10″ balance bike – and currently the seat is 12″ off the ground and fits him comfortably. Dad is a former BMX dirt jumper – so I have a huge passion for great equipment and pushing abilities. My little guy is really short – only 34″ (maybe) and short legs – 18month pants. I’d like to get him a bike with brakes. He flies down hills and uses his feet to slow down and sometimes causes him to crash. Thoughts on the bikes that have areas to stand up with?? I was thinking about the Woom1.. but is that the best option?? I read in your review about upright sitting and aggressive stance. Which would be best for a very aggressive rider? He rides the Strider BMX track – flies down any and all hills – fearless… I want the best option for my little guy this Christmas. I appreciate your help.

        • Thanks! Glad to be of help. Your son sounds awesome. I love watching the little ones learn to ride. The Haro Z10 is a good start, but it is pretty small, plus my son kept getting the bottom of the seat post stuck when trying to go and up and down curbs. For your next bike, I would go with the Rothan over the WOOM as it is slightly more aggressive, but not much. Since your son is already a champ, he won’t benefit as much from the upright positioning on the WOOM. If you want something even more aggressive, I would consider the Bixbi or the Early Rider 12. They are very similar as they are built from the same frame (the Bixbi is an off shoot of the Early Rider). Neither bike has a brake, but if you plan on doing BMX, that won’t be much of an issue. Another bike to consider is the Frog Tadpole, but it has a minimum inseam of 13.5″, so it might be slightly too big. The Frog is better suited for all-terrain riding than BMX, so if you plan on doing both, the Frog would be a better choice (has a brake, longer wheelbase, wider handlebars). Lastly, there is always the LikeaBike Jumper, but the shock isn’t great for regular riding, so I would mainly recommend it for pump tracks.

          • Brian Jones

            Thank you – thank you – thank you!!!! I hope you don’t mind… I posted a link to your website on our neighborhood Facebook page. Tons of young families that will benefit from you. I’m going to order the Rothan 12. It has a low seat height that will work great for my little guy and a brake to slow him down. Your expertise will provide for a very happy Christmas this year.

      • Ning Wu

        Natalie, thank you so much for your website! I got my son a Chillafish
        balance bike a while back based on your recommendation. But he never
        took too much interest in it, until recently when he saw some older kid
        in our neighborhood on a bike with training wheels. Now he wants to ride the bike outside all the time. He’s going to be 3
        this summer. He’s now 37″ tall, with 13.5″ inseam (barefoot, floor to
        crotch). So he looks quite cramped on the Chillafish. I’m thinking about
        getting him a proper balance bike for the spring. From reading your
        reviews, it seems that the Rothan/Woom1 are good size for him now, but
        may not last long before he outgrows it. The Tadpole could be a little
        bit of stretch for him to get on right now, but may fit him for longer.
        Am I reading your reviews correctly?Which bike would you recommend for his size? Thanks!

        • Awesome, glad he finally took to the Chillafish! It sounds like it did his job as he is ready to move up. With a 13.5″ inseam, I agree that he is going to outgrow the Rothan and the WOOM1 too soon. My son is currently in 4T pants and can still ride both of them, but the seat posts are beyond maxed out. The Frog would fit him now and would allow him much more room for growth, so I would recommend the Frog over the others for your son.

      • Stuart Halden

        Really a very informative and thoughtful website. Thank you for time assembling all the detail. My daughter is 2+ with an 11.5 inch inseam so the two wheel selection with air tires seems limited to the Woom1, Strider, or Ezee Glider. I’m looking for something she can grow and that will last. I like the simplicity and design details of the Woom1 and some features of the Glider. I would ideally like to test drive them to check the fit but only find the Strider locally. Strider with similar features is not too far off the price point as Woom1. Any guidance on the three?

        • The WOOM1 is far and away a better bike that the Strider and the Ezee Glider, as demonstrated in the price difference. The only downside to the WOOM1 is that it is small, which doesn’t provide as much room for growth. My 4 year-old son, who is in 4T clothes, can still ride the WOOM1, but barely. He now rides a pedal bike, so going from the WOOM1 to straight to a pedal, versus a larger balance bike, is completely possible. So as long as your daughter gets a chance to ride regularly, the WOOM1 would be a great choice. Plus, with WOOM’s Upcycle program, you can trade it in for a larger size when she outgrows it. The Strider and the Ezee Glider are both great bikes, but honestly, they won’t compare to the WOOM1. In the end, any balance bike can teach a child to balance, but if the WOOM is in your budget, I would go for it. If not, then I would go with the Ezee Glider next (simply because it has a handbrake-which she won’t use until she is around 3.5) and then the Strider. If, however, she is lightweight, then I would consider the Strider over the Ezee Glider.

      • Melissa Decroteau

        How does this compare in size to the strider sport? My 15 month old is dying to go on his brothers strider but can just get his toes down. I need something just a little smaller! Haha

      • Fumie


        Thanks so much for this great website, it is so helpful! I was initially looking at Strider Sport for my son when I came across your website. Now, I have difficulty deciding between Islabikes Rothan and WOOM1 and wondering if you can help me make the final choice?

        My son is currently 20 months old, pretty strongly built for his age, 33-33.4 inches tall, inseam of approx 11.8 barefoot with diaper and pants, and weighs around 24.5 pounds. He is quite active and loves to ride his 4 wheel scoot. (He loves everything on wheels) He’s never been on a balance bike but I think he might become a pretty aggressive/sporty rider since he’s just dying to be able to ride down some stairs, slides and big bumps with his scoot… This is the reason why I started searching for a good balance bike for him so that he can learn to ride safely in skate parks etc. Also I would like a bike which can ride on non-paved surfaces such as trail, on compacted mud, grass and some small gravel.

        Lastly, both Rothan and WOOM1 are priced much more than what I was initially looking at, so I would like for it to last some time if possible 🙂 My son’s second birthday is in August, but I am thinking about getting him one soon as an early present, so that we can take advantage of the whole summer. (We are in the Paris France area and can ride comfortably until end of November, we can ride through the winter with the right clothing though)

        By reading your reviews, I like the Islabike Rothan the most, then WOOM1 (Frog Tadpole too, but seems a bit big for him now) The only concern I had with the Rothan is that he might outgrow it pretty quickly? Which bike would you recommend? Or maybe another one I have not listed?

        Thanks in advance for your help!

        • Both the WOOM1 and the Rothan are amazing bikes and you really can’t go wrong with either. The benefit of the Rothan is that they do sell an extended seat posts if you need it, but my son was able to ride his until he was in 4T clothes, so even without the seat post, it gives you plenty of time. WOOM does not offer an extended seat post as they believe it throws off the geometry of the bike. Honestly, they are right in that if a child is tall enough for an extended seat post, then they also need a bike with longer wheelbase. That being said, the Rothan’s regular seat post is slightly longer than the WOOM’s so you will likely a couple more months of use out of it, but certainly not years. Hope that helps!

      • Cassie

        Thank you so much for your comprehensive and informative website and reviews, it has really helped me out.
        I hav

      • Cassie

        Sorry, premature post.
        Thank you for your informative website, I have found it very helpful.
        I was wondering if I could get your advice? I have a very cautious 23 month old girl who is 12kg (27 pound) and an inner seam of 13.3 inches, measured from crotch to floor.
        I was sold on the Woom1, however, I’m worried that it won’t last her very long. What would you recommend for a cautious tot of her size?
        Thanks again!

        • The WOOM1 is my top choice for a caution kid, but if she is already at 13″, she could outgrow the WOOM too soon. My son in 4T can still ride the WOOM1, although it is clearly too small for him, so with most kids riding balance bike for about 2 years (some more, some less), a bike with a greater maximum seat post would be best. I would recommend checking out the Yedoo Too Too as well as the Frog Tadpole. The Too Too is lighter and taller, but the Frog has wider handlebars than can help more timid kids feel more stable on the bike.

      • Ana C

        Hi, Thanks for a wonderful site! I bought my son the Woom1 last summer for his 2nd birthday (barely 13″ inseam). He didn’t use it much at first (then it went to storage during two moves). Now, a year later (just turned 3), he’s getting the hang of balancing and liking it a lot. However, in that year, he shot up a bit in height and its starting to get small. He is in 3T pants now, but slim. I wanted to know what you recommend for his next balance bike — hopefully something to get him through to a pedal bike. We live in the northeast, so I may put off buying something new until the spring.

        • I would stick with the WOOM1 for now, especially since you live in the Northwest, and then reassess come Spring. For now the WOOM1 will be smaller side, but if he can still ride it, I would keep encouraging him to do so. If he “gets” it, then he could possibly move up to a small pedal bike in the Spring instead of another balance bike.

      • Cat C

        Thank you so much for all your helpful advice! I have a 22 month old daughter who is very active. She jumps in on any bike she can get a hold of – obviously she has no clue what to do with it yet! : ) I measured her today and she is about 33.5 inches tall, and has an inseam of 12.5 inches with diapers on. She is lightweight though – approximately 21.5 pounds. I have initially thought of getting her the Woom1, with the upcycle program, since she may outgrow the Woom1 too quickly due to her height and inseam. Then, I thought of maybe getting her the Rotham, but the website mentions a 34.5 inches minimum height. I’m a bit confused at what to do. Would you please shed me some light? We live in California and can ride pretty much all year round, so I wanted something she can get the most use of for the money. BTW, I don’t mind spending more for the “right” bike. Thank you again!!

        • Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong with either as they are both great bikes. Considering you live in California, I would probably go with the WOOM1 as you know it will fit now and she will likely be ready to move up to a pedal bike before she outgrows it (which will be when she is transitioning into 4T clothes). Honestly, I think she would probably do fine on the Rothan as well. The 34.5″ is for kids who are ready to run on the bike. Most kids your daughters age simply walk the bike for a while, so she will likely be the perfect height for the bike when she is ready to sit and run :).

          • Cat C

            Thank you so much for your response. Just as a follow up, would both bikes be outgrown at around the same time (when she is wearing 4T clothes), or would the Rotham have a bit more of a life span because it’s a little bigger? I’m leaning towards the Woom 1, and I wonder if it’s worth getting the Upcycling program. Not sure if within 2 years my daughter will be ready for a pedal bike. Also, I forgot to ask initially… is Strider bikes worth looking at? Thanks again!!

            • You will likely get about six months more out of the Rothan, so not that much more. The Upcycle program is awesome, so I would certainly take that into consideration when deciding between the two. Compared to the Rothan and the WOOM1, the Strider doesn’t compare in terms of quality. It is a good bike, but is doesn’t have a hand brake and doesn’t have a read headset (the part that connects the handlebars to the fork).

      • Adrienne Amman

        I am looking to upgrade my daughters bike. She currently has a strider which she cruises around on quite well & loves to ride. She is 23 months but very small for her age; just now fitting in 18 mo clothes & weighing in around 23 lbs. the neighbor girl has a firstbike with the lowering kit & it is still way too big for my daughter–her toes can’t even touch the ground when we put her on it. I’m considering the rotham or the win 1 & wanted to know what your thoughts were on this. Thanks!

        • The FIrstBIKE with a lowering kit generally doesn’t fir kids until they are in 24 months clothes, so I would certainly go with the WOOM1 or the Rothan. They are both great bikes and you really can’t go wrong with either of them. The WOOM1 is slightly smaller, but both will fit her much better than the FirstBIKE right now. If you live an area where you won’t be able to ride for a good portion of the year, I would probably go with the Rothan simply because is has a higher maximum seat height, but if she can ride year round, I would go with either.

          • Adrienne

            Thank you so much for your reply and input! We live in WI, so I think you are right about the Rothan being the better choice to last longer. Also, I think we can put ski attachments on that for snow/winter if I remember correctly from my research. We will actually be traveling out to OR at the end of this month and have an appt at the Islabikes store to try out the Rotham and see how the fit, etc. is for her. I’m so excited! Thanks again!

      • Philippe Boujon

        Our daughter is 22 months, ~33 inch high, 23 lbs, with inseam at 13.25 (with shoes), wearing 2T clothes. We have a new baby arriving in 4 weeks and want to get her a balance bike for big sister present (and because she is ready). She is a high energy toddler, running, jumping, riding her indoor wheeler. I came to this site considering the FirstBike Cross (for its design and top safety) or Likeabike Jumper (for the suspension/off road as I feel she will jump off curbs), but I am in doubt. I am unclear whether those bikes will fit her. Of the other top brands, Woom1, Rothan or Yedoo, I have hard time to differentiate differences (they all seems great). We live north of PA / Philadelphia, and would go to both paved or dirt / forest trails. Would you have a recommendation? – An additional thought would be to get her a balance bike she uses for 18 months only (to 3.5 yo) and then give it to her sibling, getting her a new balance bike until she hits 4.5 yo / 5 yo and is ready to move to a bike.

        • Yes, love that you are getting her her own baby 🙂 As you mentioned, there are certainly different routes to take. First off, is there a place inside that she can ride during the winter? If so, then I would go with the WOOM1 or Rothan now, which you would plan on passing down to your baby. If she is an ambitious rider, than both bikes would be able to transition her to a 14″ pedal bike. When she is in 4T pants, both bikes are going to be too small for her, but by then, she will be able to fit on a 14″ bike. If she will be ready or not by then is the real question. If she is able to ride indoors through the winter, then she might be ready, but if she has to wait until Spring, it may delay her riding. If you think she may take her time in learning, then I would opt for a larger balance bike now, such as the Yedoo Too Too or the Frog Tadpole. The Yedoo is lighter, but the Frog is a much better bike for any trail riding.

          • Philippe Boujon

            We went with the Woom as we feel she will get the concept fast based on observing her on her indoor wheeler. Technically, she could ride the Woom indoor as well, going around the connected downstair rooms as she did with her walker, then wheeler. If she outgrown the Woom too fast, we will get her a new balance bike and give the Woom to the next one. I regret not being aware about balance bikes until a few weeks ago as we would definitely would have gotten it earlier. Thanks for the help!

      • Lauren Levine

        Hello- My son is 34 inches but 35 pounds… I am between the Woom and the Yedoo. He is turning 2 this month. Going to mainly use it in the neighborhood. We hope to use it for about 2 years and then use the bike for the next child

        • Considering he is in the higher percentiles for weight an height, he will likely outgrow both bikes before two years. My son outgrew both bikes when he was in 4T clothes. The Too Too is certainly bigger than the WOOM, but I would also consider the Saracen Freewheel if he is in 3T clothes.

      • Matt

        Hi! I love reading all of your articles! Thanks for being the #1 information resource for all things regarding kids bikes!

        My question is: We’ve got a Strider bike my 4 year old has outgrownh. My 19 month old enjoys using it, but it’s just a bit too long in reach for him, so he doesn’t sit on the seat when he toddles around on it. Should I get a Woom 1 for him? My eldest has a Woom 2, and we’re huge fans of the brand. I wouldn’t mind getting a Woom 1, if it’ll be much easier for my youngest to master.

        Thanks again,

        • Glad to help! The WOOM1 is comparable in size to the Strider, but it is much better quality all around. If you love the WOOM2, you will certainly love the WOOM1. In terms of reach, the handlebars on the WOOM1 can be tilted back to shorter the reach, which should help your concern with reach.

      • Dan


        My wife and I are looking at balance bikes for our 20 month old son. He is 33.5″ tall, about 26 lbs and with an inseam around 12″ (with shoes). We are currently between the Woom1, the TooToo original, and the new TooToo aluminum. We also like the Rothan.

        He is an active toddler, but would probably be a hesitant rider, especially at first. We are primarily concerned with how the bike will fit him and how long the bike will last him. We live in Florida so he will be able to use the bike year round. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

        Also, can anyone confirm the max seat height on the Woom? I have seen 15.7, but the official Woom site says 14.5. Thank you!

        • Hum, I wonder if they changed the bike? I’ll have to check on that to make sure my listing is up-to-date. I would absolutely go with what is on WOOM’s site. They are great at keeping things updated. To be sure, you can give WOOM a call at 855-WOOMUSA (855-966-6872). The WOOM is an amazing bike, but it is on the small size. Since he can ride year round and he is starting young, I think the WOOM would be a great choice. My son was able to ride the WOOM until he was just about the transition out of 3T pants into 4T. A couple months later he was riding a regular bike. If you think he will want to ride longer, I would go with the Rothan (which is slightly bigger than the WOOM) or the Too Too (which is the tallest of the three).

          • Dan

            Thanks, Natalie! Do you have any experience or opinions on the new TooToo aluminum? Also, was your son ready to transition to a regular bike when he was no longer able to use the balance bike?

            • I was able to see the aluminum Too Too at a trade show and it is a great bike. We haven’t tested it out yet, but I can only image it would perform great, just like the regular Too Too.

              For transitioning times, my youngest son was actually really hesitant to transition to a pedal bike, so it took him about six months to finally get it. When he was 3.5 it was pretty clear that he was physically ready to move up, but it took him a while to by mentally ready and willing to move up. He was in 4 and in 4T clothes when he finally made the switch.

              My older son, however, jumped on a 16″ bike just before his 4th birthday and took off riding without looking back. He was much larger than my younger son and was already in size 5 and 6 clothes. He has also always been much more adventurous. So based on my experiences, kids, both timid and adventurous, have no problems transitioning from balance bike to pedal without ever needing training wheel, you just have to wait until they are ready to take the plunge.

      • Angie

        Greetings! So my son will be right at 2.75 yrs around Christmas. We were thinking of getting him a balance bike.
        He’s just shy of 36″ and around 32 lbs. Inseam is about 12.5″ – 13″.
        Would the WOOM1 be a good choice?


        • Angie

          Would something like the LittleBig be better? I kind of like the idea of having a convertible bike.

          • The LittleBig is a great bike, but it is pretty big. The minimum seat height on the bike in it’s smallest mode is 14″, so it won’t fit him for a while.

        • To be safe, I would go with a larger bike that provides more room for growth. My son outgrew the WOOM1 as he was moving up to size 4T clothes. Kids generally ride balance bikes for about 1.5 to 2 years, so if your guy is on his way out of 2T clothes, I would look for a larger bike. If he is in smaller clothes or just started 2T, he should be fine.

      • Elisa Austell

        Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the air tires on the Woom1 and replace with foam tires from another 12″bike like a mini glider, since we have one here already, in order to make the bike lighter.

        • Hum, it’s possible but I’m not sure. Beyond the size of the tire, the width of the tire, rim, axel and front-fork also come into play. Even foam tires from brand to brand aren’t always compatible. Plus, even if you were able to swap them out, the brake on the WOOM1 most likely won’t work on the foam tire. In the end, you won’t know until you try. It is certainly possibly, but I would say not very probable.

          • Elisa Austell

            Thanks for the response Natalie. In case anyone else thinks about this in the future, I also posted the question on Amazon to see if anyone/Woom had any thoughts and Woom did respond with the following answer “The
            bike wheels are designed to take on real tires as it’s a hook bead
            setup. So foam tires wont work in this situation. You’d be very
            surprised in how light the Woom 1 already is.” So it sounds like a “no”

            • Yep, I would say that is a no. Plus, I agree with him, it is a very light bike already:)

      • Alison Burke DuPey


        Thanks so much for your thoughtful reviews! Such helpful stuff.

        I’m looking to get my son a balance bike for Christmas. He’s 19 months and already 33.5″ tall and 26 lb (we’re buying 12mo or 2T clothes). He’s extremely adventurous and LOVES bikes. The WOOM sounds awesome — my main concern is I want to make sure we get something that can last a while (e.g. he won’t grow out of in 6 months), especially if it’s going to be closer to $200. Would love some advice!

        Thanks, A

        • If he is already in 2T and he won’t do much riding in the winter, I agree that he may outgrow the WOOM1 before he is ready to transition to a pedal bike. If he is adventurous, I would go for a larger balance bike such as the Yedoo Too Too. It will fit him perfect now, which will allow him to wander around the house in the winter to get a feel for it. It will also fit him until he is in 4T (although it may be slightly small, but certainly still rideable). Hope that helps!

          • Alison Burke DuPey

            Awesome, thank you! I was leaning for the Too Too based on reading through other conversations here as well. We’re going for that one. Thanks so much for your help!

      • Mara

        Thanks so much for all your reviews and comparisons here! Despite your thoroughness, I’m still torn about what to to buy my 2.5yo. She’s 27lbs, probably ~35″ with a 13″ inseam, and just stopped being able to fit 18-24mo pants. We live in a climate where biking year round is no problem. She tried a Woom1 at a store recently and seemed to like it but was very cautious. I like the low step through of the Woom, but am also wondering about the TooToo for slightly longer use, since it seems like she may only get ~1 year of use out of the Woom and it’s on the upper end of the price range. I like that they both have some of the same safety features too. The other reason I’m still considering a Woom is that a younger sibling is on the way, and, while it will be a while before the next one will be able to use it, I like the fact that the Woom could be used much earlier than a lot of the other bikes out there. My daughter has been interested in bikes for a year now but I had no idea until recently that any would fit her (who knows if the sibling will have the same interest or not, of course!). Would you go with a Woom1, with those considerations in mind, or recommend getting another bike for her that can be used for longer? If another, which would you recommend? Thanks!

        • Ah, sorry, it looks like your comment got lost in the mix. I assume you have already made your decision by now, but just in case, since you have a younger sibling on the way, I would go with the WOOM1. Since you live in a climate where you can ride year round, your daughter will likely be ready to move up to a pedal bike by the time she outgrows the WOOM1. My son could still ride the WOOM1 while in 4T pants. It was too small for him, but he would still ride it. A couple months later, while still in 4T pants, my son moved up to a pedal bike. If you lived in a colder climate, I would absolutely go with the Too Too as it does provide more room for growth. In the end, however, both bikes would work out, but as you mentioned, your youngest won’t be able to fit on the Too Too as soon as they would on the WOOM1.

      • Kinzie Farrell

        My son is going to be 2 on 3/12 and I want to get him a balance bike. He is only 24 pounds. Would the Woom1 last him a while?

        • It really depends on how tall he is and what size pants he is wearing. The WOOM1 is small, which is great for young riders, but taller kids tend to outgrow it too quickly. My son was comfortably fit on the WOOM1 up until he was in 3T pants. Once in 4T, he could still ride the bike, but it was too small. Since your son is starting young, he could certainly be ready to move up to a pedal bike from the WOOM1 if he average in height or in the lower percentiles for height. If he is on the taller side or if you live in a climate which prevents you from riding year round, I would consider a larger balance bike.