WOOM5 City

WOOM5 City

Half bike, half science fair project, the WOOM City series is the most unique and most universally loved kids bike we have ever tested.  From day one, our neighborhood testers were eager for their turn on the “cool new bike.” With a dynamo hub that generates power for the front and rear LED’s, the bike soon became the ultimate hands-on, active learning tool.

“Can you guys see the light?”
“If I pedal faster, does it get brighter? What about the rear light?”
“It’s working!! What happens if I stop? What it I ride for hours, will it ever turn off?  I’m going to ride this bike all day!”
“Can I ride it next! I want a turn!”

Learning on the go, the WOOM5 City was a hit from day one.  Even after several months of testing out the bike, its “coolness” factor never wore off as the City bike was still the favorite among our fleet.

WOOM5 City Overview

Designed for kids who commute on their bikes, the City series aims to be the perfect companion for kids coming complete with a rack, front and rear fenders, bell, kickstand as well as the LED lights. Greatly increasing the visibility of the bike, the self-charging, maintenance-free lights, with internally routed wiring, are a rare, yet highly valuable amongst kids bikes.  The white reflective strip on the side of each tire additionally helps to draw attention to the bike.

WOOM5 City LightsWOOM5 City light
While the lights were certainly the main draw to the bike, the smooth ride kept testers coming back.  Built on a lightweight aluminum frame with SRAM 8-speed trigger shifters and easy reach V-pull front and rear brakes, the City performed as well as it looks.  While designed for road use, our testers couldn’t help but take the bike over jumps, curbs and off-roading.  Upon doing so, the rear fenders does tend to bump up against the rear light when going over uneven surfaces, but otherwise the bike performed and handled like a champ.

WOOM5 City Features

Over the course of several months, a variety of testers tried out the City and all were enamored with it. From ages 6 (tall for his age) to 11, they all comfortably fit on the WOOM5 City.  With seat height range of 26″ to 35″, the 24″ wheels on the WOOM5 allows for plenty of room for growth.  For younger/shorter kids, the City also come in a 20″ model with a seat height range of 22″ to 27.5″.

WOOM5 City ages

The included rack of the City is exceptionally made, but narrow compared to the standard sized backpack. The clever design of the rack and the included bungee cord, however, makes the rack quick and easy to use.  With two large mounting rings on both side of the rack, the single bungee loops around one side of the rack, allowing each strap to be used independently.  The large mounting rings and wide hooks make attaching the straps quick and easy. While mounting items to the rack the bike does tend to wobble, but the kickstand was able to keep it in place.

WOOM5 City Rack

Bottom Line

The WOOM City series is the perfect companion for kids commuting to school.  Easy to ride and easy to see, the City series a unique ride that is sure to be loved.

Where to Purchase

The WOOM4 and 5 City are available directly from WOOM at us.woombikes.com.  Both the WOOM4 and the WOOM5 retail for $499 with free shipping and free returns.

      • aruni

        quick question – about how tall is your tall 6 year old? i have a 5 year old who loves his woom 3 (and i think will be fine for the next year +) but was thinking when he is 6-6.5 he may do well with the woom city series, and i’d prefer not to buy the 4 if he can fit on the 5.

        • Hum, I thought I had that included in the review, but I clearly don’t. These pictures were taken several months, so I don’t know his exact height, but i do know he had just outgrown size 7 pants (they became too short). The best way to determine is by using their inseam. If experienced, a child can ride a bike with a minimum seat height 2″ inches above their inseam.

      • Bonnie Singer

        I was wondering which is easier to ride uphill this or the Isla Benin 24. I need to get my 8 year old a bike. we live in a hilly area and commute by bike. I need her to be able to make it up the hills. Thanks

        • The WOOM5 City and the Beinn 24 actually have the exact same gearing and crank, tire size and crank arm length, all which work together to determine how easy or hard it is to ride a bike. With those being the same, the Islabikes is going to be slightly easier to ride uphill because it is lighter at 19 lb. vs. 23.

          • Bonnie Singer

            Thanks. Good to know my daughter prefers the look of the Isla bike I like that the Woom after rack and shipping is cheaper by at least $100 and has the upcycle program. Though there are 2 younger siblings to pass down to.
            Thanks for all your great reviews have spent a lot of time on your sight since we bought our first balance bike.

            • Kelsey Leonardsmith

              I wonder what the weight difference is once you add fenders, rack, lights, etc to the Benin?

              • I would call Islabikes and ask them. They have been fitting their bikes for school kids in Europe for years, so I assume they would have some insight on that.