Yedoo Too Too

Yedoo Too Too

Our littlest tester prefers red bikes.  All other bikes require some trickery to get him to ride, except for the blue Yedoo Too Too.  Not red, not a problem, he will ride the Too Too without complaint.  Over the years, this little man has become quite the balance bike connoisseur and so when he loves a bike, I know it’s a keeper.  The Yedoo is lightweight, has Kenda air tires, Tektro V-pull brakes, and a 12″ minimum and 18″ maximum seat height. What’s not to love?

Too Too award

Weighing only 34 lb., he has always been on the lower percentiles for weight and height, so the lightweight frame was noticeable from the get-go. From mountains to the paved jungles, our little man had ridden his heart out on the Too Too and it has yet to disappoint.

Too Too 1


Built on a high-tensile steel frame with weight capacity of 132 lb., the Too Too is built to last and is ready to take on whatever your little ones can dish out, yet it only weighs 8 lb. 4 oz (not 8.4 oz. as stated above).  One of the lightest balance bike with air tires and a hand brake on the market, at 8.25 lb. the Too Too certainly stands out in the crowd.

Too Too 7

Safety Features

To prevent oversteering and the brake cable from being twisted, the Yedoo Too Too is built with a turning limiter.  While some turning limiters are too restrictive, the Too Too’s did not interfere with the handling of the bike.

Too Too 3

Small and mighty, the V-pull brakes on the Too Too were easy for his small hands to activate.  To prevent scratched legs, the braking mechanism does not protrude beyond the width of the seat (as shown in the next set of pictures) and the excess brake cable is easily tucked under the provided tab.
Too Too 6

The padded, narrow saddle is toddler-sized to prevent fatigue and is non-porous (which comes in handy during potty-training accidents).  While exposed, the bolts of the Yedoo Too Too are rounded to prevent scratches and a whimsical, protective handlebar pad help to prevent injuries during stumbles.  For ease of use, the angled tube valves make inflating the tire a breeze and the high-quality seat post clamp holds the seat post securely in place.

Too Too 5.1

Shipped standard with Kenda Kontact tires, the tread on the Too Too performed great on compact dirt trails, but we would recommend tires which more tread, such as the available Black Jack tires (available on an upgrade from WeeBikeShop) for true off-road performance.

Too Too 2


When learning to ride a balance bike, weight can make a huge difference.  After trying for several weeks with the heavier, 12 lb. Muna, our 2yo in 2T clothes tester was finally able to ride on his own with the Too Too.  Easier to lift and more natural to balance, he accomplished more in an hour with the Too Too than weeks with the Muna.

Too Too 8.1

Compared to additional balance bikes, the Yedoo Too Too is best for younger, lightweight toddlers who are expected to grow tall or for those who live in cold winters and want to ensure the bike will still fit come Spring.  With a seat height ranging from 12″ to 18″, the Too Too is easily equip to fit a child from 24 months clothes to a small 4T.  Compared to the FirstBIKE, the Too Too will not flex with older kids and does not require the additional purchase of a lowering kit to fit younger kids.  While smaller than the Scoot the Too Too is also lighter, which makes it more suitable for younger kids.

Too Too 4

Bottom Line: Quick, nimble and lightweight, the Yedoo Too Too is an exceptional buy for toddlers aged 18mo+.  For older riders over 30 lb., we prefer the Scoot, but for younger or lighter-weight toddlers, the Too Too is the bike of choice.

Where to Purchase: The Too Too is available, with free shipping, at WeeBikeShop and Amazon.  With a MSRP of $159 it is available in white, pink, blue, green, purple and black.  Coupon codes for additional discounts at WeeBikeShop are listed in the affiliate coupon section above.

FTC Disclosure: No monetary compensation was provided for the review.  All opinions are that of Two Wheeling Tots. WeeBikeShop provided the Too Too to help facilitate this review.  Two Wheeling Tots is an affiliate of WeeBikeShop, but is also an affiliate of several other bike retails and therefore, does not benefit from recommending one bike over another.

      • Faith

        Hi thank you so much for this site is very informative, I do appreciate all the info. I have narrow my decision down to the Too Too I was going to purchase from your site but the code “rockstar”doesn’t work.
        Also in the market for a good helmet for my daughter she is two years old .
        Thank you very much.

        • Sorry for the delaying in getting back to you. You are right that the ‘rockstar’ ad has expired and have since removed it from the site. Right now I am not aware of an active coupon code by WeeBikeShop, but as soon as I learn of one, I will be sure to put it up on the site. As for a helmets, there are plenty of good choices out there, but it all depends on her head circumference size. A comparison chart of some of my favorites can be found here:

        • Ivan M Altinbasak

          Hi Faith,
          Try using the code “halloweebike” for $10 off your TooToo order at WeeBikeShop. The rockstar code still works for the Scoot, but not for the TooToo.

      • Doris C

        Just bought two Yedoo Too Too’s for a grandson and a granddaughter. When we assembled the first bike, we noticed that the steering limiter stopped the handlebars at about 45 degrees on a left hand turn but let the handlebars turn all the way to a 90 degree angle on a right hand turn. Talked to owner of the Weebikeshop where we ordered them and he said the integrated limiter must somehow be misaligned. As a result, I did more research on the limiter and have decided it is a potential safety hazard as it keeps a handlebar sticking up when the bike falls instead of the handlebars going flat on the ground. Am returning both and am looking for a good balance bike without a limiter. Am torn between the kinder bike laufrad and the ridgeback scoot for the boy and a kinder bike mini for the girl (2. 5 yr) Also, our grandson (3 yr) has been using a donated Chicco and may be ready for pedals in six or seven months so the Morph looks enticing. Your thoughts?
        Thank you very much.

        • Your concerns about turning limiters are valid. They solve one problem while creating another. I have seen children get hurt as a result of bikes not have a limiter or having a limiter and falling on the handlebars. A serious injury never occurred with either, so as long as a limiter is properly designed, I am neutral. It does sound like the limiters on the bikes you received were problematic so I’m glad you can return them.

          For your three-year-old grandson, I would certainly go with the Scoot over either of the Kinderbikes. The Scoot is much better quality, plus it has a longer wheelbase and wider handlebars, which helps increase stability as well as allow the bike to fit for older kids. The Kinderbikes are also good bikes, and they are certainly lighter than the Scoot, but unless your child is under 30 lb., I would go with the Scoot. While I have not seen the Morph yet, I wouldn’t recommend it, especially since he is already competent with a balance bike. The main problem with convertible bikes is that by the time kids are ready to learn to pedal, they are generally too big for 12″ bikes and are much better off with a 14″ or even a 16″ bike, which will fit the better and last then longer.

          For your granddaughter, I would go with the Kinderbike is she is under 30 lb. and the Scoot if she is over.

      • Ben Oxnam

        Trying to decide between TooToo and Scoot. My son is 3yrs 4 months old, 40″ and a little over 30lb, fairly tall and slim. He’s not particularly athletic, still mastering his scooter, but is keen to get riding. I’m looking for something that he may use for 12 months or so and hand on to his younger sister who is 18 months old, so would likely be 2.5-3yrs old when inheriting. She is fairly petite. I’m concerned the Scoot may be a bit heavy for both of them, but as my son is fairly tall and probably strong enough, would that be a better bet than the TooToo? Hard to decide, any ideas?

        • I love to Scoot, but it certainly isn’t a bike to had down to petite siblings. As a result, I would go with the Too Too. As long as your son rides regularly over the next couple months or even a year, he will be ready to transition to a pedal bike. If you happen to live in a colder climate were he will only be riding from late Spring to Fall, then there is a chance that he might outgrow the Too Too before he is ready to move up. If that was the case, I would go with the Scoot, but that would really delay your daughter getting started. Pros and cons to each, but I think the Too Too is going to be your best bet.

      • sab

        Hi – was thinking about getting this for my daughter – she is 3.5 years old, and on the very light side (about 26 lbs), height is probably 37 inches – would this be a good choice for her? I would like her to be able to use it for a little while

        • Yep, sounds like she is the perfect candidate for the Too Too!

      • Michael

        I’m torn between the Too Too alu and the Woom1. My niece is just turning 18 months and has an 11″ inseam, about 23lbs. I like the low step through and the limiter on the Woom, and on the Too Too the larger range of seat heights. It sounds like the Woom might be a little easier to start on but she’ll probably only be on it occasionally until mid March/April. I guess it comes down to I’m not sure how much kids usually grow, I’m hoping to get one bike that will last until she’s 3.

        • You are right about the two. The WOOM1 does have a shorter minimum seat height, while the Too Too allows for more growth. My son is currently in 4T clothes are barely fits on the WOOM1 and is about to turn four, so as long as she isn’t taller than average for her age, she will fit just find on the WOOM1. Between the two, I prefer the WOOM1, but if you expect her to be taller, I would go for the Too Too.

      • MYG24

        I am interested in buying the Too Too for my son and I was wondering, is there a big difference between the Too Too v1 vs the Too Too v2? In my search the only difference I can find is that the v2 has reflective dots on the sidewall of the tires while the v1 does not. I have found that the price is the same between the two models, so that makes it even more confusing. Finally, thanks for all your help, your website has been very informative and has greatly helped me to make a decision on the perfect balance bike for my son.

        • As far as I know there isn’t a big difference between the two, which is why I haven’t differentiated between them on my site. I believe the main difference is the color. To be sure I would check with WeeBikeShop, who are the US distributors for the Yedoo’s.

          • fcormier

            From the pictures on your site and the specifications from Yedoo’s website, the frame geometry seems to be different. The V1 (as seen in the Yedoo Too Too review) has a minimum seat height of 12″ and a slacker seat tube angle while the V2 (as seen in the FirstBike review and on Yedoo website) has a minimum seat height of 14″ (35 cm) and a steeper seat tube angle.

            • You’re right, good call! I don’t have either of the Too To’s available as a comparison, but I didn’t even think to look at my own pictures. Thanks again, you’ve been a huge help.

              • fcormier

                You’re welcome. Thanks for the amazing site! I’m an avid cyclist and never knew there could be a website with such in depth reviews of balance bikes. It helps me a lot in finding one for my son.

                My son is 20 months old, 32″ tall with an 11″ inseam. I am hesitating between a KinderBike Mini that my son could use this spring and a FirstBike with a lowering kit that my son could use later this summer. The Yedoo Too Too is the most interesting, but since I live in Canada, adding the cost of shipping, duties and exchange rate makes it a little less worthwhile. It’s pretty much the same for the Rothan and the Woom.

              • Glad you found the site! It essentially started with me researching a balance bike for my oldest and has just grown throughout the years. With so much information out there and little time, my hope was that bringing everything together I could help kids and families get out and enjoying riding. I am no technical expert when it comes to biking, which is why I really appreciate help from others who are.

                For your son, I would go with the KinderBike if you plan on him being a more aggressive rider and the FirstBIKE if you plan on him mainly riding around the neighborhood. The Mini does not have a limiter and has wider handlebars than the FirstBIKE, so it is better for all terrain riders. The FirstBIKE’s smooth frame and recessed bolts prevent ankles from being scratched, but it does tend to flex with older rider (not until they are 4-5 years old though). The main benefit for you is that the FirstBIKE can be used in the winter as an awesome sled. My son loved riding his bike down the snow hills in the winter. The composite nature of the frame also prevents any rusting.

                Hope that helps. I only wish the WOOM or Rothan were available at a better price as I believe you would truly appreciate the craftsmanship of the bikes.

      • Lamis

        First off I want to thank you for such an informative website. It’s my first time searching for a bike for my little one so I’m confused on which would be best, and will have a longer lifetime for him. He is currently 20 months with an inseam of about 12. He is currently wearing 18-24 months clothes, which are a little big on him. Last month I had transitioned him away from 12-18 month old clothes which still fit pretty well. He his a petite little guy weighing 25 pounds. I’m currently confused on which bike would be best for him to learn to ride and will give us a generous lifetime. I’m debating between Rothan, too-too and scoot. I don’t know which one is best or if you have a better recommendation I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again for taking time to put together such an amazing site for parents to use as a guide when making such an important purchase.

        • You’re welcome, glad you find me:) Considering his size, the Scoot is going to be too big. The Too Too is also going to be a slight stretch as generally you want the seat to be about an inch lower than their inseam, and with the Too Too having a minimum seat height of 12″, it is going to be a little big at first. The Rothan, however, will fit him great from day one. My son is now in 4T clothes and has finally outgrown the bike. It has been awesome for him over the past 3 years, so I would certainly recommend it considering his size and age.

      • Redafe

        My son is 27 months old with a 32.5 in seam and wears clothes 2 to 3 years. I’ve narrowed my choices down to Yedoo Too or Fifty (with brake). They seem to be identical except the fifty is slightly cheaper – am I missing something? I’ve also been considering the Wiggle Verenti Zippy Runner. I think the Scoot and Strider would be a tad too big. Please help.

        • Redafe

          I plan to progress him onto a BYK E250 for his third birthday if he’s interested in cycling.

          • Ahh, sorry for my delay in getting back to you. Things have been crazy around here. Between the Fifty and the Too Too, I prefer the Too Too and it has some better components and a better frame design. Then again, the Fifty is no longer available here, so I haven’t seen the newer models to compare. I have also never heard of the Wiggle, but based on the pictures, the Too Too looks to be much better quality. Lastly, as long as your son weighs more than 10 lb. he will be fine on the Scoot, but I wouldn’t recommend it if he has a smaller frame. The Strider, however, is much smaller than the Scoot and is better for smaller, younger kids. In terms of size, the Strider is the smallest, Too Too in the middle and Scoot the biggest. Hope that helps.

            • Ha, ha I mean if he weighs more than 30 lbs.

              • Redafe

                Thanks for your advice Natalie. I saw on FB that you were fighting a bill and glad you won because this site is a turly useful resource for parents globally. Hope you can keep the site going for years to come 🙂

              • Thanks so much! It was a battle, but I love what I do, so I was willing to fight for it. I was relieved that we were victorious this round, but I’m afraid they will try again next year :(, but we will be ready when they do!

              • Redafe

                I did it! I ordered the Too Too so we can go out and over the Easter holidays and be active. Fingers crossed he loves it as much as I think – he gets excited watching kids on YouTube cycling and tells me he would “Like a bike”. I would have bought a heavy wooden one or large cartoon one if it hasn’t been for your guidance.

              • Awesome, I’m sure he will love it!

      • Alissa Namatovu

        Thank you for this helpful site — I probably would have purchased an unsuitable bike without it. I was wondering if I could get your advice? My son is almost 25 months and is tall for his age, but light weight (35.5″ — 75th percentile, 28 lbs., 2T clothes). I’m wondering which bike would be best for his build. He will mostly be riding on compact dirt bike trails with some fine gravel and on grass. I’m debating between the Tykesbikes charger 12 and the Too Too, though the Too Too is getting up there in price for what I wanted to spend. I’m wondering if he could manage the heavier charger at this point. I also like some of Muna’s features, and I really like the Burley Mykick, but I don’t know how I feel about the lack of a hand brake because we will likely come across some hills. Of those four brands, which would you say might be best for a tall, skinny 2 year old? Thanks for your thoughts!

        • Glad to help and sorry for my delay in getting back to you. Crazy times around here! I know I may be too late to help, but just in case, any of the bikes you mentioned could work for him, but there are some pros and cons for each. First off, if he is on the athletic side, then I don’t think the weight of the bike would be an issue, if he is more hesitant, then I would focus on a lighter bike. The TykesBykes (not Stampede Bikes) Charger 12″ has a slightly larger frame than the others, which will help as he grows, but if you think he needs a lighter bike, I would go with the Too Too. The Burley is a great bike, but if you plan on being around hills I would stick to a bike with a brake.

      • Linda

        Hello. My daughter is turning 3 this month, and I was thinking about getting her the Scoot. She’s athletic, but a lightweight, not yet cracking 30 lbs at about 38 inches tall. We live in a city with lots of access to large parks with hills and trails. But now I’m wondering if I should go for a lighter weight bike, like this Too Too. Will the extra weight of the Scoot make it that much more difficult to master? Thanks for any input! Also, she insists on the bike being blue.

        • If she is 38″ tall, then I would probably go with a larger bike which will allow her more time to grow. Instead of the Scoot, the Saracen would be a great choice as it is a pound lighter, but it doesn’t come in blue. Since she is athletic, then I think she will be fine on the Scoot. The Too Too will be easier for her to learn on since it is lighter, but if she is eager to ride, then I bet she will love the Scoot. The Dimensions is also an awesome bike, which is larger like the Scoot, yet only weighs 8.9 lbs., but it is also pricey at $299,

      • Ashley

        Hi, my son is 20 months old and his inseam is about 11.5 inches and he weighs 25 pounds. He is quite strong and solid for his size, although he has always been in the lower percentiles for height and weight 15th-20th. I am trying to figure out what type of balance bike to get him started on this spring but am having a bit of trouble deciding. I would like to purchase a good quality bike that can last him through until he is on a pedal bike and that would also be able to be passed down to a younger sibling. It seems that the Rothan or the Woom1 would both be good choices for him considering his size but I live in Canada and I am having trouble finding them for a decent price once you factor in shipping and the dollar conversion right now. Do you know of any bikes that are more readily available in Canada that would fit the needs of my son? Thanks!! and Thanks for this amazing site… so much amazing information here!!! Oh… I will also mention that we live in an area where he won’t be able to have much practice over the winter so I’d like this bike we get him to last for a few summers if thats even possible.

        • Glad to help and glad you found the site :). Considering his size and weight, I would consider the Strider and the Glide Bikes Mini Glider. The Strider is lighter, but the Mini Glider has a hand brake and air tires. The Mini is also slightly bigger, which should allow him to ride it for at least two summers. If you prefer the Strider, I would go with the Sport as he will need the extended seat post once he is potty trained (the Mini saddle included is not padded). Both bikes are available here:

      • Christine

        Hi! I am so glad I found your site. I was about to purchase a balance bike solely based on Amazon reviews and thankfully came across your site before I did! Whew. 🙂
        I’m looking for a balance bike for my daughter who will be 4 in a week. She weighs around 34 lbs and is average for height but her build is very petite – she typically wears 3T or small 4T, although can still squeeze into 2T shirts. I’m choosing between the yedoo too too and the ridgeback scoot. She’s generally on the cautious side and loves the idea of bikes, but has never tried a two wheeler.
        I love that the too too is lighter but am concerned it won’t fit her in the long run, however, I wonder if the scoot is too heavy for her to handle. I’d also prefer something that can be handed down to my son who is on the more average side of 2yo.
        Do you have any suggestions or recommendations between the two, or another completely different one?
        Thank you so much in advance!

        • Yeah, glad you found us. The Scoot is my top pick for older kids, but does weigh more. The Saracen (, which we are currently reviewing, is another great option that is sized like the Scoot, but is slightly lighter, weighing 10 lb. and 8 oz. The Dimensions bike, not on our site yet, is also sized like the Scoot, but weighs just under 9 lbs., but is pricey at $299. My son is currently in 4T and fits much better on the Saracen than the Too Too (pic below). I also included a picture of a small 2yo in 2t on the Saracen, so it should be a great fit for your younger child as well. Hope that helps!

      • Lorae

        Hi so I’m going back and forth between the yedoo too too and the ridgeback scoot for my almost(in May) 3 yr old daughter. She’s about 30lbs and 36in. It’ll be her first time on any type of bike. I’d love to get one she can use for a few yrs and in a couple hrs pass on to a new sibling. What would you recommend? Or another brand as well.

        • Lorae

          She’s in a 3t/4t. But pretty petite. We also move a lot and the terrains will vary.

          • Unless she is really timid, I would go with the Scoot. It is larger (and heavier) than the Too Too, but will last her much longer as it is provides more room for growth. Another bike I would consider is the Saracen Freewheel. It is lighter than the Scoot, which will help her, but still provides room for growth. It also has a lower minimum seat height than the Scoot, so younger siblings will be able to ride it sooner. The Saracen also has knobby tires, which will work in all terrains, while the others have standard street tires, which are best for pavement.

      • Tiffany

        Hello! I was wondering if you could help recommend a bike for my tall but small/thin 21 month old. I have measured her since her last dr visit but she was almost 33 in then (18 month visit) but only weighed 24 lbs. She is very interested in bikes and always seems to gravitate towards any laying around in the neighborhood so I know this will be a great 2 yr present for her. She is a bit of a daredevil without much restriction. Also, I live in an area where we cannot ride in winters and our summers are pretty short (her birthday will be in almost end of summer) so I was hoping to get something that will last her a few years until she can transition to a pedal bike. I was originally going to go with a strider based on Amazon reviews but then I came across you site (which I’m glad for) and now I can’t choose between that, the woom, the isla bike or the too too. What would be your opinion, price will not be an issue. Thanks in advance!

        • Tiffany

          Forgot to add she is in 18-24 month clothing now, so I wanted to make sure it will not be too big for her to use right away as well.

          • Considering her size, the Islabikes and the Rothan would both fit her perfectly right now. Between the two, I would probably go with the Rothan as it provides slightly more room for growth than the WOOM1. My son was able to ride the Rothan while in 4T clothes and has since transitioned to a pedal bike while still in 4T. Another bonus of the Rothan is that Strider’s skis fit on it, so you can use it as a sled in the winter. You can see the Rothan in action as a sled here:

      • Julia

        Hi, Your site is great! It has really helped me with my search for a balance bike. I’m debating between models and I was hoping you could help me pick. My son will be 2 next month and has always been in the lower percentiles for weight (ranging from 10-20%), but average height. I measured his inseam at 11.75 inches and he’s currently in 18-24 month clothes. I thought the Too Too aluminum would be a good choice, but it is on backorder until mid-July. I guess I could wait, but I was hoping to get it sooner than that to give him more time to use it here in the Northeast… Do you think the steel Too Too or Woom would work? I’d like him to get a few years of use out of it.

        • Glad to help! Considering his size, I would go with the WOOM1. My son is 4 and in 4T clothes and just out grew the WOOM1. He can still ride it, but it is really small for him. Since your son is still in 18-24 months clothes, he should have plenty of time on the WOOM1. Considering you are in the NE, you will want a bike ASAP, but if you think your son will shoot up in height percentages, then I would go with the Too Too, if not, then I would go with the WOOM1.

      • Stacey

        Hi – your site is great. I want to get my son a balance bike but am struggling with the prices of the most recommended ones on here – as we were hoping to stay under $100, but even if we spend over, didn’t want to end up spending close to $200, especially if he will grow out of it before he’s 4. He was 34.5 inches at 18 months and is now 20 months, so probably at 35 inches or so. He has always been taller – 95% but on the lighter side – 20th or less percentile for weight. He’s a skinny little guy. We tried to measure his inseam, but he was resistant but I’d say its between 12-13″. We were set to buy the Strider sport, but I’ve since read some reviews that say they are not worth their money – that the bearings are cheaply made and that the foam tires are not so great and that air tires with actual spokes versus plastic is better. We were looking then at the Schwinn because of price, but read the footrest can be an issue (getting in the way) and the weight and height may be tougher for his age – re: it would be better when he’s 2.5 years or older. Someone told us about the Tauki Kid Balance Bike as its under $100 (one that I don’t see on your chart at all, so not sure if you know about it – it seems decent and is heavier than Strider but lighter than Schwinn and has air tires – but we are unsure as it doesn’t show up on a lot of the review sites. Anyway – I want to get something for him that he will be successful on. He has a mini scooter that is a sit on now and converts to a standing and he likes to walk around with it, but its three wheels – so I thought a balance bike would be perfect. He’s not super rough and tumble, and tends to be a bit cautious but loves all things with wheels. Can you offer a recommend? I know that most of your highly recommended or exceptional bikes are well above $100 – so if not, I understand, but would love some thoughts. BTW: The Rothan sounds wonderful but for the price, just don’t think we can do it. Thank you.

        • Kelsey Leonardsmith

          Tykesbykes 12 in is $110 most places.

          • Stacey

            Thanks – Any other tips? Any other brands to recommend based on above. Do you all know anything about the Tauki Kid?

            • Kelsey Leonardsmith

              I don’t know but I doubt that the Tauki is lighter than the tykesbykes and looks like it has higher minimum seat. It also lacks a brake or quick release seatpost. I had good luck Craigslisting a strider for my nephew and then moving him up to a tykesbykes (also on CL) and spent $80 total. Having a second hand strider he could use immediately made me patient for a deal on a nice bigger bike.

              • Thanks for your input Kelsey, I really appreciate it!

              • Stacey

                Hi Kelsey – you make a good point – the Tauki is about the same weight. So you said you got a Stryder for your nephew – so did you find the Stryder was better for when he was younger/smaller? My son again is taller 35″ about at 20 months, but he’s skinny, so wondering if he’s ready for the Tykesbyke or if he would be better served with a Stryder now? Or better to start with Tykesbyke, so we don’t end up having to buy two bikes within two years? Thanks again for your input.

              • Kelsey Leonardsmith

                I guess, my opinion is that there’s not really a bike out there that’s light enough to start super early with a light kid and also last you until your kiddo is ready to pedal at a super low price point. The Too-Too is probably the closest thing. I think the woom 1 is what fits the bill best for the ultimate early balance through to pedaling age bike, but it’s pricey. That said, the used market is amazing for them, and it would easily re-sell for $150. If you are intent on buying new, then I’d get the tykesbykes and be OK with it if kiddo needs some time to be ready for it. My opinion on the Strider is that it’s not worth the money to buy new. On the flip side, since they are so prevalent, they come up on Craigslist and other used sites frequently. To me, the ideal budget starter balance bike is a used Strider in the $20-40 range. For some kids, that’s going to be enough for the long haul, and for others they will do better if they move up to air tires +/- a brake. My nephew is a very very petite kid, he will be 3 in September and I got him the used Strider before he was 2. He learned to balance on the Strider and loved “yellow bike.” But now he is a bike champ and prefers the air tires and practicing with the hand brake on the TykesBykes like his cousin and big sister. I have 2 tykesbykes 12 inches for the kiddos. I got them used after they had been used for a bout 2 years and paid $50 each. My niece is still riding hers, though she can pedal, she chooses a balance bike at the pump track and just for fun other times. We actually got the extended seat post and rocked the handlebars forward and she is still loving it at age 5.

              • Stacey

                Great intel. Thanks Kelsey. I did a search on Craigslist and unfortunately in the market I’m in there are not many used Stryders – may be because i’m not in a big city area. But I’ll keep looking – I agree that a Stryder new is not really a value. And if I can’t get a used Stryder, may do what you said and just go with a Tykes 12-inch charger. I really like the Too Too, but unless I can get it used, its just a bit too pricey for us. And I hear ya on the Woom 1. One other to throw into the mix, just curious if you have a thought is the Glide Bikes ezee glider – only issue with that one may be that it too will be outgrown by 3. Any thoughts there? Thank you again for all your input – it has been super helpful.

          • Stacey

            I ask the below because the Tykesbykes 12 is for 2.5 year olds who are at least 30 pounds. My son is 20 months and tall but skinny. He probably weighs 25 pounds at most

        • I totally understand, many of these bikes are pricey! Considering his weight, you will certainly want to consider a lighter weight bike. Like Kelsey mentioned, the TykesBykes (now Stampede Bikes) Charger 12 is a great bike for the price. You can currently get it for $99 on their site,, and the coupon code “twowheeltots” will get you another 10% off. While the bike is heavier than the Too Too and Rothan, I think it will work out for him. Cheaper bikes, such as the Tauki, don’t have a hand brake, are not as well made and are still about the same weight. Compared to other bikes in it’s price range, the Tauki does look decent.

          • Stacey

            Thanks Natalie – all very good points – and yes I think my biggest concern is the weight over bikes like the Too Too or the Rothan, but its tough for me to think about spending almost $200 on a balance bike. My one concern is that in your comparison chart – you guys don’t even list the TykesByke charger 12 in your top bikes for 18 months and up nor in the 2.5 years and up, while you list the Stryder as highly recommended. I read the review of the Stryder and there seemed to be more negative than positive, so I’m wondering why does Stryder go into the highly recommended and this TykesByke doesn’t even make it into the list? I’ve been leaning away from the Stryder Sport we were originally looking at, as for $120, it seems overpriced for what you get – but am I wrong – is its weight the key factor that makes it good for my son? I just don’t want to buy it and then in a year be buying something else. Also – all the info I read on the Tykesbyke says its more for a toddler who is 2.5 years and 130 pounds – my guy is 20 months and less than 25 pounds. Will he be able to manage it? Thank you!

            • I rank bikes according to how the fit the age now and whether they will properly fit the child over the next couple years. The Strider is an awesome bike for toddlers, but it is too small for many 4 years old. As a result, I don’t have it listed in the 2.5 and up category and it won’t properly fit a child for 2 to 3 years. In most cases, kids transition to pedal bikes by the time they are 4, so it isn’t a major issue, but for those kids who take their time learning or have cold, long winters, I still want to make sure they have room to grow on the bike. The TykesBykes isn’t on the younger list because I believe it is too heavy for little ones, but fine for older kids. As to which is better for your son, If he is really timid, he could be turned off the weight, if not, he should do fine on the TykesBykes. My youngest was also a feather weight, so he did much better on lighter weight bikes, but other kids are chomping at the bit to ride, even if they are super light themselves. I would go with the bike that best fits his personality. Timid go with the Strider, more adventurous, the TykesBykes. Lastly, the shipment of Too Too’s just came in if you are interested in those through WeeBike.

          • Stacey

            One other thought Natalie – What about the Glide Bikes ezee glider – only issue with that one may be that it
            too will be outgrown by 3. Any thoughts there? You guys have it as recommended on your 18 months and older comparison chart.

            • Glide Bikes are great bikes and I would certainly consider them. I am not a huge fan of their foot rest design, but it is removeable. The Ezee Glider is also a lot smaller than the Charger 12, which is why I don’t have it listed on the older charts.

      • Jrsos3

        Hi there,
        I would love your advice. We used your wonderful and informative web page a year and a half ago to select a balance bike for our first daughter. We settled on the Islabike Rothan and she has absolutely loved it! She is a petite 3.5 yr old and has not yet outgrown it and loves riding it inside our house and outside. We are now considering getting a bike for our youngest who is also petite. Her inseam is just shy of 11″ at 22months (wearing 18-24m clothes) she is eager to ride with her older sister. We are looking for a BB with a a scooped-style seat (since we like that feature on the islabike), air tires, limited turn, option for extended seat post would be ideal since we want the bike to last her a while, and I would love the convenience of having an quick clamp adjustable seat (a feature that the islabike does not have and an inconvenience for siblings who are trying to share). What is your best recommendation? I guess an alternative is to get the older one a larger bike and have the younger get the islabike Rothan hand-me-down…in that case, I’d welcome an additional recommendation for a 3.5 year old in 3-4T clothes, 13.5″ inseam, & 33lbs. Thank you a whole lot! Your thoughts are much appreciated!

        • The Rothan really is an amazing bike for kids just getting started, so I would had it down to your youngest and get a larger bike for your older daughter. My top pick for her would be the Saracen Freewheel. It is an amazing bike for older kids and will fit her perfectly, Ahh, wait, they are out of stock. Next up is the Frog. While it doesn’t have an extended seat post, it should provide her plenty of cruising time before she is ready to transition to a pedal bike. The Too Too is a great bike, but I believe an experienced rider’s will appreciate the longer wheelbase and wider handlebars on the Frog.

      • Sonya

        I have boy girl twins who are two years, three months old. They are 33 ish pounds, 33 ish inches tall, with an inseam of 15 ish inches. (They are above 85% in everything.) I am wondering if the yedoo too too or the first bike would be the best. We live in Colorado so we have winter months where they won’t be able to use it much. They will be 3 at the beginning of April of next year. I want to invest in a bike that they can use until they are at least 4. What do you recommend?


        • The flexing of the FirstBIKE doesn’t become a problem until kids are in size 5 clothes, so if they ride regularly, they should be able to transition to a pedal bike before it begins to flex. To be safe though, I would go with the Too Too, especially with your winter months. In fact, with a 15″ inseam and 85th percentiles, I would also consider a larger bike such as the Saracen Freewheel (although I believe it is currently sold out) or the Scoot.

      • Tanner Martin

        Hi Natalie,

        First off, thank you so much for your time and effort to helping us all become informed Buyer’s. I’ve been reading through all the bikes for quite a while now, to the point that I think I’m going to drive myself crazy so I thought I’d see if I was on the right track, and if you could provide some insight into what I’ve narrowed down to. By all means if I’m leaving something out, feel free to mention another bike.

        My son is turning 3 in a 3 and half months and is about average size and is currently wearing 3T pants but does have a little room to grow in them. I would really like to have him get into a bike as I’m sure most would, that he will have plenty of room to grow even if he doesn’t jump on a pedal bike (not sure if it’s drastic but I wouldn’t mind for him to have enough growing room to ride it up until age 5, just in case). I’m not so much concerned about budget as I am getting a nice bike for him. I’ve narrowed down the the Strider Sport, possibly even their top of the line model, too too, Muna, Saracen, and firstBIKE (due to the safety features.)

        Please let me know what you think on this. Thanks again for all your help you provide with your site.

        • Glad to help! If you are looking for him to ride the bike for two years, I would go with the Saracen. It is the ideal mix of not too big and not too little. Sadly, they are currently sold out, so it may not be an option if you want it sooner. Next up, I would go for the Scoot, but if he weighs less than 30 lb., I would go for the Too Too. Considering he will likely move up to a pedal bike within a year or so, I would be sure to get a bike with a hand brake, as it will better prepare him to be able to stop a pedal bike when he first learns to ride (kids can’t use a coaster brake on a bike until they learn how to pedal, which can take a while). The FirstBIKE would be a good choice, but he will outgrow it before he gets into size 5 clothes.

          • Tanner Martin

            Thanks so much for your response, Natalie. I appreciate the insight. At what size clothes would you think the Too Too would get outgrown?

            • The seat height will easily fit a child in 4T, but the narrow handlebars will be problematic for kids with larger frames. A smaller framed child in 4T would do fine on the Too Too.

      • Jo

        I’ve settled on getting either the Islabikes Rothan or the Yedoo Too Too. How do you think they would compare to one another? Any advantage to one over the other? They seem similar and my son would just barely fit into both of them (12″ inseam). The Too Too seems to be a bit less at $159 (vs. $199). Thoughts? It’s so hard buying a bike without being able to have my guy sit on it in person, so your reviews have been VERY helpful. Thanks so much!

      • Tiffany Anderson

        Hi Natalie,
        Thank you so much for providing such a great resource!
        I’m struggling to decide on a bike for my petite 4 year old. She has just outgrown 3t pants (I believe she has a 15.5 inseam but I’m not convinced I’m measuring correctly) and only weighs 30lbs.
        She is slightly motor delayed and super timid but she’s rocking the tricycle and I think she’s ready to move on.
        What would you recommend for her? She’s not very strong so I definitely want a lighter bike. Should I go with the Too Too?

        • If she just started to wear 4T pants, she will likely outgrow the Too Too within a year, so I would go with a larger bike. Considering she has a slight delay, a larger bike will certainly provide more room for her to grow. My top pick for her would be the Dimensions 14″, which is the lightest 14″ bike, but it is pricey at $299. From there, I would go to the Saracen Freewheel, which sells for $179. The Saracen is slightly heavier than the Too Too, weighing 10.7 lb., but its wider handlebars and longer wheelbase will help her feel more secure on the bike.

          • Tiffany Anderson

            Thank you for your feedback, it’s SO helpful! I have an (almost) 2 year old who is pretty physical. I wonder if I should start with the Too Too and let the 4 year old get accustomed to it for a few months and then let my little one take it over. Do you think the 4yo would feel more comfortable on the bigger bike from the get-go? I want to give her the best initial experience I can so that’s she’s encouraged to continue using it instead of heading back to the tricycle where she’s comfortable. She actually sat on a friend’s skuut this weekend and shuffled around. She thought it was fun but definitely needed me to hold the bike steady while she climbed on and off. In fairness, it was her first time trying to get on a two wheeler. Any thoughts on the better bike to start with since either size will get long-term use?

            • Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. Back to school time has been crazy around here! With a 15.5″ inseam, you are right in that the Dimensions 14″ would be too big, but she would fit the Dimensions 12″. The WOOM1 is a great bike for your almost 2yo to get started on, but it will be pretty small for your 4yo. My 4yo in 4T pants can ride the WOOM1, but he has to raise his legs up pretty high to ride. Knowing how to ride, it’s not a problem, but he would never choose to ride it over another bike.

      • Beth

        Hi! I’d love some advice on which bike to buy. I have a 28 month old who is 35+ pounds and about 38 inches wearing 3T. He’s super excited about a bike – this will be his first. He was kind of a late walker (16 months) and is active but still definitely toddling.
        We thought about the FirstBike – I like the safety features and that it is light. The Too Too and the Scoot look great too. I’m worried that the Scoot might be too heavy as he’s learning to ride. Thoughts? Thanks!

        • The Scoot is on the heavier side, but he would probably do fine on the Saracen Freewheel. If he has a smaller frame (more petite) he would probably do better on the Too Too or the FirstBIKE, but if he has a larger frame or if you expect him to grow quickly, I would go with the Saracen.

      • Lindsay

        Hi! Your site is a fantastic resource! I’m a bit overwhelmed with the options for my tall 18 month daughter. She’s 36″, 26lbs, and in 2T clothes. She started walking at 15 months, and although very energetic, she’s not always the most stable and coordinated. I’d love to get her a bike to grow with, but I’m unsure how long I should expect a balance bike to last her before she’ll be ready for a pedal bike. It seems like I should want air tires and a hand brake – but perhaps they’re not necessary if she will outgrow the balance bike before really being able to use them? She’ll be able to ride year round in our climate. I don’t anticipate her doing much serious “off-roading” on the bike, mainly due to my being over protective. 🙂 I’m thinking to cap the budget around $150, which is fairly dependent on how many years of use we can realistically expect with the bike. I’d most appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!

        • Being only 18 months, she should get two years out of the right bike. While a hand brake isn’t necessary for the first year, she will likely be able to able to master it before she transitions to a pedal bike. If it is in your budget, I do recommend a balance bike with a hand brake as it does save their shoes from extra wear and tear and also better prepares them to stop a pedal bike. Being tall for her age, the Too Too would be a great bike as it does have the extra height she will need with time while also being lightweight. If you wanted to spend less than $150, I would consider the FirstBIKE with the lowering kit.

      • Emily

        Hi there,
        Thank you SO much for your information and reviews. I am feeling torn between two different bikes for my toddler. She gets frustrated easily so most important is a bike she can find her balance on quickly.

        She is 34 inches and 24 pounds. Her inseam is in the 11.5-12.5 range. I was considering the new yedoo too too aluminum (since it weighs 7.15 lbs and can go to 11″ on the seat) or the Woom1. I would love a bike that will last until she gets a pedal bike but her confidence trumps that if it comes down to it.

        Thank you for any help you can give.


        • Emily

          Strider was also an option we were considering. Thank you!


          • Emily

            Thank you!! We are in a cooler climate so I may go with the too too. Thank you again

        • Glad to help. The WOOM1 and the Too Too are much better quality than the Strider, plus they have air tires and a handbrake which will greatly benefit her with time. As long rides on a somewhat regular basis she should have no problems transitioning from any of the bikes to a pedal bike. Between the WOOM and the Too Too, the WOOM is better for more hesitant/timid riders and is made with better components. The Too Too is still top quality though and also offers a higher maximum seat height. If you live in a colder climate, where she won’t be able to ride for several months of the year, I would go with the Too Too to ensure she has plenty of room for growth, it not, I would go for the WOOM. As an FYI, my son outgrew the WOOM1 when he switched to 4T clothes, while he could still ride the Too Too (albeit it was small) while he was in 4T.

      • Kristy

        Hi Natalie,
        As mentioned by others, the information you provide is invaluable. However, I still feel lost. My son is turning two on Sunday and I would like to order him his first balance bike. He is average height for a two-year old, but very light-weight – maybe 25/26 lbs. He wears 18-24 month clothing – 2T is simply too wide for him. I haven’t had a chance to check his inseam. We live in Washington, DC, so I suspect there might only be a good 3 to 3.5 months where he would not be riding the bike.

        I had been debating between the WOOM1 and Rothan, but then I read your review for the Too Too. What is most important to me is that he can get on the bike from day one without having to “grow into it”. It would be nice if it lasts longer than a year, but that is not a deal breaker.

        So, based on what I’ve shared, is there a bike that you would recommend?

        Thanks in advance!

        • No problem, glad to help, but sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I’m still playing catch up from summer. Considering your son’s size, I would go for the Rothan if you expect him to pick up riding quickly. If you think he may take a couple months to warm up to biking, then I would go with the Too Too. Both bikes should fit him now, but there is a chance that the Too Too will be slightly too big. The WOOM1 is also a great bike, but it has a lower maximum seat height than the Rothan, so there is slightly less room for growth.

          • Kristy

            Thanks so much for your advice! Over the weekend I measured him (to the extent he let me), and came to the same conclusion about the Too Too possibly being to big (his inseam seemed to be about 11.25-11.5 cm). The Rothan seems to be the best match. Looking forward to seeing him ride! Best – Kristy

      • Anna B.

        Hi, Great website! Can’t wait to get balance bikes for my 23 month old twins. My daughter is 28 lbs with inseam of 12 inches and is in 2T clothes. I am thinking the Yedoo Too Too would be perfect. Do you think this would work for her? My son is 33 lbs with inseam of 13.5 inches and is mostly in 3T clothes. So for him I am having trouble deciding between the Yedoo Too Too (since he is over 30 lbs) and the FirstBike which seems more like his size. Can you tell me which bike you think is better for him? Thank you!!

        • Anna B.

          Second question – would daughter fit a FirstBike? Concerned with getting two different bikes and then they fight over them…..

          • I would probably get the Too Too for both. Both kids would actually fit fine on the FirstBIKE, but your daughter would have to use a lowering kit. The main benefit of the Too Too is the longevity it will provide. The handlebars of the FirstBIKE do not adjust up and when ridden by older/heavier kids (age 5 and up), the frame will flex. The frame will not be an issue for kids your age though. One benefit of the FirstBIKE is that a ski can be attached to it to be used as a sled during the winter.

            • Anna B.

              Thank you! I went ahead and ordered two yedoo too too bikes from weebikeshop. Can’t wait!!

      • Ashleigh

        Hi. I am looking for a bike for my 27 month old son. He is on the the taller side, average weight (about 30lbs, 35 inches). He has a longer torso than legs. I am not sure how he will do with riding bikes, it might take him a bit to get used to it. We live in AZ so we will be using it year round. Do you recommend the Woom1 or the Too Too? Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

        • If he is on the taller side, I would absolutely go with the Too Too as it will provide much more room for growth. Happy riding 🙂

      • Chai Bayles

        Ok I am torn between the too too, the too too alu and the rothan I am wondering if it is worth the extra money for the aluminum frame on the too too and the better components on the rothan any advice would be appreciated.

        • Sorry for my delay in getting back to you, busy season! Between the two, I wouldn’t worry as much about the frame as the bikes themselves have several other differences. In my opinion, the quality on the Rothan is better than the Yedoo, which is reflective in their prices. The Too Too is still an amazing bike, but we’ve found the handling on the Rothan as well as the brakes to be better than the Too Too. Once again, these are slight as the Too Too is hands down better than almost any other bike on the market. Between the two, I would get the Rothan if your child is younger and more likely to become a more ambitious rider (the wider handlebar on the Rothan would come in handy them). If your child is taller, I would go with the Too Too as it provides more room for growth.

      • Laine M

        Hello! am I to understand this this bike can only really be used up to a 3 or small 4 yr old? my son is turning 3 in 2 months and is average size all around. he has very good balance and catches on quickly to this type of thing. I would really like to buy something that he could use for as long as possible if we can. Would this be a good bike to get for him now or is there a better alternative? I can’t quite figure out how if any of them can be used for a long time (at least until 5 or 6??) thanks in advance!

        • The Too Too will fit a child in size 4T clothes (the size of an average 4yo), but it will be on the smaller side. If you 3yo starts riding it now, it will be a good fit for him as he will likely transition to a pedal bike within 1 to 1.5 years. If you like in a colder climate, however, he won’t be able to ride as much, so there is a chance he would outgrow it beforehand. If so, then I would consider a larger balance bike now such as the Saracen or Too Too.

      • Josh

        Would this bike be too big for a 2 year old boy who is 33.5 in tall and has a 12.5 inch inseam?

        • Nope, it would be a great fit!

      • Sue

        I have a 22 month old with 34 inches in height. she loves her scooter and i think she would love the bike too. we plan to ride indoors till march coz of the cold and then head outside. Which bike would you recommend?

        • If you are indoors, having recessed or round bolts is huge and they often lead to scratches and damages on walls and furniture. As a result, I would recommend the Islabikes Rothan or the Cruzee.

      • Jane

        Thank you SO MUCH for this site. I have spent hours browsing the amazing information you put together, and I just can’t decide between the Yedoo Too Too and the Charger 12. We are getting my 2-year-old son a bike for this summer (about 5 months away). He is currently 28 pounds and 34 inches, with a 13 inch inseam; tall for his age and slightly heavier than average.
        My son has never ridden a balance bike, trike, scooter, or anything like that (we are behind the curve), so I am drawn to the Too Too for its light weight and ease of use. But being so close to 30 pounds, I am afraid he will grow out of it too quickly, and for that reason I come back to the Scoot. But then will it be too heavy and he won’t want to try?! I appreciate your insight!

        • If you live in a climate in which he won’t be able to ride for a good portion of the year and he is on the athletic end, I would go with the Saracen Freewheel first and then the Scoot. If he isn’t on the athletic side, I would go for the Charger if he is in the higher percentiles for height and weight and the Too Too is he is average or in the lower percentiles. Hope that helps!

      • Missy

        I have a 2 yo with an inseam of 13 inch and a 5 yo with an inseam of 16 inch. She is on the smaller side wears more of a 4t -5t clothing. Would a too too bike work for both? Or is there a better bike that could accommodate both my 5 yo can peddle as we worked on a box store 12 inch bike. Before understanding Bikes. She has quickly out grown it. She won’t use it any more but can’t fit the 14 inch bike yet. We can only afford one bike right now. ☹️ We have a micro scooter and the 5 yo will not give it back to the 2yo since out growing the 12 inch pedel bike. We are now in a fighting war zone of the scooter. Thanks for your help.

        • If your daughter is already on 4T-5 pants, then you best bet would be to but a Strider Classic ( as well as their XL seat post ( This combination will be the easiest to swap back and forth between the two as you will have two seats attached to two different seat post (one short, one long), allowing you to swap back and forth in mere seconds. The Too Too is a better quality bike, but it comes with one seat and two seat posts, making it pretty time consuming to switch between the short and long seat post. The short seat post will be too short for your 5 yo and the tall seat post will hit the ground when lowered all the way for your 2 yo to use.

          • Missy

            Thanks Natalie. Could we do the strider sport and just put the same seat up and down instead of getting two different seats? What is the difference between the classic and sport? Thank you.

            • Like the Too Too, the Strider Sport comes with two seat posts and one seat. The seat on the short seat post will be too short for your 5yo. If you switch the seat to the tall seat post, it will hit the ground when lowered to be short enough for your 2yo. The are several differences between the two. The main differences is that the Sport comes with the extra seat post (but no seat), as well as a smaller handlebar and padded bar. The Sport also has a tool free adjust, which makes it much easier to raise and lower the seat post on the go. The quick adjust is certainly a great feature, but I don’t think it is worth the extra $30 since you will have to buy the XL seat anyway. If you prefer the additions on the Sport model, then I would get this mini saddle ( for your 2yo to use and then use the included seat with the extended seat post included in the box.

              • Missy

                That makes sense now. I thought you were only talking about the Too Too. The sport is on sale for $109.99 right now and the mini saddle is $5 right now. So I think I will get the sport with mini saddle. Especially since we have some Amazon gift cards to use from Christmas gifts. Thank you so much for the help.

      • Neeloufar Gharavi

        I’ve been reading and re-reading your reviews, and I’m still on the fence. I’m looking for a balance bike for my daughter’s birthday in April. She’ll be 3 years old and currently weighs 27 lbs and has an in-seam of 13″ (she wears 2T and 3T clothing). I’m deliberating between the Too Too, Dimensions 12, and Saracen Freewheel. The Dimensions is probably the best choice, but it’s definitely pricier, especially if she’s likely to be ready for a pedal bike in 1-2 years. Advice, please!

        • Between these three their prices are a good reflection of the overall quality and build of the bike. They are all great bikes, so you really can’t go wrong, so it really comes down to your budget. The Dimensions is certainly better than the Too Too and the Too Too is hands down better than most balance bikes. Besides price, the Too Too is going to be better is she has a more petite frame and the Saracen and Dimensions better if she has a larger frame. If she is already in 3T pants and she has an inseam of 13″, I would probably go for the larger Saracen or the Dimensions as she will comfortably fit on either for 2 years. The Too Too is smaller and she may only last on it for 1 to 1.5 years depending on how tall she gets. Hope that helps!

          • Neeloufar Gharavi

            Thank you! We’re going with the TooToo: she’s really on the slight side and can still fit into 18 month clothes without difficulty. I’m guessing the TooToo will last until she’s ready for a pedal bike. Plus, her little sister will be able to ride the TooToo earlier.