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Balance Bike Review

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Quick, nimble and lightweight, the Yedoo Too Too is an exceptional buy for younger or lighter-weight toddlers.


• One of the lightest balance bikes with air tires and a hand brake on the market
• High quality Tektro V-pull brakes
• 12″ to 18″ seat height range allows plenty of room for growth


• Its small frame is not ideal for older/heavier riders

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $160

Recommendation: Exceptional

Seat Height: 12" - 18"

Weight: 8.2 lb.

Brakes: Hand Brake

Footrest: No

Limiter: Yes

Tire Size: 12"

Grips Bumper: Yes

Bolts: Exposed

Frame Material: Steel


Our littlest tester prefers red bikes.  All other bikes require some trickery to get him to ride, except for the blue Yedoo Too Too.  Not red, not a problem, he will ride the Too Too without complaint.  Over the years, this little man has become quite the balance bike connoisseur and so when he loves a bike, I know it’s a keeper.  The Yedoo is lightweight, has Kenda air tires, Tektro V-pull brakes, and a 12″ minimum and 18″ maximum seat height. What’s not to love?

Too Too award

Weighing only 34 lb., he has always been on the lower percentiles for weight and height, so the lightweight frame was noticeable from the get-go. From mountains to the paved jungles, our little man had ridden his heart out on the Too Too and it has yet to disappoint.

Too Too 1


Built on a high-tensile steel frame with weight capacity of 132 lb., the Too Too is built to last and is ready to take on whatever your little ones can dish out, yet it only weighs 8 lb. 4 oz (not 8.4 oz. as stated above).  One of the lightest balance bike with air tires and a hand brake on the market, at 8.25 lb. the Too Too certainly stands out in the crowd.

Too Too 7

Safety Features

To prevent oversteering and the brake cable from being twisted, the Yedoo Too Too is built with a turning limiter.  While some turning limiters are too restrictive, the Too Too’s did not interfere with the handling of the bike.

Too Too 3

Small and mighty, the V-pull brakes on the Too Too were easy for his small hands to activate.  To prevent scratched legs, the braking mechanism does not protrude beyond the width of the seat (as shown in the next set of pictures) and the excess brake cable is easily tucked under the provided tab.
Too Too 6

The padded, narrow saddle is toddler-sized to prevent fatigue and is non-porous (which comes in handy during potty-training accidents).  While exposed, the bolts of the Yedoo Too Too are rounded to prevent scratches and a whimsical, protective handlebar pad help to prevent injuries during stumbles.  For ease of use, the angled tube valves make inflating the tire a breeze and the high-quality seat post clamp holds the seat post securely in place.

Too Too 5.1

Shipped standard with Kenda Kontact tires, the tread on the Too Too performed great on compact dirt trails, but we would recommend tires which more tread, such as the available Black Jack tires (available on an upgrade from WeeBikeShop) for true off-road performance.

Too Too 2


When learning to ride a balance bike, weight can make a huge difference.  After trying for several weeks with the heavier, 12 lb. Muna, our 2yo in 2T clothes tester was finally able to ride on his own with the Too Too.  Easier to lift and more natural to balance, he accomplished more in an hour with the Too Too than weeks with the Muna.

Too Too 8.1

Compared to additional balance bikes, the Yedoo Too Too is best for younger, lightweight toddlers who are expected to grow tall or for those who live in cold winters and want to ensure the bike will still fit come Spring.  With a seat height ranging from 12″ to 18″, the Too Too is easily equipt to fit a child from 24 months clothes to a small 4T.  Compared to the FirstBIKE, the Too Too will not flex with older kids and does not require the additional purchase of a lowering kit to fit younger kids.  While smaller than the Scoot the Too Too is also lighter, which makes it more suitable for younger kids.

Too Too 4

Bottom Line: Quick, nimble and lightweight, the Yedoo Too Too is an exceptional buy for toddlers aged 18mo+.  For older riders over 30 lb., we prefer the Scoot, but for younger or lighter-weight toddlers, the Too Too is the bike of choice.

MSRP: $160

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: December 20, 2016

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  • Iva

    Thank you for the great website and detailed reviews! I would appreciate your recommendation for a balance bike for my 28 months old girl (not sure about her current height and weight but inseam is 12.5″). She has two older siblings (6 and 8) and perhaps that’s why she is pretty adventurous and already scooting on her siblings’ scooters…. I think a balance bike will be perfect for her, and I would like to purchase one that will last her at least 2.5 years. She will be riding mostly on pavement (maybe a little on grass in a park). I’m considering Early Rider Classic, First Bike Street, or now Too Too, based on the above review. What would you recommend?

    • Between the bikes you mentioned, I would go with the Too Too as it has a brake and it is much easier to get on and off as compared to the FirstBIKE, even with the lowering it. The tires on the Early Rider Classic will provide more cushioning for your daughter, but as long as she isn’t doing anything too crazy, I think the brake will be more beneficial than the larger tires.

  • Brian

    Why do you recommend not great for a Toddler over 30lbs?

    • Ivan M. Altinbasak

      Brian the TooToo can accommodate kids up to age 4-5 with no issues- it has a very big weight limit of 132 lbs and it’s geometry is engineered to increase the handlebar reach proportionate to the amount the seat is raised. However when shopping for a first balance bike, it’s preferred to choose the largest possible bike to fit the recipient. In this way, training and command of two-wheeled riding is learned on a bike that is about 1/3 of the child’s body weight. For example, the Scoot weighs 11 pounds and ideal for kids weighing 32-33+ lbs. The Scoot XL is 12.5 pounds and ideal for kids weighing 36-37+ lbs. Always “size-up” whenever possible. This makes the transition to the next pedal bike much more successful. A small disparity between the weight of your balance bike and your first pedal bike makes the transition feel much more natural to children.

      The TooToo is 8.25 pounds and ideal for kids weighing 24+ pounds. Of course this criteria does not speak for a child’s inseam measurement which should also be considered during the buying decision. Sometimes a child’s height, athletic ability and courageousness trumps the 1:3 weight ratio rule.

      Sometimes it boils down to a matter of personal taste.. or the fact that a younger sibling is following closely behind the recipient. The lighter the balance bike, the sooner the younger sibling can also use it later on. This is an advantage.

      When shopping for a child aged between 20 and 30 months, TooToo is the Top Pick. It’s super light, super strong, and it’s built like a real bike, not a toy.

      • Thanks Ivan, great info and insights as always. Love the 1:3 rule, a great guideline for parents.

    • I second Ivan’s comments. The Too Too has no problems with weight restrictions and can easily handle a child weighing more than 30lb. Since the Scoot has a slightly longer wheelbase as well as longer handlebars, I generally prefer it for older/taller kids who generally weigh more than 30 lb. If a child is on the shorter side, yet weighs 30lb., then the Too Too would be better than the Scoot.

  • Tiffany

    Hello! I’m glad to find this site and your helpful reviews. I’d like to get a balance bike for my little one and would love some advice. He is 25 months old, wears 2T clothes, about 29 lbs, and I’m guessing about 35 inches tall (just tried to sneak in and measure while sleeping!); I don’t know the inseam. He’s a curious explorer, and actually brought me a toy store flier he found in the mail pile to show me some bikes a couple months ago. I know he wants one… but he can be timid about riding things: carousels, a PlasmaCar in a thrift store, the bouncy cars at Chuck E Cheese–he wants to, but he holds back. Still, he comments on bikes and motorcycles every time he sees them, and follows kids on bikes, scooters, and skateboards in the park. He doesn’t have other siblings who would need to ride it. Thanks for whatever you can suggest!

    • If he is hesitant at all, I would try to get a lightweight bike such as the Islabikes Rothan or the Yedoo Too Too. The Rothan would be my top pick, but I believe it is currently sold out.

  • katy

    I’m looking for a balance bike that will fit my son who is 26#, and about 34″ tall. i just want to make sure that this bike would ride okay on grass and gravel driveway. We do not have sidewalks and it its too difficult on grass, it won’t work for us. Any recommendations? Would the yeedoo fifty work better? I would like any bike we buy to last awhile. Thanks!

    • Yes, the Yedoo should do just fine on non-paved surfaces. If your son is more ambitious, I would also consider looking at the TykesBykes Scamper as it has wider tires than would perform slightly better on gravel. The TykesBykes is, however, heavier, so if your son is on the timid side, I would go with the Too Too.

  • Tim Banos

    Help! Yedoo Too Too is on back order and I would like to get a bike for my three year old. She is about 28 pounds and on the shorter side as well. I was all set because it was light and liked the range in height (would like to have for next child and preferably start them younger than 3. The Yedoo was at the top of my price range but felt it was well worth it. The 50?

    • No, I wouldn’t go for the Fifty since is doesn’t have a brake. Since she is lighter and on the shorter side, I would look at the KinderBike Laufrad. It isn’t as good as quality as the Yedoo, but it is well made.

      • Gina Zaloom

        Do you have any ideas on how to encourage a toddler to keep at it? Mine unfortunately gave up after only a little while on the Laufrad and I’m wondering if it slightly too heavy for him. I was considering switching to the Yedoo Too Too but unfortunately yes, they (the blue) seem out of stock. Should I continue with the Laufrad? How do you encourage them to persevere learning to balance? I thought he would love it since he is very good with his pedal-less tricycle, but maybe he’ll learn to like it. He’ll be 3 in August, is about 30 pounds, 36″ tall. Thanks so much for the advice.

        • No, I don’t think switching to a lighter bike will make that much of a difference as the Laufrad is pretty light bike. As for encouraging your son, with some kids, it simply takes time. It took my youngest 6 months to actually learn to sit and run on a balance bike. Luckily he loved walking the bike, so we kept trying. For those kids who simply have no interest, exposing them to kids who are riding balance bikes or even pedal bikes, can be helpful. For some, pushing them along can help, but it can also backfire as they expect you to do that all the time. In the end, if he is not ready yet, then I would perhaps but the bike away for a couple week and then try again. Either way, stay with it, it will be worth it in the end.

  • Sue Thompson

    What is the coupon code for weebikeshop? I can’t see any of the codes on my computer.

    • Sorry, my site has had several bugs we have been trying to fix this week. The code is “rockstar”. WeeBikeShop, however, is currently moving and won’t be shipping any bikes out this week as an FYI.

      • Sue Thompson

        Ok thanks! I have some time, so it will work out.

  • Vanessa Reader

    Hi Natalie, thank you for an incredibly helpful and user friendly site! Hubby and I think the Yedoo Too Too would be a perfect fit for our 2year old son who is light weight and in the lower percentile. But I cannot find anyone who sells it in the UK (we have family travelling there soon) or South Africa where we live. Please advise where I can order and get it shipped, I really have spent hours surfing the net…Thanks in advance!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for a great website and so much information. I have 2 yr 2 mo old 28 lbs 36 inches (80% for height) and trying to decide between the Yedoo and the Rothan (or maybe the Woom1). We are fortunate to live in an area where we are outside year round. How long will be on back order, I think they all are? Looking at the photos of the Rothan of a 3T, are a little short and less comfortable? My son is in 2T. Also he will do a lot of sidewalk riding as well as some somewhat packed trail riding. Thank you!

    • I’m not sure when they will be back in stock, but I am guessing early fall? Once they are gone, it generally takes a couple months (sometimes up to six) to get stock back in the states. With 80% in height, the Yedoo would be my first choice, followed by the WOOM1. If you prefer not to wait, the Frog Tadpole should be in stock soon at and would be a good choice as well.

  • Tom

    Hi, Thank you for making this great site! It is helpful and fun to read.

    I am looking for a bike for my son who turns 3 in a couple weeks. He is 38” tall with a 14” inseam and just getting into 3T clothes. He is athletic and adventurous. I think he will use it for a year then transition to a peddle bike next summer. I am considering the WOOM1, Too Too and Frog tadpole. The Rothan looks a little small and the scoot a little too big. What is the most fun to ride? Thanks!!