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24 inch Kids’ Bikes Comparison Chart

We’ve tested and reviewed over 15 different 24 inch kids bikes and compiled all of our research for you!  Below is our master comparison chart of 24 inch bikes.  The chart may be sorted by clicking on the header of each column (works best in desktop).

For additional breakdowns, including our ranking, see our Best 24 inch Bikes for Kids list.

Best 24-inch Bike for Kids Age 8 to 10



WeightMin Seat HeightMax Seat HeightBrakesGearsFrame Material

Neighborhood and Paved Trails

Ridgeback Dimension 24


20.9 lb.Dual hand, v-pull7/Shimano Rapid FireAluminum

Guardian Original


23 lb.25"33"SureStop7/Shimano GripAluminum

Priority Start 24


23.3 lb.27"34.5"Dual hand, v-pull3/Nexus HubAluminum
REI Co-op REV City


26.1 lb.Dual hand, v-pull7/Shimano TourneyAluminum

Guardian Ethos

$33925.5 lb.25"33"SureStop7/Shimano GripSteel

Multi-Use: Paved and Dirt Trails

Pello Reyes


21.9"25.25"31"Dual hand, mech disc9/SRAM GripAluminum

Cleary Meerkat


Hydraulic Disc5/Internal HubSteel

Frog 62

$55020.3 lb.26"32.5"Dual hand, v-pull8/Shimano TriggerAluminum

Prevelo Alpha Four


21.2 lb.25.8"31.2"Dual hand, v-pull8/Shimano TriggerAluminum

woom 5


18.1 lb.26.4"32.3"Dual hand, v-pull8/SRAM GripAluminum
REI Co-op REV Plus


28.2 lb.Dual hand, mechanical disc7/Shimano TourneyAluminum

Raleigh Rowdy 24


22.14 lb.Dual hand, v-pull7/Shimano GripAluminum

Mountain Bikes

Prevelo Zulu Four


25.7 lb.26"32.6"Dual hand, hydraulic disc10/Shimano TriggerAluminum
woom OFF AIR


22.3 lb.28.2"33.3"Dual hand, hydraulic disc9/SRAM TriggerAluminum

Cleary Scout


27 lb.25"33"Dual hand, hydraulic disc10/Shimano DeoreSteel
woom OFF


18.9 lb.28.2"33.3"Dual hand, hydraulic disc9/SRAM TriggerAluminum
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