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Frog 48 Review

What a versatile 16 inch bike! The Frog 48 comes with a set of tires for trails and another for paved roads, and is availabe in 8 different colors. Read the review to discover more reasons this little bike is …

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young boy riding an orange frog 48 kids bike

Frog 62 Review

Built on a lightweight aluminum frame paired with top-of-the-line components, the Frog 62 is a unique blend of performance, price, and proper fit. It also comes with two sets of tires to tackle various terrain. Read the review below! PROS: …

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woom 5 Bike Review

The woom 5 24 inch bike is a best-in-class kid’s bike that is as beautiful as it is functional. Designed for tackling everything from long paved rides to basic dirt trails, the woom 5’s versatility, lightweight, and high-end components put …

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Pello Reyes Review

The 24 inch Pello Reyes fills the gap between a great all-around bike and a mountain-bike-specific bike, helping your child progress without being overkill for their skill level. Read the review for more reasons we love this “can do anything” …

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