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Two Wheeling Tots began a bit by accident. In 2009, Natalie bought a tricycle for her oldest daughter’s 2nd birthday. Unfortunately (or fortunately??), her daughter hated it! Natalie spent the next year searching for a better alternative and discovered something she’d never seen before – a balance bike! It was a huge hit for her daughter’s 3rd birthday and Natalie’s passion for balance bikes was born. Already a mountain biking enthusiast, Two Wheeling Tots became a way for Natalie to share her passion for bikes and adventure with other parents and with her own kids.

Since that time, Two Wheeling Tots has evolved along with Natalie’s family. With growing kids came pedal bike reviews and scooter reviews. And as new babies were born, bike trailers and child bike seats became daily life. Helmets, of course, were a necessary component to all of this!


Natalie is a sushi-loving, science nerd at heart and has a background in teaching and a love/hate relationship with home-improvement projects. She wishes she had learned to ride on a balance bike, but was born in the wrong generation. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband and 3 kids who have been patient and willing bike testers since 2010.


Carrie met Natalie when they became college roommates the summer after freshman year. She thought Natalie’s love for N’Sync was a bit annoying, but did think she was really cool when broke her hand while taking a mountain biking course for P.E. credit. Natalie thought Carrie studied too much and would have benefited from a mountain biking course.

18 years and a few N’Sync concerts later, Carrie joined Natalie in her Two Wheeling Tots quest to Get Out and Ride! She thinks having her best friend also be her boss is basically livin’ the dream. #ultimateworkbesties  Carrie has a background in marketing and an appetite for exploring. She lives in the DFW area with her husband and 4 kids, who eat lots of Texas BBQ and have been mastering the art of bike testing since 2016.

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Two Wheeling Tots
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