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Allen Premium Trailer Review

This model is discontinued. Check out our new Allen Sports Bike Trailer review for the latest models.

The Allen Premium trailer offers great quality for parents on a budget. Read our review below to find out how it outperforms other budget trailers.


  • Seat is more supportive than other similarly priced trailers
  • 20″ tires on metal rims
  • Easy to use Velcro straps on door and rain cover
  • 100 lb. max payload (compared to 80 lb. with others)


  • Non-padded shoulder straps
  • Less foot room
  • Basic buckling system

Allen Premium Review – Results of our Test Rides

Side by side shot of three bike trailers - InStep Take 2, Schwinn Echo, and Allen Premium 2.

Allen Sports has done a great job putting together a budget trailer that will serve you really well for the price. The Allen Premium 2 trailer is lightweight and much sturdier construction than trailers sold by InSTEP or Schwinn. It’s roomier than the other two trailers tested and made for a decent ride.

How Does it Ride?

The Allen rode very well, and both kids were comfortable in it together. Despite not having suspension, our testers didn’t complain about bumps. As the towing adult, pulling this trailer was comparable to hauling more expensive trailers.

Overall Quality

The Premium’s cover (front “door”) is thick and durable, and is clearly much better quality than both the InSTEP and the Schwinn. It has enough give to attach easily to the front and back of the trailer frame with Velcro (no tricky snaps like the InSTEP and Schwinn). (*Spoiler Alert – the InSTEP and Schwinn trailer covers are really hard to attach.)

The main portion of the cover is mesh fabric surrounded by thick red and black nylon to which the Velcro tabs are attached.  A separate plastic rain cover can be laid over the mesh opening and secured with Velcro for added protection from wind, rain or cold temperatures.

Allen Cover Closes Easily with Velcro on Front and Sides

Cover of Allen Premium 2 bike trailer attaches with a velcro strip.

The seats are padded and strong enough to support the weight of two heavy kids (the maximum payload is 100 lbs., compared to 80 lbs. for the InSTEP and Schwinn). Most importantly, and unlike the other two trailers, the seats are sewn into the frame separately from the bottom of the trailer. This means that they won’t sag, and there is an extra layer between the ground and those little bums.

As you can see below, the InSTEP and the Schwinn’s seats sag, pushing the child forward, which also causes the buckle to push against his crotch. The Allen seat, however, is suspended above the floor of the trailer and doesn’t sag.

Allen Features a Comfortable Seat, InStep and Schwinn Sag

Collage showing same child in each of the following trailers - InStep Take 2, Schwinn Echo, and Allen Premium 2. In the InStep and Schwinn, the buckle is in his crotch and the seats sag.


The Allen Premium Double was the roomiest we tested, and despite having less room for feet, was easily the most comfortable of the three trailers.

Allen Premium is Roomy and Comfortable

Side by side shot of three bike trailers from the back - InStep Take 2, Schwinn Echo, and Allen Premium 2.

There is less foot room in the Allen, but our kids didn’t mind. The foot area is made of a strong, rubberized plastic that won’t rip, making it much sturdier than either the InSTEP or the Schwinn. Kids should be able to easily climb in and out without ripping it.

Allen Premium Foot Area is Made of Strong, Rubberized Plastic

Two children in the Allen Premium 2 trailers. Their feet rest on the hard, rubberized bottom.

Harness and Buckles

One area where the Allen could use some improvement is the buckles. They serve their purpose, but they feel cheap and are hard to attach and detach. The straps do have some minimal padding, and at least the buckles aren’t in the child’s crotch! Also, rather than each seat having its own 5-point-harness, there is only one lap strap that goes across the whole seat.

Upclose shot of the buckle mechanism of the Allen Premium 2 trailer. Also, a boy sitting buckled into the trailer with the lap belt across his waist.

Weather Resistance

On one of our rides in the Allen we got caught in the rain and learned that the trailer is not completely waterproof. Water only got in through the bottom corners of the cover attachment, however, and so only the kids’ feet got wet. The bottom also has small grommets to allow moisture to drain.

Side Pockets

 The Allen has good-sized pockets for kids’ drinks or snacks. The InStep and Schwinn have pockets, but they are so small and hard to access that they’re barely worth mentioning.

Differences in internal pocket size, Allen, Schwinn and InStep

The interior pocket of the Allen Premium 2 trailer is easy to open and large enough for a water bottle. The interior pocket of the InStep and Schwinn trailer is too small to be useful.

Hitch and Tow Arm

The hitch mount is easier to attach to the adult bike than the other two trailers, and for less than $4 you can buy an extra, making it easy to swap the trailer to another adult bike. The tow arm slides easily on to the hitch mount and is secured with a pin. The hitch joint has a good range of motion (better than the other two trailers), but because of the shape of the tow arm, the back tire could hit it on a sharp right-hand turn. Take turns slowly!

Allen’s Hitch Mount is Easy to Use

Upclose shot of the hitch mount on the Allen Premium 2 trailer.

Stroller and Brake

The Allen comes standard with a handlebar and swivel stroller wheel attachment.  The stroller works nicely, and the handlebar can be attached at two fixed heights (36” or 42”). The “parking brake” is about as rudimentary as you can get – just a strap attached to the frame that can be looped through the back wheel. It isn’t at all convenient, but it will keep the stroller from rolling away if you take the time to attach it.

Allen trailer in stroller mode, showing the maximum and minimum handlebar height. Also the parking brake is a strap that is wrapped around the wheel.

Bottom Line

Allen offers the best trailer for parents on a budget. It outperforms other trailers in nearly every aspect, and should last you a long time. We hignly recommend it for durability and child comfort. 

For a quick look at our top picks for every budget, check out our 10 Best Bike Trailers for Kids Guide.

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