B is for Bicycles Book Review

Books are awesome, but books about bikes for kids are amazing!  Over the years we have searched far and wide for a child’s book that is truly about biking, not just a story with a bike in it.  Thanks B is for Bicycles, our search is officially over.  Going beyond a cute story about bikes, B is for Bicycles also educates.  From pedals, to cassettes and valve stems, it teaches kids about the parts of a bike, but also about the communities bikes create.

b is for bike 2

Technical, yet playful, the colorful pictures are also sure to grab your child’s attention.  Our antsy three-year-old (who is particular about books), loved B is for Bicycles and asked to have it read to him over and over again.  Luckily, his older brother has happy to oblige as he also loved learning about the larger world of bikes beyond our neighborhood and local trails.

Clean and crisp, the words are easy to read and easy to see (sadly, something that is often over looked with kids books).  As an added bonus, the book is written in rhyme and flows with happy anticipation.

B is for Bicycles Book1

Written by a husband and wife team, who have run successfully independent bike shop for 13 years, the book truly demonstrates their passion for bikes and their love for the biking community.  Beyond simply motivating kids to get out and ride, page-by-page B is for Bicycles is helping to build tomorrows biking community.  Well done Scott and Jannine!

b is for bike

Bottom Line: A must have for any bike-loving parent and child.

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