14 Adorable Balance Bike Races

For year-round balance bike action, we’ve got a race for every month this year. 

Balance bike racing is a thing. Like a HUGE thing.  Which we totally get, because the only thing cuter than a bunch of toddlers chasing each other is a bunch of toddlers chasing each other on balance bikes.  So we’re highlighting one (okay, sometimes two) of these adorable races for each month of 2019.

JANUARY: Prickly Pedal

Cave Creek, AZ

Prickly Pedal Balance Bike Race - two toddlers riding their balance bikes and a desert scene with prickly cactus

DATE: January 19, 2019



Only in Arizona could you have an outdoor race in the middle of January!  Enjoy the beautiful 60 degree weather by taking your family out to the Prickly Pedal race where they end a day of intense adult races with an awesome after party and free kids races.

Your little balance biker can enjoy this free and fun race where every participant gets a medal.  Stay after the race to enjoy refreshments, a raffle, and live music.  If you don’t already have a balance bike, there are a limited number of demo Strider bikes available to borrow, but helmets are required!

FEBRUARY: The Factory 

Minneapolis, MN

Balance bike races at The Factory Indoor Bike Park in Minneapolis. Toddlers waiting at the starting line on their Strider bikes and toddlers weaving through the course.

DATE: February (date TBD)

ENTRANCE FEE:  free (day use fee required if kids want to practice beforehand)

AGE REQUIREMENT: 1 to 5 years old

In preparation for the Strider Snow Cup (featured below!), The Factory is holding their very own indoor and warm balance bike races.  Just 35 minutes from where the Strider Snow Cup will be held, parents who want to prep their balance bike rider for the big day will definitely want to get in on the fun at The Factory!

With a paid entrance fee to The Factory (not required for just the race), parents can bring their child in earlier in the day to practice their biking skills before they gather at the starting line for the big race. And no one needs a snow parka for this race. 🙂

MARCH: Strider Snow Cup

Burnsville, MN

Strider Snow Cup - children riding balance bikes with ski attachments in the snow

DATE: March 2, 2019


AGE REQUIREMENT: 2 to 5 years old

As if balance bike races weren’t already cute enough, Strider had to go and add the elements of snow, skis, and toddlers in snowsuits to the mix.  If you think you can handle the extreme temps and extreme cuteness, take your little balance bike rider (and a set of Strider Skis) out to Buck Hill and enjoy a day of (chilly!) family fun.

As a reward for braving the elements, your rider will get their very own Strider swag bag with custom number plate.  You Minnesotans are winter brave!!

MARCH: The Cactus Cup

Fountain Hills, AZ

Specialized Cactus Cup Balance Bike Race in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Kids waiting at the starting line on their balance bikes.

DATE: March 9, 2019


AGE REQUIREMENT: 1 to 5 years old

There’s a race for every age and every member of the family at the Cactus Cup!  Your little balance biker can get in on the fun as they race through an easy obstacle course of “octopus arms” and small ramps.

Riders will be divided into age groups and then compete in heats until the top 3 riders are determined in each age group.  Whether your child wins or not, they’ll get a cool swag bag with a glow-in-the dark “finisher” bracelet and a free Otter Pop.

APRIL: The Wheel Mill Strider Races 

Pittsburgh, PA

Kids racing and at the finish line for the balance bike races at the Wheel Mill indoor bike park

DATE: April 5th and 19th, 2019

ENTRANCE FEE:  $9 for admission (race is free)

AGE REQUIREMENT: 7 and under

The Wheel Mill is one of those places cool enough that everyone seems to have heard of it, and bikers come from near and far to visit. So when we discovered that this place holds regular balance bike races, of course we added it to this list! This awesome indoor bike park has balance bike races running from January to May in 2019.

And if your little rider isn’t on the competitive side, don’t worry- these races are just for fun!  No one wins or loses, but everyone has a great time.  Each age group gets to race 3 to 4 times and everyone comes away happy!

MAY: The Little Big Bike Festival

Truckee, CA

Truckee Little Big bike and balance bike racing event. Kids on balance bikes racing down dirt road.

DATE: May 24 – 26, 2019


AGE REQUIREMENT: 2 years old +

The Little Big Bike Festival is something the whole family can enjoy.  While the “big” folks can race, so can the “littles”!  Each “little” participant gets to decorate their plates before the race and at the finish line each racer gets a trophy from a local artist.  Once the race is over your whole family can enjoy watching the “big” race, grab some grub from local food trucks, or watch some awesome bike demos.

The best part is, all proceeds go to the Truckee Bike Park which is a place your family can bike year-round.  With pump tracks, dual slalom tracks, bike clinics, and races, this is one bike park your family will want to come back to over and over!

JUNE: Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Boulder, CO

DATE: June 8, 2019



We’ve already got a little bit (or a lot!) of bike park envy going on when it comes to Valmont Bike Park, and that just amped up when we found out about their balance bike races.  Their annual celebration of Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (a national “holiday” sponsored by the IMBA) is chock full of fun for the whole family, including races on the short track for your little balance biker.  Once your racer is done you can enjoy a full day of fun and free activities.

While all of the 2019 details aren’t available yet, last year’s event included bike park tours, pump track clinics, dual slalom clinics, a rock climbing wall, and face painting.  June sure is a beautiful time to visit Boulder…! As an added bonus, the official Strider Cup Race will be held in Boulder the following weekend, so make your travel plans now!

JULY: Draper Days Strider Bike Race

Draper, UT

DATE: July 13, 2019


AGE REQUIREMENT: 2 to 5 years old

The Draper Days Strider Race is the ultimate balance bike race in Utah!  This race is fun, competitive, and adorable.  Each racer is given a race t-shirt and treats, so every kid is a winner!  But don’t worry, if your rider is competitive there is plenty of competition during this race.

Riders are divided into two age groups that compete in heats of 4 or 5 racers.  The first place rider in each heat moves on to the finals until a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner is crowned and goes home with a gift card to a local, kid-friendly attraction.

AUGUST: Treadfest

Lake Geneva, WI

Treadfest Balance Bike race at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. It's part of the WORS series of races.

DATE: August 25, 2019


AGE REQUIREMENT: 5 and under

If you’re looking for a race at a beautiful location, look no further!   The Treadfest is held at The Mountain Top at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva.  And yes, it’s as beautiful as it sounds.  Luckily for kids, it’s also a lot of fun!  This one lap fun race is just 1/4 of a mile and ends with a medal for each participant.  And if your little tike tires out halfway through, parent support is encouraged, so every kid gets to finish!

If you can’t make it to this location, there are plenty of Wisconsin Off Road Series bike races all summer long, with a kids race at every single event.  Just click the link above to find a race near you!

SEPTEMBER: Race on the Ridge 

Canal Winchester, OH

Race on the Ridge balance bike race in Canal Winchester Ohio. Father running after balance bike racer on a dirt trail.

DATE: September 8, 2019


AGE REQUIREMENT: 3 to 6 years old

Race on the Ridge is the perfect opportunity to introduce your balance biker to the world of racing.  At the race, little riders will go around a short, flat loop and are even allowed to have parents ride along (as long as they don’t get in the way of other racers).  There is no specific category for balance bikes, but children in the 3 to 6 year old categories are welcome to ride their balance bikes!

Every rider who finishes receives a custom Ohio Mountain Bike Championship finisher medal, the top three racers receive a prize, and every participant gets a gift certificate for one free kid’s meal at Applebee’s.  Sweet deal!

OCTOBER: Halloween Festival: Ride, Pump & Play

Terre Haute, IN

Toddler in baby shark costume and toddlers in Grinch and Sally Who costumes for the Griffin Bike Park Halloween bike race

DATE: October 26, 2019



Griffin Park has quickly become one of our favorite bike parks around.  Not only is the park itself fantastic, but they also have a full calendar of events, including balance bike races, year round.  Out of all of the races though, we knew we had to highlight the Halloween Festival.  Let’s do the math: toddlers + costumes + balance bikes = most adorable event ever. Did you see that Baby Shark? Doo doo doo doo…

After the balance bike race ends, your whole family can enjoy a night of fun with games, a costume contest, a bonfire, trick or treating, games, and more!

OCTOBER: Strider Cup World Championship

Charlotte, NC

Strider Cup Balance Bike Race Starting Line
Strider Cup balance bike race kids riding through the streets

DATE: October 4 – 5, 2019

ENTRANCE FEE:  $36 (based on other Strider race prices)

AGE REQUIREMENT: 5 years old and under

Referred to by some as the “Toddler Tour de France” and others as “the cutest race in the world,” the Strider Cup Championship is the ultimate balance bike race of the year.  While the exact course features for this year haven’t been revealed yet, last year’s course included hanging pool noodles, bubblewrap-paved trails, fog machines, and other equally creative obstacles.  Basically, it’s every balance biker’s dream come true and the perfect photo op for parents.

The Strider Cup World Championship will be the culmination of nation-wide Strider Cup races happening during 2019 in California, Colorado, and Minnesota. Locations for the official Strider Cup races and the championship change every year, so if the races are too far from you this year, check back next year!

NOVEMBER: Rockhill BMX Supercross Track

Rock Hill, SC

Collage showing Rock Hill BMX facility and toddler and preschoolers riding their balance bikes on the red and black pumptracks

DATE:  Every Friday night


AGE REQUIREMENT: 2 to 6 years old

Picture your preschooler, wearing a full face helmet, standing at the starting line with their balance bike. The stadium lights shine down on them in the dark.  The crowd cheers as the referee counts down to the beginning of the race. And then your toddler is off, racing their heart out as they peddle their legs as hard as they can against 3 or 4 other balance bikers.  As they cross the finish line the crowd roars and your balance biker can’t stop smiling as they get a trophy.

Now rather than just picturing that, you can make it happen!  The Rock Hill BMX Supercross Track holds balance bike races every Friday night (double check their calendar online for cancellations).  All of the racers run in three heats until the first, second, and third place winners are crowned and get a trophy.  This is quite possibly the most fun (and adorable) Friday night activity your family could do.

Like all BMX parks, in order to participate in races you need a USA BMX membership, which you can purchase at the track.  While memberships are available for a single day, we think that after watching your toddler race their heart out on this Olympic-caliber track, you’ll be back for more! The Rock Hill BMX track offers a free New Rider Orientation to help introduce you and your child to the sport of BMX.

DECEMBER: Santa’s Pump Track Classic

Springdale, AR

Kids riding balance bikes at the Runway Santa's Pump Track challenge.

DATE: December TBD

ENTRANCE FEE:  $15 – $25

AGE REQUIREMENT: 3 to 6 years old

If you’ve got a competitive bike rider, then this is the perfect race for them! Santa’s Pump Track Classic is hosted at one of the premier pump tracks in the United States. The Runway Bike Park boasts a Velosolutions asphalt track that was home to a Red Bull Championship Qualifier last year. Yep, that’s legit.

At Santa’s Pump Track Classic, your child will receive their official bike number plate, be divided into age groups, and then randomly placed into a double elimination bracket (yes, elimination bracket!). Each rider gets to participate in at least two head-to-head races on a part of the pump track until the winner is crowned.  Whether your child wins or not, they’ll get an official Santa’s Pump Track Classic souvenir, water, and refreshments!

Other Races Month By Month











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  • TBA – SkyPark at Santa’s Village: Arrowhead, CA


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