5 Reasons Why A Balance Bike is Better than Tricycles or Training Wheels

Just because we all grew up using tricycles and training wheels doesn’t mean that our kids don’t deserve better! Tricycles and training wheels are old technology. Balance bikes are the future.

We know… but tricycles are so cute! But you know what else is cute? Your 2-year-old gliding down the street on a balance bike as they pass all their friends on those tricycles. It’s also cute when they turn 4 and can already ride a pedal bike while their friends are crying as they try to get off their training wheels.

Don’t let yourself (or your friends) be one of those parents with a 6-year-old on training wheels thinking, “UGH! If only I had bought a balance bike when they were younger!” Check out these 5 reasons why a balance bike is better than tricycles or training wheels!

Infographic showing 5 reasons why a balance bike is better than tricycles or training wheels

This infographic is great, and I want to buy a balance bike! How do I know which one to buy?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!  If you want a quick list of our favorite balance bikes, check out 10 Best Balance Bikes: 2019. If you’d like a more detailed description of the different features of balance bikes and what you should look for, check out Balance Bikes: How to Choose.

Other Resources

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The Trouble with Tricycles and Why Balance Bikes are Better: Further discussion about why tricycles are cute, but don’t help your kids!


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