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Berg Biky Review

The Berg Biky balance bike’s larger frame is meant for older kids 3.5+. It has nice components, but at 15 pounds, it’s pretty heavy. Read the full review below to see if it’s a good option for your rider.

**The Berg Biky is no longer available**

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Berg Biky Review

RATING: Recommended

BEST FOR: Larger-framed kids weighing over 30 lb.

SEAT HEIGHT: 14″ – 18.5″

WEIGHT: 15 lb.


Berg Biky Balance Bike Review: Results of our Test Rides

The Berg Biky is larger-framed balance bike that is a great fit for older kids who have yet to conquer a regular bike.  Its hefty steel construction, sealed ball-bearing, and taller stature lends itself well to 3.5 years-olds and up.  At 15 lb. the Biky is heavy, especially compared to the 6 lb. Strider, and is simply too much bike for a younger child to handle.

 With its minimum seat and handlebar heights, both a full three inches taller than the Strider, one of the smallest bikes on the market, the Biky is clearly made for older riders.  Set at its lowest setting, one of our younger three-year-old testers found the bike to be a little big and hard to manage.

In addition to the weight, the cleverly designed footrest (see below), was a hindrance for younger riders at the back of their leg often hit it while riding.  Compared to other bikes, it’s clear to see how intrusive the footrest can be for beginning riders.

Older riders, however, had no difficulty with the footrest and had plenty of clearance during use.

In fact, they much preferred the angled nature of the footrest and found it easier to use than other designs.

The extra weight of the Biky also better prepares older kids for regular bikes as they become accustomed to controlling a heavy bike.  While lighter bikes, such as the Strider, are highly recommended for younger riders, older riders can benefit from heavier bikes as they feel and ride more like a bike rather than a toy.

In terms of construction, the Biky is certainly a well-built bike that will certainly outlast the destructive love of countless toddlers.  That being said, one cosmetic cap did break of our bike after multiple uses but seeing as it was cosmetic, I don’t believe it to be indicative to overall build of the bike.

On a final note, one upgrade I do believe the Biky to be missing is a quick adjust seat post.  After finding the correct tool and properly adjusting the seat, it took me almost 10 minutes to adjust the seat, versus a quick-release that would have taken less than one.

Bottom Line: In summary, the Biky is a great bike for older kids, aged 3.5 and up.  With its sealed ball bearings, air tires and a taller stature, it is sure to withstand to brutal beatings from the older crowd.

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