10 Best Girls Bikes: Quality Bikes for Your Little Miss

Girls bikes don’t have to be a specific color or have a pretty design, but they DO need to give girls the confidence to become little rippers. Unfortunately, many girls bikes put too much emphasis on looks, while skimping on quality and performance.

After testing over 100 different kids bikes with a wide range of testers, we wanted to create a list of our favorite bikes for girls passionate about pedaling. We’ve found great options for little girls bikes, older girls, and all types of riders. From neighborhood cruisers to pump track princesses, these girls bikes are sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

Two girls on purple and silver Prevelo alpha girls bikes.

In this article, we’ve selected a few of our favorite bikes for each wheel size. For a more in-depth list of all our favorite bikes, be sure to check out our lists of favorite kids bikes by size. We’ll also break down our criteria for selection, walk you through each of our favorite bikes, and lastly show you how you can “accessorize” a bike to make it even more adorable.

The Best Girls Bikes Preview

For those ready to jump straight into the action, here’s a quick rundown of our favorite girls bicycles sorted by size. Additional information about these bikes/brands, as well as our criteria for selection are provided below.

Bike Why We Love It Price
12 and 14 Inch - Age 2 and 3
Guardian 14 Best Braking System $239
Strider 14x Balance Bike + Optional Pedal Kit $209
woom 2 Best Overall $399
16 Inch - Age 4 and 5
Guardian 16 SureStop Braking Innovation $249
Retrospec Koda 2 16 Best on a Super Budget $149
Priority Start 16 Belt Drive - Super Low Maintenance $329
woom 3 Best for Timid Riders $449
20 Inch - Age 5 to 7
Schwinn Elm 20 Best Budget $240
Guardian 20 Small Best Single Speed $289
Priority Start 20 Best Simplified Gearing $379
24 Inch - Age 7 to 10
Decathlon Original 24 Best Budget $175
Guardian 24 Best Safety Innovation $339
Priority Start 24 Best Simplified Gearing $449
woom 5 Best Overall $649

Criteria for our Girls Bike List

Great kids bikes are a combination of many different factors. While our kids bike buying guide breaks down what features we look for in a kids bike, for girls bike we put a little more emphasis on some additional features.

COLOR AND DESIGN: While a girl can certainly ride any bike with any design or color, we understand that some girls want a bike with more traditional girl styling. Fun graphics and patterns are a plus in our book, especially on bikes for younger girls. Although we only provided the traditional girl colors in the descriptions below, many of these bikes also come in black, blue, or green.

side by side image of a pink Guardian and green raleigh girls bike with 16 inch tires

LIGHTWEIGHT: On average, girls weigh less than boys, so finding a bike that is less than 40% of a child’s weight is even more of a challenge. Building a lightweight, quality bike is very expensive. As a result, in order to provide options at various price ranges, some bikes we selected are slightly heavier than we would like, but we believe they are the best option in their price range.

GEOMETRY: How upright or leaned in a child sits on a bike can greatly affect the comfort level and maneuverability of a bike. Traditional “girl bikes” position the rider in a more upright position, which is preferred by casual or more timid riders.

side by side picture of a young girl riding a blue woom 2 and a purple prevelo alpha two girls bike
Upright vs. Aggressive riding

Aggressive riders prefer to be more leaned-in to help them really lean into and out of turns. As a result, for the larger 20″ and 24″ sizes, we provide options for timid riders who prefer to sit upright as well as aggressive riders who prefer to lean in.

FRAME DESIGN: Traditional girls bikes typically have step-through frames to allow for easier ons and offs. While step-through frames ARE easier to get on and off, they do not improve the overall performance of a bike. As a result, we did not give preference to bikes with step-through frames. Interestingly, all of the high-end bikes have the same frame for “boys” or “girls” bikes. The only difference is color!

side by side image of a blue raleigh girls bike and a purple Priority girls bike
Step-through vs. diamond frame


Toddler girl riding Guardian Ethos girls bike through splash pad

There is something unbelievably thrilling about watching your little one ride away on her first bike! 12″ and 14″ bikes are best for ages 2 to 4 for use with or without training wheels. For toddler girl bikes, if you are considering a little girls bike with training wheels, we highly recommend getting your daughter started out on a balance bike instead, like the Strider 14x listed below. They are an easier and much more natural way for a child to learn to ride a bike.

Want more options in all price-ranges? Check out our Best 12 and 14 Inch Bikes Article.

Guardian Bikes 14

Best Safety Innovation

2 year old riding Guardian Ethos kids bike down paved trail
  • MSRP: $239
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 16″ – 20″
  • WEIGHT: 16 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Optional upgrade
  • COLORS: Pink, purple, teal
  • FULL REVIEWGuardian 14″ Bike

At just $239, Guardian’s 14″ bike is an impressive bang for your buck. With great-quality components, very kid-friendly geometry, and adorable designs, Guardian always shocks us with what they can offer for such a reasonable price tag.

This smallest Guardian pedal bike benefits in a huge way from their proprietary SureStop braking system. A single lever on the right hand sequentially engages both the rear and front wheel brake pads. You get the power of dual handbrakes by pulling just one lever!

While we love SureStop on any size bike (like Mark Cuban did on Shark Tank!), its simplicity is particularly helpful to the littlest riders who are just learning to pedal. Less to worry about, less to think about, your little rider can gain confidence more quickly.

Strider 14x

Best Balance Bike/Pedal Bike in One

side image of a pink 14x strider girls bike

You may have noticed that none of the girls bikes on our list have training wheels. That’s because if you’re looking for a 12” bike with training wheels, you really should be shopping for a balance bike instead!

The Strider 14x is a larger balance bike that’s a great fit for most 3 to 4 year olds. After your little one has mastered balancing, the transition to a pedal bike is incredibly smooth. As a bonus, the Strider 14x can convert to a small pedal bike to be used until your little girl is tall enough for a 16” pedal bike. It’s the ultimate toddler girl bike!

woom 2

Best Overall

side profile shot of a purple woom 2 girls bike
  • MSRP: $399
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 16″ – 19″
  • WEIGHT: 12.3 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible
  • COLORS: Purple, yellow, red, light blue and green
  • FULL REVIEWwoom 2

Woom bikes are more expensive for a reason. They are truly exceptional in design and components, and are also the most lightweight bikes on the market! A lightweight bike makes it significantly easier for little ones to learn to ride a pedal bike. We’ve watched many kids struggle to learn to ride on other bikes, who then hop on a woom 2 and just take off!


3 year old riding purple Prevelo Alpha Two through field of yellow flowers

Kids aged 4 to 6 are typically the best fit for a 16″ bike. Whether your child is graduating from a balance bike or moving up from their first pedal bike, their 16″ bike needs to lightweight, easy to balance, and fun to ride! These bikes fit all three criteria and receive a seal of approval from our little miss testers.

See our Best 16 Inch Bikes article to view more of our favorite 16″ bikes.

Guardian 16

SureStop Braking Innovation

5 year old girl riding Guardian Ethos 16 inch bike at the skate park
  • MSRP: $249
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 18.25″ – 22.6″
  • WEIGHT: 17.5 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Optional at purchase
  • COLORS: Pink, aqua, blue
  • FULL REVIEWGuardian 16

The Guardian 16 is an exceptional bang for your buck. At this price point, you’re almost always stuck with a coaster brake (back pedal brake) on a 16″ bike. Not only does the Guardian 16 not have a coaster brake, but if features Guardian’s proprietary SureStop hand brake.

SureStop simplifies braking, which is particularly helpful for young riders. By pulling just one brake lever with the right hand, the v-brakes on the rear and then front wheels are activated for powerful, on-a-dime stopping. Knowing you can slow down or immediately stop with ease does wonders for a developing rider’s confidence.

Retrospec Koda 2 16″

Best on a Super Budget

Girl riding 16" Retrospec Koda 2 Plus down the sidewalk

For families who just don’t want to spend more than $150 on a 16″ bike, the Retrospec Koda 2 is hands down the best option on the market. Most bikes this cheap are poorly designed and difficult to ride, but Retrospec did an impressive job for the price point. Significantly better than brands like Huffy, Kent, and even Schwinn, our kid testers loved riding this Retrospec Koda.

Keep in mind that at this price point, you’re going to have a coaster brake (back pedal brake), which is one of the main reasons we encourage parents to spend a bit more for a bike like the Guardian which has hand brakes instead. Coaster brakes make learning to ride harder, but certainly not impossible if your budget won’t allow it.

REI Co-op Cycles REV 16

REI Service Guarantee

4 year old girl riding REI REV 16 down the sidewalk
  • MSRP: $229
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 20.1″ – 24″
  • WEIGHT: 18.3 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Yes, but not recommended due to customer complaints of them falling off
  • COLORS: Blue, Red
  • FULL REVIEWREI Co-op Cycles REV 16

The REI Co-Op Cycles REV 16 isn’t offered in traditional “girl colors”, but it does offer all the benefits of the REI guarantee and service. While these little bikes are built to be super durable, if you do have basic maintenance issues, REI provides free service (but not parts) for a year after purchase.

Priority Start 16

Belt Drive – Super Low Maintenance and Grease-Free

side profile image of a turquoise Priority Start girls bike
  • MSRP: $329
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 18.5″ – 23″
  • WEIGHT: 15.9 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Compatible, but not included
  • COLORS: White, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Charcoal
  • FULL REVIEWPriority Start 16

With a lightweight frame, dual hand brakes and no coaster brake, the Priority Start 16 is a wicked first girls bike for a very decent price.

Where Priority Bikes really shine is their belt drive, which replaces a traditional bike chain. This belt drive is grease-free, mess-free, rarely (if ever!) falls off, and is essentially maintenance-free.

woom 3

Best Overall

side profile of a yellow woom 2 girls bike
  • MSRP: $449
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 19.1″ – 24.8″
  • WEIGHT: 13.1 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible
  • COLORS: Purple, yellow, red, light blue and green

The 16 inch woom 3 is a slightly larger version of the 14 inch woom 2. Both of these bikes are the ideal bikes for beginners and timid riders, depending on the child’s size.

With a frame geometry that keeps a child in a natural, upright position and their weight centered over their hips like when walking, riding the woom 3 is as natural and effortless as it gets.

Btwin HYC 500

Honorable Mention Bang for Your Buck

Young girl riding Btwin HYC 500 16 inch girls bike in pink
  • MSRP: $125
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 19.5″ – 23.75″
  • WEIGHT: 20.6 lb.
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Sold separately
  • COLORS: Pink
  • FULL REVIEW: Bwin 16 Inch Kids Bike

We love the Btwin 16 – not only because it’s a super adorable and pink-dreamy girls bicycle, but also because it’s really well-designed for the price. Frankly, most girls bikes in this price range are terrible. The Btwin may be heavier and more basic than other bikes we recommend, but it’s far easier to ride than anything you’ll find at a big-box store.


Girl riding Guardian 20 inch bike across a grassy field

Kids aged 6 and 7 are typically a good fit for 20 inch girls bikes. If you’re looking for an 18 inch girls bike, you most likely need to look in this 20 inch size range instead. 18 inch girls bikes are generally cheap and low-quality. 20 inch girls bikes are similar in size, but made by much better bike companies.

Moving up to a 20″ bike is a big step for all child riders. While weight and performance are still concerns, gears are now on the table. To gear or not to gear, that’s is the question on most parents’ minds! For the average child rider, gears are fun to have, but not necessary.

As a result, we placed two of our favorite single-speed 20″ bikes on the list. These bikes are fun to ride and MUCH easier to maintain that a geared bike. For those who want or need gears, we’ve included the Priority Start, which is a great introduction to gears.

For more options, check out our Best 20 Inch Bikes article.

Schwinn Elm 20

Best Super Budget

Schwinn Elm 20 inch girls bike in pink
  • MSRP: $180
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 24.5″ – 29″
  • WEIGHT: 27.8 lb.
  • COLORS: Aqua, hot pink, purple
  • GEARS: Single-speed
  • FULL REVIEW:  Schwinn Elm

If you’re looking for the most traditional girls styling with a swooping frame and basket, Schwinn Elm girls’ bikes certainly deliver. The Elm bikes are quite a bit heavier and have more basic components than other bikes on our list, but they’re also much more affordable.

Be aware that cheaper kids bikes you find on Amazon and Walmart are typically larger than more expensive bikes that have the same wheel size. As a result, if you’re in the market for a 20″ bike, a slightly smaller 18″ Schwinn Elm may be a better fit. You can see the seat height range of the 20″ above.

Guardian 20 Small

Best Single Speed

Young girl riding teal Guardian 20 inch small bike
  • MSRP: $339
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 21.3″ – 26.8″
  • WEIGHT: 20.7 lb.
  • COLORS: Aqua and pink, black and red
  • GEARS: Single-speed
  • FULL REVIEW:  Guardian 20 Inch Review

Guardian’s SureStop braking system is a truly exceptional safety innovation. SureStop helps kids stop easier and faster, by packing the stopping power of rear and front brakes into a single brake lever! Not only is the Guardian 20 easy to brake, it’s a ton of fun. 

While some 20″ bikes have gears, the Guardian 20 small keeps things simple as a single speed bike. For most kids this age, gears are an unnecessary complexity that just make a bike harder to maintain. 

REI Co-op Cycles REV 20

REI Guarantee and Service

Child racing her REI REV 20 kids bike
  • MSRP: $279
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 21.9″ – 27″
  • WEIGHT: 22 lb.
  • COLORS: Purple
  • GEARS: Single-speed
  • FULL REVIEW:  REI Co-op Cycles REV 20

REI Co-Op brand products have a strong reputation for offering solid quality at a more attainable price point. The REI REV 20 kids bike is durable, made with quality components, and comes with the peace of mind of the REI guarantee.

For a year after purchase, REI’s in-house bike shops will take care of any basic maintenance for free (but parts not included). And if you’re an REI member, they’ll fix your flats for free too… forever!

If you have a local REI, you can order online and choose to have it shipped to the store, where they will assemble it for your before you pick it up.

While we don’t love the coaster brake, the REV 20 also has a single Tektro rear hand brake that is easy to pull and offers great stopping power.

Priority Start 20

Best Simplified Gearing

side image of a purple Priority Start  girls bicycle
  • MSRP: $379
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 22″ – 28.5″
  • WEIGHT: 19.5 lb.
  • COLORS: Purple, Turquoise Blue, Charcoal
  • GEARS: 3-speed with an internally-geared hub (no derailleur!)
  • FULL REVIEWPriority Start 20

If you think your little girl would benefit from having a geared bike, but you’re not sure she’s ready to tackle that challenge, the Priority Start 20 is for you!

With just three gears, the Priority Start is a perfectly simple introduction to the world of shifting. As an added bonus, Priority Bikes have internally geared hubs. These hubs are enclosed and much less likely to be damaged than the chain derailleurs found on most geared bikes.

Liv Adore 20

Honorable MentionBest Girls Cruiser Bike

Liv Adore 20 inch girls cruiser bike in blue
  • MSRP: $350
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 22.5 – 27.75″
  • WEIGHT: 25.7 lb.
  • COLORS: Navy or white
  • GEARS: Single-speed

Liv Cycles is the dedicated women’s brand of Giant Bicycles. We bought and tested the most popular Liv girls bike, the Liv Adore 20. This little bike delivers everything you’d expect in a girls cruiser – a swooping girl-styled frame, flat wide saddle with suspension springs, fenders, and a matching bell and chain guard. From an aesthetics perspective, the Liv Adore is a clear winner, especially with that matte finish.

From a performance standpoint, the Adore does well. It keeps riders in an upright riding position, which many casual neighborhood riders find most comfortable. We also appreciate that it features a rear handbrake in addition to the coaster brake. However, it’s almost identical to the Raleigh Jazzi 20, but it’s four pounds heavier.

After observing several of our girl bike testers ride both the Jazzi and the Adore, there is very little to substantially differentiate the two bikes. In our opinion, paying an extra hundred dollars for the heavier Adore may not be worth it for many families. That said, Liv did a pretty phenomenal job with that matte-finish beach-cruiser styling, so the extra $100 may be worth it to you.


young girl riding a green woom 5 bike

From riding around the neighborhood to longer family bike rides, a child’s 24″ bike can take them just about anywhere! These geared bikes are all suitable for miles of adventures and are also stylized to look a little “older” for kids aged 7 to 10.

For more options check out our Best 24 Inch Bikes for Kids article.

Decathlon Btwin Original 24

Best on a Budget

  • MSRP: $175
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 27″ – 33″
  • WEIGHT:  29.7 lb.
  • COLORS: Navy and pink
  • GEARS: 7-speed with grip shifter
  • FULL REVIEW: Btwin Original 24

Offering a smooth ride and a fun look paired with responsive and easy-to-use brakes, Decathlon’s Original series is a great deal for neighborhood riding kids. Coming in two models, the cheaper 100 Series and the upgraded 500 Series (with fenders and a basket), both models offer exceptional quality for their price.

Compared to other bikes on this list, the Btwins come with thinner, smooth street tires versus a more all-terrain tire. As a result, they are not suitable for use off-road. If you are looking for an off-road 24″ bike on a budget, check out Decathlon’s Rockrider off-road series.

Guardian 24

Innovative Braking System

side image of a blue guardian girls bike
  • MSRP: $339
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 25″ – 33″
  • WEIGHT:  25.5 lbs.
  • COLORS: Purple, Turquoise Blue, Black and Pink
  • GEARS: 7-speed with grip shifter
  • READ MORE: Guardian Bikes 24 Review

One brake lever and maximum stopping power? Guardian’s SureStop braking system makes braking safer, easier, and a ton of fun! Our girl bike testers love riding their Guardians to the limit and then braking full blast. Who knew a safety feature could actually make a bike more fun to ride?

Priority Start 24

Best Simplified Gearing

side image of a coral priority start girls bike
  • MSRP: $449
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 27″ – 34.5″
  • WEIGHT:  23.3 lb.
  • COLORS: Coral, light blue, charcoal
  • GEARS: 3-speed with internally geared hub
  • READ MORE: Priority Start 24 Review

Kids are hard on their bikes and regular maintenance is a must! If you’re looking for a high-end bike that requires less maintenance, Priority is for you!

The chains and derailleurs on standard bikes require regular cleaning and can be damaged easily. The grease-free belt drive of a Priority Bicycle is basically maintenance-free. And with the gearing mechanism enclosed in a sturdy hub, your bike’s gearing system isn’t exposed to easy damage like with a derailleur.

woom 5

Best Overall

side view of a purple woom 5 girls bike
  • MSRP: $649
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 26.4″ – 32.3″
  • WEIGHT: 20.3 lbs.
  • COLORS: Mint green, navy blue, red
  • GEARS: 8-speed with grip shifter
  • FULL REVIEW: woom 5 Review

The lightest 24 inch girls bike on our list, the woom 5 is a consistent favorite with our bike testers. A light bike is significantly easier to maneuver, and requires less effort for the payoff.

With 7 gears and versatile, all-terrain tires, the woom 5 can handle neighborhoods just as well as it can basic dirt trails. If you have a budding bike enthusiast on your hands, the woom 5 will allow her to explore any terrain she chooses.

Accessorize with Girls Cycling Clothes

Young girl sitting on her bike dressed in SHREDLY pink top, dinosaur shorts, and dinosaur socks.

While wearing designated riding clothes certainly isn’t necessary to have fun on a bike, it definitely can be more fun to have special riding outfits. Check out the Littles collection from SHREDLY for 10% off high-quality and adorable girls’ riding clothes and accessories.

🌸 🌼 Fun *Bling* Bike Accessories 🌼🌸

A lot of bikes marketed towards girls have adorable combinations of streamers, baskets, and bells. While these accessories are cute, they aren’t worth buying a bike for. Most heavily “decorated” bikes are very poorly made and will likely cause an equally poor riding experience for your child.

Instead of buying a heavy, poorly designed bike simply for the way it looks, why not buy an amazing bike and accessorize it? Better yet, if you happen to already have a bike, but it’s not quite what your daughter had in mind, blinging it out can help give it a new life!

That’s exactly what we did with one of our green 16″ bikes that was on its way to a young girl in need of a bike. Her mom said she wanted a pretty bike and green wasn’t exactly her favorite color. With a few accessories onboard, the “boring green” bike became a green beauty! We’ve got plenty of ideas for accessorizing any kids bike, girls bike, and even balance bikes.

If you’re specifically looking for baskets, check out our list of 7 Best Kids Bike baskets.


a green diamondback girls 16 inch bike


a green girls 16 inch bike with a basket, streamers and a windmill attached

Here’s what we added to the bike:

HANDLEBAR STREAMERS: Pinwheel Streamers by DRBIKE, $10 – These streamers attached by inserting a long plastic plug through the end cap of the bike’s grips. If your bike’s grip ends are solid, the DrBike streamers won’t work, but these Windmill Streamers will!

PINWHEEL: Spinning Flower Pinwheel by Ride Along Dolly, $8

WHEEL SPOKE BEADS: Bike Wheel Flower Spokies by Ride Along Dolly, $8 and Wheel Spoke Luminous Beads by Kloud City, $6

BASKET: Emoji Basket by Biria, $17.50

FLOWER BELL (not shown in picture): Flower Bell, $10. For other great options for kids bikes bells, check our the list of our 9 favorites!

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