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5 Best Girls 16 Inch Bikes: 2020

young girl riding a green Raleigh Jazzi 16 inch bike

Girls Bikes for 4, 5 and 6-year-olds

No matter what budget you’re on, we’ve got a fun, bright girls 16 inch bike for her! Most importantly, these bikes are well-designed and will provide a positive first riding experience for your child – a far better experience than any bike you’ll find at a big-box store. From a sizing perspective, these are a best buy for girl bikes for 4 year olds or girl bikes for 5 year olds. While a 6 year old may likely still fit on a 16 inch bike, if your child is already 6, the best purchase for girl bikes for a 6 year old may be a 20″ bike.

Keep in mind that “girls” bikes and “boys” bikes don’t need to be different. While frame differences are important for adults, they aren’t necessary for kids. A girl can comfortably ride any bike a boy can ride, and vise versa! Our list here is simply a few brands that we love that also happen to offer their 16 inch bikes in traditional girl colors or designs.

1. woom 3 – Best Overall, $389

2. Guardian 16 – Innovative Braking System, $259/$359

3. Priority Start 16 – Maintenance-Free Belt Drive, $319

4. Raleigh Jazzi 16 – Best Bang for Your Buck, $170

5. Schwinn Elm 16 – Best on a Budget, $145


Best Overall

7 year old girl riding woom 4 in her driveway

MSRP: $389

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: 19″ – 25.2″

TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible with training wheels

COLOR OPTIONS: Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow

WHY WE LOVE IT: Super lightweight, with an upright body position and low center of gravity, the woom 3 is incredibly easy to ride. If you have a beginner rider, or a rider that’s timid, you can’t get better than the woom 3 16-inch bike. With dual handbrakes and no coaster brake, the woom 3 makes it much easier for wobbly kids to maintain their balance when they try to pedal backwards.

We also love that the right-hand brake lever is green to help young kids remember to always brake with their right hand first. The woom 3’s fully enclosed chainguard keeps pants from getting caught, and grease off hands. And with best-in-class components and every detail fine-tuned for a child’s small body, the woom is a first-rate first pedal bike.


Guardian 16

Innovative Braking System

5 year old girl riding Guardian Original 16" girl's bike

MSRP: $259/$359

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: 18.5″ – 23.5″

TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible with training wheels


WHY WE LOVE IT: Braking can be intimidating for a beginning rider, so Guardian set out to make things simple. With just one brake lever that brakes the front and back wheel, there’s less for kids to think about! This proprietary braking system – SureStop – also ensures that your child won’t brake too fast or hard and flip themselves over the handlebars.

In addition to their innovative braking system, Guardian bikes are well-designed and built to make riding comfortable for kids and to last for many years. From a kids’ perspective, their designs and colors are pretty rad, and braking is actually fun! Our kid testers love to brake over and over and over…

With two lines’ of kids’ bikes – Original and Ethos – Guardian offers families the choice of two different price points so you can stay in budget.

FULL REVIEW: Guardian 16-inch Bike Review

Priority 16

Maintenance-Free Belt Drive

5 year old girl riding Priority Start 16" bike in white

MSRP: $319

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: 18.5″ – 23″

TRAINING WHEELS: Compatible, but not included. Available from Priority for $30.

COLOR OPTIONS: White, sky blue, charcoal

WHY WE LOVE IT: High quality and low maintenance are two principles Priority Bicycles lives by. While Priority builds bikes for kids and adults, they are one of the few non-kid-specific brands that make phenomenal kids’ bikes. They care just as much about their kids’ bikes as they do about the grown-up bikes! The Priority Start 16 inch bike has a comfortable, upright body position that is perfect for beginning riders.

The quality of Priority’s parts are rock solid and hand-selected to ensure you get the best quality at the best price. Priority keeps all of their bikes low-maintenance by replacing traditional chains with belt drives. These belt drives are grease-free (and mess-free), and rarely (if ever!) fall off.

FULL REVIEW: Priority Start 16

Raleigh Jazzi 16

Best Bang for Your Buck

5-year-old girl riding Raleigh Jazzi 16" girl's bike down sidewalk

MSRP: $170


TRAINING WHEELS: Compatible and included

COLOR OPTIONS: Mint Green Ice Cream

WHY WE LOVE IT: For its price point, the Jazzi 16 is a dynamite little bike. And with an ice-cream colored palette, our little testers can’t get enough of it! One of the few bikes on this list that comes with training wheels, the Jazzi is a great option for girls who haven’t used a balance bike and have yet to learn to ride a pedal bike.

While basic in features, the Jazzi is solid and durable, and is perfect for easy rides around the neighborhood. As with all bikes at this price point, the Jazzi has a coaster (back pedal) brake. Coaster brakes can be difficult for beginning riders who tend to pedal backwards to regain their balance. That said, you won’t find a bike this good for this price without one.

With an aluminum frame, the Jazzi is much lighter than cheaper bikes you’ll find at big box stores. Lightweight bikes are much more manageable for kids, especially for those just learning to ride.


Schwinn Elm 16

Best on a Budget

4 year old girl riding Schwinn girl's bike in white and pink

MSRP: $145

COLOR OPTIONS: Pink, Turquoise, Purple

TRAINING WHEELS: Compatible and included

WHY WE LOVE IT: If you’re on a tight budget, you might be tempted to walk into a big-box store and buy the pinkest 16 inch girl’s bike you can find. Please don’t! While the Schwinn Elm can’t compete with the more expensive bikes on this list, it’s lightyears better than a $70 bike you’ll get at Walmart.

While still very much a budget bike (in price and quality of components), the Schwinn Elm is lighter and more comfortable to ride than most other budget bikes out there. And with several sizes to choose from, the Elm offers a great fit for girl bikes for a 4 year old, girl bikes for a 5 year old, or girl bikes for a 6 year old.

FULL REVIEW: Schwinn SmartStart Series, Schwinn Elm


Don’t forget the bling!

Check out more fun bike accessories, like bells, beads and baskets – 6 Ways to Bling out a Girl’s Bike

Best 16-Inch Bikes for Girls

BikeMSRPSeat HeightWeightBrakesTraining Wheels
WOOM 3$38919″ – 25.2″11.7 lbs.Dual hand, no coasterNot compatible
Priority 16"$31918.5″ – 23″17 lbs.Dual hand, no coasterAvailable upgrade
Guardian 16"$259/$35918.5" - 23.5"16 lbs.SureStopNot compatible
Raleigh Jazzi 16"$17019" - 23"18.5 lbs.CoasterCome included
Schwinn Elm 16"$145CoasterCome included

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