5 Best Girls’ Bikes

Our Top Picks for Girls’ Bikes for 3 to 8-year-olds

Lots of little girls dream of pink and purple bikes with streamers and baskets and bells and rainbows and unicorns. While a girl can certainly ride any bike with any design or color, for those who want a bike with more traditional girl styling, it’s not easy to find a quality bike that’s more than just a pretty toy. If you want a bike that will make your little girl’s dreams come true and be a comfortable, fun, easy ride for them, your options are much more limited.

Lucky for you, we have years of experience with five different bike manufacturers that have taken the time and effort to make quality bikes in colors and designs many girls want. Here’s our short list of the best 12″, 16″, and 20″ girls’ bikes on the market:

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Best Overall Quality and Performance

Meticulously designed, sized, and built for child-specific needs, WOOM bikes are some of the lightest kids’ bikes on the market. To help kids balance and maintain control while riding, WOOM bikes are narrower and have a lower center-of-gravity than the average child’s bike. These super kid-friendly bikes also center a child’s weight over their hips (like when standing), allowing them to feel more comfortable and natural as they ride and balance.

Taking it one step further, WOOM also addressed the specific needs of various age groups.  Their smaller bikes (WOOM 2 and 3) are built with a more upright design to help timid riders easily balance the bike. Their larger sizes provide a more athletic, lean-in position to help kids shift around their weight when riding as they gain confidence with age and experience.

OUR FAVORITE FEATURES: Top-notch quality, lightweight, low center-of-gravity design for easier balance and control.  WOOM’s 14″ and 16″ bikes have a green right-hand brake lever to help teach young riders to brake with their right hand first (the right hand brake is attached to the rear tire).



Best Bang for Your Buck

A well-established bike brand with years of experience, Raleigh offers solid-quality bikes with an easy to swallow price tag. While basic in features (wider frames than high-end bikes, no handbrakes and coaster brakes only on 12″ and 16″, medium-quality components), Raleigh’s Jazzi line of bikes are a great choice for families looking for a durable and easy-to-ride bike to cruise around the neighborhood.

It’s important to note that the Jazzi 12″ is built with a steel frame, versus aluminum, and is heavier than other brands and not recommend for really lightweight kids.  The Jazzi 16″ and 20″ are built with lightweight aluminum and are comparable in weight to other brands.

OUR FAVORITE FEATURES: Fun and colorful graphics,  low-step-through design for easy entries and exits, comfortable upright positioning for a more natural-feeling ride.


Best for Adventurous Riders

Originating out of the UK, Frog Bikes offer an exceptional mix of fun and function. Built with lightweight aluminum frames available in 7 different colors (including pink, purple, and polka-dot), they are designed with a low center-of-gravity for better control and balance, and topped off with responsive easy-to-reach dual hand brakes.

Compared to many of the other bikes we review, Frog bikes have a low-rise handlebar which places the rider in a more leaned forward position.  When leaned forward, kids can more easily shift their body weight, allowing for more adventurous riding.

To allow your child to customize their bike, each bike comes with two sets of tires – standard street and knobby all-terrain – as well as optional plastic fenders that kids really love.

OUR FAVORITE FEATURES:  Comes with a set of street and all-terrain tires to tackle any terrain your child chooses, highly adjustable seat and handlebars to provide the perfect fit for your child, plenty of color options.




Best for Timid Riders on a Budget

Hailing out of Australia, ByK bikes’ simple, no-frills design and larger-diameter, thinner tires result in a comfortable, fast ride that is a consistent favorite with our young testers. The bikes’ low center-of-gravity design places the rider closer to the ground for easier balancing and control, making ByK similar to many high-end bikes, but at a mid-range price point.

For timid riders or those whose sense of balance is still developing, ByK bikes’ easy-to-balance design is coupled with an upright body position that is similar to WOOM’s as it helps kids more naturally learn to ride a bike.  ByK’s quality certainly doesn’t match WOOM’s, but their bikes are a great choice for those hesitant riders on a budget.

OUR FAVORITE FEATURES: Easy to balance design and thinner, larger tires help kids of all abilities learn to ride fast and with confidence. 14″ bike comes with a push bar to help parents stabilize the bike, 14″ and 18″ bikes come with training wheels (18″ bike is sized like a 16″ bike).

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Schwinn SmartStart

Best on a Budget

Big-box stores often have a huge selection of budget bikes, but over the years we’ve found that most of them are way too heavy for young riders and are difficult to balance.  While still very much a budget bike (in price and quality of components), the Schwinn SmartStart series offers a child-friendly line of bikes that are lighter weight, easier to balance, and just more comfortable than any other budget bike we’ve seen.

OUR FAVORITE FEATURES: Upright geometry provides a more comfortable body position while riding. With baskets and streamers, these are the most “girly” options on our list!

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