11 Best Kids Bike Baskets

Sure, riding a bike is fun on its own. But what ride isn’t made better with a bike basket? If you’re looking for a simple way to accessorize your child’s bike, kids bike baskets and bags are our number one recommendation. Gone are the days of cheap, plastic wicker baskets being your only option. The modern kids bike basket might actually be a bag, and will certainly come in fun colors and designs well-suited for boys or girls!

Three kids bike baskets lined up and attached onto kids bikes.

Our Favorite Kids Bike Baskets

Kids Bike Basket Why We Love It MSRP
Schwinn Girls Classic plastic girls bike basket $13
Electra Kids Metal bike basket with a modern twist $37
Biria Kids Durable metal and lots of color options $26
Colorbasket Junior Colorful wood wicker baskets $29
Bike BAGS - open like a basket
Haba Doll Bike Basket A bike basket designed for dolly! $19
Po Campo Whoosh Larger bag to carry more $39
Electra Kids Velcro Bag Adorable designs for girls and boys $24
The Salty Boob Basket Made from recycled kites and tires! $55
Bike BAGS - enclosed with zipper or clasp
Bontrager Kids Bag Carrying handle $29
Po Campo Speedy Bag Small bag for water bottle and snacks $35
Kulie Kid's Bike Bag Lunch bag for bike commuters $19

A Bike Basket for Dolly!

Haba Doll Bike Basket

MSRP: $19

We love this little dolly bike basket soooo much. While most doll bike seats are unnecessarily complicated to attach to the child’s bike, the Haba seat is simple. It has three velcro straps that attach around the bike’s handlebars and stem. It’s a great fit for balance bikes and pedal bikes, and is impressively well made for the price. It seriously might be the best $15 we’ve ever spent.

Fun Designs for Girls and Boys

Electra Kids Velcro Handlebar Bag

Electra velcro handlebar bags for kids. Rainbow and cloud design for girls, robot design for boys.

MSRP: $24

Electra’s handlebar bags take the concept of kids bike baskets to a new level! With adorable designs for girls or boys, these bags win the prize for biggest “wow factor”. With simple Velcro loops that attach to the child bike’s handlebars, these bags are easy to attach or take off.

The water resistant, 100% polyester sides are very flexible, so the bag easily moves to accommodate whatever treasures your child puts inside. The downside is that the long flat bottom doesn’t have support, so heavy items will cause the bag to sag.

Girls Bike Basket with a Modern Twist

Electra Kids Honeycomb Basket

Electra honeycomb kids bike basket in purple and black

MSRP: $37

If you’re looking for a more traditional kids bike basket, the Electra Honeycomb Handlebar Basket brings a sleek and modern twist with their circular metal pattern. It’s available in a variety of fun colors for girls and boys.

This bike basket comes in two different mounting styles. One has hooks that are placed over the handlebars, the other has straps and buckles to attach the basket to the handlebars. There’s also a Velcro loop to wrap around the bike’s head tube that keeps the basket from clanking around.

Best Classic Plastic Girls Bike Basket

Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket

schwinn girls bike basket. Plastic wicker with flowers.

MSRP: $13

Feeling nostalgic for your own childhood? Schwinn’s plastic girls bike basket may be cheap, but it’s actually a pretty solid little container. Straight out of the 80’s, this woven pink and yellow basket is a classic that keeps on giving. As a modern bonus, the flowers actually light up!

Larger Bag for Carrying More

Po Campo Whoosh

PoCampo Woosh kids bike bag on a child's bike, carrying a stuffed animal

MSRP: $39

Made from thick polyester, these Po Campo Whoosh bike bags are exceptionally sturdy and durable. Attaching easily to the handlebars with adjustable velcro straps, they also stay very securely in place.

While these bags don’t look that large, they are deceptively deep, and could easily carry a lunch, or several water bottles. At our house, it has become the carrier of choice for our 6-year-old’s large, stuffed doggie, who wouldn’t fit in her smaller bike bags.

The rear interior of the bag/basket has a small zippered pouch that is ideal for your keys, phone, and a flat wallet.

Despite the Whoosh’s larger size, it was a great fit on a balance bike, 14″ pedal bike, and 16″ pedal bike as well as larger bikes.

Enclosed Kids Bike Bags with Handle

Bontrager Kids Handlebar Bag

Bontrager kids bicycle handlebar bags. Ice cream design for girls, camo for boys.

MSRP: $29

We love the Bontrager kids bike bags for their versatility! Enclosed like a messenger bag, they’ll keep whatever your child is bringing along for the ride much more secure than most other baskets and bags. And with a handle at the top, these bags are great for carrying by hand as well.

Bontrager kids bags feature two covered pockets – one large inner pocket, and a flat front pocket for papers or small items. The bags are secured easily via two Velcro loops onto the child bike’s handlebars. And with cute designs for boys and girls… these bags are a clear winner!

Budget Friendly, Colorful Kids Bike Baskets

Biria Kids Bicycle Basket

Biria metal bike baskets for kids. Teal bike basket with emoji for girls, red basket for boys.

MSRP: $26

Biria’s bike baskets are sturdy, and meant to take a beating by kids! While Biria makes a variety of bike baskets, these particular baskets are smaller to better fit on kids bikes. Available in a variety of bright colors for boys and girls, some options also come with playful emoji decals. We also love that they have a handle for use off the bike as well.

Colorful Wicker Bikes Baskets for Kids

Colorbasket Junior Bike Basket

Colorbasket kids wicker bike baskets for kids. Pink and black for girls and boys

MSRP: $20 – $30

Woven wicker baskets are one of the most classic bike basket options. Popular with adults, Colorbasket makes a smaller Junior basket that’s better suited for kids bikes. They don’t have a ton of color options, but enough to easily find a good match for most girls and boys bikes.

A Great Bag for a Water Bottle and Snacks

Po Campo Speedy Handlebar Bag

Po Campo Speedy handlebar bag on on a 16" kids bike

MSRP: $35

With secure velcro handlebar straps and a large zippered pocket, the Po Campo Speedy Handlebar Bag is ideal for carrying a kids water bottle and a few snacks. We love that the bag is relatively short, making it a good fit for both small and larger kids bikes.

Be aware that the front flap doesn’t stay secured very well. Its molded closure won’t snag like velcro, but came undone several times during our test rides. Despite this flaw, we loved the bag’s main compartment enough to keep using it for water and snacks!

Clean, Modern Design that Seconds as a Hip Bag

woom AMIKO handlebar bag

black woom handlebar bag for kids bike

MSRP: $34

woom’s AMIKO bag is the perfect size for little groms who want to bring along a few snacks for the ride. It’s also the perfect size for older, adventurous riders who need to carry an extra tube, tire levers, and even a cell phone. Outside of the main zippered pocket, there are two small external zippered pockets that could easily hold a multi-tool or a small pair of biking gloves.

The AMIKO’s adjustable handlebar straps lock in place to securely mount the bag to any size bike. We tried it on every thing from a 14″ kids bike to Mom’s mountain bike!

Constructed with 100% ripstop fabric, the AMIKO is strong and durable to last for years of use. As an added bonus, it comes with a hip strap to convert it into a hip bag.

Lunch Bag for Bike Commuters

Kulie Kid’s Bike Bag

Kulie kids bike bag in dinosaur and polka dot designs

MSRP: $19

As the largest bike basket or bag on our list, the Kulie Kid’s Bike Bag is a best fit for older boys and girls on 20″, 24″, or 26″ bikes. With a spacious interior pocket, this bag is perfect for little bike commuters that need a dedicated space to transport their lunch to school.

Attaching to the handlebars via very strong velcro, it stays in place, but is easy for kids to remove once they arrive at their destination. It even comes with a detachable cross-body strap for transportation by foot. (FYI, it doesn’t have a handle for carrying by hand.)

Because the bag isn’t insulated, you may want to put your child’s insulated lunch bag inside of it. We stuffed our lunch bag full and it still fit in the Kulie bag!

Fun and Functional “Recycled” Bike Bags

The Salty Boob Adventure Bike Basket

The Salty Boob adventure bike bags in black and neon yellow

MSRP: $55 (small), $65 (large)

If you’re looking for a stylish bike bag that goes beyond your traditional “cute factor”, the Salty Boob Adventure Bike Baskets are our favorite Etsy find. These high-quality, rugged bike bags are perfect for outdoor-loving kids who value both fashion, function, and taking care of mother earth.

The bright colors and patterns of these bags come from kitesurfing kites that can no longer be used, and the bottom of each bag is a used mountain bike tire. How cool is that??? These bags prove that recycled can be way more hip than new! (The tire also keeps the bag’s bottom pretty stiff, so that it doesn’t sag under the weight of the items inside.)

The top of the bike bag is open to easily stash jackets, water bottles, leaves, rocks, small animals… 🙂 A small bungee cord folds over the top to keep larger items from sliding out, and secures with a magnetic buckle.

These Salty Boob bags stay securely in place with two velcro straps along the back that attach to the handlebars, and a lower small bungee cord to wrap around the bike’s head tube. If you’d like to convert it to a cross-body bag, you can purchase an optional strap for just $7.

The shop’s bags feature traditional boy, girl, and gender neutral colors and patterns, and because it’s Etsy, you can of course request a custom build.

How to Choose the Best Kids Bike Basket

One quick search on Amazon, and you’ll discover that there are a ton of options for girls and boys bike baskets. But besides “cuteness factor”, what else should you consider?

Bike Basket Material

Bike baskets and bags come in many different styles – plastic wicker, wood wicker, mesh metal, and fabric. Fabric bags tend to be flexible and can sag with the weight of heavy items inside. Metal, plastic, and wicker baskets retain their shape.

7 year old girl riding woom 4 in her driveway with the Schwinn kids bike basket attached to her handlebars

Basket Size and Bike Size

You’ll need to consider how large the basket will be in comparison to your child’s bike. Most brands make smaller junior bike baskets for kids bikes. That said, even some kids bike baskets will be large on a balance bike or 12″ or 14″ bike. Here you can see the Bontrager Kids Bag on a large 20″ kids bike and a 14″ kids bike.

Bontrager canvas kids bike bike on a 20 inch bike and a 14 inch bike. Comparison of sizing.

Fabric baskets or bags have the potential to be problematic on a small 12″ or 14″ bike. Because carrying heavy items can make the bag sag, the bag could end up hitting the bike’s tire.

How does the basket attach to the bike?

Almost all kids bike baskets attach to the bike via the handlebars. Most attach via Velcro straps or rigid metal hooks. Some have leather loops and buckles. Cheaper baskets have plastic loop attachments. For the most part, they are all exceptionally easy to take on and off the bike.

Two bike baskets side by side. One with Velcro loop attachments to the child bike's handlebars, the other with metal hooks.

However the bag attaches to the handlebars, bikes with dual brake cables in front of the handlebars make it more difficult. We were able to fit bags and baskets around brake cables, although the baskets tended to work better in this scenario.

Does handlebar shape matter?

We were able to fit our bike baskets and bags on every bike we tried, but handlebar shape and height does play a factor in how well the basket fits.

Taller handlebars with a cross bar keep the bike basket higher and away from any interference with the front wheel. This is most important with small 12″ and 14″ bikes. It’s still possible to have low handlebars and use a bike basket though!

Kids bike bag attached to handlebars with higher cross bar

Does a kids bike basket need a handle?

We love kids bikes baskets with handles because they become multi-purpose. When not riding their bike, your child can take the basket off to gather treasures on any adventure they choose.

Turquoise mesh bike basket with child lifting up the handle

Basket Capacity

The capacity of the basket is most important if you’re planning on using the basket for functional purposes such as bringing along a lunch or carrying a water bottle or light jacket.

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