6 Best Kids’ Scooters

Our Top Scooter Picks For Every Kid and Budget

Kids’ scooters may seem like they’re all the same, but they’re not!  From kick scooters to trick scooters and electric scooters, we’ve tested them all! To make your shopping process super easy for you, we’ve outlined our top 6 scooters for kids, why we love them, and why your kid will too!

5 Best Scooters: 2018


Why We Love It


Micro Sprite

Best Traditional Scooter

Micro Kickboard Maxi/Mini Deluxe

Most Unique Ride

Razor A5 Lux

Best for Older/Taller Kids

Razor A2

Best Value

$31 - $55
Fuzion Pro X-3

Best Entry-Level Trick Scooter


Razor E100

Best Electric Scooter for Young Riders



Micro Sprite

Best Traditional Scooter

Micro Sprite Kick Scooter in red

MSRP: $99

FITS KIDS: 8+ to adults 220 lbs!

FEATURES: High quality and durable, smooth ride, easy folding mechanism, large variety of color options

The Micro Sprite is a top-quality Swiss kick scooter designed with sophisticated style and built for smooth, precise performance. While the Sprite is a “traditional” kick scooter, it’s definitely a high-end version. It’s solid, durable, and most importantly, a smooth ride.

Our testers loved that they could ride “so fast” and didn’t “feel bumpy over all the sidewalk lines”. When they did small jumps off the curb, “the landing didn’t hurt” and it was “easier to jump high”. The scooter feels sturdy and fluid beneath you and doesn’t have the “clackity clack” joltiness that’s very common in kick scooters.

FULL REVIEW: Micro Sprite

Micro Kickboard Maxi & Mini Deluxe

Most Unique Ride

Micro Kickboard Maxi Deluxe kid's scooter


MSRP: $140/$90

FITS KIDS: 2-5 and 5-12 years

FEATURES: Lean-to-steer functionality, adjustable-height handlebars, extra smooth and stable ride, available lots of colors.

These Kickboards are not the scooters you grew up with! With their lean-to-steer functionality, the Maxi and Mini Deluxe create a unique ride experience similar to that of a skateboard by allowing the rider to carve turns, but with the added security of t-bar handlebars for extra stability and a boost of confidence. Its a bit like surfing the sidewalk!

The Maxi and Mini Deluxe tout a winning combination of a 3-wheeled setup and extra-wide foot deck, all to increase ease-of-use and stability.  The foot deck is constructed of reinforced flexible fiberglass, which absorbs impact from the ground and makes for a smooth and quiet ride.  And with adjustable handlebars that allow riders to grow with the scooter (10″ adjustability from min to max), while not cheap, the Maxi or Mini is a worthy investment.

We especially love that the 3 wheels make it easy for really young riders on the Mini to build their confidence, but also provide a super cool sidewalk surfing ride as kids get more comfortable and adventurous.

FULL REVIEW: Micro Kickboard Maxi and Mini Deluxe

Razor A5 Lux

Best for Older/Taller Kids

Razor A5 Lux scooter in blue

MSRP: $60

FITS KIDS: 8+ yrs

FEATURES: Foldable, lightweight aluminum construction, large 8″ urethane wheels

The A5 Lux improves upon the ride quality of the classic Razor scooters by offering larger, 8″ urethane wheels that make running into those pesky pebbles and sidewalk cracks a non-event.  This lightweight scooter is geared towards kids ages 8 and older and touts a weight capacity of 220 lbs!  And to be honest, we’ve even been known to snag this from our kids and take it for a ride!


Razor A2

Best Value

Razor A2 kick scooter in silver and red

MSRP: $31 – 55

FITS KIDS: Ages 5+

FEATURES: Foldable, portable, lightweight yet strong aluminum construction, wheelie bar

The timeless Razor A2 is THE quintessential scooter design and offers a whole host of features while taking it easy on your wallet.  The spring-less front wheel shock system adds enough cushion to smooth out small bumps and cracks in pavement.  Weighing in at just 6 lbs., it’s light enough to be easily carried by young children, while still beloved by teens! And it even has a wheelie bar for simple tricks.

Simply stated, the Razor A2 is sturdy, lightweight, portable, and affordable.  With adjustable handlebars and a max weight capacity of 143 lbs, this scooter can grow with your child for many years.


Fuzion Pro X-3

Best Entry-Level Trick Scooter

Fuzion Pro X-3 trick scooter in blue and yellow

MSRP: $75

FITS KIDS: 7+ yrs

FEATURES: Concave deck, versatile fork that handles 100 mm and 110mm wheels

If you’ve got a little daredevil that wants to try their skills at the skate park, the Fuzion Pro X-3 is your best option.  Built with the beginning enthusiast in mind, this affordable scooter features a 4″ wide concave deck (like a skateboard), making it easier to pull off cool tricks like tail whips and slides.

Fuzion’s well-designed aluminum frame has a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs, making this scooter a fun choice for larger kids and even adults who want to have some fun at the skate park.  You could spend significantly more money on a pro-level scooter with additional features, but this entry-level model can’t be beat for the price.


Razor E100

Best Electric Scooter for Young Riders

razor e100 electric scooter - red

MSRP: $160

FITS KIDS: 8+ yrs

FEATURES: Kick-start motor for smoother starting, front and rear air tires

If your child is begging for an electric scooter, the Razor E100 is the most solid place to start. The kick-start motor requires the rider to be moving at 3mph before the motor actually kicks in. This prevents jolting starts from 0mph that can often throw a child (or even adult) right off the scooter. With two air tires (the E90 only has one plastic wheel), the ride is pretty smooth over all, and its limited top speed is best for young riders. When our testers raced their friends on traditional kick scooters for short distances, the electric scooter usually lost!

Be aware as a parent that electric scooters require maintenance and can be finicky. A motor and electric gadgets open up a can of worms as far as potential problems go. And always making sure that thing is charged… well, it’s not as easy as you think. 🙂

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