8 Best Electric Bikes for Women (and Buying Guide)

Shopping for a women’s electric bike? In addition to being ridiculously fun, electric bikes are great for a wide variety of riding uses. From cruising around town or down the boardwalk, to commuting to work or school, ebikes will transform the way you experience riding! Whether you’re looking for a boost to ride farther or faster, you’ll be thanking yourself for investing in an electric bike.

With seemingly endless ebikes on the market, where do you even start? We set out on a journey to find ebikes for women that are not only fun to ride, but are also reliable, backed by solid customer service departments, and offer great value.

Along the way, we learned a lot about what to look for when purchasing a women’s electric bike, as well as things you’ll want to avoid. In this article, we’ll cover everything we learned about ebikes from our group of women bike testers, and showcase our favorite bikes that we tested.

Collage showing four women riding four different ebikes for women

Our Favorite eBikes for Women – Personally Tested by Our Crew!

From quality and performance, to readily accessible replacement parts (super important!) and customer service, we can personally vouch for the ebikes on this list. Like all bikes, electric bikes are designed for a wide range of uses, and we’ve divided our chart accordingly.

Best Womens Electric Bikes

Bike Why We Love It Price
Aventon Pace 350.2/500.2 Comfortable and quick budget cruiser $1,399+
Townie Go! 7D Best True Cruiser Style and Feel $1,900
Aventon Abound Best for Hauling Kids or Cargo $2,199
Aventon Level.2 Best Motor/Battery for the Price $1,949
REI Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 REI Bang for Your Buck $1,799
Priority Current Ultimate Speed Machine! $3,299
Brompton C Line Best Compact, Folding $4,500
All-terrain Fat Bike
Aventon Adventure.2 Fun and fast, do it all bike! $1,899
RadPower RadRunner Plus Comfy ride for Hauling a Kid or Cargo $1,899

What’s the difference between a comfort/cruiser bike and a city/commuter bike?

A comfort/cruiser bike is designed to be just that – comfortable as you cruise around! These bikes offer a more relaxed, upright seating position, swept back handlebars, plusher saddle and cushioning tires to help smooth out the bumps along the way. They are best used for casual rides on paved surfaces. (Image on left below.)

Comfort Cruiser vs. Commuter Bike

Side by side comparison of woman on a cruiser style ebike and a commuter style ebike
Aventon Pace and Aventon Level

City/commuter bikes are designed for to go faster for longer distances. They have larger, more powerful motors to help bikes stay safe on city streets (so you can quickly accelerate), larger batteries for longer riding time, and place the rider in a more forward leaning position on the bike. (Image on the right above.)

What is an all-terrain electric bike?

The “SUVs” of the bike world, all-terrain electric bikes are highly versatile to take you just about anywhere. Designed to provide a comfortable ride on a variety of terrains, all-terrain bikes are built to travel over everything from standard pavement to dirt roads covered in snow. Very versatile and adaptable, all-terrain bikes can be also customized with racks, panniers, and lights to adapt to the needs of your lifestyle and adventures, whether it be mainly city riding or a dedicated rig for dirt roads.

In many ways, you can think of an all-terrain bike as a beefier, robust commuter bike with large, wide, knobby tires (4″ wide as compared to ~2″). The larger tires offer plush cushioning for smoothing out bumps, as well as plenty of traction on a wide range of surfaces. Like commuter ebikes, all-terrain ebikes also have larger motors for increased speed and larger batteries for traveling longer distances.

Are all-terrain bikes the same as a mountain bike?

While all-terrain electric bikes can be ridden in the mountains, they are not “mountain bikes”. True mountain bikes (eMTBs) are streamlined machines designed for taking on steep, narrow, and often technical, single-track trails (only wide enough to go single file). All-terrain bikes are too heavy, sit the rider too upright and are not technically proficient enough to tackle on single-track trails.

All-terrain ebikes are typically used for city use on varied terrain, on dirt roads, or wider trails on which challenging technical terrain can often be avoided. While all-terrain bikes are much cheaper then eMTBs, they are cheaper for a reason and should not be considered as a replacement for eMTBs.

Women’s electric bikes – TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Comfort and Cruiser Bikes – Comfortable bikes for casual riding
Aventon Pace 350 and 500
Electra Townie Go! 7D
Aventon Abound
2. City and Commuter Bikes – Efficient bikes for longer distances
Aventon Level2
REI Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1
Priority Current
Brompton Electric C Line
3. All-terrain Bikes – Designed for riding off the beaten path
Aventon Adventure.2
RadPower RadRunner Plus
4. eBikes for Women – Buying Guide and Common Q&A’s
Five Things You Should Know About eBikes
Common ebike Q&A’s
Do all ebikes come with throttles?
What is the difference between a mid-drive and hub motor?
Why are there such big differences in the price of ebikes?
What makes an ebike “feel” more natural?
How fast do electric bikes go?

Comfort/Cruiser eBikes for Women

If leisurely rides around the neighborhood or along paved bike trails are your main goal, comfort/cruiser bikes are your best bet. These bikes place more importance on the comfort of the bike over raw power and performance. While they don’t have as large as motors and batteries as many city/commuter bikes, they provide plenty of assistance to help you ride for miles without breaking a sweat!

Common Features on Comfort/Cruiser Bikes

  • UPRIGHT BODY POSITION: As shown above, comfort/cruiser bikes position riders in a more comfortable, upright body position, versus a more aggressive, leaned-in position. The upright position allows the rider to put most of their weight on the saddle and less on the handlebars, which is preferred by most casual riders.
  • LOWER WATT MOTORS: Designed for casual use, comfort bikes don’t need high-performing motors for powering up steep hills. Their lower wattage motors (250W – 500W), are more than enough to cruise around town and tackle mild hills with plenty of zip!
    If you live in really steep areas, however, a bike with at least a 500W motor is highly recommended (if not larger!). Motors with less wattage (especially hub motors), tend to lag on steep inclines.
  • LOWER BATTERY CAPACITY: Most comfort bikes come with batteries that will easily assist you for at least 20 miles. If you plan on riding over 20 miles, you’ll likely need a larger battery (greater than 600Wh).
  • THROTTLES: Some models have throttles, while others don’t. When activated, throttles will propel the bike forward without the need for any pedaling. Some local laws do not allow for bikes with throttles, but on most electric bikes, they can easily be removed if not wanted.
  • GEARS: For casual riding, the number of gears on a bike isn’t as important as the number of PAS modes. On most ebikes, regulating the speed of the bike in a casual setting is easier to do by changing the PAS modes versus the gears. All in all, the more PAS modes you have, the less important the number of gears and vice versa.

Aventon Pace 350.2/500.2

Best Value

Young woman riding Aventon Pace 350 womens electric bike over a bridge

MSRP: Pace 350.2 – $1,399, Pace 500.2 $1,699
SIZES: Regular (fits 5’1″ – 5’11”), Large (fits 5’11” – 6’4″)
FULL REVIEW: Aventon Pace 350 and 500
“FEEL” OF BIKE: The Pace is fun and peppy and very comfortable to ride. Due to the lack of a torque sensor, you can’t control the speed of the bike with the pedals, so it can feel more like you are being “taken for a ride” versus “going for a ride”. After an adjustment period, all of our lady bike testers learned to feel comfortable riding the Pace.

MOTOR (Rear hub motor): Pace 350 – 36V, 350W; Pace 500 – 48V, 500W
BATTERY: Pace 350 – 36V (417Wh); Pace 500 – 48V, (614Wh)
MAX SPEED ASSIST: Pace 350 – 20 mph (Class II); Pace 500 – 28 mph (Class III)
GEARING: Pace 350 – 7-speed; Pace 500 – 8-speed
THROTTLE: Yes (easily removed)

From its thickly padded saddle to its ergonomic grips, the Aventon Pace is super comfortable to ride! Paired with its zippy motor, the Pace certainly isn’t slow as it provides plenty of zip for speed demons, but the lower PAS modes allow for more casual riding.

The Pace 350.2 and 500.2 share the same frame, but the 500 comes with a larger motor and battery, as well as 8 versus 7 gears. If you plan on riding longer distances or if there are steep hills in your area, we highly recommend upgrading to the Pace 500.


  • Cushioned saddle, ergonomic grips, and swept back handlebars provide a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Sleek frame design allows for a clean, seamless battery integration, while still allowing the battery to be removed
  • Brightly lit, colored LED panel provides plenty of stats, including mph, battery life and total distance traveled
  • Integrated LED brake lights – rear lights light up whenever you use the brakes (day or night!). Headlight also included.
  • Free Aventon app connects the bike via Bluetooth to provide additional stats. The app also has a thriving community of Aventon ebike users.


  • The frame is available in a step-through model (typically a women’s bike frame) or a traditional straight top-tube frame. There are no differences in these models except for frame design.
  • Without a torque sensor, you cannot control the speed of the bike through the pedals. The bike will travel the same speed whether you are pedaling fast or slow. Our casual bike riders weren’t as put off by this disconnect as were our bike enthusiasts who regularly ride traditional bikes.
  • Aventon has over 600 retailers across the US where service is available. Replacement parts are also readily available on their website.


Both the Pace 350 and 500 are available with step-through and traditional frames.

  • Pace 350.2: $1,399 – Has 350W motor, 7 gears and a 417Wh battery
  • Pace 500.2: $1,699 – Has a 500W motor, 8 gears and a 614Wh battery

Electra Townie Go! 7D

Comfortable, relaxed ride with easy balancing

Woman posing on Townie Go! 7D electric bike for women

MSRP: $1,900
SIZE: One size fits 4’11 – 5’11
“FEEL” OF BIKE: The Townie Go! mimics the feel of riding an analog bike, but obviously requires much less effort. Pedaling the bike makes it go faster, slowing the pedals slows down the bike. The max speed is determined by the selected PAS level combined with the amount of force you are putting on the pedals, so riding in a higher gear will allow you to ride faster.

Overall, it’s an incredibly stable, relaxing ride. But because it has a hub motor, the power in the motor does lightly jolt from time to time.

MOTOR: 250W Rear Hub
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 20 mph (Class I)
GEARING: 7-speed

Riding the Townie Go! is a delight! It’s all the comfort and relaxation of a luxurious beach cruiser, but with that extra kick of the motor that makes pedaling pretty effortless.

The Townie’s 3 PAS modes were sufficient for all of our casual cruising, allowing us to reach higher “fun” speeds without getting so fast as to make us nervous.

Flat Foot Technology is what makes the Townie one of the most popular comfort cruiser bikes on the market. On most bikes, to achieve proper leg extension on your pedal stroke, you need to raise your saddle so that only your toes touch the ground when stopped.

On the Townie Go!, the pedals are placed farther forward on the bike, allowing you to lower the saddle so that your full foot can be flat on the ground when you’re stopped, while still achieving the necessary leg extension for your pedal stroke.

This Flat Foot Technology is particularly ideal for more timid riders who need the extra security of flat feet on the ground for stopping and starting. (But it’s also super convenient for experienced riders as well!)


  • A wide, cushioned saddle offers premium padding for your bum, while the handlebars keep you in a carefree “I’m on vacation” relaxed, upright position.
  • Wide, balloon tires contribute to an extra smooth and cushioned ride
  • Switching between PAS 1, 2, and 3 is done by pushing a +/- button on the right hand. Super easy to adjust mid-ride.
  • Available in 4 bright, beachy colors.
  • Electra is owned by Trek, and can be serviced at your local Trek bike shop


  • Unlike most ebikes, the battery is internal and cannot be removed. While this makes the Townie Go! look like a regular bike instead of an ebike, if it ever needs to be serviced, you’ll need to take it to an official Trek shop.
  • Because the battery is internal, you’ll need to store the bike indoors during the hottest months of summer and cold months of winter. (Other e-bikes you can just store the battery inside.)
  • The Townie Go! comes in only one size, made to fit riders from 4’11 to 5’11. To make the ride comfortable for this entire range of heights, the handlebars can be lowered or raised, as well as rotated towards or away from the rider. We tested with riders 4’10.5 – 5’10.


  • Electra Townie Go! 7D: $1,900 – 250W rear hub motor, 7 gears, and 250 Wh battery, 3 PAS, mechanical disc brakes
  • Electra Townie Go! 5i: $2,949 – 250W mid motor, 5 gears (internal hub), 400 Wh battery, 4 PAS, hydraulic disc brakes
  • Electra Townie Go! 10D: $3,849 – 250W mid motor, 10 gears, 500 Wh battery, 4 PAS, hydraulic disc brakes

Aventon Abound

Comfortable utility bike/family bike with torque sensor for natural feel

Mom riding the Aventon Abound with two young kids on the back

MSRP: $2,199
SIZE: One size fits 4’11” – 6’3″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: The Abound’s powerful motor, integrated torque sensor, and included throttle provide for a smooth and jerk-free ride. Like all family bikes, you can certainly feel the added weight of kids (or cargo) when starting and stopping the bike, but once you are up and running (which is made super easy by the bike’s throttle), the Abound offers a smooth and comfortable ride for driver and passengers.

MOTOR: 750W, 48V
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 28 mph (Class III – but ships as a Class II)
GEARING: 7-speed
THROTTLE: Yes (easily removed)

Whether you plan on loading up the Abound with groceries, or kids, or both, the Abound offers tremendous value and performance. On the technical side, the Abound’s powerful 750W battery keeps things peppy, while the 4 pedal assist modes combined with the torque sensor allow you to easily finesse the speed of the bike and always feel in control. The Abound is also one speedy bike! While it ships with a max 20 mph, using Aventon’s app, the bike’s top speed can be changed to 28 mph (converting it to Class II to a Class III).

To keep its rider and passengers safe, the Abound features hydraulic disc brakes with front and rear 180mm rotors. The frame also has integrated brake lights on the sides and rear to enhance visibility. Up front, the bike has a headlight that’s easily turned on via the bike control panel, and also boasts turning signals! Yep, with the flick of a button, the right or left rear brake lights will blink to alert drivers behind you prior to turning.

Straight out of the box, the Abound comes complete with footboards, a storage bag, front and rear fenders, 50mm suspension fork, double-foot kickstand, and a rear rack with a 143 weight limit.

But wait, there’s more! The Abound also comes with a very clever dropper post, which allows the rider to lower the seat to easily get on and off the bike. While it may seem gimmicky, being able to lower the seat absolutely helps you balance the weight of the bike when getting off the bike and before you have a chance to put the kickstand up.

To customize the bike for your personal needs, Aventon offers a seat pad, handrail (the black “basket” cage shown on our tester bike), front rack, as well as a front basket.


  • Torque sensor provides a comfortable, natural pedaling feel.
  • Extremely versatile! Can be used to haul everything from people to groceries, while working its way through city streets or dirt trails (various accessory kits available)
  • Comes with “dropper post” that allows you to comfortably get on and off the bike without having to get on your tip toes! When you’re ready to go, just stand over the seat, pull the lever to pop the seat up, and then ride away!
  • Double leg kickstand automatically pops up when you start moving the bike forward. Kickstand also sturdily holds bike upright when loading up kids and cargo.
  • Handlebars fold down to aid in storing or transporting.
  • Comes complete with fenders, brake lights that activate when you pull the brake levers, a removable battery, and a large onboard storage pocket to easy store your phone, keys, and jacket with room to spare!


  • The Abound does not come with the rear seat pad and padded child handrail as shown above, but does come with the metal footrests and fenders. As shown and tested, the Abound comes out to $2,384. The Abound is also compatible with a child bike seat, such as the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi, for use with kids 1 year and up.
  • Like all cargo bikes, the Abound is heavy and long. As a result it will not fit on most bike racks and is best transported with a truck.


The Abound is only available in one model.

City/Commuter Electric Bikes for Women

If you need an efficient, fast and reliable women’s ebike designed for commuting through busy cities or longer distances on country roads, city/commuter bikes are your best bet.

Common Features on City/Commuter Bikes

  • LEANED IN BODY POSITION: While comfort cruiser bikes position the rider in a more upright position, city bikes place the rider in a more leaned-in position.

    The slightly leaned-in position forces more of the rider’s weight to be applied to the handlebars, which allows the rider’s weight to be more centered on the bike (versus almost all over the rear tire). More weight on the handlebars allows for more efficient and responsive steering.

  • HIGHER WATT MOTORS: Higher watt motors allow a bike to accelerate and travel faster, while also being able to provide much more assistance to the rider while taking on steep hills.

    Accelerating quickly is particularly important while riding in busy cities. Navigating through traffic or quickly getting going at a green light is safer if you can accelerate quickly.

    Due to differences in how motors provide power, motors in mid-drive bikes do not need nearly as many watts to provide the same level of assistance as hub motors in the wheels with higher-wattage.

    While there are other factors at play, a 250W mid-drive motor, can provide just as much (if not more) assistance than a hub motor with twice the wattage. Mid-drive motors, however, are much more expensive than rear-hub motors.

  • HIGHER BATTERY CAPACITY: City and commuter bikes need larger batteries to allow for traveling longer distances. Considering most ebikes get close to half their stated battery mileage capacity (stated miles is when the bike is used at its lowest PAS, while the rider is pedaling on a flat smooth surface – which never happens).

    As a result, if you need to travel 30 miles, look for a bike with a battery capacity for at least 60 miles. If you are traversing steep hills or long extended climbs, additional battery capacity may be needed.

  • THROTTLES: Many city ordinances do not allow ebikes with throttles. As a result, many large manufacturers do not include throttles on their city/commuter bikes. Most online ebike companies do provide throttles, but they can easily be removed if needed.

  • GEARS: Electric bike motors can accelerate the bike faster than pounding the pedals in the highest gear, so gears aren’t as important as they are on traditional bikes. Most riders find it easier to control the speed of the bike via the PAS modes than by switching gears.

    The more you WANT to ride your bike more like a regular bike and use less input from the motors, the more important gears are. If your bike does not have a throttle (to help you quickly accelerate), gears will also be more applicable, especially on hills or uneven terrain.

Aventon Level.2

Comfortable, relaxed ride with easy balancing

Woman riding the pink Aventon Level.2 ebike on a bike path

MSRP: $1,949
SIZES: 3 sizes that fit heights 5’1″ – 6’4″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: With a unique combination of a torque sensor and a rear hub motor, the Pace Level2 allows the rider to control the speed of the bike with the pedals. As a result, the Level2 provides a more natural feel compared to the Aventon Pace and other hub-powered ebikes without a torque sensor.

That being said, the torque sensor isn’t as refined as those on high-end bikes like the Priority Current, so you can certainly feel some lag between when you speed up or slow down your pedal speed and when the motor responds. It’s not significant or problematic, but is noticeable.

The Level2 is also very fast! With a max speed of 28mph, the Level2 quickly accelerates and is a blast to ride.

MAX SPEED ASSIST: 28 mph (Class III)
GEARING: 8-speed

The Level2 offers a great combination of speed, style, comfort, and ease of use. Coming standard with a 750W hub motor, a 30-60 mile capacity battery, and a 28 mph max speed, the Level2 will quickly get you where you need to go and provide plenty of fun along the way.

As one of the most affordable ebikes on the market with a torque sensor, the Level2 is one of the few womens electric bikes under $2,000 that provides a more natural feel to the pedals. When you press harder on the pedals, the motor kicks in with more juice. When you ease up, so does the motor.

Since this pedal to power connection is naturally ingrained in all riders from traditional bikes, this connection makes riding the Level2 much more intuitive.

The Level2 also comes equipped with a lot of proper commuting accessories – a rack for holding panniers, baskets or backpacks, as well as full front and rear fenders.

For increased visibility and safety, the Level2 comes standard with a bright headlight as well as integrated taillights on the rear frame of the bike as well as on the rear fender. These taillights also act as brake lights as they automatically turn on whenever you pull the bike’s brake levers.


  • Torque sensor provides a more natural feel and better control of the bike’s speed
  • Battery is fully removeable and can be charged both on and off the bike
  • Bright red brake lights are fully integrated into the frame, greatly increasing visiblity from the back and the side of the bike. As an added bonus, they automatically turn on when you pull on the brake.
  • Bright and colored LED screen makes is easy to know your speed, battery life, and mileage, as well as a slew of other stats
  • Aventon has great customer service as well as wide array of replacement parts on their site. There are also over 800 local shops across the US that can help service your bike.
  • Aventon’s free app includes a robust rider community that freely shares tips, tricks, and ideas for riding adventures


  • The Level2 is available in both a women’s step-through frame and a traditional “triangle” frame. The frame design is the only difference between the two models
  • The bike is heavy (54 lb.) and should only be transported on high-weight capacity bike racks


  • Aventon Level.2 $1,949 – Available in both a step-through and a traditional frame
  • Aventon Level$1,799 – Older model that does not have a torque sensor

Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1

Most Affordable Mid-drive, Easy REI Service

Woman riding REI Co-Op Cycles ebike

MSRP: $1,799
SIZES: 3 sizes that fit heights 5’0″ – 6’3″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: The CTY e2.1 is a buttery smooth ride that truly feels like you’re riding a normal bike. With a torque sensor and a mid-drive motor, the motor’s response is impressively in sync with your pedal stroke, and won’t jolt or “power surge” periodically like hub motors will.

MOTOR: 250 W mid-drive w/40Nm of torque
BATTERY: 418 Wh, 36V
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 20 mph (Class I)
GEARING: 9-speed

REI’s Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 is the most affordable mid-drive ebike we were able to find. At just $1,800, it’s an impressively smooth ride, with great-quality components. If you’re looking for the natural feel and efficiency of a mid-motor ebike, want to get some cash towards your REI dividend, and benefit from super easy servicing at your local REI, this ebike checks all of those boxes.

With just 3 PAS modes, the CTY e2.1 certainly isn’t the brawniest bike on this list. Its 40 Nm of torque is on the low end for mid-drive ebikes, but will certainly get the job done for less strenuous commutes.

If hills are a regular part of your route, a motor providing more torque will get you up those inclines with less work on your part, but you’ll need to be willing to spend more money. (The upgraded CTY e2.2 has 60 Nm of torque, but is an additional $900.)


  • Highly adjustable stem allows for you to sit more upright than many commuter bikes
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes offer impressive stopping power, with hand levers that are smooth and easy to pull
  • Integrated rear rack has a 59 lb. weight capacity for cargo or a child bike seat
  • Front and rear lights for increased visibility in traffic
  • Small LED screen indicates PAS mode and speed
  • Order online and pick up in store, already assembled
  • REI’s service guarantee offers free basic maintenance for a year. REI members get TWO years!


  • REI is a great place to try before you buy. You can simply call ahead to your local store to make sure the bike is ready for a test ride when you get there. They even provide a helmet for the test ride!
  • Limited color selection
  • While this is a great option for a women’s electric bike, the frame is not offered in a traditional women’s step-thru frame


Priority Current

Unmatched Power & Speed

woman standing next to a white Priority Current electric bicycle

MSRP: $3,299
SIZES: 3 sizes that fit inseams 26″ – 35″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: To be forthright, we haven’t tested out the Current, but extensively tested and LOVED its predecessor, the Embark. Although the new Current has several additional updates, we can speak from experience that Priority Bicycle’s electric bikes ride like the smoothest and quickest sports car you have ever driven.

The motor integrates so seamlessly into your pedal stroke that it’s really easy to forget you’re riding an ebike at all. Instead, you simply feel like you have instantly gained super-hero strength and power!

Although we haven’t tried it, the Current’s motor features a ridiculously powerful 500W mid-mount motor that pumps out 140Nm of torque (most high-end ebikes only have around 80).

As a result, the Current is able to provide amazing amounts of power directly into the drivetrain, even while trying to tackle the steepest climbs at high speeds.

MOTOR: 500W mid-drive w/140Nm torque
BATTERY: 500 Wh, 48V
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 20 mph (ships as Class I, but can be converted to Class III w/ 28mph max)
GEARING: 5-speed

Offering the speed of a sports car, the comfort of a cruiser bike, and the efficiency of a commuter bike, the Priority Current is truly the complete package. Whether your definition of commuting consists of speedily weaving through traffic in big cities, or pounding out long distances on a daily basis, the Current will not disappoint.

With 5 PAS modes, massive amounts of torque and max speed, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, puncture-proof shock absorbing tires, a thickly cushioned saddle, as well as multiple locations for mounting accessories (including a front and rear rack), the Current can truly do it all. Priority even offers an extended battery pack that allows the bike to travel up to 100 miles!

Not into bike maintenance? Like all bikes from Priority, the Current features a grease-free belt drive that never needs adjusting and won’t get grease on your pants or skirt. Don’t want to deal with tuning a derailleur? Well, you’re in luck as the Current’s internally geared hub eliminates the need for a derailleur and is also essentially maintenance-free.


  • Top-notch power and speed that are smoothly delivered to the drivetrain. This women’s ebike can easily keep up with traffic as well as take on steep hills at higher-speeds.
  • Offers a very natural and intuitive riding experience.
  • Headlights and taillights both maintain charge. Taillights also remain on while the bike is stopped tn ensure visibility from behind.
  • Three different frames sizes are available to ensure a proper fit. The stem is also height adjustable to help dial in your preferred fit.
  • Like all Priority Bicycles, the Current features a grease-free carbon belt drive (no chain!), as well as an internally geared hub, so you never have to worry about a derailleur.
  • Brightly lit LED screen displays your speed, PAS mode, odometer, battery life (and more!)
  • Backed by Priority’s impeccable customer service


  • The Current ships as a Class I ebike (20 mph max), but can easily be switched to a Class III (max 28mph) through the bike’s display panel. The bike’s max speed can also be decreased, which can be beneficial for more timid riders.
  • The Current does not come with a throttle
  • Currently only available in white


The Current is available in two different models – the “Shimano” and the “Enviolo”. The two models are exactly the same, except for their geared rear hub. The “Shimano” model has a 5-gear internal-hub (the gears are located in the rear hub – the bike has no derailleur).

The “Enviolo” model also has an internally geared hub, but instead of 5 fixed gears, it offers a continuous range of gears within a set range. Both hubs are great, but excel in different ways (as outlined below).

  • Priority CurrentShimano $3,299 – Lighter than the Enviolo and provides the traditional sportier and snappier shifting.
  • Priority CurrentEnviolo$3,499 – Requires you to let up on the pedals for a bit when you change gears, but provides more intuitive shifting.

Brompton Electric C Line

Lightweight, foldable bike

woman riding electric brompton bike across a crosswalk

MSRP: $4,050
SIZE: One size fits inseams up to 35″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: With a torque sensor and a front hub motor, the Brompton C Line has that “real bike” feel. You’ll speed up when you pedal with more force, and slow down when you pedal with less force. It doesn’t have as much “oomph” as other womens electric bikes on this list, and also is a bit bumpier due to the small and narrow tires.

BATTERY: 300Wh, 36V
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 15.5 mph (Class I)
GEARING: 6 speed (2×3 combo derailleur and internal hub)

The Brompton folding ebike offers a brilliant and exceptional solution for a small niche of bike riders. Who needs a folding bike?

Primarily two groups of people – (1) Multi-modal commuters who want to bike part of the commute and take public transportation the rest, (2) Apartment dwellers who have limited space to store a bike or who need to haul their ebike up several flights of stairs.

Folding or unfolding into a compact square in just about 20 seconds, the Brompton C line can easily fit under a work desk or bed when not in use. The battery seamlessly snaps into place, or is detached by simply pushing a button. Contained in a canvas bag with a shoulder strap, the battery can be worn like a cross-body purse for the non-biking portion of your commute. (The battery must be removed from the bike before folding.)

While the Brompton C Line ebike truly is an exceptional feat of engineering, its ability to fold so compactly does limit its overall performance compared to a more traditional electric bike. There are other ebikes that can go faster and are a smoother ride. Whether the Brompton is best for your needs depends on whether its ability to fold, or a faster and smother ride are more important to you.


  • Brompton bikes are extremely high quality, with absolutely no “play” in the folding points when riding
  • Once folded, it’s quite manageable to carry (the P Line is even more lightweight than the C Line, up to 4 pounds lighter, depending on the model)
  • For train commuters, the Brompton P Line can be folded down partially and rolled through a train station by holding onto and pushing the saddle
  • Front and rear lights come standard
  • 3 year warranty on the electric system (Electra is 2 years)


  • The Brompton is available in just one size to accommodate a wide range of heights. Taller riders (5’10 +) should consider the “high rise” handlebar, in place of the traditional “mid rise”.
  • The saddle is adjustable along horizontal rails to be closer or farther away from the handlebars. This positioning can make a huge difference in your body position and comfort level, so play around with a few positions before you settle on your “just right” setting.
  • Out of the box, the hand brake levers come set with a long-reach for a larger hand. If you have difficulty reaching the brake levers to pull them, they can easily be adjusted with an Allen key to sit closer to the grips. Be sure to consult the instruction manual, as doing this will require additional brake adjustments.
  • Of all the bikes on this list, the Brompton C provides the least assistance – only up to 15.5 mph. Other Class 1 ebikes usually provide assistance up to 20 mph. The difference in assistance between this bike and the Townie that assists up to 20 mph was very noticeable.


  • Brompton Electric C Line: $4,050 – 6 speed
  • Brompton Electric P Line: $4,700 – 4 speed, up to 4 pounds lighter depending on model

All-terrain Electric Bikes for Women

Whether you need a bike for city use that’s also capable of taking on dirt roads and snow, or a bike ready to haul gear for an overnight trip via dirt backroads, all-terrain fat tire ebikes can do it all.

Common Features on All-terrain Electric Bikes

  • FAT TIRES: To help comfortably traverse varied terrain, all-terrain bikes have wide, knobby tires. The extra wide tires have a wider footprint to provide better traction, as well as more “squish” to help smooth out the bumps on non-paced surfaces.
  • SLIGHT LEANED IN BODY POSITION: All-terrain, fat-tire ebikes are built for comfortable use in varied conditions. Not designed for aggressive downhill riding, they have a more upright position than traditional mountain bikes, similar to the body position of city/commuter bikes.
  • HIGH WATT MOTORS: With the need to power through mixed terrain, all-terrain electric bikes typically have larger 750W hub motors for plenty of power for tackling hills and uneven terrain. The extra watts help to provide much needed speed and power to accelerate and rotate the large fat tires, while also amping up the fun.
  • HIGHER BATTERY CAPACITY: All-terrain bikes need larger batteries to help them to tackle elevations gains as well as provide the power necessary to accelerate the heavy frame and wheels.

    Most all-terrain ebikes have larger batteries that should easily travel from 30 to 60 miles (depending on the terrain and PAS level used). Multi-day, overnight adventures are absolutely possible on all-terrain bikes, but be sure to carefully plan out your route with your battery in mind. The steeper the course, the quicker the battery will drain.

    To lengthen the life of the battery on long trips, refrain from using the throttle as well as the higher PAS modes. For extended adventures, also considering purchasing a second battery.
  • THROTTLES: Most all-terrain bikes have a throttle that allows the rider to propel the bike forward without pedaling. Due to the heavy weight of all-terrain bikes, throttles come in handy when trying to get the bike started from a standstill, especially when on a hill.

    Keep in mind that most technical single-tracks mountain biking trails do not allow ebikes with throttles, so don’t plan on using your all-terrain bikes on those trails. All-terrain bikes are designed and better suited for dirt roads, fire roads, or wider bike paths.
  • GEARS: With powerful motors onboard, most all-terrain ebikes don’t need a huge range in gears. While certainly helpful (you need to continually pedal in order to keep the motor activated in pedal assist mode), we’ve found it often easier to adjust our speed using the PAS modes rather than the gears.

    As a result, a bike with 7 or 8 gears is typically plenty on an all-terrain bike as compared to the 10 to 12 found on a technical eMTB.

Aventon Adventure.2

Fun, zippy rides with torque sensor

aventon adventure fat tire all terrain ebike for women

MSRP: $1,899
SIZES: 5 sizes that fit heights 4’11” – 6’4″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: Fun, fast and responsive, the Aventon Adventure.2 is the most “natural” feeling ebike we have ridden with a rear hub motor. With every pedal stroke on the Adventure.2, you truly feel connected to the bike as the motor quickly responds to every pedal stroke.

The natural feel is the result of its new torque sensor (the original Adventure model did not have one), which allows the motor to apply power to the bike in accordance to the force at which the rider pedals. With minimal delay between your input and the motor’s output, the Adventure.2 can really make you feel like you are in impeccable shape as you power up hills on this 75 lb. bike!

While the Adventure.2 isn’t as responsive as an electric bike with a quality mid-drive motor with a torque sensor, we wouldn’t be surprised if the average rider (who hasn’t spent hours comparing different ebikes), would notice the difference.

Weighing 75 lbs., the Adventure.2 isn’t very quick and nimble to maneuver, especially at slow speeds. Like most all-terrain bikes, the Adventure is a large bike to maneuver, but once you reach speed, the weight of the bike helps the bike feel very stable and planted, even over uneven terrain.

MAX SPEED ASSIST: Up to 28 mph (Class II or III)
GEARING: 8-speed

The Adventure.2 offers unmatched quality, all-terrain performance, and style for under $2,000. In every detail, the love and attention Aventon put into the Adventure.2 truly shows.

In addition to a torque sensor, the Aventure.2 offers plenty of power with its 750W rear hub motor paired with a 720W battery for up to 60 miles of travel. For added safety, this fat tire ebike features powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, puncture-resistant 26×4″ tires, frame-integrated brakes lights and turning signals, as well as a powerful headlight.

With comfort and convenience in mind, the Adventure.2 is available in both step-through (typically for women) and traditional frame designs. All models also come with a front suspension fork, front and rear fenders, a rear rack with 55 lb. weight capacity, mounts for a front basket, a kickstand, as well as a colorful LED display.
Aventon’s free app shows a wide variety of stats (odometer, average speed, max speed, etc.) and also includes an active ebike community where users regularly share tips, tricks, and even trip ideas.


  • Responsive torque sensor provides a natural pedal feel with minimal delay
  • Fat tires provide plenty of traction and cushion (just make sure to set the right PSI – typically MUCH lower than standard tires)
  • Battery is easily removable and can be charged on or off the bike. For added security, the battery can also be locked onto the frame.
  • Turn signals and brake lights! – Frame has integrated lights that serve as brake lights (that automatically turn on when activating brakes) as well as turning signals (turned on via control on handlebar)
  • Bright color LED screen has complete stats including speed, battery life, and mileage, as well as a slew of other information
  • Aventon has great customer service as well as wide array of replacement parts on their site. There are over 800 local shops across the US that can help service your bike.


  • The Adventure.2 is available in two frames – a women’s step-through frame and a traditional “triangle” frame. The frame design is the only difference between the two models.
  • The bike is heavy and should only be transported on high-weight capacity bike racks


  • Aventon Adventure.2 $1,899
  • Aventon Adventure$1,499 – Older model with a smaller battery and without a torque sensor.

RadPower RadRunner Plus

All-terrain Cargo ebike – Great for Hauling Cargo or a Second Person!

Mom riding with her son on the RadPower RadRunner Plus electric bike

MSRP: $1,899
SIZE: One size fits 4’11” – 6’2″
“FEEL” OF BIKE: The RadRunner Plus is a fun, unique ride that feel like a mix between riding a pickup truck and an electric go cart. It’s a bit slow to get off the line (we always get started with the throttle), but once you get going, it’s a blast to ride.

Without a torque sensor, controlling speed is best achieved by feathering the throttle. Its heavyweight (especially with a passenger onboard) limits its maneuverability, but as long as you aren’t trying to weave the bike through small spaces or tight hairpin turns, the bike performs great.

MOTOR: 750W, 48V
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 20 mph (Class II)
GEARING: 7-speed
THROTTLE: Yes (easily removed)

The RadPower RadRunner is a multi-functional utility electric bike meant for work. The Plus model comes with a full passenger kit (padded rear back seat, foot pegs, and protective side shields).

RadPower also sells a whole fleet of accessories to help customize the RadRunner into a wide variety of uses including a cargo hauler or a small child carrier. With 4″ wide all-terrain tires, the RadRunner also happily traverses dirt roads and basic dirt trails.

With a beefy frame designed to haul 300 lb. of payload, the RadRunner is certainly not lightweight (the Plus model comes in a 77 lb.!), but its powerful 750W rear hub motor with 5 PAS modes provide more than enough assistance to provide a fun and energetic ride (even when mom has a passenger on board!).

With one frame size featuring a seat with a wide range of adjustability, the RadRunner is also a great “sharing” bike. We tested the bike with riders ranging from 5’6″ to 6’4″ and they all comfortably rode the RadRunner.


  • Extremely versatile! Can be used to haul everything from people to groceries while working its way through city streets or dirt trails
  • Offers a comfortable, upright seating position
  • Plus line also comes with additional comfort features including a front suspension fork, front and rear fenders, and headlight.


  • The RadRunner offers a smooth, fun ride, but it does feel more “truck” like compared to the rest of the bikes on this list.
  • If you plan on hauling an older child on the rear seat (or an adult), we highly recommend purchasing the passenger bars
  • The Plus line comes with 7 gears, while the non “Plus” model is a single-speed. With 5 PAS modes, we rarely found the need to shift gears. We do feel that the added accessories found on the “Plus” model are worth the added expense, especially for moms, aunties, or nannies who need to haul kids!


The RadRunner models share the same frame and are compatible with all the same accessories. The “Plus” line upgrades include a passenger package, a 7-speed geared hub, a front suspension fork, and a premium headlight.

  • RadRunner Plus: $1,899 – Worth the upgrade if you plan on hauling any passengers. The 7-speeds and suspension fork are also beneficial if you plan on taking on rougher terrains.
  • RadRunner 2: $1,499 – A great bike out of the box that can also be easily modified with RadPower’s wide range of accessories.

ebikes for Women Buying Guide + Q&A’s

5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing an eBike

Aventon Pace 350 and Aventon Level electric bicycles sitting side by side

(1) Ebikes are FUN to ride!

Riding an ebike is way more fun than we anticipated. Although our team of women testers ride bikes on a regular basis, the extra help you get from an ebike motor kicks the excitement of riding a bike into a new gear! We also recommend always wearing a helmet, and have tested many womens bike helmets to help you choose one that matches your style.

(2) Many electric bikes ride and feel very differently than traditional bikes

Riding an ebike can feel like you are riding an electric scooter (i.e. no effort on your part, just sit back and enjoy the ride), or can feel like a regular bike except that you are now a superhero and can pedal like a beast for hours without getting tired! The difference in how a bike feels comes down to the type of motor as well as the type of sensors the bike has.

(3) Be aware of local laws and regulations

Many cities and states have local regulations against certain types of ebikes. In many places, ebikes with throttles (more about this in the Q&A section below) are not allowed, so be sure to check your local regulations before purchasing a women’s ebike.

(4) Expect Lower Mileage than Stated
If you plan on commuting with your bike and need to go a certain mileage, be aware that the stated mileage may be misleading. Mileage is often given as a range (i.e. 20 – 40 miles) or simply a maximum potential mileage.
This max mileage is based on the bike being used in the lowest power setting on a flat, smooth surface without the throttle (using pedal assist only).

Considering electric bikes are rarely, if ever, used in their lowest setting, do not anticipate getting anywhere near the stated max mileage out of each battery charge. The longer and steeper your commute, or the more likely you are to use a throttle (if your bike has one), the more important it is to get a bike with a large capacity battery and higher stated mileage.

(5) Plan on Needing Customer Service

Ebikes often need even more maintenance than traditional bikes, but servicing them can be tricky. While most bike shops are likely to service the “traditional” components of the bike (shifter, brakes, derailleur, etc.), they likely won’t be able to service the electrical components. Some ebike-specific shops will service brands that they don’t sell, while others won’t touch them at all.

As a result, it is very important that you purchase a bike from a company that has a robust customer service team as well as readily accessible replacements parts. All major name brand ebikes (Trek, Electra, REI, etc.) will all come backed with support from your local bike shop. Many larger online brands, such as Aventon and RadPower, have numerous certified mechanics around the US for support as well as replacement parts online.

Commonly asked Questions about Ebikes

1. Do all ebikes come with a throttle?

No. Throttles on ebikes allow the motor to propel the bike forward without pedaling. By simply pushing down on or twisting a throttle, the motor can accelerate the bike up to 20mph. Not all ebikes have throttles and due to safety concerns, throttles are banned in many areas. As a result, most large bike manufacturers (Trek, Specialized, Giant, etc.) do not manufacture any ebikes with throttles.

Most ebikes with throttles are manufactured by ebike-specific companies and are widely available online. In addition, most ebikes with throttles have hub motors vs. mid-drive motors (see below).

2. What is the difference between a mid-drive and hub motor?

Hub motors are located in the hub of the bike’s front or rear tire. Mid-drive (also called mid-motor) motors are located at the “bottom” of the bike, where the crank arms attach. Hub motors provide power by pushing or pulling the bike forward. Mid-drive motors provide power directly into the drivetrain of the bike, which replicates the “natural feel” of riding a bike.

Collage showing a mid-drive vs hub motor on electric bicycle
Mid-drive vs. Hub Motor

There are pros and cons to mid-drive and hub motors:

Hub MotorInexpensive, throttle compatibleHeavy, hard to change tire, not great on hills, require more battery power
Mid-Drive MotorVery efficient, provide a more natural feel, more responsive and powerful Expensive, most not compatible with throttles, more wear and tear on drivetrain

3. Why are there such big differences in the price of ebikes?

ebikes can vary from under $1,000 to over $10,000. The large variance in prices depends mainly on the motor and battery of the bike. Like traditional bikes, the components of the bike, especially the frame, brakes, derailleurs, and shifters, also play a role.

ebikes with mid-drive motors typically come with a large price jump over ebikes with hub motors. In addition to the mid-drive motors being more expensive, they are also almost always found on more “technical” bikes that also come with higher-end components, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, as well as high-end commuters.

4. What makes an electric bike “feel” more natural?

The “natural” feel of an electric bike is a combination of the type of motor and the type of sensors an ebike has. Because mid-drive motors apply power directly into the drivetrain of a bike, ebikes with mid-drive motors always provide a more “natural” feel than bikes with hub motors.

Just like a regular bike, on a bike with a mid-drive motor, you feel instant “power” originating from below you in the drivetrain with every pedal stroke. On a bike with a hub motor, you “feel” the power more as a push or a pull in front or behind you.

Ebikes with cadence sensors (which sense the motion of the pedals) as well as torque sensors (sense how much pressure the rider is applying to the pedals) offer the most realistic feel. This combination can be found on ebikes with mid-drive or hub motors. (Although a mid-drive ebike with both sensors will feel more natural than a hub motor with both sensors.)

By working in tandem, these sensors help the motor to modulate its power and apply it at the right time and in the right amount to replicate the feel of a traditional bike. Both types of motors can have cadence and torque sensors in any combination.

5. How fast do electric bikes go?

Like traditional bikes, ebikes can go as fast as its rider can propel it! There are legal limitations, however, on the top speed at which an ebike motor can assist the rider. The max speed at which the bike can assist the rider (typically 20 or 28 mph), as well as the presence of a throttle, determines what class the ebike is.

There are three different classes of ebikes, Class I, II and III.

Class I ebikes: Cannot have a throttle and can only assist the rider up to 20 mph at the most. Some bikes max out assistance at less than 20mph (closer to 15 mph), but are still considered to be Class I.

Class II ebikes: Have a throttle, and can assist the rider up to 20mph in both pedal assist and throttle modes.

Class III ebikes: May have a throttle and can assist the rider up to 28mph. However, they can only assist up to 20mph with the throttle. Many throttles can be removed if needed on both Class II and Class III ebikes.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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