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Kids Bike Trailers Comparison Charts

We’ve pulled, strolled and jogged all the major brands of bike trailers and compiled all of our research for you! Using our comparison charts and recommendations below, you can shop smarter and find the best bike trailer for you and your child. The chart can be sorted by clicking on the header of each column (works best in desktop).

For additional breakdowns, including our rankings, see our Best Kids Bike Trailers post.

Kids Bike Trailer Comparison Chart



Stroller KitJogging KitCapacitySupported SeatsBaby InsertSunshade

High-End Multi-Sport Bike Trailers

Thule Cross

$1,050, $1,150IncludedUpgradeSingle or DoubleYesYesYes
Thule Lite$749, $849IncludedUpgradeSingle or DoubleYesYesYes
Burley Cub X$950IncludedUpgradeDoubleYesYesYes

Burley D'Lite (X)

$799, $899

IncludedUpgradeSingle or DoubleYesYesYes

Mid-Range Multi-Sport Bike Trailers

Hamax Outback

$649, $699IncludedUpgradeSingle or DoubleYesYesYes
Thule Chariot Cheetah XT$599, $691IncludedUpgradeSingle or DoubleYesYesYes
Burley Encore (X)$550, $599IncludedUpgradeDoubleYesYesYes
WIKE Premium Double$450IncludedIncludedDoubleYesNoNo

Basic Bike Trailers

Thule Coaster XT$429IncludedNoDoubleYesNoNo
Burley Honey Bee$399IncludedNoDoubleNoYesNo
Burley Bee$349NoNoDoubleNoYesNo
Thule Cadence$329NoNoDoubleNoNoYes
Burley Minnow$279NoNoSingleNoYesNo

Entry-Level Bike Trailers

Schwinn Trailblazer$178IncludedNoSingle or DoubleYesNoNo
Schwinn Echo$220NoNoDoubleNoNoNo
Allen S2$153IncludedNoDoubleYesNoNo
Allen T2$120NoNoDoubleYesNoNo
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