Biky Bikes 16 Inch Bike Review

Whether your little rider is just getting started on pedals, or has already mastered them, the Biky Bikes 16 inch bike is an excellent choice for city riders. After months of testing with several kid bike testers, it became clear that there’s something special about the elegant simplicity of the Biky 16.

Ridiculously lightweight and featuring a wide seat height range, the Biky 16 offers outstanding value, performance, and quality.

Young girl riding the Biky 16 inch kids bike

Biky Bikes 16 Overview


RATING: Highly Recommended

MSRP: $399

BEST FOR: Young riders (new to pedals or moving up from a smaller bike) sticking mainly to paved surfaces.

SEAT HEIGHT: 17.5″ – 25″

WEIGHT: 12.5 lb. (on our scale)

BRAKES: Single rear hand brake (no coaster)
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible

What We Love About the Biky 16

  • Lightweight: The lightest 16″ bike on the market. (Single brake and lack of kickstand is likely why it’s lighter than the woom 3.)
  • NO Coaster Brake: Makes riding much easier for little riders.
  • Longer Wheelbase: Provides more room for growth as kids get taller.
  • Comfortable Riding Position: Offers an upright seating position favored by most young riders.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Rotate slightly forward or backward to suit the rider’s preference and size.
  • Removable Turning Limiter: Prevents the brake cable from twisting.
  • Fully Enclosed Chain Guard: Keep curious fingers safe and grease-free.

What You Should Know About the Biky Before You Buy

  • Single Hand Brake: Equipped with only one hand brake on the rear wheel. While our testers had no issues stopping, dual handbrakes on other 16″ bikes did stop faster.
  • Two Seat Posts: To achieve the full seat height range (17.5″ – 25″), you need to swap the saddle between the two included seat posts, which requires removing one screw on the saddle.
  • Relaxed, Upright Geometry: Upright geometry is ideal for beginner or timid riders. It’s not as upright as the woom 3, but more so than the Early Rider Belter or Prevelo Alpha Two.
  • Limited Color Options: Only available in one colorway.

Who is Biky Bikes?

Biky Bikes is a new bicycle brand founded in 2023 and based in Covina, California. Despite being a new company in the US, their team brings years of experience in the children’s bike industry from Eastern Europe.

Biky Bikes logo

Since their introduction to the US, Biky Bikes has already won several awards, including the iF Design Award (a version of this balance bike is in the works!) and the NY Design Awards.

Currently, Biky Bikes offers only 14 and 16 inch pedal bikes (see our Biky 14 Review), but a balance bike and a 20-inch single-speed bike are set to launch later this year.

Biky Bikes 16″ Review – Results of our Test Rides

We put the Biky 16 to the test with four riders ages 4 and 5 over several months. While some of our testers had only been pedaling for a few months, others were experienced and aggressive riders.

Taller rider on the Biky 16 kids bike

After numerous testing sessions and back-to-back comparisons with other high-end bikes, our testers all had something to rave about with the Biky. Some loved the comfortable upright position, while others appreciated the smooth-rolling tires. Our more adventerous riders particularly enjoyed how quickly they could reach top speeds.

While the Biky isn’t the perfect bike for every child (no bike is), our testing helped us determine which types of riders it truly excels with.

What type of rider is the Biky 16 best for?

The Biky 16 is best suited for timid to mildly adventurous riders on paved surfaces. Kids who have already mastered pedaling on a smaller bike or new balance bike graduates ready to tackle pedals will both find success with the Biky 16. However, training wheels are not compatible with this bike.

When compared to the more upright woom 3 and the much more aggressive Early Rider Belter, our fun-loving riders who enjoy riding fast but aren’t super aggressive were particularly drawn to the Biky 16.

young riding going up a ramp on a 16 inch bike

Like the woom 3, the higher-set handlebars on the Biky 16 limit the rider’s ability to lean in and shift their body weight around, making it less ideal for jumps or ramps.

Aggressive riders who typically ride faster are also better served by a bike with dual hand brakes. The Early Rider Belter or the Pello Revo are better options for those riders.

What size and age of child fits on the Biky 16?

With a seat height range of 17.5″ to 25″, the Biky 16 is best for ages 3 to 5 with inseams ranging from 17.5″ to 21″. Biky lists the bike being suitable for kids ranging from 40″ to 46″.

Biky’s long seat height range is split between two seat posts.

  • The shorter seat post’s range is 17.5″ to 21.5″ (shown at the minimum on the left)
  • The longer seat post’s range is 21″ to 25″. (shown at the maximum on the right)
Minimum and maximum seat height on the Biky 16

The minimum seat height of 17.5″ is a huge perk of the Biky 16 as it allows many children to fit on a 16″ bike much sooner, and potentially skip a 12″ or 14″ pedal bike altogether!

As a comparison, the woom 3 has a minimum of 19.3″ while the Guardian is 18.25″.

Recommended Inseams for the Biky 16

Balance bike graduates riding a pedal bike for the first time should have an inseam of at least 17.5″ (typically in 4T pants), allowing them to sit fully on the saddle with both feet flat on the ground.

For experienced peddlers moving up from a 12″ or 14″ pedal bike who don’t need to touch the ground full-footed should have an inseam of at least 16″.

Riders with 21″ to 23″ inseams will fit on the bike (with the longer seat post attached), but like any bike at the high end of the size range, the fit will be a bit snug. Since many 20″ pedal bikes have minimum seat heights around 22″, these taller riders would be better served on a larger bike.

48″ Tall Rider – Riding at her preferred, but less than ideal 22″ seat height

What We Love about the Biky 16

Lightweight Built

The Biky 16 is exceptionally lightweight, coming in at 12.5 lbs. on our scale. While it is the lightest 16″ bike on the market, the weight savings compared to the 13.1 lbs. woom 3 is likely due to the absence of a second handbrake and a kickstand.

As a general rule, the lighter the bike, the better it is for young riders – especially those new to pedaling or who are timid. Lightweight bikes are easier for kids to control and maneuver, making the riding experience more enjoyable and confidence-building.

Young Rider turning on the Biky 16 kids bike
42″ tall rider with seat height set to 20″

Longer Wheelbase and Cockpit

While other 16″ bikes have a similar maximum seat height to the Biky 16, the longer wheelbase of the Biky 16 better centers the taller rider’s weight on the bike.

With most bikes, when the seat post is set high, the rider’s weight is primarily over the rear tire. But the longer chainstays of the Biky 16 push the rear tire out from under the rider, allowing for better weight distribution.

Taller rider on the Biky 16 and woom 3 side by side comparison

After taking these comparison pictures above, we realized that the seat height on the Biky 16 on the left is lower than the woom 3 on the right, but by overlapping their stock images, you can clearly see the longer wheelbase of the Biky.

biky bikes 16 overlayed on the woom 3

Gain Ratio

The Biky 16 has a relatively low gain ratio of 3.55 compared to with woom’s at 3.85. Some of our testers preferred the faster woom while other preferred the slower Biky.

Compared the the Guardian, which has the same gain ratio of 3.55, all of our testers preferred the Biky as it required a lower pedal speed in order to reach the bike’s top speed. This is a result of the Biky’s longer crank arm that plays a role in allowing the bike to travel further with each pedal stroke.

Handlebar Design Ideal for Casual Riders

The riser handlebars of the Biky are perfect for the fun-loving neighborhood rider, allowing them to sit up and look forward without straining their neck.

Young rider looking up as she rides the Biky 16

For more aggressive riders who regularly ride ramps or jumps, the riser bars on the Biky 16 aren’t ideal. Taller bars make it harder to lean in, whereas lower bars (like on the Early Rider) make it easier for kids to lean into the bike and keep their body weight centered.

Collage showing how lower set handlebars on a bike allow the rider to lean into the handlebars more

While the Biky’s bars are still considered on the taller side, they aren’t as tall as the woom’s.

Enclosed Chain Guard

To keep curious fingers and baggy pants or skirts out of a greasy chain, the Biky 16 comes with a fully enclosed chain guard. The chain guard arrives fully assembled and allows the chain to smoothly roll through without any noticeable noise while riding.

Fully enclosed chainguard on the Biky Bikes 16

Removable Turning Limiter

The Biky features a turning limiter similar to those found on most higher-end 16″ bikes. This simple, yet effective, design prevents the brake cable from being stretched by a child twisting the handlebars all the way around.

turning limiter on the Biky Bikes

While the turning limiter is removable, we don’t recommend taking it off. It doesn’t restrict a child’s steering enough to necessitate removal, and it effectively protects the brake cable.

Street Tires vs. All-terrain

The Biky comes equipped with smooth, street tires with minimal tread. These tires are great for city riders who stick to pavement, and are quieter than all-terrain tires. However, bikes with multi-use tires can benefit kids who occasionally venture onto dirt paths.

side by side comparison of the multi-use tire on the woom 3 and the smoother street tire on the Biky 16

What We Don’t Love About the Biky 16

Single Hand Brake

While the Biky 16 has plenty of stopping power with its single rear brake, we would love to see a second hand brake on the front wheel. This would provide additional stopping power and help kids learn to properly use a bike with dual hand brakes, offer braking redundancy and enhanced safety.

Rear rim brake on the Biky Bikes 16 inch bike

Biky 16 vs. Competitors Comparison Chart

With so many great 16″ bikes on the market, you really can’t go wrong, but the Biky does have a few perks over other brands. In addition to being exceptionally light, the Biky is a great option for those who need a 16″ bike with a low minimum seat height or one that allows for a slower pedal speed.

woom 3BikyGuardian
Weight13.1 lb.12.5 lb.17.5 lb.
Seat Height19.3″ – 25.1″17.5″ – 25″18.25″ – 22.6″
Long Wheelbase✔️
Dual Hand Brakes✔️✔️
Gain Ratio3.883.553.55
Crank Arm Length89 mm102 mm95 mm

Biky 16 Bike Bottom Line

The Biky 16 is the perfect little bike for fun-loving city riders, offering great quality, performance, and longevity of fit. Whether your child is just getting started on pedals, or has already mastered a 12″ or 14″ pedal bike, the Biky 16 is a phenomenal choice for neighborhood cruising.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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