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Balance Bike Review

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The Bixbi is a well-crafted beauty, but its narrow handlebars make it less than ideal for larger-framed toddlers.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $199

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Seat Height: 13.8" - 18.9"

Weight: 7.4 lb.

Brakes: No Brakes

Footrest: No

Limiter: No

Tire Size: 12"

Grips Bumper: Yes

Bolts: Rounded

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy


Bixbi Award Pic

If your stable is full of saddles and chains, but not a single horse, then the Bixbi balance bike is for you.  No “Huffy-esque” plastic toy bike parts here, from the painted alloy rims to the integrated threadless headset, the Bixbi’s Route 12 is pure bike, but in miniature form.  Destined to be a mantlepiece in your garage (or house!) once your child moves on, the Bixbi is sure to be an integral part of your biking family for years to come.

Bixbi’s New Color Lineup

Bixbi 7


Straight out of the box, the Bixbi oozes class and quality.  Weighing a mere 7.4 lb., the Bixbi is the lightest all-metal bike on the market.  Deceiving the eye, the alloy frame and adult-size components of the Bixbi look heavy, yet the bike feels as light as a feather.  The paint on the Bixbi is equally impressive.  Available in five stunning colors, Frost, Tangerine, Aqua, Celeste and Orchid, each is appealing as a cold snow cone on a hot summers day.  Optional customization of your child’s name and either flames or flowers (both shown below) is also available for $40.  While not yet available through their website, the customization is still available by contacting Bixbi directly.

bixbi paint

bixbi customization 3

The sealed, semi-integrated, cartridge bearing, threadless headset provides for smooth and effortless steering and truly helps the Route 12 look and feel like a full-size bike.

Bixbi 1.6

Down below, the bearings on the wheels make the Bixbi glide smoothly and effortlessly. With a small push our two-year-old testers was easily able to glide for almost 25 years without putting his feet down.

Bixbi 3


The rounded and recessed bolts on a metal frame additional places the Bixbi in a league of its own.  Rarely found on metal bikes, recessed bolts are a highly-coveted safety feature that prevents kids from being scratched by worn away bolts. New for 2015, the alloy seat clamp is also rounded.

Bixbi 5


Moving up the bike, the Bixbi does lack a quick-release seat post adjust, however its precise tool-adjust clamp prevents the seat from slipping better than most quick-release clamps.  The 2015 Bixbi has also been upgraded with a 400 mm 6061-T6 alloy handlebar. Significantly longer than the 2014 model, the 400mm offers wider and more stable steering for toddlers and preschoolers.

Bixbi 4

In terms of size, the Bixbi is built for ages 2 to 5, with a saddle that adjusts from 13.8″ to 18.9″.  Upon testing the bike with various ages, the speed and responsiveness of the Bixbi quickly made it a crowd favorite.

bixbi different ages

The Bugatti of balance bikes, the Bixbi is nimble and agile bike that impressed even the most hesitant riders. One two-year-old testers, who had never ridden a balance bike before, hesitantly got on the Bixbi, but was cruising around the skate park in no time.

Bixbi 2

When compared to the popular Strider ST-4 and FirstBIKE,  the $210 Bixbi is certainly pricey, but has the credentials to back up its high cost.  With a lifetime warranty, over 5″ of seat post adjustments, painted metal rims and spokes and a sealed threadless headset and bearings, with the Bixbi you are sure to get a high-end bike, not merely a name brand.

bixbi vs. others

While close to perfect, there are two features of the Bixbi we would like to see improved.  First, the lack of brake.  With the speed of the Bixbi, a brake would be nice, however unless you plan on riding a lot of hills, we don’t believe the lack of brake is a deal breaker.  Our 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old testers all rode the bike in off-road conditions as well as down driveways without experiencing any close calls.  Their shoes on the other hand, did experience a little more wear and tear. Secondly, we would like to see some form of protection on the chain-stay to prevent the frame from being scratched when dropped on the ground by careless toddlers.

Bixbi 6


Bottom Line: If you truly appreciate the beauty and functionality of bikes, then Bixbi is for you.  While the $210 price tag is steep, for a bike that you will proudly pass onto your future grandchildren, the Bixbi is worth every penny.

MSRP: $199

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: December 26, 2016

FTC Disclosure: FTC Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Bixbi bikes in any manner and was given no monetary compensation for this review.  I was, however, provided a bike by Bixbi to help facilitate this review.  All opinions given in the review that of Two Wheeling Tots.

3 thoughts on “Bixbi Route 12″

  1. Your website is amazing. Thanks for all the great info! It’s been really helpful to me as I try to figure a way my kids can ride happily along on family rides. Is the Woom 3 able to be used with the Trail Gator? (I don’t own either yet.) I read what you said about the hand brake cables being problematic… is there any way around that?

    1. I believe it should work out fine with the WOOM3. As for the braking, are you concerned about the child braking while riding or the brake cables being in the way? The WOOM3 doesn’t have a coaster brake, so you can actually disengage the rear brake prior to riding, which would prevent the problem. I also don’t believe the brake cables would get in the way of the Trail Gator mount.

  2. For a child with her inseam, I would probably recommend the Scoot first of all, as it would provide better room for growth, but it isn’t the lightest bike. From what I understand, the long wheelbase and wider handlebars help with this. Is the Dimension in your budget? It would probably be the best bike for both a growth room and weight standpoint. It also has sealed bearings.

    How much does she weigh? If it is over 33lbs she really probably can handle the regular Scoot. The nonsealed bearings really shouldn’t be a problem, especially within the time your daughter will use the bike.

    Another possibility would be the Frog Tadpole Plus – it weighs in at 9.2lbs, which should be just fine. Frog says it fits a minimum inseam of 15in, so she’d be the perfect height for it. It is pricy though, at 250 dollars.

    The difference between the Kundo Evo and Speed appears to be that the Speed has spoked wheels and higher quality bearings.

    The Rothan would be much, much too small – your daughter has nearly outgrown it already.

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