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Burley Bike Trailers: Which One is Best for Your Family?

Burley bike trailers come with a promise to “enable adventure”. Whether your adventure is enjoying a sunny day on paved neighborhood trails, or braving rugged terrain on a cold, winter day, Burley bike trailers are built to handle whatever you (or mother nature) can throw at them. They really will enable whatever adventure you choose!

burley encore bike trailer featured image

After years of testing nearly every bike trailer brand out there, including seven different Burley bike trailers, here are 7 reasons we’ve discovered Burley rises above the competition.

7 Reasons Why We Love Burley Bike Trailers

1.  Exceptional quality, rugged, and durable – built for long-term performance

2. Offered in 9 models – with a wide variety of prices and features to fit your family’s needs

3. Lightweight – effortless to pull by bike or push while running

4. Easy-to-use single stroller wheel – easier to use than any other brand

5.  Spacious and secure storage areas – more than any other trailer brand

6. Rainproof features – you can still get outside in inclement weather

7. Insanely easy to fold, transport, or switch between activities

1. Burley Bike Trailers are exceptional quality, rugged, and durable – built for performance

Mom pulling Burley Encore X bike trailer through field

Burley bike trailers are designed to take a beating, and are in it for the long haul. They will last through several kids, and then still be in good enough condition to give to a friend.

From a thick, water-resistant 600D polyester cover, to heat treated 6061-T6 aluminum frame tubes and a full internal aluminum roll cage, the structural integrity of every Burley bike trailer is second to none. There are plenty of rides I’ve been on in a Burley that I would never consider even attempting with a Schwinn, InStep, or other cheaper trailer.

As a self-admittedly over-protective mom, the quality and craftsmanship of Burley trailers put my mind at ease while transporting my precious cargo. Additionally, Burley trailers are the only brand to offer an upgrade to 16″ fat tires for extreme adventures over gravel, sand, or snow.

2. Burley Bike Trailers come in a wide variety of prices and features to fit your family’s needs.

Whether you’ll be sticking to the neighborhood, or riding through the forest on packed dirt trails, Burley has a bike trailer that will fit your family’s needs.

Burley makes nine trailers that fall under three quality tiers. Recreation (basic) , Sport (mid-range), and Performance (high-end).

** Burley Bike Trailers – Recreation **

Burley Bee: ($299) The Bee is Burley’s basic trailer. With hammock-style seats and a no-frills design, the Bee may be basic by Burley’s standards, but still blows all the other “basic” trailers out of the water.

With no suspension and no ability to convert to a stroller or jogger, the Bee is perfect for families who will be sticking to paved trails and who want the highest-quality trailer that’s only a trailer.

Burley Minnow: ($279) The Minnow is the single version of the double Burley Bee.

Burley Honey Bee: ($399) The Honey Bee is the same as the Bee, except that it comes standard with a single stroller wheel.

Mom pulling toddler in Burley Bee bike trailer. Paved trail.

** Burley Bike Trailers – Sport **

Burley Encore: ($549) The Encore is the least expensive Burley trailer to offer conversion to all of its multi-sport kits – from 4-wheel stroller, to jogger or ski kit. It’s also at this level that Burley trailers have padded, supportive seats, which are an upgrade from the Recreation trailers’ hammock-style seats. Encore trailers are only available as double trailers.

Burley Encore X: ($599) The Encore X is the same as the Encore except that it has suspension and can convert to a cargo trailer. It’s the cheapest Burley bike trailer to offer suspension. The suspension is not adjustable, but will do great on most terrain you’ll encounter.

Burley Encore X bike trailer on dirt trail

** Burley Bike Trailers – Performance **

Burley D’Lite (single or double): ($699/$799) Burley’s D’Lite trailers are the cream of the crop. It’s at this level that you get adjustable suspension, reclining seats, beefier wheels, extra elbow room, and an adjustable sunshade.

Burley D’Lite X: ($849) The D’Lite X is the same as the D’Lite except that its seats independently recline and it has a removable rubber floor mat.

Burley Cub X: ($899) The Cub X is the most rugged of the trailers, with a hard plastic bottom.

Mom pulling Burley D'Lite X bike trailer through sandy berm

3. Burley Bike Trailers are lightweight – effortless to pull by bike or push while running

We’ve pulled a lot of bike trailers in our time, and we push their stroller/jogger versions on the daily. Burley bike trailers are precision-built so that they pull smooth and never rattle. You honestly can forget you’re even pulling them sometimes!

Pushing a Burley trailer in stroller mode (like the Burley Encore X) is the same smooth and effortless experience. The stroller/jogger functions are not an afterthought like they are on cheaper trailers. Burley trailers are designed to excel as a trailer, stroller, or jogger.

Burley trailers also tend to be a few pounds lighter than their Thule counterparts, which can make a fair amount of difference if you’ll be riding in hilly areas.

Mom pulling toddler in Burley Bee bike trailer. Sandy hill.

4. Burley Trailer/Strollers come with a single stroller wheel that is easier to use than any other brand

With the exception of the Bee and Minnow, every Burley bike trailer comes with a single stroller wheel. This wheel is attached to the end of the trailer tow bar, and folds up and out of the way when not in use. 

When you want to convert to stroller mode, you simply pull the wheel down. It’s insanely easy to use. Most other single stroller wheels have to be completely removed from the body of the trailer when not in use. Some even require you to remove your child from the trailer to convert from trailer to stroller.

Burley Encore X in stroller mode from the side

5.  Burley Bike Trailers have the most spacious and secure storage areas of any trailer

If you need to haul a lot of stuff along for the ride, Burley is the only way to go. Every Burley bike trailer features a ton of rear cargo space – far more than any other trailer brand. We regularly haul backpacks, scooters, basketballs, blankets, and helmets in the back of our Burley trailers.

Burley Bee's large rear storage space can easily fit a Razor A5 scooter inside

6. Burley Bike Trailers come with rainproof features so you can still get outside in inclement weather

Every Burley bike trailer comes with a waterproof cover. It rolls up when not in use, and quickly rolls down when you need to use it. Burley’s mid-range Encore and Encore X feature zippers, while the D’Lite, D’Lite X, and Cub have water resistant zippers.

Standard zipper on Burley Encore X vs waterproof zipper on Burley D'Lite X

In addition to rain, we’ve found these weather covers come in handy to simply battle wind or cold weather. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how warm our little nuggets stay when we roll down the weather cover. If you’re a winter warrior and want to run and bike in the cold, a Burley trailer will keep your little ones happy!

Burley Bee all-weather cover velcros in place while in use, and rolls up when not in use

7. Burley Bike Trailers are insanely easy to fold, transport, or switch between activities

While pretty much every bike trailer can be folded down to transport, some of them are a huge pain to fold. When you’re battling nap time and cranky kids, how easy it is to get your trailer in and out of the car can mean the difference between a total melt down (for your kids or you!). 

Burley trailers have an easy-to-use, inward-folding design that takes just seconds to execute. With a mission to “enable adventure”, Burley understands the little pain points like transporting your trailer. They’ve made the process painless.

Burley Bee folded down is very compact. Red clips hold two top bars together.

Switching between activities (like from trailer to stroller) is just as painless. Whether you’re simply pulling down the single stroller wheel as mentioned above, or inserting the dual stroller wheels into the front of the chassis, Burley has simplified the process better than most (if not all) other brands.

For example, while we love the high-end Thule Cross trailer, the dual stroller wheels have to be inserted from underneath the trailer, which is a bit awkward. On Burley trailers with dual-stroller wheel conversion kits, the wheels insert from the front, so you don’t have to tilt the trailer back. It’s small details like this that Burley has thought through to make your experience as easy as possible.

Burley D'Lite X Stroller wheel and woman pulling quick release to remove wheel

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