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BEST FOR: One our top all-around favorite seats, the unique low-saddle adapter allows the RideAlong to fit on smaller bikes on which the ...

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BEST FOR: Families who are unsure if their bike has room to mount a seat. In addition to being a high-quality seat with lots of features, ...

Front-Mounted Seats Mounts to front of bike near handlebars. Always smaller than rear seats; best for small kids 9 months - 2 years. Easier to engage with ...

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BEST FOR: Families in hot climates. The Yepp provides much more airflow than competitors.

Rear-rack Mounted Seats Rear-rack mounted seats are a great option for adults who already have a rack on their bike.  Most rack seats easily come on and off ...

Rear-frame Mounted Seats Rear-frame mounted seats are easy to use and generally offer comforting suspension.  Many also allow the seat to recline.  ...

Front-Mounted Seats Front-mounted seats are a great option for parents of young toddlers who want to be close to their child and engage with them during a ...

BEST FOR: A unique seat for adventurous riders, the Mac Ride is a fun and exciting ride for parent and child.

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BEST FOR: Families wanting the ultimate in comfort in child bike seats, but have a bike whose frame isn't compatible with a frame-mounted seat.

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BEST FOR: Families wanting the ultimate in comfort provided by a frame-mounted seat, but have wires on the seat tube that prevents a flush ...

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BEST FOR: One of our all-around favorites for its ease of use and level of comfort, but does require 3/4" of space on headset for mounting.

BEST FOR: Bikes with at least 1" inch of clearance on steer tube for mounting. Unflexible, yet sturdy straps also make seat best for toddlers ...

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