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13 Cool Balance Bike Accessories to Make Riding More Fun!

From biking gloves to racing stickers and doll baskets

So you got your child a balance bike… now what? Accessorize! Balance bikes are, of course, fun on their own. But why not create a little more magic? Here are 12 super fun ideas to help you and your little one have a memorable balance bike experience.

1. Wild Child Upgrades

Collage of Wild Child Parts on upgraded Strider balance bike - pink wheels, pink handlebar and rainbow grips.

These aftermarket balance bike upgrades are LEGIT. From high-end wheels and tires to colorful grips and quill stems, Wild Child Bikes offers everything you need for a one-of-a-kind, personalized bike for your little nugget. Pink, green, orange, gold, purple, blue… all the colors of the rainbow and then some to pimp out your kid’s bike!

Read our full review: Wild Child Balance Bike Upgrades

2. Balance Bike Graphics

Balance bike racing graphics on Strider balance bike

MSRP: $35

Balance Bike Graphics take personalization one step further than Wild Child Bikes. We love these customizable stickers for completing your Wild Child upgrades. You choose the number and name you want for your little balance bike racer and then use templates with tons of colors and designs to make them your own!

These stickers fit perfectly with Strider Bikes. For other bikes, contact Balance Bike Graphics to make sure they’ll be a good fit before you purchase!

3. Doll Basket

MSRP: $15

The Haba doll basket is quite possibly the best $15 we’ve ever spent. Clearly it’s adorable, but it’s also great quality and incredibly easy to put on a bike. Three velcro straps secure it to the handlebars and the bike’s frame for game time “I NEED TO BRING MY DOLLY” decisions.

4. Biking Gloves

Toddlers wearing Strider and Zippyrooz biking gloves

MSRP: $14 (Zippyrooz), $20 (Strider)

FULL REVIEW: 5 Best Biking Gloves for Kids

Biking gloves are an adorable accessory, but can also be the first line of defense for young balance bike riders. Because balance bike riders usually fall hands first, a protective layer and a bit of padding on those little palms can help prevent minor injuries and a lot of tears.

5. Elbow/Knee Pads

MSRP: $20 (Strider), $28 (Simply Kids)

FULL REVIEW: 5 Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Kids

Knee and elbow pads are a pretty essential accessory for aggressive and adventurous kids. But they’re also ideal for timid or average riders who gain a bit of confidence when they put on their balance bike “armor”! Strider pads are the best for young balance bike riders ages 1 – 3, while the Bern pads generally fit kids 4+.

6. Bell

MSRP: $10 (Flower), $15 (woom), $13 (Jellibell)

Kids love puppies, and they also love bells. Who knows why? Bells on balance bikes can be tricky though. Because balance bike handlebars are often smaller than a regular kid’s bike, a standard bell will be too big. If you have a balance bike under $100 (including the Classic Strider), the handlebars are usually as big as a normal kid’s bike and any bell will fit just fine. If you have a higher-end balance bike like woom or even the Strider Sport, you’ll be safer getting the woom bell because it comes with an adapter to accommodate smaller handlebars.

7. Wheel Clicker

Spokester bike noise maker, and uno card taped to bike to make noise in spoke of wheel

MSRP: $0.10

One interesting thing we’ve found in all our years of balance bike testing is that hesitant riders are often incentivized to move forward by the sound of a card in the spokes! So whether you’ve got a timid kid that needs a little extra encouragement, or you have a speed demon that wants to ride like the wind, the click click click of a simple card in the spokes is some pretty cheap magic!

Products like “Spokester” are great for pedal bikes, but generally do not fit balance bikes.

8. Lights

Child riding balance bike wrapped in LED lights

MSRP: $10

They don’t sell any bike lights specifically for balance bikes, so this option is a bit of a DIY. And… you’ll score major cool-parent points! These lights are battery operated (you’ll have to tape the battery pack to the frame), and wrap around the frame. Not high-end, but your kid will love you.

9. Basket/Bag

Woom balance bike bag, First Bike balance bike basket, Kinderfeets balance bike basket

MSRP: $39 (woom), $20 (FirstBike), $25 (Kinderfeets)

Baskets can be a challenge with balance bikes because the bikes themselves are so small that the baskets are just too big! There are a few balance bike brands though, that make balance bike-specific bags!

10. Cones

toddlers riding WOOM 1 balance bikes through woom cones

MSRP: $15 – $20

FULL REVIEW: woom Cones

One a child masters the basics of a balance bike, they’re ready to take their balance bike game to the next level. While little cones may seem simple, you’d be surprised how much our young testers loved the “challenge courses” we set up for them to swerve and race and run!

11. Ramp

Toddler and 5-year-old riding balance bikes on a ramp

MSRP: DIY or $170

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit on your hand, a bike ramp can add an extra element of fun and challenge to their sidewalk rides. Really nice ramps can cost over a hundred dollars, but they’re also pretty much indestructible!  Ramps that are wider and have more flat space at the top are necessary for young riders who are walking up the ramp and need more width to place their feet. The flat space at the top of the ramp is a common place for balance bike riders to stop and rest.

The Landwave Skateboard Starter Kit that we have have is modular and can be made longer, wider, etc. We’ve also stored it outside in the sun and snow for 5 years and it’s still going strong! If you’re not into the $100+ price tag, this is one area that DIYers can shine.

12. Helmet

collage of three different kids bikes helmets

MSRP: $40 (Giro Scamp with MIPS), $40 (Bell Sidetrack), $30 (Joovy Noodle)

FULL REVIEW: 10 Best Helmets for Babies and Toddlers

No matter how young your balance bike rider or how slow they’re moving, get in the helmet habit from day ONE!

13. Bike Strap or Bag

woom balance bike bag and woman carrying a woom 1 balance bike with a balance bike strap

MSRP: $15 (strap) or $30 (bag)

FULL REVIEW: woom Strap and Bag

Okay, this one really is for YOU. Kids don’t care if you have to carry their bike all over Timbuktu, but as parents we can testify that it can get pretty annoying! So for your own sake, consider a balance bike strap. Or if you want to carry along snacks, water bottles, etc., a balance bike bag is even better!

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