Croozer Kid Plus for 1

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The best single trailer for parents who want multi-sport functionality on a reasonable budget. Heavier than other trailers, but offers more internal width. The Plus comes with suspension.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $675

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Weight: 25 lb.

Tire Size: 20"

Suspension: Yes

Inside Height: 24.75"

Inside Width: 22"

Stroller Kit: Included: Single Swivel

Jogger Kit: Included: Stationary Jogging Wheel

Max-weight: 66 lb.

Trailer Type: Trailer Jogger Stroller

Capacity: single

Brakes: Parking Brake

UV Window: No

Upgrades Available:

Stroller Console for Kid 1, Handlebars with LightsRain Cover for Kid 1Ski Adaptor, Sun Cover, and Storage Cover


The Croozer Kid Plus line of bike trailers offers many features that make it a great trailer for the money. Unlike many other higher-end trailers where conversion kits cost extra, the Croozer base price includes the bike trailer tow arm, a single swivel stroller wheel, and a jogging wheel.

We received a single trailer for review, though other than size and the interior seat apparatus, the Kid Plus 1 and the Kid Plus 2 share most of the same features.

Croozer plus 1

Overall design & interior space

The Croozer Kid Plus 1 has an angular exterior design, and because its wheelbase is as wide as many double trailers, the interior is spacious. Though the total width of the interior is 22”, the trailer has a seat harness sewn in to an interior frame, which stretches to 14” at its widest. The harness was comfortable for our 2.5-yr-old tester, and he had about 4.5” of headroom without a helmet. However, with an entry height of 16”, it was hard for him to get in and out on his own. Our 4-yr-old didn’t complain on a brief ride, but she was too big for the seat harness.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 measurements

Croozer Kids Plus 1 with kids

The five-point harness was fairly easy to buckle and unbuckle. The seat also has a removable pillow attached with Velcro.

The Croozer has a mesh pocket on either side of the interior, and while it was not hard for our 2.5-yr-old to reach, a smaller child might have a harder time reaching the pocket while buckled in the harness. There is also a cup colder sewn into the seat apparatus. Due to its location to the side of and behind the child’s shoulder, it was hard to access while buckled.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 mesh pocket


Although the Croozer website lists the weight at only 28 lbs, in our experience the Kid Plus 1 felt significantly heavier than both the Burley D’lite (27 lbs) and the Thule Cougar Chariot 2 (30 lbs) when empty.

Exterior Cover and Sunshade

The Croozer Kid Plus 1 has a tight-fitting exterior cover that is secured by Velcro flaps. This made it very easy to attach and detach. However, because of how tightly the cover fits over the frame, it is hard to pull off just one side of the cover to quickly reach inside the trailer to help the child without removing the whole cover.

The trailer also features a water-resistant vinyl cover that zips down over the mesh opening, and rolls up and attaches with elastic when not in use.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 cover attachment

A feature that could use improvement on the Kid Plus 1 is the sunshade design. The first problem is that the sunshade is under the exterior cover, so the cover has to be removed in order to adjust the shade. More problematic is that the sunshade attaches with Velcro loops around the frame under the side covers, which also attach to the frame with a loop (see photos). This means that the sunshade can only be lowered a few inches by sliding it down the frame—to lower it any more than that, you have to undo the Velcro and reattach it below where the cover attaches to the frame. This is a major hassle. Also, when fully extended, the shade covers half the trailer opening, further decreasing already low airflow.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 sunshade

In our experience, sunshades are most important for younger children (roughly under 18 months), as they usually don’t have the body control to adjust their position to compensate when the sun is shining in their eyes. Older children tend to be able to move around and benefit less from a sunshade.


A large downside to the Kid Plus 1 is that it lacks any sort of rear or side venting. Though we tested this trailer in cooler temperatures, we know from experience that a rear vent is very helpful in increasing air circulation when the weather is hot. The Kid Plus 1 has a relatively small mesh opening in the front cover and no rear vent; we suspect it could get toasty inside during hot weather. A workaround would be to prop open the flap over the rear storage compartment to allow for extra airflow, though it wouldn’t be protected by any kind of mesh.

Folding & storage

Though not necessarily difficult, we found the folding mechanism on the Croozer to be stiffer and require more hand strength than other trailers we’ve tried. Detaching and collapsing was relatively easy; unfolding and reassembly required two hands on each locking lever.

When folded, the Croozer stores both wheels and the trailer arm (as well as the swivel wheel and stroller handle), though getting it all to fit can be a little tricky, as everything has to be put in just the right order.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 folded

Storage compartment

The Croozer Kid Plus 1 has a spacious rear storage area that is accessible both from the back (under a rear flap that closes with Velcro) and from the front of the trailer by reaching around the seat. It has a good-sized pocket sewn in on the inside for smaller items.

Because of the way the seat harness sits on an interior frame, there is a narrow space underneath the seat where smaller items (like sunglasses and snacks) can slide from the storage area to the front of the trailer, and vice-versa. This meant our kid testers sometimes “lost” things when they slid under the seat during our rides.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 storage compartment

Hitch and Tow Arm

The hitch on the Kid Plus 1 is a rectangular cylinder that extends from the axle of the adult bike, and the socket slides over the cylinder and is secured with a pin. The socket slides on easily enough, though the adult bike has to be nearly upright in order to receive it. On our longest test ride, we came home to find that the cylinder had rotated forward about 30 degrees. This may have been due to not having been tightened down enough, but we suspect it is because of the flat, round design of the area around the axle hole, since we haven’t had that problem with any other hitches.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 hitch

The hitch features a spring hinge that flexes and rotates and allows the trailer to stay upright in case of a crash or while the adult bike rests on the ground. In our testing, the hitch performed well, with a tight turning radius and no noises. The spring hinge offers less range of motion than other hitches, but this isn’t noticeable when riding—only when maneuvering the trailer on foot while still attached to the bike (such as when I was backing it into my garage).

The tow arm is C-shaped, so unlike in the Burley line of trailers, the Croozer is centered behind the adult bike. It attaches easily to the trailer, though getting the angle just right is trickier than on other trailers. It is secured underneath by a pin.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 tow arm


The unique, non-adjustable suspension, made of Sylomer® (a vibration isolating compound), offered a smooth ride, even at higher speeds (15 mph) and over bumps, with no complaints from our 2.5-yr-old. We were able to compress it manually to 1.25”.

Croozer Kid Plus 1 suspension 2

As a Stroller and Jogger

All Croozer models come with both the single swivel arm stroller wheel and the non-swivel jogging wheel. The handlebar is reversible to allow two different heights which are 42″ and 37″ off the ground.

Croozer 1.5


For added safety a brake is also included in the back right of the trailer.  While it was possible to activate it with my foot, it was a challenge to unlock it and I often had to resort to using my hand. With the single swivel wheel and the stroller bar attached, the Kid Plus 1 performed well as an around-town stroller. It was agile and despite the front wheel being relatively small, it rolled over bumps easily.

Croozer 2

In jogger mode, the lack of handlebar heights was a bit disconcerting, but with time, I adjusted. Compared to other trailer conversions, it also required much more effort to push down on the handlebar to turn the trailer as compared to other brands we have tested.

Bottom line

The Croozer Kid Plus 1 is a high-quality trailer that is comfortable, responsive, and easy to transport. Though, as a single, it felt heavier than some double strollers we’ve tested, for slower-paced rides on level terrain this wasn’t a big issue. It lacks a rear vent and the sunshade is a pain to adjust, but overall the Croozer Kid Plus line is a trailer with good features for the price.

MSRP: $675

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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  • Denis Karpov

    Dear Dani,
    I get a Croozer Kid trailer with out seat. Unfortunately, I don’t find any instruction on Croozer website. Could you explain how is seat organized? Is it a dense cover stretched over? I find only a Croozer internal cover in shop, but seller doesn’t know about construction. Here is what I see :

  • karl platz

    The croozer website says the weight capacity of the croozer kid plus 1 is 35kg, but when I look at the manual the max passenger weight is only 15kg. The manual does say the passenger + cargo weight capacity is 35kg, so I guess that’s where they get the 35kg… slightly misleading in my opinion.

    Either way, 15kg for a child is pretty light. My 2.5 year old daughter is 15kg now. Surely the 4.5 year old in this article > 15kg? Are they being really conservative with their numbers? If not, what trailer does take a child over 15kg??