Evo Beep Beep Balance Bike Review

A durable and rugged bike with knobby air tires, the Evo Beep Beep balance bike is a solid choice for under $100. Seat height adjustments require tools, and it’s a bit heavy. Read the review below for all the pros and cons.

Evo Beep Beep Overview

RATING: Recommended

MSRP: $59

BEST FOR: 2 and 3 year-olds riding in all-terrain conditions


SEAT HEIGHT: 14″ – 17″
WEIGHT: 10.4 lb.
FRAME: Steel
BOLTS: Exposed


  • Knobby air tires suitable for all-terrain riding
  • Padded saddle with handle
  • Durable build for the price


  • Tools needed to adjust seat post height
  • Exposed bolts

Evo Beep Beep Balance Bike Review- Results of our Test Rides

The Evo Beep Beep is a well-built and durable bike best suited for ages 2 to 4.  It’s knobby air tires make it especially suitable for kids riding in all-terrain conditions.

Girl preschooler riding the EVO Beep Beep balance bike in red.

Size and Weight

With a seat height ranging from 14″ to 17″, the Beep Beep is best suited for kids aged 2 to 4 with inseams ranging from 15″ to 18″.  We tested out the bike on a 2-year-old in size 3 pants and a couple of 4-year-old in size 4 pants and all three were able to ride the Beep Beep with any concerns.  The 2-year-old fit great on the bike with plenty of room for growth.  Our two 4-year-olds also cruised around easily on the bike, but with the seat set to the highest position, the Beep Beep offered no room for growth.  The handlebar of the Beep Beep is also height adjustable and can be raised about an inch.

2 and 4-year-old Testers on the Evo Beep Beep

Evo Beep Beep balance bike ridden by a 2 and 4 year-old.

Weighing in at 10.4 lb., the Beep Beep is mid-range when it comes to weight and may be a bit much for really petite kids.  As a general rule, a balance bike should weigh no more than 30% of a child’s weight, making the Beep Beep a best for kids closer to 30 lb.

Tires and Saddle

The tires and saddle on the Beep Beep are amazing quality, especially for its low sub-$100 price tag.  The 12″ air tires with a knobby tread offer superb traction and cushioning, especially compared to foam tires which are often standard for lower-end balance bikes.  The saddle on the Beep Beep is similar in build and construction to many higher-end balance bikes.  In addition to being well-cushioning, the saddle has a plastic handle integrated below the seat to help parents easily carry the bike when needed.

Beep Beep’s Knobby Air Tires and Padded Saddle

Evo Beep Beep knobby tire tread and padded saddle.

Seat Adjust, Bolts and Brakes

Tools are needed to adjust the seat height on the Beep Beep.  Considering the seat height on balance bikes do not need to be adjusted all that often, the lack of a quick-release seat clamp isn’t a deal breaker, but we wouldn’t recommend the Beep Beep for siblings of different heights who will need to adjust the seat height often.  The rear axle bolts are also exposed and could potentially scratch a child’s leg, but none of our testers had any issues with coming into contact with the bolts.

The Beep Beep also does not come with handbrakes.

Beep Beep’s Tool Adjust Seat Height Clamp

Evo Beep Beep seat post adjust and exposed bolts.


Compared to similarly priced balance bike with air tires, the Beep Beep shines in overall build.  With a sturdy frame and air tires, the Beep Beep is built more like a small bike than on oversized scooter like many low-end balance bikes. Suitable for smaller and wider framed kids, the Beep Beep simple design makes for a great universal fit.

Bottom Line

The Beep Beep is a well-built, basic balance bike that provides a smooth and cushioned ride for kids aged 2 to 4.  With knobby air tires and a padded saddle, the Beep Beep is suitable for a variety of terrains.

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