Frog 48

Pedal Bike Review

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Fast and fun with plenty of included accessories for customization, the Frog 48 is an excellent choice for everyday riders or those ready to tackle all-terrain surfaces.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $320

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Seat Height: 19.5" - 23"

Weight: 14.8 lb.

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size: 16"

Brakes: No Coaster Coaster, Dual Hand

Handlebar: Low

Gain Ratio: 3.5

Q Factor: 6"


Available Online: No


Hailing from the UK, Frog Bikes is a kid-specific bike company determined to offer a high-end design at a mid-range price.   While not the sleekest or best spec’d bikes on the market, Frog offers top-quality bikes for a more affordable price tag.  Mostly available through local dealers, Frog Bikes are not as widely available as other brands, BUT the price includes assembly, tuning, sizing, and customization with included accessories at a local bike shop. They are available online exclusively from Read, Set, Pedal.


Frog Bikes are designed to fit your child just right.  When you pick up your Frog Bike from your local dealer, the seat height, saddle position, and handlebar height will be adjusted to fit your child.  In addition to setting the seat at the correct height, the seat will also be adjusted forward or backward to compensate for your child’s torso length.  For added comfort, the seat is very well padded.

The handlebars can be lowered or raised within a range of 2 1/8″ to adjust for torso length or for those looking for a more aggressive body position (leading forward) on the bike. While adjusting the seat height and seat position is easy for parents to do at home, adjusting the handlebar height can be a more complicated process that we recommend for most parents to leave to the professionals at the store.

Handlebars and Seat Adjustments

Collage of three picutres: 1. range of handlebar height adjustment, 2. showing how the saddle is adjustable up and down as well as backwards and forwards, and 3. the thick and padded saddle

Customization Accessories

In addition to fit, parents and kids have the option to have the Frog dealer customize the bike with its included accessories.  Each Frog 48 comes with two sets of tires: smooth for the road and knobby for all-terrain. Additionally, front and rear plastic fenders, which are rare in our fleet of test bikes, were especially a hit with one of our testers as he compared them to “mud flaps” on a truck.  For added whimsy, the spokes surrounding both sides of the valve stem are green. The accessory kit also comes with a bell and a full chain guard.

Included Upgrades for the Frog 48

3 picture collage of included accessories for Frog 48: 1. two sets of knobby tires, 2. Front fender, 3. Rear fender

Brakes and Grips

The Frog 48 comes standard with a coaster-brake BUT a separate wheel, with a freewheel hub, is included to eliminate the coaster brake if you wish.  All Frog 48’s also come with dual, easy-reach Tektro V-pull handbrakes. Easy to use and easy to adjust, our 5-year-old testers had no problems activating the hand brakes.  As with all higher-end bikes, if your child is not used to using quality hand brakes, be sure to teach them to brake with just their right hand or both hands (never just the left!).   In addition, have them walk next to the bike to get used to the powerful brakes before they ride the bike.

Collage of easy reach brake levers, locking grips, and thick bumpers at the end of the handlebar grips

Another added bonus on Frog Bikes is the soft, pliable, locking grips.  Designed with Frog’s unique repeating logo, the grips were preferred by our testers as they slightly molded to their hands when tightly squeezed.  To prevent grips from slipping off, which is actually more common than one might expect, Frog’s grips lock into place.  The one improvement we would like to see in the grips is a bumper at the end.  Extending past their fingers, rubber bumpers protect small fingers from inevitable crashes into walls, polls, and parked cars.


Weighing in at 14.5 lbs. (with pedals and road tires), the Frog 48 is one of the lightest 16″ bikes on the market.  Light and nimble, the Frog 48 is sure to help young riders build confidence.

Handlebar Height and Geometry

Compared to the Islabikes CNOC 16 and the WOOM3, the Frog 48 did have a more aggressive body position for our 5-year-old tester in 5T clothes, even with the handlebars set at their highest position. While it didn’t bother him in the slightest, really timid riders may be more comfortable on a more upright bike.

Collage of images comparing the Frog 48 vs. Islabikes CNOC 16 and WOOM3. Frog's handlebars are slightly lower than the CNOC, and much lower than the WOOM3. The CNOC 15 sits the rider slightly upright. The Frog 48 is more aggressive, while the WOOM3 is the most upright.

Gearing and Bike Width

With a gain ratio of 3.5, the Frog is also properly geared for beginning to intermediate riders – not too low and not too high. The mid-range gain ratio allows the pedals to start moving with minimal effort, while still allowing the rider to gain desirable speeds without excessive pedal spinning.

The Frog’s straight crank arms  help to maintain a low Q-factor (width between pedals) to allow for maximum leverage on the pedals.  Additionally, the bottom bracket is set lower to the ground, which not only helps the rider get maximum leverage with every pedal stroke, but lowers the center-of-gravity of the bike for better balance.  More in-depth explanations of the importance of a low bottom bracket and a narrow Q-factor can be found in our article What to Look for When Purchasing a Child’s Bike.

Collage showing gears on the Frog 48, the straight crank arms, and the narrow q-factor


For its features and build, the Frog 48 is competitively priced, especially compared to bike shop brands, such as the Specialized.  For a $30 difference in price, Frog offers a lighter frame, dual hand brakes as well as fenders and two sets of tires compared to the Specialized.

Bottom Line

The free bike shop professional assembly, customization options, and included accessories make the Frog 48 a win-win choice for many families.  With two sets of tires, fun fenders, and coming in SIX different colors, the Frog 48 is sure to accommodate the needs and wants of most young riders.

MSRP: $320

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: June 7, 2017

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