Frog 62 Review

Built on a lightweight aluminum frame paired with top-of-the-line components, the Frog 62 is a unique blend of performance, price, and proper fit. It also comes with two sets of tires to tackle various terrain. Read the review below!

Boy riding a red 24 inch Frog 62 bike

Frog 62 Review

RATING: Highly Recommended

MSRP: $610

BEST FOR: Aggressive riders looking for a great basic trail riding bike that also provides a comfortable ride around town.

SEAT HEIGHT: 26″ – 32.5″

WEIGHT: 20.3 lb.

GEARS: 8-speed w/ Trigger Shifters
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
BRAKES: Dual Hand, Tektro


  • Versatile for everyday riding, mild all-terrain, and longer distances
  • Highly adjustable headset, stem length, and saddle height for a precision fit
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 2 sets of tires with each bike – street tires and knobby, all-terrain tires
  • Tektro short-reach levers are responsive and easy to activate


  • Trigger shifters can be difficult for some kids to master

Frog 62 Review – Results of our Test Rides

The brainchild of bike enthusiast parents in the UK, Frog bikes are designed top-to-bottom for kids. Built on a lightweight, yet strong aluminum frame paired with top-of-the-line components, Frog Bikes provides a unique blend of performance, price and proper fit.

Frog bikes are available online in the US through Ready, Set, Pedal.  Purchasing from a local store ensures the bike is properly assembled and comes tuned from day one. Each Frog also comes custom fit to your child using Frog’s unique software, Frog Fit.


Unique to Frog, the Frog 62 also came with two sets of tires, a smoother street tire, and a knobby all-terrain tire.  We chose the street tires as the majority of our rides on the Frog were on paved bike paths.


Shifting and Braking

Shifting and braking were also smooth and precise. Having used trigger shifters before, our tester had no problem properly shifting, but kids with shorter fingers will likely have difficulty activating the bottom shift lever to change to a higher gear.  This has been a concern with all trigger shifters (SRAM and Shimano), not just those on the Frog.

Frog’s rapid-fire shifters, in conjunction with their all-terrain knobby tires, also make the Frog 62 a great starter bike for beginning mountain bikers.  It’s more aggressive positioning also allows the rider to easily shift their weight around on turns and hills.


The Tekro short-reach levers were responsive and easy to activate.  Although Frog bikes hail from the UK by design, their brakes are adjusted to the US standard with the right hand activating the rear brake and the left activating the front.  As an added, fun feature (loved by kids and adults alike), two green spokes are added to every wheel around the valve.


Frog vs. Competitors

The Frog 62 is a lightweight well-built bike that is available in many different colors and patterns.  At a higher price point than other 24 inch kids bikes on the market, it is best suited for those who truly need street and all-terrain tires to rotate between.  Frog’s unique Shimano Trigger shifters, also make it ideal for beginning mountain bikers who need the ability to shift without loosening their grip on the handlebars.

ModelFrog 62Prevelo Alpha Fourwoom 5
Seat Height26″ – 32.5″25.8″ – 31.2″26.4″ – 32.3″
Weight20.3 lb.21.2 lb.18.1 lb.
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Frog 62 Bike Bottom Line

Lightweight, with a narrow q-factor and easy to use trigger shifters, the Frog 62 is ready to excel on longer paved rides to basic mountain trails and everything in between.  It’s extensive color selection also make the Frog 62 appealing to boys and girls alike.

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