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6 Fun Ways to Bling Out a Girl’s Bike

So your little girl wants a “girly” bike. Blinged out with a basket, bell, streamers, the works!  Amazon is full of this stuff, but are they any good? Do they even work? Well, to answer that question we went out and bought this stuff to test it out for you!  After our very strenuous testing, here are the six easiest and best ways to bling out your little girl’s bike.

1. Streamers

streamers for a girl's bike

Pinwheel Streamers by DRBIKE, $10

Streamers are basically the #1 required bling feature.  Really, can you truly have a girly bike without streamers??? But the problem with streamers is that most of them are very cheaply made and they fall apart pretty quickly. So just keep that in mind. Streamers are often an essential part of the initial “wow” factor for a girly bike, but just don’t expect them to be a super long-term beautifier.

That said, we did find a set of adorable streamers with pinwheels on the end that are much better quality than standard streamers. The pinwheels didn’t turn when riding, but were still adorable and a big hit with our testers.  These streamers are likely to stay in the handlebar grips much better than the others we tested because they have a spiky end that will catch on the grip on the way out.  

**Important note: Many higher-end bikes don’t have a hole at the end of the handlebar grip for you to insert streamers. As a result, the streamers below might be a better option.

Windmill Streamers by Sunlite, $10

While the quality of these streamers aren’t as good as those above, we had to include them because they’re so stinkin’ cute!  The little flowers on the end really do spin as you ride!

Be aware that the plastic insertion piece is straight, without a spiky end, so they’ll probably slide out over time.  You can use grip tape to keep them secure.

There is an advantage, however, to the straight insertion piece if you have a more expensive bike.  Higher-end bikes have hard end grips, so you actually can’t insert streamers into them.  We were easily able to use grip tape to secure the streamers to the end of the handlebars because the little flat piece of plastic could be taped flat below the grip.  

2.  Handlebar Pinwheel

a pinwheel attached to the handlebar of a little girl's bike

Spinning Flower Pinwheel by Ride Along Dolly, $8

This little pinwheel was a surprise winner and crowd favorite with our testers.  Honestly, it should probably be the first thing you buy – even before streamers.  It was that popular with our riders! Even the boys loved it. 🙂

The pinwheel is made of durable plastic and will likely last a while. It easily snaps on to any handlebar, whether straight or curved. And for just $8, it more than delivers on your mission to surprise and delight!

3.  Wheel Spoke Beads

beads attached to the spokes of a girl's bike

OH. MY. GOSH.  Do you remember wheels spoke beads???? We highly recommend two different types of wheel spoke beads.  The first are:

Bike Wheel Flower Spokies by Ride Along Dolly, $8

These spokies were a hands-down HIT with our girls and us moms. Not only do they come in super cute design, but they were much easier to put on than the beads below.  The spokies snap on pretty securely, but might come off if they are bumped.  Unlike wheel spoke beads, they stay in place on the spokes and don’t make any noise. Overall, they provide a big bang for the price and do wonders for really transforming your girl’s bike into a girly dream bike.

We also really liked:

Wheel Spoke Luminous Beads by Kloud City, $6

These are your more traditional style straight out of the 80s. The bag comes with enough to cover at least 2 bikes!  They do take some time to put on, but our testers loved them so it was definitely worth the minor hassle.  The beads move up and down and make noise when the bike is going at slow speeds, but when riding full speed they stay on the outer edge and don’t make any noise.  These are removable, but it would be a pain to take them off, which also means, they probably won’t fall off! 🙂

4.  Basket

Bike baskets have come a long way since the Wicked Witch of the West took Toto for a ride in hers. Your daughter probably won’t be transporting a dog, but if it were small enough, she probably could in the wire mesh baskets we found by Biria.

Emoji Basket by Biria, $17.50

These durable bike baskets easily slide over the handlebars and pull off with a handle. They also come in other of fun colors like aqua, red, and yellow.  We loved them because they aren’t just fun, but functional as well.  We’re not big fans of the woven plastic baskets you see a ton of. First of all, they just look cheap and straight out of 1970.  Second of all, they actually ARE cheap and you shouldn’t carry anything you value in them! Biria baskets are durable and will fit on most bikes, but fit best on bikes with a rise handlebar with a flat top bar between the two handles.

5.  Customizable Name Plate

Make Your Own Bike Name Plate by Ride Along Dolly, $9

This cute little add-on attaches to the front of a bike and is a great alternative for bikes that won’t take a basket. While the stickers are pretty thin, we didn’t experience any issues and we were able to customize our name plate without any ripping.

6. Bell

Flower Bell, $10

woom Bell, $15

Jellibell, $13

And the cherry on top… a bell! If you want a bell that’s going to last through several bikes, get the woom bell, which is the easiest-to-use and the highest quality bell we could find.

We’ve had a Jellibell for several years and it’s still going strong. To ring the Jellibell, a rider has to twist the entire bell with their hand like a knob. As a result, it’s best for toddlers and pre-schoolers who often stop to ring a bell anyways.  The flower bell has a body made of metal for better durability and was really simple to install.

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