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Helmet Review

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With 22 vents and a dial-adjust system, the Giro Raze is a durable, comfortable helmet for grade schoolers. Also available in MIPS.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $40/65

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Head Circumference: 50 - 57 cm

Weight: 281 g

Internal Adjust: Dial

Skater Style: No

Construction: In-mold

Vents: 22

Visor: Yes

CPSC: 5+

Reflector: Yes

Sizes Available: One Size

Size Info:

One Size: 50 – 57 cm



The Giro Raze Youth helmet is a durable piece of biking gear that will satisfy parents’ need for protection with kids’ need for comfort and fun. It comes in several kid-friendly colors (including a few high-visibility options) and has put a premium on comfort, with excellent ventilation (22 vents!!) and lightweight construction.


Size and Adjustability

Size: With a head circumference range of 50 – 57 cm, the Giro Raze provides plenty of room for growth.  Its lightweight construction of 281 g is a pretty standard weight in its category.

Giro Raze Provides Plenty of Room to Grow or Share with Siblings

5-year-old and 10-year-old each wearing the same Giro Raze kid's helmet

Dial-Adjust: The dial-adjust in the Raze is interesting because the ratcheting system is the same as what you would find on most adult helmets; you have to squeeze it together a little in order to turn the dial. This was too hard for our younger testers’ little hands, especially compared to child-sized helmets with easy dial-adjust systems. If you want your younger child to be able to adjust their own helmet, this would be an inconvenience. Personally, though, we believe that if a kid is young enough that they can’t use this dial-adjust system on their own, they shouldn’t be trusted to adjust their helmet correctly anyways.

We also got complaints about the strap sliders rubbing against our younger tester’s cheeks. The angled non-locking sliders are wider than other helmets we’ve tried, and slightly curved, making them better suited for kids with larger faces.

Dial-Adjust System Provides Secure, Accurate Fit

Giro Raze kid's helmet dial-adjust system and side strap slider

Side Strap Adjustability: Out of the box, the Giro Raze is fairly straightforward to adjust. The straps are attached on the front inside of the helmet, and the left strap is woven through the back. Adjust the left side first, then the right, and then if you’d like, you can trim any excess and seal the nylon ends with a match or lighter. (Be careful of trimming too much if you’re planning on having your child grow with this helmet.)

Giro Raze’s Side Straps are Easy to Adjust

Giro Raze kid's helmet adjusts easily with strap system

Buckle: The chin buck is a standard-style buckle, which is industry norm. These types of buckles can sometimes cause pinching of the skin when buckling and unbuckling, so just be careful.

Construction and Venting

Giro clearly put comfort and quality at the forefront of the design of the Raze. The helmet is in-mold style where the outer shell is molded onto the EPS (hard foam) liner, making it permanently attached. This generally allows for a lighter helmet with more vents. And with 22 large vents, the Raze provides excellent airflow to keep heads from getting too hot.

Giro Raze Offers Superior Ventilation to Keep Heads Cool

Giro Raze kid's helmet has 22 vents for keeping heads cool


We prefer to see built-in visors on kids’ helmets because otherwise they can snap off or get lost, but the Raze’s snap-on visor is securely attached and as long as it doesn’t get played with too much, it should stay firmly in place.

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) 

While the version we tested didn’t have MIPS technology, the Giro Raze is available in a MIPS version. We are bigs fans of MIPS technology helmets because MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) provides an additional layer of safety to kids’ helmets. Inside the helmet, the MIPS system is a thin plastic shell connected to the helmet’s protective foam with flexible anchors.  These anchors stretch to allow the helmet to rotate upon impact, which decreases the rational forces up the head and neck.  It may sound a little complicated, but what you really need to know is that studies have show that MIPS technology can decrease brain injury by 30%. For more info, check out our Kids’ Helmets: How to Choose page.

Bottom Line

The Giro Raze is a kid and parent favorite that will serve you well through its quality construction, excellent ventilation, and comfortable fit.  There are several other helmets in this price range that we also love, like the Bell Sidetrack Youth and Lazer J1, so it may just come down to which brand offers the color or design that fits your kid’s personality best!

MSRP: $40/$65

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 25, 2017

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