2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids and Parents Who Love Bikes!

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for kids who love bikes? From fun and funky helmets to matching bells and hydration packs, we’ve got lots of gift ideas to make biking more fun. Whether your little one is just starting out on a balance bike, or is an experienced rider, our list has something for everyone.

But what about biking parents? We can’t leave out Mom and Dad! We’ve compiled a list of our personal favorites… things we’re sure will be a hit under the Christmas tree because we can’t live without them ourselves!

Collage showing various items on our holiday gift guide for kids and parents who love bikes

Balance Bikers

Strider Balance Bike – Most Universal Fit

Strider Sport Balance bike in blue

The Strider balance bike is the most popular balance bike in the United States. While it comes in three different models (Classic, Sport, and Pro), the Strider Sport is the best bang for your buck. This model comes with an extended seat post which allows your rider to use their balance bike much longer than most other balance bikes. We also love its narrow, padded seat and narrow, kid-friendly grips. It’s available in LOTS of different colors to suit your child’s (or YOUR) preference!

Swagtron K3 – Best on a Budget

Swagtron K3 balance bike in pink

The Swagtron K3 balance bike offers a TON in a pretty small price tag. For just $59, you get a lightweight aluminum frame, sleek matte finishing, and air tires! Yep, air tires for just $59! While it doesn’t have as much room for growth as the Strider, the air tires are a huge bonus for any kid that wants to get adventurous on their balance bike.

Yeedoo Too Too – Cutest Designs

Yeedoo Too Too balance bike in fire engine pattern

Yeedoo Too Too balance bikes are both adorable and functional. With air tires, a Tektro handbrake, and a narrow kid-sized saddle, the Too Too offers all of the features of the best balance bikes at a mid-range price. And for parents that can’t resist adorable colors and graphics, the Too Too is definitely for you. From Firetruck and Police Car to Cotton Candy Pink and Sailor Blue Stripes, these little balance bikes will certainly win you over.

Zippyrooz Gloves

Zippyrooz kids gloves with monster and unicorn designs

Balance bikers fall. A LOT. It’s just part of learning. And when they fall, it’s usually hand-first. That makes biking gloves an important line of defense in preventing injuries and frustration. Zipprooz gloves comes in lots of fun designs and are great quality. They also have little loops that make getting the gloves on taking them off a lot easier.

Zippyrooz T-Shirt

Zippyrooz toddler t-shirt in black or pink

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of bike-focused graphic tees out there. Zippyrooz is one of few to offer any, and luckily they are pretty dang cute.

Shred Til Bed – ABC Book

Shred Til Bed Mountain Biking Alphabet book

Quite possibly the most adorable ABC book ever made, the Shred Til Bed book will entertain your toddler and you!

Simply Kids Elbow and Knee Pads

Simply Kids knee and elbow pad set in pink camo, and toddler wearing the set.

While not every balance biker needs elbow and knee pads, we definitely recommend them if you’ll be venturing off on trails or to the pump track. Simply Kids pads have Velcro wrap-around straps that are easy to tighten to your child’s precise measurements. They stay in place really well and are available in a ton of cute designs for boys and girls.

Baby Bike Basket

Toddler riding woom 1 balance bike with Haba Baby Bike Basket attached

This baby bike basket might be the best $15 I ever spent. Our toddler tester LOVES her doll seat and my mama heart loves to watch her ride her dolls around the neighborhood. This seat has a velcro strap system that is really easy to use. You can attach the seat or take it off in less than 30 seconds. The seat is also high-quality… I probably would have paid $30 for this!

Balance Bike Graphics

Customized balance bike graphics for Strider balance bike

Want to personalize your child’s bike? Balance Bike Graphics are an easy and affordable option. Lots of color combinations to choose from, and your text is completely customizable. These stickers are compatible with Strider brand balance bikes.

Little Rider Co. Jersey

Toddler riding wooden balance bike and wearing a Little Rider Co bike jersey

Baby bike jerseys!!!! Little Rider Co. has been on the scene for a few years now. They offer great quality jerseys in sporty, but kid-friendly colors and patterns.

Pedal Bikers

Nutcase Helmet – Adorable Designs (over 12 to choose from!)

stock image of a blue kids little nutty bike helmet with stars

With an easy-to-use dial-adjust system, durable build, magnetic Fid-lock buckle, and MIPS safety system, the Nutcase Little Nutty checks all the boxes for functionality and safety. The Nutcase Little Nutty‘s removable visor and dual-certification also make it a great helmet for young kids who will be switching from bikes to skateboards. And of course… the fun and funky pattern options are one of a kind!

Nutcase Bell – They Match Your Helmet!

Nutcase bike bell with star pattern

A bell to match the helmet? Um… yes please.

woom Gloves or woom Winter Gloves

woom biking gloves in red

The lightweight WOOM gloves provide just enough padding and grip to prevent hand fatigue, without being bulky and annoying. Available in five different colors that match the colors of WOOM bikes, WOOM gloves look sleek and are super comfortable. WOOM also offers winter gloves with much more padding to keep hands warm for cold temperature rides.

Seven Protection Pads

11 year old and 2 year old wearing 7 Protection knee pads

We recently discovered 7 Protection Transition Pads and we’re so glad we did! With extended coverage and sizes to accommodate just about everyone, these are easily some of the best pads we’ve ever tested, and the best fitting pads for your smallest balance bike riders. (Sized small enough to fit an 18 month old!)

The protective core uses body heat to mold to your little rider’s knees, making them surprisingly comfortable and allowing kids to maintain the same level of agility and maneuverability as riding without pads.

CamelBak Mini MULE

image of young toddler riding a balance bike from behind while wearing a camelbak mini mule hydration pack

When we made the transition from water bottles to hydration packs, it was a game changer for our family biking adventures. The Camelbak Mini MULE  is our favorite hydration pack for kids, especially for those who are likely to chew on the bite valve.  Whether you use the Mini MULE with or without a bite valve, the pack works great and is easy to use.

Check out our full review of the Camelbak Mini MULE here!

woom AIRFLO Bike Pump

woom AIRFLO bike pump

A bike pump that’s so easy to use even kids can do it? Yep! Woom’s new bike pump has a threaded system that keeps the pump’s nozzle from popping off the valve. It’s also sized smaller to make it easier for kids 5 and up to learn to pump their own tires.

For Mom or Dad

Thule Chariot Cross

Thule Chariot Cross Double trailer in 4-wheel stroller mode in blue

If you’re looking for the best bike trailer money can buy… this is it! We’ve used this trailer stroller almost daily for the last three years. From our daily runs in stroller or jogger mode to family biking trips to Whistler and Bentonville, the Thule Chariot Cross has been our trusty outdoor adventure companion.

Our favorite features of the Cross are its incredible rain cover that allows us to run in the rain, and its reclined seats that make it sooo easy to load and unload kids.

Burley Honey Bee – Our Favorite Basic Bike Trailer AND Stroller

Burley Honey Bee bike trailer. 2019 edition in red.

If you’re on a budget, but want a solid-quality trailer stroller, the Burley Honey Bee is our favorite option. While not as refined as the Thule Cross, it’s also about a third of its price. It rolls smooth in both trailer and stroller mode, and has durable covers that will last years.

Our favorite features are the stroller wheel that is stored on the end of the tow arm (so you’ll never forget it at home!), and the handlebar that rotates for easy adjustments to your ideal height. It’s a fantastic bang for your buck.

Peg Perego Orion – Front Mount Seat

Mom riding with her baby in the Peg Perego front mounted child bike seat

The Peg Perego Orion is a solid-quality, front-mounted seat that won’t break the bank. The Orion is unique because it mounts to the frame of the bike, rather than the headset. Its unique mounting block can be mounted to accommodate many different frame styles, making it the front-mounted seat most likely to fit any bike.

Burley Dash – Rear Child Bike Seat

Mom riding with her toddler in the Burley Dash rear child bike seat

Debuting earlier this year, we LOVE the Burley Dash. There are two features that make it unique in a sea of other child bike seats. (1) It has a pocket on the back of the seat that makes it easy to store your keys and phone, or other small items. (2) Its harness can be adjusted so that the buckle sits high or low. We prefer to set it higher on the chest because it prevents our devious toddler from pulling her arms out of the harness!

Alternative Style Child Bike Seat – Mac Ride or Kids Ride Shotgun

Mom riding with 3 year old on the Mac Ride mountain bike child bike seat

Riding with our kids in front of us is by far our favorite way to bike with littles. Unfortunately, most front-mounted seats have a max weight capacity of 33 lbs. The Mac Ride and Kids Ride Shotgun are “open-style” seats (no harness), that allow you to ride with a much older child in front of you. They’re generally most comfortable with 2 – 4 year olds and make getting out for family rides quick and easy.

Weehoo Turbo

Mom on mountain bike pulling her 2 year old in the Weehoo Turbo bike trailer

The Weehoo Turbo is a total game changer for biking families! Its single-wheel allows for easy use on singletrack or within city limits, while its 80 lb. weight capacity is double the capacity for a standard single bike trailer! With a 3 point harness, it’s our favorite “tag along” option for little ones who still need the security of being strapped in.

Weeride Co-Pilot

Mom riding bike with her son behind her on the Weeride Co-Pilot tag along bike

The WeeRide Co-Pilot trailer cycle is kid-approved, that’s for sure… I’m not sure my kids have ever begged me more to test out a new product! Whether you need a trailer cycle to tow little kids on long rides, or just want some super fun, active entertainment for the neighborhood, the Co-Pilot is an incredibly affordable, easy to use tag along bike.

Bike T-Shirts

Pedal to the Metal t shirt in green

We love this Etsy shop with bike-centric t-shirt designs. The shirts are super soft and come in both mens and womens sizes. We’ve bought six of them ourselves. 🙂

Allen Sports Bike Rack

Getting a bike rack is a GAME CHANGER for families who love to bike. Transporting your bikes out of the neighborhood and onto the local trails opens up a world of potential adventures. Our favorite budget-friendly racks are made by Allen Sports.

Garage Bike Storage Rack

simply housewares 5 bike rack on the floor of the garage with bikes

Channel your inner Maria Kondo and get all those bikes organized! The Simple Housewares 5 Bike Parking Stand is really affordable and the kids can park their bikes themselves!

Our Favorite Kids Bikes – All Sizes

Remember! If you’re planning on getting your child a bike for Christmas, BUY IT NOW! We’re not exaggerating. Many bike companies will be sold out of “Christmas” bikes well before Black Friday.

Here are links to our favorite bikes of all sizes. On these pages we indicate if bikes are currently in stock for purchase, or are available for pre-order.

Best 12″ and 14″ Bikes: 2 Years to 4 Years Old

Best 16″ Bikes: 4 Years to 6 Years Old

Best 20″ Bikes: 5 Years to 7 Years Old

Best 24″ Bikes: 7 Years to 11 Years Old

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