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Kazam Classic Balance Bike Review

Review of the Kazam Classic

**The Kazam Classic has been discontinued**

Looks can be deceiving!  At first glance, I admit that I was a little taken back by the unique look of the Kazam Classic, but after seeing one up close and personal, I soon understood why it receives positive reviews.  Straight out of the box, it was quite clear that the Kazam was built to last.  From the sturdy handlebars to the metal rims, essentially every component of the Kazam is on-par with what one would expect out of a well-built bike.  At 11 lb. the metal components of the Kazam make for one heavy bike, but with a minimum seat height of 14 inches, any rider who is tall enough to fit the Kazam shouldn’t have any problems handling the additional weight.

Kazam balance bike for kids

Both my five-year-old and three-year-old testers enjoyed riding the Kazam, which retails for $99.  The model we received did not contain a brake, but a model with a brake is available on their website (linked to Kazam) for $119.  Due to its tool-free quick-release, adjusting the bike for various riders was quick and easy.  The favorite feature by my testers, was certainly the footrest. I generally am not a fan of footrests, but the smart design of the Kazam’s footrest, which safely places the footrest out of the path of a child’s stride, convinced me to give the bike a try.

Kazam balance or run bike features

After a month worth of test rides, my new concern with the footrest, was that the kids like the footrest too much!  My testers, of various ages, were so enthralled with the it, that they stopped running to rest their feet whenever possible.  As a result, they rode the Kazam more like a scooter, with short bursts of running followed by resting, as compared to other balance bikes where the same kids ran continuously.   On the upside, the minimized pushing led to a slower ride, but on the downside, those testers who were on the Kazam, were less adventurous (i.e. did not venture over small rocks or hills) as compared to those on balance bikes without footrests.  However, every child is different an some may be more comfortable riding a bike with a footrest while others may choose never to use it.

Running on a balance bike with a footrest

Upon looking at pictures of kids riding the Kazam, I also noticed that kids preferred to place their heels against the base of the seat post as opposed to flat on the footrest, which appeared to be a more natural position for them.

Another standout feature of the Kazam is its covered bolts.  Although the simple black plastic cap may appear to be an afterthought, they prevent the bolts from wearing down which can lead to kids scrapping their ankles on the worn away bolts.

kazam balance bike bolt covers

In addition to the option of having a brake, the new KaZAMs also come with a new seat, designed to be more comfortable for riders.

Kazam new and old seat

Bottom Line: A solid, well-built bike, the Kazam Classic is perfect for older, pavement pushing kids whom may be less adventurous than their off-roading counterparts.

Kazam on Shark Tank Episode 24:

Three years ago Mary Beth of Kazam appeared on Shark Tank and since then there have been many misconceptions about their bikes.  First, Kazam was not the first balance bike company and other brands are not a copy of theirs.  Kazam will be the first to admit that they were not the first balance bike company.  They were the first in the US to have their style of footrest, but not the first balance bike.  As expected, Mary Beth’s appearance on the show was edited, and many of her explanations were edited out.

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