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Balance Bike Review

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A great concept and a money saver for kids likely to take to balancing quickly, but its 12" tires are too small for many preschoolers.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $199

Recommendation: Recommended

Seat Height: 12" - 21"

Weight: 10 lb.

Brakes: No Brakes

Footrest: No

Limiter: No

Tire Size: 12"

Grips Bumper: Yes

Bolts: Exposed

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy


After years of waiting the elusive Kinderbike Morph is finally available!  Easily converting to a 12″ pedal bike from a balance bike, the Morph is truly a 2-in-1.  By simply swapping out the included pedal bike rear-end, the balance bike easily transitions to a pedal bike.

For young toddlers who master their balance bike at a very young age, the Morph is certainly a good choice for them, but due to it’s small size, it isn’t for everyone.  The main problem with 12″ convertible bikes is that by the time the child is ready to transition to a pedal bike, they have already outgrown the short wheelbase and 12″ wheels of the bike. Most preschoolers in 4T clothes, fit better on a 14″ bike than a 12″ bike.  As a result, the Morph as a pedal bike will be very short lived as most kids will quickly outgrow it.  As shown in the video below, the girl riding the pedal bike is much too big for the bike.  Not knowing her age, she could simply be on older child merely demonstrating the bike, but in my opinion, any child who has an inseam greater than 19″ or 20″ (the Morph maxes out at 21″) is much too tall for a 12″ bike.

To be forthcoming, I have not yet seen the latest model of the Morph in person, but having watched many kids convert from balance bike to pedal bikes, I know that most kids are ready for 14″ bikes rather than 12″.

Bottom Line: A bike worth considering for the small, athletic kids who will likely transition to a pedal bike before they are in 4T clothes.  For older or taller kids, the pedal bike version of the bike is too small.

MSRP: $199

By: Carrie Wren

Last Updated: March 22, 2017

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  • Alice

    For a 3.5 year old with a 13.5″ inseam who is currently solid on his 10″ run bike, would this be a good option? Thanks

    • Yes, it could certainly work. A 14″ pedal bike will likely last him longer than the 12″ pedal bike of the Morph, but he won’t fit on the smallest pedal bike until him inseam is closer to 15″. This will be the same for the Morph as a pedal bike, he will however, fit on it right away in balance bike mode.