Kinderbike Review

Lightweight with air tires and a hand brake, the Kinderbike balance bike packs a lot of punch into its small price tag. Read the review below to learn more about the Lafraud and Mini models.

child riding a blue kinderbike balance bike

Kinderbike Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended

MSRP:  **This bike has been discontinued in the US**

BEST FOR: Young riders looking for a lightweight bike without breaking the bank.


SEAT HEIGHT: 13″ – 18.5″
WEIGHT: 8.5 lb.
BRAKES: Hand Brake
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
BOLTS: Exposed


  • Packed with features (like air tires and a hand brake) but moderately priced
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame
  • Fully adjustable seat moves up and down and angles front to back
  • Height adjustable handlebars for a more precise fit
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Extended seat post is provided, but makes the seat too tall for the bike’s wheelbase

Kinderbike Review – Results of our Test Rides

NOTE: This bike is no longer available in the United States. If you’re looking at purchasing one used, the content of this review was last updated in 2017.

One of the first balance bikes widely available in the US, KinderBike has often been considered one of the innovators of modern balance bikes.  Developed in Germany in 2004 and brought to the United States in 2005, KinderBikes changed the game by offering bikes with aluminum frames, air tires, a hand brakes and lifetime warranties.

From their fully-adjustable seat (move up and down and front to back) to their height-adjustable handlebars and handbrake, the Kinderbikes packs a lot of punch into their sub-$125 price tag.

kinderbike 1


The Kinderbike are widely available in two models, the Laufrad and the Mini. The Laufrad is larger than the Mini and has a minimum seat height of 13″.  When tested with various aged kids, between the two, we had no problems fitting the bikes on kids aged 2 to 4.  While the Laufrad was the most universal, only the Mini was able to fit our small two-year-old testers in size 24 months clothes.

kinderbike 2


Both the Mini and the Lafraud weight 8.5 lb.  Having ridden several balance bikes over 10 lbs., our four-year-tester was particularly nimble on the Laufrad and thoroughly enjoyed having a hand brake at his disposal.  For our really timid and petite two-year-old tester, the Mini weighed more than he was comfortable with but our athletic two-year-old tester, loved the Mini and preferred it to the 10 lb. Schwinn he was previously riding.


Having tested the bikes on several kids, the adjustability of the KinderBikes was especially convenient.  While the quick-release seat adjust helped to adjust the height of the seat and the ability to adjust the angle of the seat helped to provide a more comfortable ride for kids at various skill levels.  Confident runners are more comfortable on with a seat slightly angled down (which allows them to lean forward) while walkers prefer a leveled seat (which helps them maintain their sense of balance).  While common in pedal bikes, the ability to adjust the angles of a seat is not amongst balance bikes.

Other features include easy-pull rear brakes, a bell and grip bumpers.

kinderbike 3


Compared to the similarly priced Strider, the KinderBike Mini is heavier, but has air tires, a hand brake, an aluminum frame, a lifetime warranty and a lower step-through height.

kinderbike vs. strid

Compared to the higher-end Scoot, the Laufrad is noticeably smaller in size.  While the Laufrad’s seat is able to lower an inch more than the Scoot’s, is it also smaller, shorter and narrower (handlebar width) than the Scoot.

kinderbike vs. scoot

Bottom Line

For $100, the KinderBikes are easily one of the best bikes in their price range.  The Mini is great for larger toddlers while the Laufrad is a perfect starter bike for preschoolers.

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