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Lightweight, well ventilated and sporty, the Lazer Beam Jr. is an exceptional helmet.

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Finding a properly fitting helmet can be tricky. While helmets generally list their recommended head circumference, that certainly doesn’t ensure the helmet with fit.  Our now 6-year-old has always had a challenging time finding a helmet that properly fit him, even as a toddler.  Having a rounder head versus a more oval head, helmets generally always tend to be too narrow, until we finally found Lazer helmets. As a toddler, the Nut’z fit him comfortably and offered excellent safety features.  Recently, he has outgrown the Nut’z, and after trying out several different helmets, we knew we could depend on Lazer, and the the Beam Junior certainly didn’t disappoint.

First and foremost, the Lazer Beam fit.  Even with a 55.5cm head circumference, the Lazer Nut’z and the Specialized Sierra were both too narrow, even though he fit into the listed head circumference for each helmet.  A simple ruler quickly pointed out why.  Of the four helmets we tested that listed 55cm as an acceptable head circumference, the width (from foam to foam sides) ranged from 6.25″ to 6.75″.  For him, that half inch made a huge difference as it meant the difference of fitting comfortably or not fitting at all.

Helmet Width

Besides offering a great fit, the Beam Jr., also offers great coverage.  As a youth helmet, vs. an adult helmet, it offers more protection on the sides and rear of the helmet.  Even though youth and adults often have the same head circumference, they still have different needs.  Since a child’s head it still growing and developing, helmets designed specifically for them, generally provide much more coverage than those for adult, even it they are designed to fit the same head circumference.

Chris Beam Compare

For girls with longer hair, however, a room for a pony tail can often be a deal breaker.  Our 8yo tester, loved the fit and feel of the Beam Jr., but it required her to wear her pony tail much lower than she was comfortable with.  The Specialized, however, left plenty of room for her pony tail, which she loved.

Elaina Helmet compare

In addition to offering a great fit, our favorite feature of Lazer helmets is the Autofit Retension fit system.  Designed to automatically expand the internal head basket to fit the unique shape of a child’s head, helmets with the Autofit Retension system, don’t need to be dialed-in or tightened prior to every ride.  As a result, kids can simply throw on their helmet and go!  The chin strap, however, does need to be adjusted manually.

In addition to the Autofit System, the Beam’s head basket can also be adjusted up or down to accommodate longer heads.  The Beam’s webbing, also provides a lot of room for growth and unlike the picture shown below, should be folded up to prevent is from being caught.

Beam details

Lastly, the Beam Jr. is built with sturdy in-mold construction and a built-in visor, providing a great combination of safety features, comfort and quality.  With 18 vents, 6 absorbent pads, the Beam Jr. provides plenty of air flow for hot, summer days. Weighing in at only 325g, the Beam Jr. is also one of the lightest youth helmets for it’s size.

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Bottom Line

The Beam Jr. is an exceptional choice for kids with a head circumference of 55-59cm, especially for those with rounder shaped heads.

MSRP: $50

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 11, 2017

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